Natasha Reloaded Episode 5


*door bell rings*
Mum: Natasha, go and check who is at the door

Meet my mum. A slender, tall and beautiful. She is fair in complexion, has a long hair, nice smile, dimples, infact to cut it short, she is very beautiful. We are staying in Port- Harcourt. The city that is under the control of the mighty Donflex. She is also a Nurse that do work in a specialist hospital close to our house.
Me: ok mum!
I said as I headed straight to the door.
Meet me, Natasha. Am sixteen years old. Just like my mum, I am very beautiful with that killing set of dimples. I have written Jamb and waec and I am currently in search for a university. Though I am being forced to go to school by my parents because my aim and objective in life is modelling, to be a model.
I got to the door and opened, it. My dad was standing outside looking exhausted.
Me: welcome dad.
I said giving him a tight hug.
Dad: how are you my daughter.
Me: am fine dad.
I said as I collected his brief case.
Dad: you should be asleep by now. The time is 11:40pm, remember that I despise late sleep.
He said as he entered inside our house. I got to his room to keep the brief case. My mother quickly stood up and walked to him, she gave him a short kiss before a hug.
Mum: you look so exhausted. Go and have your shower before eating your food.
Dad: yes sweet heart.
He said and ran upstairs to have his shower. The purpose why I didn’t sleep is because I wanted to see my dad. Since I have seen him, I went straight to bed and dosed off.
My dad was through having his bath. He changed his cloth and joined my mum who was waiting for him at the dining table.
He got to the dining table and sat down. She brought out a flask and dished his food into a plate. The flask she was holding was containing rice.
Dad: that’s enough.
He said and she kept the flask. Opened another one and gave him stew, added big junks of meat and brought out a chilled water from the fridge for him.
20 minutes later
He was done eating his food and my mother cleared the table before joining him.
Dad: *sighed* I can’t wait for this project to be over.
Mum: you mean the MADE MEN?
Dad: yes.
Mum: why?
Dad: can’t you see how the project is slowly eating me up. The work in it is too much. I will leave this house early this morning and come back late at night.
Mum: you have to bear it honey. Remember, at the end of the project, there will be huge money in your bank account?
Dad: I know sweetheart and I will use part of the money to send Natasha abroad. I don’t want her to study in Nigeria. The problem now is that, Donflex said that the men should be ready by the end of this week.
Mum: hmm, that means your work load has been doubled.
Dad: exactly.
Mum: what did he even need the MADE MEN for if I may ask?
Dad: that is the ultimate question that needs to be answer but all I know for now is that, that man Donflex is up to no good.
Mum: hmmm.
Dad: I better go and have some sleep because I have a long day ahead tomorrow.
Mum: yea, let’s go.
Donflex was seen sitting in his office. He quickly checked his time.
Time check: 8:30am.
He changed the tv station to another channel where they were showing news.
Journalist: and now for our biggest news for today. Mr Mike Earnest was found dead in his house early this morning. That was not enough, his guards who were about fourteen in numbers were all killed. The assassination was done by highly trained assassins who should be about twenty in number because two police SUV cars was destroyed. One was blasted killing all the policemen in it and the other one ran into a building. Some policemen where injured while others like the driver was killed. The inspector of police is doing his best to apprehend this assassins. However the goodnews was that his family were all spared. For now we are going on a short break. Stay tuned!!!
*switched off*
Donflex: hahaha. Mr Mike is gone. Mr John, you are next! No one shall stop me from being the president of this country, no one. Hahaha!!


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