The Brat And The She Devil Episode 5


……..Saturday 8am…
My phone was buzzing in my ear..
I picked it up on the third ring…
“Yes …speak!”..
“Ma’am…I couldnt get across to you last night…
I did resend those documents you needed again just an hour ago…even the PA confirmed he got it the first time so why was I resending it…”
I sat up.
The nerve of the man.
“So why did he act cluelessly?”
“I don’t have time for corny bastards. …I need a new PA..did they clear the replacement? “..
Silence. .
“Tina you are not deaf and dumb…are you?…
“Well…the HR department apologises on behalf of him ..and would make sure he behaves ..but they can’t do a replacement at the moment. .
“What do you mean???”..
“Then they better look for someone not gonna be stuck in this place for a while and have an arse for a PA who doesn’t know shit…
“Am sorry ma’am “.
I sighed
“I need those documents right now Tina..or that PA won’t be the only one on my bad side…
“Someone is bringing it by your house this morning…apparently the PA would be Indisposed till Monday. .”
“What nonsense”!!!
“Am sorry ma’am”…Tina repeated.
I cut the call.
I opened my door to a knock…
“Good morning ma’am.. documents you needed…”..
I take them..
“And you are??”..
“John…Admin assistant your office “..
“Right.. and My PA couldnt bring this himself why?”..
“Well….”…*he shrugs*..
“I was just asked to bring them..I wouldn’t know his reason. .
“Apparently he doesn’t think”
“How long as he been working there…He seemed abit old to be a PA?”
Puzzled expression..
“He is a new employee…and he doesn’t look older than any young guy….”
“A new employee?
“I would like to speak to the HR…The PA is daft….would you like to take his place…John??”
He seemed shocked..
“Well…its not my place to accept such prepositions…and if you call him old..that means you would call me..what…oldie too?”..
I was confused…
What was he saying…?
That guy that looks almost 50.
Some grey hair dancing at his hairline.
Or is this John blind.
How could I compare him who doesn’t look much older than a 29/30 old that father. .of a man.
I shook my head…
Maybe some nuts in his head was loose as well…
I smiled.
“Thank you”..
“Never mind my ask…that would be all”
He nods and takes his leave .
John was confused…
How can she be saying the PA is old..
Was she blind or what??
Or smoking weed.?
Then again…The office has been buzzing of the New PA. .who no one knows anything about him except that his name was “Brain A”.
He was some sort of…a high class personality and at the same time no one knows which high class he belonged to.
Plus…He seems to bullshit orders and doesn’t get reprimanded.
Comes to work when he does..and always seem to have some air of authority about him but no one knows..
Plus he was fine, well built and have all the girls flocking around him. Making the dudes envy him..
But one thing he wasnt…was old..
John shook his head.
She must have been smoking those lagos weeds. He concluded.
He enters his car and was about to drive off..
But he realised something..
His new boss was a beauty…
He had to stop himself from trying to peer through her rope..
He was definitely going to be in her good graces..
You never know…He might be able to get a taste of that. ..
He licked his lips…put his car on drive and then waved..driving off.
Ofcos ..
I didnt even wave back…
I had shut my door immediately.
Ran into the shower..
Had breakfast and got to work..
His father was shouting at him through the phone..
He placed the phone away from his ears..and let’s it dangle..
“Father….you don’t expect me to be at your new employee’s beck and call…?
” I shall begin with her Monday. ..
Besides I had plans…
Friday through Sunday even….
Please…….I got no time to cancel to go pick her from the airport..
I told the office to send a driver…
“Plus…I was far away…
And hadn’t had time to drop by to hand him the documents..that she needed.
“Which I can do on Monday. .
So take a chill pill dad…”!!
“You do realise that you were just asked to be changed..?”..his father said
“Oh goodie….you should listen. ..
Oh i have a thought..put me as everyone’s boss..well…you can be my boss but everyone needs to be under me…
Not me been under some arse hole. .
Pardoned my french. ”
“Brain Andrews….do not test me” his father threatened.
“Mr Andrews…am just having a good blast for a weekend…can’t you take a joke?”…..He rolled his eyes..
“I don’t want to hear any of these your absurd behaviours by monday. .
Or I will take my action.”
“Sure dad”.
“Bye dad.”
Then allows him drop the call.
Brain laughed.
“The old guy is just a bluffer…
Ama give you a good run for your money father..”..
He went back to the bedroom…his one night stand of the previous night was lying down seductively enticing him…
He was going to get back to that..
Another call was coming in..
“After the call…”..He winked at her..
And strolled back outside….to the living room.
“Speak…B.Andrews on the line”.
“Good morning..This is Tina from the media firm office from lagos…again…
I just faxed and mailed the documents again to you..
Please print and take it across to Miss Adora chime asap”.
He laughed.
“Tina…is it?
“I do have it already”..
“Printed and handy..why do you need to resend it.?:
“Because Miss Adora said you seemed clueless and that meant you didnt get it or you didnt know it was supposed to be given to her…
“So please…I am having a terrible headache…Please get it across to Miss need your writing materials as well.”
“Tina dear…don’t worry your little head..daddy would take care of everything….now bye”.
He cuts the line..
“Like hell was he going to do just that.shit!!..”
He dails the HR department..
“Yes…B.Andrews going to send you some documents..and you can have someone take it down to the new employee. .
“But Sir. .that’s supposed to be your responsibility “..
“Well it’s yours now..
Am indisposed till Monday. .
Make sure am not disturbed. .
“Oh you can run along and tell my father…and see if I give a shit”..
He cuts the call and smiled .
“Oh..where was I before this??…..
He recollects..
“AHa….naked sexy body on my bed..”…
He strolls back to his room….