Natasha Reloaded Episode 3


Time check: 10:00pm.
Aerofist: let’s get to work guys.
He said and Peter and Paul stood up. The three guys got to the roof of Flex empire where a chopper (helicopter) was kept there for them.
They all entered inside as Paul took the pilot seat and started the helicopter. He slowly lifted the helicopter off the roof of flex empire and soon enough, they were flying to Mr Mike Earnest’s house.
Froshberry: *speaking through the headphone* guys, this is froshberry speaking to you from base. can you hear me, I repeat, can you hear me?
Aerofist: *speaking to Froshberry via the headphone* loud and clear.
Froshberry: very good. The altitude and speed you guys are using is normall but the fastest way to get to Mr mike’s house is flying 20 degrees North.
Paul: copy that.
Froshberry: don’t also forget to land the chopper 500 km away from the target’s house.
Paul: sir yes sir!
Froshberry: good, am still here with you guys.
He said and ended the conversation. Paul followed the instructions of froshberry and got to Mr mike’s apartment in time.
Aerofist: let’s get to work. You know what to do.
He said to the both of them while they nodded. Peter took his sniper from his bag and came down from the chopper.
Aerofist took his silent pistol while Paul took his little bag with his revolver in hand.
Aerofist and Paul got close to Mr mike’s house. The building was big. About three storey building. He and Paul quickly hid themselves to avoid them being caught.
Peter on the other hand saw a suitable spot where he could stay. The building was not far from Mr mike’s house. He quickly climbed the building like a wild cat.
When he got to the roof, he brought out his sniper and started fixing it.
Aerofist: *speaking through the headphone* Peter, the building is very big. There are security lights everywhere. How many guards are standing outside?
Peter: *he looked at them with his sniper* about ten guards. I can take them off.
Paul: *speaking to peter through headphone* no, that’s not a nice Idea. The other guards inside the house might be alerted due to the security lights.
Aerofist: froshberry we need you…
Froshberry: *through headphone* I thought you won’t ask for help. Two minutes is all I need.
He said and two minutes later, there was a total black out in that area. The whole security lights on that street went off.
Froshberry: *through headphone* thank me later!
Aerofist: now Peter, take them out.
Peter smiled, this is the part he loved most. The whole area was blacked out so there was no light and anything he does won’t be detected.
He set his sniper at night mode, looked through it and saw the guards in a pandemonium state.
One by one, he shot them at their heads killing them the instant the bullet got through them.
Two minutes later, his job was done. He has killed all the guards and there was no sound.
Peter: what a perfect headshots! Guys, go in.
He said to Aerofist and Paul.
Paul got the fence, disconnected the electric wires and they jumped in. Though the whole place was very dark, they could see the dead guards lying around.
Aerofist: *whispering* your brother has done a nice job.
They got to the door and Paul brought out some equipment. In a matter of seconds, he picked through the door and the door was opened for them.
They got inside, close the door and when they turned around, they saw four strong able bodied men who was inside.
The sitting room light was on and so, they have been detected.
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