Natasha Reloaded Episode 2


Donflex: I have a mission for you.
Aerofist: yes sir, go on sir.
Donflex: I want this person to be assassinated this night.
He said giving Aerofist a little paper.
Aerofist: your wish is my command sir!
Aerofist bowed down a little before leaving the office of Donflex.
My dad walked inside the lab and found Professor Jonhbull going through some papers.
Meet Professor Jonhbull.
A short bald headed scientist. He is incharge of the project while my dad was working under him. He is also the second in command in Flex empire as Donflex is the first in command.
Dad: professor!
Prof Jonhbull: yes ken, any problem?
Dad: Donflex has made a final declaration.
Prof Jonhbull: which is?
Dad: the Made Men should be made ready by the end of this week.
Prof Johnbull: hmm, that means that we have alot of work to do and little time for us.
Dad: yes.
Prof Johnbull: then get to work. Everybody!!! We have made three men ready, we should be able to prepare the remaining two by the end of this week.
Aerofist got outside and looked at the little piece of paper giving to him by Donflex.
Victim: Mr Mike Earnest
Position: Senator
Marital status: Married
Time to be killed: this night
Amount: two million naira, cash.
He folded the little paper and smiled. He has always been Donflex favourite assassin and right now, he won’t fail him. He was still thinking when Donflex came out of his empire with his four bodyguards.
They got into three Limousines parked right infront of the building and drove off leaving a trail of dust behind.
The limousine was guarded by six men on power bikes and two SUV cars. Three bikes with one SUV car was moving behind them while the others were at their front.
Aerofist: I shall not fail you!
He said and went out to look for the brothers of death.
Aerofist was seen talking to the twins brother also known as the brothers of death.
Meet the brothers of death.
Name: Peter (the eldest)
skill: sniper
finishing move: upper cut to Jaw.
Name: Paul
skill: hacker
weapon: revolver
finishing move: knee to head.
They were known as the brothers of dead, the two strongest twin brothers in flex empire.
Also note this, all assassins, warriors or fighters in Flex empire has a tattoo drawn on the right side of the chest. The tattoo which is DF stands for Donflex and it is a signature to remember and recognize members of flex empire.
Aerofist: the money involved in this mission is two million. I want the three of us to share the money that’s why I have chosen you both. Are you in or out?
Peter: am in…..
Paul: am in too.
Aerofist: then get ready for we strike tonight but first, let’s get in touch with the IT department.
IT Department
The IT department is located in the third floor of Flex empire. The room here is filled with computers of different types.
From here, Donflex can monitor all that is going on within the country. Specialized computer engineers are the ones that work here. The IT department is under the control of Froshberry.
Meet Froshberry
A tall and athletic young man who is the most brilliant of them when it comes to hacking and the likes.
Aerofist quickly explained his mission to froshberry.
Froshberry: I don’t think that is a nice Idea.
Aerofist: common, the three of us can handle it.
Froshberry: well if you insist. Take this.
He said giving them three head phones.
Froshberry: there is a chopper on the roof. You can use it when you are prepared. As for me and my crew, we will be here monitoring their movement.
Aerofist: thanks my guy.
He said as he walked away with Peter and Paul.
Froshberry: everyone get ready, there is a task ahead and we all should put our hands together for a good result. You and you…
He said pointing to two men.
Men: sir!!
They chorused.
Froshberry: go and make sure that all the computers are ready and also prepare them because I want to hack into somebody’s CCTV security camera.
Men: yes sir.
They said and everybody got to work with few others typing on the keyboards with swiftness.