Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 26


Evans kept reloading his bazooka as Sam, Lucy and Ken brought out heavy weapons and started shooting sporadically.

“We have got them. Team Alpha and Bravo, fall in” Elvis commanded.

Evans launched another bazooka towards the Made Men. The rocket flew towards the Made Men with a massive smoke but the Made Men easily evaded the rocket. As soon as the smoke died down, they couldn’t find the Made men. They searched everywhere with their eyes to see if they could find the Made men but couldn’t.

“Did they disappear into the mid air?” Lucy shouted.


The Made men who were hiding behind some blocks stood up and fired at the five squad team.

Evans who was the target was lucky as the shot narrowly escaped his head brushing by his ear.

Just then, Team Alpha and Bravo from the five Squad team came behind the Made men in such a way that the made men where in their middle.

“Fvck, where’s the backup froshberry promise to send for us?” Lisa asked no one in particular as she turned around and started shooting the guys behind them.

Alex and Agent S also joined her and both were firing the guys behind while Lex, Leo and Rapheal concentrated on the enemies in their front.

Agent S and his men had wisely drifted their cars and parked it in such a way that the side which was facing the Made men acted as a shield preventing the bullets coming towards them.

“Oh my God, where the hell is our backup?” Lisa shouted again seeing their chance of survival is just ten percent.

“Drop your weapons, you’re surrounded and outnumbered, the six of you can’t do anything to us” Agent Josh shouted with a megaphone.

“Obedience is better than sacrifice.” Elvis shouted from the other side. All the five sqad team had their guns and bazookas ready and in one wrong move, the Made Men are toasted.

“Your men have left you. You’re deserted and you have five seconds to surrender” Agent Josh shouted.

Lex looked at his Men and Agent S. Just then, Froshberry sent a voice message to the device attached to their ears.

“Code 13 isn’t in progress again. New code, 17.2”

The made men and Agent S smiled. Code 13 isn’t in progress meant that they were no back up coming for them but code 17.2 was a very bad attack strategy. They silently thanked Froshberry for making their mission easier.

“We give up” lex shouted throwing his guns away. The made men did same and all stood up with their hands in the air.

“Now walk slowly, with your hands up in the air” Elvis shouted, still doubting them. He couldn’t believe that they just gave up like that, something isn’t right.

The Made Men including Agent S were walking slowly looking at the East direction. They kept on walking slowly still looking towards the East till they saw a fighter Jet coming towards them.

The Five Squad team saw the Made Men looking towards the East. They traced their eyes till they saw the jet.

“I knew it” Elvis shouted “Evans take down the jet”

“Yes sir”

Evans said and launched a quick rocket towards the jet but he missed. The whole team concentrated more on the incoming jet and the made men use the advantage to themselves.

They brought out a pill each and swallowed it, brought out a little device they used in covering their nose before jumping like wide cats taking cover behind some blocks.

“Bring down that jet” Elvis shouted.


“Bring down that Jet” Elvis shouted.

Evans brought out another rocket and aimed again at the fast approaching jet, he let go and the rocket collided with the jet as the jet was caught up in flames.


They turned around towards the Made Men not knowing a missile have already been released by the jet before Evans brought it down.

The missile contained a highly concentrated gamma gas which induces sleep, drowsiness and weakness once it is inhaled.

Before the five squad team could make any move, the missile landed close to them and they were all covered up in a dark green smoke. The smoke was so deep and thick that one couldn’t see his neighbour.

One by one, the Five squad team began to fall down seconds after inhaling the smoke. In less than thirty minutes, it was only the Made Men and Agent S who covered their nose with the device they had with them and took the pill which serves as the antitode were left standing.

Now for the protection of their eyes, they’d brought out a special goggles which they wore in order to see clearly.

“Hahahaha” Lex laughed wickedly. “We have got them really really bad. What can they do now, absolutely nothing”

“What an easy mission it was” Lisa said smiling.

“Common guys, let’s get them to base. Donflex will be really glad”

“And what are we going to do with this ones?” Lisa asked pointing at the back up team.

“We are gonna leave them here. They will be dead in less than thirty five minutes. That’s why we need to take this ones to safety” Lex answered his question.

“Alright, let’s do this” they all said in unison.

2 hours later
channel news.
“Good afternoon fellow citizens of Nigeria. This is channels news at 4 o clock, stay tuned as we bring the latest happenings inside and outside the country. State of Emergency have been declared by the governor of Port Harcourt Mr Bright Williams after a gun battle ensured between a group that was guessed to be the Made Men and an unknown group. A missile was also sent and by analysis, the missile contained a very dangerous gas that can kill anyone that inhaled it under thirty minutes. The police also found some dead bodies lying about but none of the dead bodies were identified as the Made men. This leaves us with one question. Does the Made Men have a hand in this mass killing? Stay tuned for more information only at channels news.”

*Television switched off*

“Hahaha, we have got them. We are truly gods” Donflex boasted.

“No sir, you’re the god here” Froshberry said.

Donflex laughed, brought a cheque of two hundred million naira and gave to froshberry.

“Manage this Frosh, I know you deserve more than these. I will settle you really really soon” Donflex said smiling.

“Wow, thank you very much sir, I appreciate” Froshberry said taking the cheque.

Just then professor Johnbull came inside the office.

“Oh my, I forgot to knock. Am really sorry sir. Please…..”

“It’s okay. No problem” Donflex said smiling “this is yours” Donflex said giving him another cheque but with same amount.

“Thank you sir” Professor Johnbull said collecting the cheque.

“You can have your seat”

“Thank you again sir”

“Now, let’s discuss the next step, that is killing them. Natasha, her uncle and the rebels we captured” Donflex spoke out and paused for a while. “Any ideas on the best way to kill them”

“Yes, I have already mapped out the plan for months now. Believe me, it’s gonna be fun” professor Johnbull said and laughed wickedly while Froshberry and Donflex stared at him in surprise.