The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 51


Another forty- five minutes and they are all back to the car to find a very angry John, no one pays him attention as they approach Brian for informations about his talk with Dickson.
“Well, I didn’t expect this but, he said I would be heading the team for the project X, pay is like 50k a week,in a month I get 200,plus I get a recognised certificate profile and well, other packages?”
“Like ?”
“Consultant to their Tech units local and home , company apprised profile and a spot on their wall ,plus they get to push me out there for whoever would be needing my service and I get to come in every once in a while to train , and I get paid for it.”
“Lucky you, really that botics thing was top notch ,which school did you go again?”
“I schooled abroad ”
John turns to him,
“Oh which ?” Boma turns to Brian as well,he was curious

.Brian scratches his hair, now they would want to know how he skilled and about his life and parents..
“Actually it was a scholarship scheme that got me the access, just an everyday college with good teachers I guess..”
“Oh!! ” they expand ,they congratulate him as they head back to the office, wondering if Mr Dicskon would call them to assist him.

Emeka was fuming deeply when they arrived,he had gotten the call already from Mr Dickson,he was pleased to hear that Brian was picked . He flings another mug to crash again at the door. Someone knocks and enters..
Emeka turns

“you are a fool John, a fool. I give you one simple task and you go there and fool yourself.. get lost before I descend on you,get lost . !!” He thunders John quickly closes the door and moves away, his anger boiling.

I checked in with Ruth ,the company secretary to find out if Brian was back that I needed to do some work with him. She told me he wasn’t.
This was the ninth time. Now I wish I had gotten his number.
I keep biting my lips and pacing ,waiting.
Okay fine I miss him, wasn’t he done with whatever he was sent out to do,? I was done here for today, and he wasn’t even around to …to
I sigh as someone knocks on the door and enters . I expected it to be John or anyone else , it was strange he wasn’t breathing down my neck. It was good. His behavior was beginning to irritate me this days. I sigh turning to the door.
“Good afternoon Miss Adora, miss me?” His eyes dances misheviously as he steps in.
A huge smile spreads across my face..
“Just a little” I say
“Hmmm,so …I got great news,”
” I think I can treat you to a proper dinner soon,after the house dinner of course. ”
“What do you mean?”
“So,i am going to be the new Tech guy for the next three weeks at Alkeda and it comes with a few perks during and after, i really didn’t do much with the help of the interns assigned to me but…he loved it.”
“What did you do?”
“Oh funny thing actually, let’s go and I will tell you on the way , ”
He waits by the door as I grab my back; he didn’t move.
I smile standing in front of him..
“Are you going to move ?”
He shakes his head “make me”
“How?” I laugh bending my head to the side.
“Oh well, a little kiss would do.. I kinda missed you too…” He pulls me to himself .
“Just a little kiss?” I ask leaning into him
“Maybe a little above a little kiss” he teases my lips , brushing it slightly. .
“Yes ..I can do that!!” I smile as we kiss sensually for a few minutes .
I like this; whatever this is. I like this a lot. And I could get used to this…being his girlfriend.
I smile while kissing him…
I was his girlfriend !!!
I wrap my hands around him and kiss him even more. And I liked it a whole lot more as the seconds go by.
John is seated , eyes closed, hands fisted. He had been thinking of what to do to smash Brain’s face in before the party he has planned for him, just to wipe the smug off his face feeling mighty proud about himself.
How could a mere PA,a mere designer suddenly be so smart, tech smart for that matter . And the fact that he knows nothing about him other than his name and that name in his file and a firewall blocking who the fxxk he was.. was so frustrating.
He squeezes the paper in this hands..
What to do ..
So he goes and gets a temp job at the Alkeda and gets about 200k a month and more side packages. .
How the hell does a “nothing” suddenly become so “useful, so fxxking useful and him,him?
He gets kicked out by securities and mocked !!
All because of that fool.
Even Mr Emeka is angry with him.
Oh, he is so angry , so angry he could use a bat to his head if he had one and the bastard was standing there.
His phone rings, he grabs it without checking the caller ” John here”
He sits up. .”okay thanks Tony , yup, get me the other information I need concerning who that asshole is and I will wire you your balance okay,okay ”
He cuts the call puting it under his jaw. He was going to wait,till the upper week to do this but,right now he would give anything to see Brian’s face turned into Qwasimoto.
He dails a number lowering his voice shifting from anyone who seemed closed for comfort, as soon as the line was picked he says lowering his voice even more.
”I just got info. The dude i want you to take care off? He would be at a club tonight, he goes there frequently, grab him as soon as he is coming out, make sure no one sees you, and do the needful.”‘
”When do you want it to happen?” The voice asks
”Tonight! I hear he is in there till the early hours say 4/5am. Someone told me they saw the fxxker, gave me one funny jist that they saw him looking like a waiter, i don’t care what he is doing there. Listen, when you get him don’t make it quick, make it painful and bloody!!
”You know i do a damn mean job.. i would call you when it’s done”‘ the person replies
”No sweat bro, I know what you do, just do it better this time. Take a friend or two..”
The person laughs ” oh well,I never fail, I will give him the party you planned for him”
“Nice., let me know when it is done ”
The line cuts, John leans back at his chair, he looks up to see the Adora’s door open and close and they walk out. They were leaving the office soon, good. Something strange was up with them, since this morning, the way she defended him, that body language. something was smelling and he didn’t like it.

