Nii Dromo Season 2 Final Episode 10


Tilly left me in the room unattended to and by now I was feeling this serious and severe pains in my scrotum (balls), I cursed Tilly’s dad in my head for being my devil that very day, he had stood in between my happiness and satisfaction for the day.

As I was lying down and nursing my pains, Tilly sent me a message to quickly go to the bank and withdraw the cheque she gave since she might be turning her phone off soon she didn’t want me to get problem at the banking hall and also she promised that I will be the very first person on this earth to sleep with her before any man does.

Nonsense you think am been controlled by a remote or what, you call for my libido and leave me half way through the journey was the question I asked myself after reading her text message?

I managed to get myself on the road and straight to the bank, the transaction went on smoothly and I left to the hostel to meet the absence of Ken but in the room was a very beautiful slim fair sophisticated lady seated on my bed, I asked her the whereabouts of Ken but she told me he received a call from his father and had to rush to house ASAP.

I called Ken and he told me their travelling agent called his father to alert him that one tickets they booked and was reserved for them had been sold by his customer care manager so Ken had to go in search for a new travelling agent who had the same airline ticket for this evening flight to buy so he might be away for close to 2hours before he returns so I should take good care of the lady in the room, funny enough I placed the phone on loudspeaker during the call so the lady heard everything Ken told me and as soon as I dropped the call I saw the lady licking her lips in a sexy way but I ignored her as if she never existed in the room

I asked her if there was anything I could offer her to drink since she was not having anything in front of her, she requested for Hollandaise yoghurt drink but we weren’t having some in the fridge so I rushed to the hostel cafeteria to get some for her but as I got there, I was told the last one there was sold just 3minutes ago to someone. I had no option than to run to the nearest provision shop around the hostel to get one for her, I checked on 6 different shops before I got the exact product to buy for the lady, I run back to the hostel to deliver the drink to her soaked in my own sweat, as I got back to the room she was playing my favourite romantic song SEXUAL HEALING by Marvin Gaye and later changed the song to “I NEED YOU by Marc Anthony”, this songs were songs that melted me easily but hey she was not my girlfriend so I had to be in my lane.

I went for a nice glass from the kitchen and I served her to her admiration and it was then that she started to engage me in a hearty conversation, she introduced herself as Juliana Kotey and that she was in her final year reading Psychology, I also introduced myself and the conversation started following like we have known ourselves for long, I asked if she was dating my roommate and she smiled and said they only met 2days ago at the school library and that they were now getting to know each other properly, she asked me to join her with the drink I bought but as I declined she took offence to it and made a crazy comment that if I didn’t join her with the drink then it means I have put something into the drink so I take advantage of her later.

I looked at her in the eyes puzzled with her statement and to make sleeping dogs lie, I went in for a glass to join her but as I came back she had rubbed the drink on her upper lip like a kid and she was licking it in a very tempting and romantic way with her tongue that Nii Dromo started nodded his head in my boxer shorts, I filled my glass and drank the whole content before putting the glass down, I told her I want to excuse her so I take a quick shower because of the way I was drenched in my sweat, as I was heading to the washroom, Juliana made an awkward statement which made me turn back to take a second look at her because I wasn’t expecting such utterance from her at that very time

It keeps popping up every second.

End of Season 2, season 3 starts next weekend