You do not know the size and sharpness of the pebble in their shoes, so do not be too quick criticize or laugh at their movement.
It is unfair and insensitive to conclusively judge the actions of others without knowing and understanding their state and situation.
Put yourself in their shoes before you can understand their movement.
Before you criticise and condemn them, get closer to know the whole and true story.
Before you blame me put yourself in  my shoes to understand me.
Many have been falsely judge, tagged and condemned, not because they are unredeemably bad but because we are too quick to conclude without verification.
Being quick to judge does not make you critical, it makes you a rash.
Someone Needs Your Word of Encouragement. God has placed people around you for a reason. When someone opens up to you and shares their dreams and plans with you, listen carefully, and give an encouraging word. Don’t be too quick to criticize or give disparaging remarks.
Many people lack the personal confidence and personal motivation to pursue even the things they are capable of doing. Many others suffer from self doubt and fear of failure. Others second guess their abilities and are in desperate need for confirmation and approval. Your simple but sincere word of encouragement may be the only fuel needed to turn someone’s dreams into reality. Give it unreservedly. “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11).
Learn to be objective and sensitive in your judgment, it is a mark love and maturity.