But not to worry, the foul smell would be gotten rid off tonight, ..He wouldn’t be able to wait to get the call of a job well done.
He watches them more .
Brian opens the door for her, she smiles at him and they exit.
John is rubbing his jaw…
“Brian, you are nothing but an annoying fly and I will pluck your wings. Especially that one I see flapping towards Miss Adora. Your father ” he mutters under his breath
“So, weekend is tomorrow right ?” I say sitting down..He was already changed and ready to go out, he comes to sot beside me, his eyes sparkles
“You seem to be looking forward to this dinner ”
“What? Is it a bad thing ?” I frown pouting
“No no princess,it’s not. It’s really nice ” he pulls at my chin ” pouter”
I laugh “there is a no word like “Pouter””
He shrugs “Heh!!”
I laugh again. He pulls me to him , I lean on his chest
“One day,I am going to tell you my little tiny secrets”
“Why not today?”
“Work, plus. .well I don’t know,you might not understand ”
“Try me!”
He sighs ” it’s not like I can’t treat you as amazing as I would love to .. like taking you to a fancy restaurant and all that jazz,i mean I could get you shinning things , take you to places , treat you to all the nice things girls like ”
I smile under his chin ” well we like alot of things but..i am not particularly physiced about those..”
“Really, what do you like then, tell me” he stares down at me..while I look up laying on his chest. .
“This,this peace ,this attention.. a smile here and there, a kiss here and there.. ”
He chuckles ” you do like kisses don’t you?”
“Guilty as charged ” i smile.
“Well mi’lady, that I have abundance of ” he lifts my face by my chin and kisses me so slowly I was out of breath ..
We only broke apart when ikena knocks on the door .
“If only Ikena can just forget to come for one night ” he says pulling me up
“And you don’t go to your job and pay your debt?”
“I know I know…” he sighs picking my bag and we go out the door “Such is life ”
I smile “Such is life.”
” Sleep well princess, ” he kisses me and alights .
“Bye!!” I smile watching him leave
I catch Ikena’s eyes and then I clear my throat
He smiles “don’t worry about me Ma’am I am just a driver , a loyal dog like Sir Brian says and if I must say anything …. i think this look looks good on you”
“What look?” I feign innocence
“That glow, looks good on you, and also for him too.”
“How long have you know Brian,the way you sound when you mention his name, it sounds as though you’ve known him way before this job”
“How so?”
“I don’t know..just a feeling ”
He puts the car on drive and we pull out of the club..
“One day…maybe I will tell you all the secrets of Brian and the Ikena the loyal dog” he laughs
I frown .

“Little secrets, what are you and Brian hiding ?”
“Nothing Ma’am, just a phrase Ma’am”
“Okay!!” Maybe i would ask Brian, tommorw when we see, after dinner at his place. Oh,what would I make for him,for Brian boyfriend. ?
I smile..
I couldn’t wait.

“Okay goodnight guys ” Brian tells Vicky and Gesto as he leaves the Club and passing the gate,he would meet Ikena down the road. Today,he had made sure to avoid their manager .

