Natasha Reloaded Episode 4


The four strong guards were stunned. How did this these guys made it pass the ten armed guards standing outside?
They quickly brought out their gun wanting to shoot Paul and Aerofist. Paul and Aerofist saw that if the guards pull their trigger, the sound from their gun might alert Mr Mike who could call for reinforcement.
They rushed the four guards, with speed, they were able to knock their guns away from them.
The four guards just smiled. They knew that the fight was unfair and they outnumbered the two guys. So they divided themselves into two, two fighting Paul and two fighting Aerofist.
They never knew that the people they were up against were highly trained assassins.
Aerofist gave one of the guard fighting him a deadly punch across his left eye, the other guard rushed to him with something in his hand. He quickly did a barrel roll and dodged the guard.
When the guard turned round, aerofist gave him a drop kick across his face with his hard booth and he fell down. The other guard whom he gave a punch across his eye have revived himself and he charged towards Aerofist.
The first guard held Paul in a submissive manner as the second guard was delivering blows across his face. When the guard was through delivering his blows, he bent down, picked a vessel wanting to smash it at Paul’s head.
He smashed the vessel but it wasn’t Paul that he got. Paul was quick enough to dodge him and he got his fellow bodyguard who fell down and was bleeding from his head.
Paul held the bodyguard who broke the vessel. He gave the body guard his finishing move KNEE TO HEAD and the guard fell down lifelessly. It would take the grace of God for him to survive.
He got close to the other one that was bleeding and gave him a knock out punch.
Aerofist smiled at the foolish guard who was coming towards him, he rushed the guard and gave him his finishing move, SCISSORS PUNCH
and The guard fell down unconsciouss.
Aerofist was known for his deadly move named the SCISSORS PUNCH that was why the word ‘fist’ was added as a suffix to his nickname- Aero
He moved to the other one lying on the ground, using the butt of his gun, he gave the guard a deadly blow and he fainted.
Aerofist: *breathe down* wow, that was pleasurable.
Paul: too bad it didn’t last long.
He said as he spat out blood from his mouth.
Aerofist: are you injured?
Paul: no, it’s just a scratch.
Peter: *through headphone* guys, did I miss anything?
Aerofist: *answering him* alot. The fun is over.
Peter: then get your a-s out of there, I just got a message from Froshberry.
Paul: and what is the message?
Peter: the cops are on their way.
Aerofist: then we have a little time left to finish the operation.
He said and they both walked upstairs in searched for Mr Mike. They saw him upstairs shivering. He was the one that alerted the police due to the noises he was hearing.
Without wasting time, Paul used his revolver and shot him thrice in his head. Mr peter fell down and died instantly.
Paul was about to kill the wife and children when Aerofist stopped him.
Aerofist: we came here for him not for them.
He said and they both left the house running to their chopper.
Froshberry: *through headphone* hello guys, how was the mission?
Aerofist: successful.
Froshberry: good, the police are closing in on you guys, get out of there now.
Aerofist: yes sir.
Aerofist: *through headphone* Peter where are you.
Peter: am on top of a building opposite his apartment. Come get me, let me shake off the cops.
Aerofist: alright.
The cops were closing in. There were about three SUV cars coming at high speed.
Peter: I got this!!
He said as he shot the tyre of the first car. Due to the high speed of the car, the car summersaulted till it blew up in flames.
He quickly reloaded his bullet, this time, he shot the driver of the second car and the car lost it’s control as it drifted away from the road and ran into a building.
By now, the policemen knew that there was a sniper around so the last car came to a halt as the policemen flew out.
Just then, Paul called out to Peter. The chopper was right above Peter. Peter took his sniper and other equipment as he ran and dived straight into the chopper like a cat with a smile on his face.
Peter: mission……
Aerofist n Paul: complete!!!
They said as the chopper flew away.
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