The Brat And The She Devil Episode 3


He knew he hated it.
He knew he hated every bit of it.
It didn’t make sense.
Well apparently that’s what he thought and confidently concluded.
He didnt really have to make him.
It was so annoying and yet so unavoidable.
Even if he didn’t have a choice and has to do what is required of him..
He still didnt mean he should like it and give into it so easily..
The only other option was just to make a mess of things and that would be forcing their hand.
Then they would have to let him go.
Besides who forces his son to work for a company he obviously has no interest in.
He said its grooming.
He wondered if he looked like a mushroom needed to be groomed.
He had no interest whatsoever,
He didnt get why he should be forced nevertheless.
He was enjoying his peace of mind and his luxurious lifestyle back in the states.
The drinks, the parties, and the beautiful naughty girls..
Why did he have to be forced back to Nigeria to work.
Who does that this days when you have people work for you and you get paid for their stress despite.
He laughed.
Then he became angry again.
He really has been living like a prince and by God he loved it.
Afterall his father was one of the top richest men in the country.
Has hands in the oil and banking sector as well as other profitable businesses. .
So money was on a constant flow in..
He was an only child..
Well after his mother had suffered a terrible accident rendering her incapable of pushing..and lost her first set of twins..
His birth was some sort of miracle..
Took another couple of years of trying before he was born..
Through CS.
The doctor has advised his mother that it would be for her safety not to be pregnant again because it would kill her..
She had painfully closed her womb.
He was her loved and only child so she spoiled him rotten.
Not that he complained.
Not that his father complained either..
He infact gave him anything he wanted.
The cars , the money..The blank checks to do what he wants..
First class here…Every country every now and then..
He never really took school seriously but he was some sort of a genius. .
He didnt really have to try very hard..He made it at every glance..
He was an architect by default..
He always liked to make and fix things..
As a child while growing up..He had occassionally built houses and cars with floaters and cardboard papers.
He liked to draw up something creative and then progressed to make it.
It always came out good as a child.
So he went into architecture and designing..
And then into engineering. .because he loved the pull he gets and joy just giving life to bunch of misplaced parts and making magic out of it.
So with those two degrees he was on his A-game.
He was probably the most sort after..
Yes he interned for a company. .
Built a lot of projects..
Did housing designs for a couple of people and even did a start-to-finish of one..
He still had a couple awards..
But he just hated to work..
And resigned to a life of pleasure and fun instead..
He was good looking.
He was rich.
Well his father was rich which undeniably meant him rich..
He was Tall and has that bad boy brooding look going for him that automatically makes all the girls swoon just by the sight of him.
He had an athletic body..
And he does his workouts so he knew he looked good…with the six parts and flat tummy all the way to the firm taut buttocks and firm thighs. .
He Vividly remembers how when he walks past a couple of ladies and after undressing him with their eyes…
They access his frontal tools and then they check out his butt too.
He never knew girls checked out a guy’s butt.
For the life of him he found it really amusing…
Someone told him once when he asked..
“we check to make sure if it looks good in pants..
Plus…we don’t mind holding on to it and finding out if its perfectly taut and firm while we are pushing the rest of you in”…..she said the last part seductively..
Oh he never did pass on an opportunity. .
Before long they were rolling in the sheets..
His defence..
“He wanted to find out if it’s just the way she described “..
Back to reality..
He hated to work.
He was done with school.
Graduated with honours..
He just wants to live the rest of his life in peace and luxury..
Besides his father had alot of right hands and people to help him run one of his companies. .
Plus he wouldn’t have minded if he made him a CEO or something. .
He said he wanted him to be humble and be able to serve someone before he can trully understand what he means to be served by another person..
“That’s the sign of a true leader”..
His father told him over the phone..his thick voice resonating through the receiver..
He thought it was bullshit.
“Okay why don’t I just do it in one of your affiliate companies over at the states??”..
“No son. You have been there all your life and occassionaly visit your roots.
I need you here..
“Soon all these will be yours and if you can’t appreciate the root from where it all started how are you able to trully handle all these on your own”….His father said.
“Plus I won’t give you something completely out of your jurisdiction…
“Its a housing and construction company basically handling housing designs, building and restructuring start-to-finish. .””
He seemed abit relax.
Atleast that bit won’t be entirely boring he thought. ..