He saw her watching him a couple of times. . He made sure to avoid her especially when she came down to have a meeting with them and asked him to come see her , he had given an excuse which she bought. He hopes she buys it all, he has no intention of giving into her..not now,especially when he has girlfriend .
Adora Chime, he smiles.
What were the odds of that ever happening. It could get used to this,really used to having her around and now that things were picking up..
Everything would be alright..
He was smiling at himself , he didn’t see the shadows of about two men walking behind him.
“Hey fool!!” Someone says behind him. Brian frowns turning ,he didn’t stop..’They were two guys, wearing black , their faces covered. He continues to walk,maybe they were not talking to him… maybe if he continues walking they would walk pass him. They were two after all, they were probably cursing buddies.
“Hey fool, I am talking to you!!”
Now Brain stops and turns,just to be sure… The men stop infront of him..sizing him up. Were they thugs? Thieves, or just playing with masks?.
“Gentlemen do we have a problem, you know it’s not nice to say rude things to strangers”
“Fool, aren’t you a fool? Empty your pockets ,and we would promise not to do you in!” Brain is calculating, his sense on alert , he had nothing they would want to take ,and that might get them angry, he needs to be ready just incase they try to be funny…
On the plus side, they didn’t carry a weapon. On a fair ground ,he can take them, both.
“Okay gentlemen, let’s play nice . I have no money here , but you can check it, I will raise my hands up and you can search me. Cool?”
“Fool, we don’t want your money..”
“What do you want ?”
“Do you in ” they smile. He could see their teeths.
Brian sees the first punch coming ,he dodges it…
“The fxxk!! Whoa whoa…you guys don’t want to do that… ” he steps back placing his hands infront of him..
Maybe they have no intention of playing nice .
“Oh ..we do ,jump him !!” One of them says as if to someone behind Brian..
Brian looks.. He shouldn’t have looked, it was a trap .
He didn’t see the second punch,before he knew it he was on the ground protecting his face and tummy. .but the blows and kicks keeps coming down hard as he grunts in pain..and more pain. But he manages to get up tackling the one untop of him and throwing the other from him.
He is bleeding from his lips, when they get their balance coming at him again, he was ready for them.
He had both of them down, groaning in pain,holding their stomach, he spits out blood from his mouth, the first one who punch him staggers up, helping the other to do the same,
”We are going to fxxk you up fool!!” he spat
”you don’t look too good bro” Brian says with his fist folded, ”But we can go on all night long, ” then he begins to laugh ”Fool”!! he spat
that was when he heard it, someone behind him, as he turns, he felt the pain to his tummy before seeing the knife..the third person blows him a kiss before punching him to the ground, three of them attack him again, as he groans in pain trying to wad them off, he holds his stomach, trying to stop the bleeding, trying to fight them off, but he was too weak..
“Where are you Ikena?” He breaths as he slowly driftsa off.


Ikena sighs looking at his time , it was past four. He was parked where he usually parks , and why isn’t Brian here ?. After waiting for about ten minutes he calls his phone. It rang and no answer . He drives to the club, and coming down ,he walks to the entrance and meets the one called Gesto .
“Sorry, we are closed ” Gesto tells the man who walks up to him.
Ikena frowns “And everyone is gone?”
“If you aren’t blind you would see that I just locked up”
Ikena looks around. . “And Brian?”
Gesto turns to him “who is looking ?”
Ikena turns to him “Gesto is it?”
Gesto walks towards him, ready to pounce on the stranger .. Ikena steps out into the light .

Gesto steps back remembering who he was,the one who threatened him,the one who says he is in the army and told him how he would kill him and dump his body where no one would find him. The one.. even the bad boys fear..
Ikena the terrible.
Yes,he checked him out. Even his colleagues are wary of him.
”I don’t know where he is, he just left,going toward the right as soon as we closed. About 4am. That’s when he usually leaves ” Gesto stammers.
Ikena turns to the direction he pointed, a little further down and Brian would have seen him parked. Something wasn’t right.
“Did he leave with anyone , a woman, a man,anyone ?”
“No sir”
“Did you see anyone follow him?”
“No sir” Ikena turns again …then where the hell was Brian ?
Something wasn’t right.
“Who else was in the club after he left,just you guys?”
“No,there were about two guys who was left; they left after he did. ”
“Where did they go,which direction?”
He needs to make sure
Gesto frowns as he thought about it..” I think I saw them go same direction he did”
“Supposing you were smart, would you say it looked like they were following him?”
“Well,i don’t know. They didn’t come with any chicks though, because I was inside at some point so I have to be on alert. But…now thinking about it,they were by themselves all night. And …as soon as he left they left too, same direction. I don’t know maybe or just that they have to pass the same streets to go home.” Gesto shrugs
Ikena dials his number again, still ringing. No answer . Something was wrong, Brian might be in trouble.
He jumps into his car and drives out, crawling ,slowly, he keeps calling Brian’s phone. Halfway through where he parked, he hears it.
He parks and continues to call …
The phone kept ringing till he found it, on the the floor. He frowns, he takes out his touch and shines it, he picks it up.
“This is Brian’s phone , where the hell are you Brian,what happened to you?” He turns .. but something catches his eyes. . He shines the touch again , his frown deepens as he touches the ground with his finger and shines the touch on it..
“Blood!! Fxxk !! ” he swears straightening up.. He begins to search the area..If they grabbed him,they shouldn’t be far, he prays they aren’t far. They messed with the wrong kid. Hell! They messed with the wrong kid.

