Nii Dromo Season 2 Episode 9


I took the risk and chance to meet the person who sent me the message at the spot in the message without letting Ken know where I was going, honestly I was scared but also optimistic to face my fears if the sender of the message happened to be alhaji, his macho boys, Maabena or any of Ken’s numerous girlfriend.

I got to the basketball court and there was no one there, I tried calling the number which sent me the message but I was getting “you have dialed the wrong number” feedback, my patience was running out as I wasn’t seeing anyone there or approaching the basketball court so I decided to go back to my room but another message came through and the content was:


I turned myself about 720degree but still couldn’t spot anyone’s present close to the basketball court, my conscience had by now started fighting with me as to the reason why I came down to this place, I was having a rumbling stomach all of a sudden and thunder lighting was striking inside my stomach as at that time, I tried sending a message to the person who invited me to the basketball court but another message came through to my phone with this content:

Matters were by now getting out of hands so I took to my heels only to hear someone laughing loudly behind me, I turned and saw someone in fact a lady like person standing behind a tree, from that spot I realised it was no one but Tilly who was making fun of me.

I got pissed but I kept my cool since I didn’t want her to see the other side of me, I walked to her direction with a pale face and she kept on laughing at me till she realised that I wasn’t relating to her the way I use to, she aksed for me to pardon her if what she did nearly caused my pressure to rise to the negative percentage.

She went straight to the point by telling me point blank that she will be travelling to UK with her brother and betrothed husband this evening to continue their education there, what she said hit me like a thunder strike which got me speechless for a very long time, I thought Ken was playing pranks on me earlier, I asked her why she was now telling me this and she told me that she and her brother never knew anything about this sudden departure to UK but the information just came in this morning to them so I should try and understand her because she had nothing to do to avert or delay the journey.

My phone rang and it was Ken calling, he pleaded with me to stay a bit long at the place I was because he was doing a closing ceremony for his latest catch before he departs from Ghana that evening, after the call Tilly asked me to follow her to an undisclosed place where she had something for me so I left with her immediately, she drove to the nearest guest house and booked for a short time room for the 2 of us. We entered the room and before I said anything Tilly pushed me to the bed and started undressing herself which I also started undressing myself to face her too, after all she was leaving me alone to UK till God knows when she will return to Ghana and probably by that time she might be married to that spoilt brat so I wouldn’t let this opportunity pass me by not even my final exams can distract my attention this time around.

We started playing serious romance on the bed for like 20minutes just to psyche ourselves up for the final world cup match, we both were now very ready to quench the emotional thirst in us so Tilly jumped on me and held “Nii Dromo” in her palms just to insert it into her golden palace when all of a sudden her phone started ringing, all she could say was “s–t not this time around”, the caller was her father and he was the type who hated it when he calls you and you don’t answer your phone when it rings so she decided to answer the call first and listen to whatever her father had for her, moreover she has been booked on a flight this evening and there could be changes popping up so she had no choice but to answer the call.

I declined her from answering the phone but Tilly had her reason not to hid to what I was saying because she knew who she was dealing with, she tossed herself to the direction of the phone and answered the call, for the content of the call I always regret it when it comes to mind and I curse the inventor of cell phone always, if I knew this would happen I would have turned Tilly’s phone off when she gave it to me to hold it for her.
You might be wondering what the content of the call was? Tilly’s dad wanted her home ASAP to sign some documents for him at home so she was to stop anything she was doing and rush back home, she told me this as she looked for her pant to wear, you can imagine the disappointment that I had on my face that very moment, I pleaded with her to just give herself to me for just 2minutes but she refused, I even asked for her to permit me to insert my manhood into her for just 5seconds but her answer remained NO, she dressed up leaving me still in the bed with my manhood so so stiff like the neck of a Giraffe, she fished through her hand bag brought out a cheque book wrote and signed some amount for me to go an cash this very afternoon, in addition she gave me a bundle of 20cedis notes and add it to the cheque she had handed over to me, the cheque had an amount of 3000cedis written on it plus the 2000ced she gave me summing up to 5000cedis. I didn’t even say thank you to her as she made way to the door because all I needed that time was to “enter the net” of hers as Shatta Wale said in one of his songs

So why can’t Nii for once get Tilly pinned down, is it that her golden palace is a sacred place for Nii to enter or is Nii been saved from something? Well only time can tell, every long journey has its final destination

To be continued