The Brat And The She Devil Episode 4


He seemed abit relax.
Atleast that bit won’t be entirely boring he thought. ..
“Are you there son??”
“Yes father am listening…even if I think it’s a messed up and poor idea..”
“Don’t be a child.
“Like I was saying…
You will be in your comfort zone..
Well as long as you haven’t forgotten how to do those…”…He laughed mockingly at the background..
He laughed as well “.even in my sleep am sure I can do magic…”..he replied.
“Well wonderful that’s settled then!!!
“By the way….i am adamant on service..
“Which implies that you woundnt be heading the company..”
“You will begin as nothing too low.. nothing too high..”
“Nothing to make people feel intimated by you or your status..
“The recognition would be made by me later..” His father was speaking but he didn’t quite get what he was saying.
“What are you speaking father..French or Japanese? ????”
Heavy sigh…before his father continued.
“What am implying is that..
I would fix you in as a PA to a new employee coming in from Lagos state.
Who is in charge of restructuring the company to give it its limelight as it deserves..
“There is a new twist to the economy. .
Everyone needs a good spot light and how best if not to get someone who understands the network to push our company and brand out even more and get people, clients and customers attracted to what we can offer, what we do and how we make dreams of a good home come through…”..
“What the fuck…???
“A PA? ????”…He said in shock and then followed by anger.
He probably didn’t hear correctly
“Mind your choice of words young man when talking to me…”…his father’s stern voice came back threatening. .
He spoke calmly but not void of sarcasm..
“How would you even think that father.??
I should have a PA not to PA for some lunatic..
“This is just wrong on every level.
“No I won’t do it”…He replied stubbornly
“Then how about you work and fend for yourself from now on hmmm…???
His son kept quiet.
He spoke softly now..
“Don’t worry son. It just for a bit.
You just have to do what the person wants and attend to the PA duties.
“That way you can trully understand the progress of the company aside the drawing table and helmet.
“It also enables you be apprised of what the world sees us out there..understand the clients. .their needs and know what is best and what’s not best for the company..
“On the plus side..
You get to get back to the drawing table and design me beautiful dream houses..
And probably get to do a start-to-finish in and out more often and what not.
Don’t you miss that levitated feeling of looking at your hands work and see the happy smiles of a clients face???” His father asked hopefully..
He had to admit it did feel good to be able to do something that good.
“But PA?…”he asked…
“No but Brain….i would have no more excuses on this..”…his father continued despite his son’s protest..
“I won’t introduce you as my son because then people would treat you differently and would rather want to please you and find favour instead of doing their jobs and giving you duties.”
Brain laughed..
“That won’t be bad father…Afterall. .am like a prince ….give me a little joy in this messed up predicament …just a little father..??..he pleaded.
“Don’t even dare go against me.”…He warned.
“Your flight arrangements has been made.”
“You are to resume in a week.
“So say your goodbyes, get your butt down here and get acquainted to being a PA.
“I know you aren’t completely daft so you can hold down your forte.
“I have my eyes on you so you better behave..
“The lagos office will forward all you need to know by weekend.
The social media manager would be relocating to Port harcourt as well..
“You are to meet her at the airport..
With all information forwarded to you from lagos….and the rest…i leave to you.
“Don’t give me a reason to be indefinitely brash with you and cut you off totally…and this is not idle threats son”…his father warned again..
“I wonder what mother has to say to this”..??.more to himself than to his father. .
He heard his father’s deep chuckle. .
“Well she totally agrees..she gets to see you squirm…”…He laughed and laughed…
“Be a good lad and make your papa proud…just for a little while and then you can lord it over everyone …even me if you like”….He continued laughing. .
“Oh I swear…i can’t wait”!!!…brain replied …
He was resigned to his fate.
His father was adamant when he wanted to do something.
He could easily ignore him as he has often done in the past.
Yes this wasn’t the first time.
He brushed it aside.
But his father was threatening to cut of his funds and freeze his spending account..
That’s like cutting off his balls..
How was he supposed to give life to the jnr down there.
He sighed.
Well…He may agree…but he won’t make it easy for him nor for anyone..
And his first pot of anger was to unleash on anyone who dares crossed his part or was caught in the crossfire.
“A PA??”…He boiled.
That was degrading he thought at best.
Thanks to his father to make him a joke as way of punishment. .
Yes..This was punishment for refusing him all this while. He concluded.
Even if he wasn’t to inform anyone he was the sole heir to Mr Jake Andrews building and constructing company and the only son of one of Nigeria ‘ s top businessmen and rich man…
He still ozzed some sort of royalty..and they have no choice than to treat him as such…
He was sure his father would have hinted one or two of his spies..just to keep an eye on him..
That’s why he was going to have fun..untill his father gets impatient and then let’s him be..
He snickered…
Fast Forward five days later.
Already in Nigeria and settled into his luxurious apartment..
Atleast his father was considerate enough not to entirely deny him his luxury.
He had a driver and a car at his beck and call..
He was placed in the suburbs of Gra with minimum security. .just not to draw too much attention to himself. .
Besides he was a PA..too much high class would be a giveaway..
But he couldnt help but be a classic man..
“Where was the fun??? He thought.
Away from the office he lived lavishly as he wanted.
In the office as normal as possible. .
Well he could try but he wouldn’t be held responsible for his actions.
He mused wickedly.
Everyone must have been curious of his identity. .knowing he must be high profiled but that was it..
Even if they knew his name they didn’t put two and two together. .
But he liked the attention he was receiving. .
He decided to let the sleeping dog lie..Just for awhile.
He got the mail from the lagos office..
Printed it out..
But instead of going to the airport as told..
He instead..decided to go clubbing..with a chick he met a few days ago and took her home for a night cap..
He told the office to send a driver instead and he was unreachable. ..
As he suspected..
He noticed them follow him everywhere be goes..
More like extra bodyguards to his already one man security..
You would actually think they were his hanging buddies ..they didn’t have to wear dark shades and carry weapons obviously rifles..
Well..clearly hidden did the trick..
He just acts as though they aren’t there..
When they realised he wasn’t going to the airport they called the office to send a driver as he requested
He laughed..
Yeah…let them tell his father..
That was the whole it all…
He was just going to enjoy the weekend and then breeze into work on Monday like a boss..
This was going to be fun..
He can’t wait to hear what his father was going to say..
Today was Friday. .
Tomorrow was Saturday. .
One day Inbetween before Monday. .
He was going to have a blast weekend..
He he turned in for the the feel of the naked body of the chick who decided to take the night cap abit too seriously. .
He didnt mind though.
It saved him from asking.
He laid down to sleep with a smile on his face…