It takes a while walking on foot before he finds them. About ten minutes away from the club he notices touch-light in bushes,..
Curious he takes the path leading to it, just to make sure it wasn’t , he is quiet, really quiet, he takes out his gun, putting the silencer and tuning it.
He goes down , quiet. . He bends, peering . He sees them dragging him and forcing him to knee, he counts them. They are three. Just to make sure he checks out the area quietly. .
Only three. They have a gun and knife to his throat ..He bids his time, he has to catch them unawares .. and break their legs. They messed with the wrong kid.
He felt hard slaps to his face waking him up, when he come to, he is no longer by the road, they must have taken him somewhere else.
This weren’t thieves, they were probably on a mission. but why? who sent them. they drag him to the centre of the cleared bush and pushes him to his knees as a gun to his head and a knife to his throat ..
They were three men,dressed in black..faces hidden still.
“I know you want to know who sent us, sadly,that info is confidential..

What do you want to lose first boy..your balls or your eyes, me I am thinking of slicing your gullet but my friend behind you likes your hands..”
Brian spat, the cut to his mouth was bleeding

” How about we discuss this eveningly, drop your weapons, and I bet I can take three of you” he could feel blood seeping down his tummy.
The one who had napped him and punched him to the ground laughs..
“Would be nice to square up but nope. For a guy overpowered and beaten and no chances of escape,you do have a sharp mouth. ”
“Yeah!! Mama told me it would get me into trouble, but I wonder if your mother taught you not to jack up a stranger in the middle of the night,you never know what’s lurking in the dark”
He laughs “too much movies,sadly,this is reality ” he uses the edge of the gone to hit Brian.
Brian swears as the pain slices through his head, if he wasn’t held down on his knees with two guys holding his hands… this guy would have been long gone. He would have fought them off,he already had two down before the third nibbled him. He could feel the blood sipping from the slice to his stomach.
“Last prayers? And oh… He says to tell you ..not to miss with the big guns. Say bye bye mudafxxker!! ” the guy Cocks the gun.
Brian stares at the gun..
Really. Was this how he was going to die..?
Well he wouldn’t die on his knees.
Then his eyes caught movement,he smiles when he could make out Ikena’s outline in the dark, he had been his bodyguard for years and he could tell he was the one even in the dark.
“Well, you forgot one tiny little detail.”
“What is that…?”
“This is reality..and somethings do lurk in the dark!” They all turn when they hear the sound.
“Who is that?”
“I think the question should be…should you have messed with the wrong guy. I will count to three, and if you don’t drop your weapons by then I will not be responsible for what will be your condition”
“Who the fxxk are you? Come out and show your face if you want to die!!” He Cocks his gun
The other two holding Brian are on on alert .
It’s silent.
“I will kill him..I will kill him if you don’t show your face !!” He points the gun to Brian’s head.
“Wrong move bro!!” Brian says.
Ikena comes out of the shadows..
The first person to drop was the one holding the gun. Only one made it out still able to speak.. ..
“Who sent you?” Ikena’s leg was on his throat as he bleeds…”Speak. .!!”
“It’s’s. ”
”Who sent you asshole” Ikena presses harder
”He’s name is frank, Frank..”
”How about you take me to this frank” Ikena pulls him up. ”Then maybe i can decide to let you live”
”Are you okay?” Ikena asks him,”Should i get you to the hospital, i have to call your father”
”No, it would only worry him”
”Dude, someone …infact they just tried to kill you, you arent safe”
”You came”
”What if i was late, don’t be stubborn, we dont know who tried to kill you, these aren’t thieves, they are paid men to carry out a job, you know any frank”?”
Brian shakes his head sitting down, he felt whoozy ” I am calling your father”
”No please, it’s just a small cut, i am fine, just get me home, okay”
”let me call this in though”
”If you do, pops will find out, i don’t want my mother to worry”
”Well, fine, i will call my buds, they would handle this, i would drill the fxxker there myself” he lifts Brain to the car, and then comes back for the man, he gags and ties him and throws him into the booth.
Ikena takes him to the chemist and treats his wound, then takes him home’. he leaves Brian and drives to a secured location, he drags the man out of the booth and into a house, places him on a seat and unbuttons his shirt’, he splashes him a glass of water ..and ungags him.
”Now, let me re-introduce myself, my name is Ikena, but people call me the terrible, and just for heads up, i would be your worst nightmare if you don’t tell me everything, start from the beginning on why the fxxk you were sent to kill Brian Andrews!!”
He places knives on the table and a gun, he picks the knife , walking towards the man who isn’t saying anything ..he grabs his hands , and without thinking he chops off his piggy finger. his screams was swallowed by the silence of the basement.
”Speak or your balls is going next!!”
”i will, i will tell you everything please..” the man sobbed
”Good choice,, from the top!”