The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 49


”i didn’t think you were one of those concerned about class and opinions”
”Well, i haven’t had to be in one before today and..what would people say, and it’s against the company rules and i am your boss”
”fxxk opinions, forget the rules, leave your title, do you want this Adora, that is all that matters, i am going all out on a limb here, and before you answer, i cannot offer you anything other than me, me right here, my devoted love and attention, my care and service ofcourse” he smiles ”I may not be able to take you to nice places and do nice things for you..for now but, i would work hard for that. I promise to be honest, faithful..dear lord help me ” i laugh , he continuous ”i would be there for you and i am not perfect, far from it but i would be good to you, protect you, care and take all your crazies and just so you know, you are the first girl i am telling this to, wanting to commit to like this so, you better treat me nice” he warns
I shake my smiling

”You are crazy!”
”yes, i have been told, and you are beautiful so what do you say. Date this sly fox…let me be a little pain in your behind, i don’t mean that literally but you know what i mean ”he winks ”i don’t care if we fight, as long as we kiss and make up that’s fine by me, so say yes before i kiss you to death”‘
He pulls me and squeezes me tight, pulling my face and kissing me all over, i laugh turning away’
”say yes, say yes”
”you are ambushing me” i laugh
”that is the plan, no retreat , no surrender, it is supposed to choke you into submission, say yes, say kiss” kiss ”say yes” more kisses ”say yes yes yes” kisses, more kisses, even more plastered kisses, i can’t run away because he is holding me in place as i laugh.
”fine, fine, yes , yes!! Jesus!!” i laugh again dodging another bout of kisses.
He smiles relaxing

”Good, mission accomplished, now, we work!!” he lets go off me
”Yes really, i need to work to buy you nice things don’t i. So Miss Adora, stop looking at man, i know the boy is fine, focus, sit down, adjust your cloths, go on, sit sit sit, yes yes! ” he pulls me down, and pulls my seat closer to the table, he goes round and grabs his own seat, opening files on my desk and pushing them to me
”shall we begin?”
I stare at him, a smile breaking out in my face, it reaches my eyes,
”hey woman, focus, work work work” he winks at me, l clear my throat
”So, let’s continue from yesterday shall we?”
”Goodday Sir, how can i help you?” Ruth , the company’s secretary greets them
”Yes, i would like to see Mr Emeka, i have an appointment ” he was dressed in a black suit, he seemed elderly
”And your name is?”
”Dickson Layefa, tell him we spoke concerning my IT company”’
”Okay, if you would hold on sir, i would put a call across to him”’
”Oh right, show him to my office Ruth, thank you” Emeka drops the call, “‘that was the client who had called looking for a software and tech guys to train some interns, the one he had was relocated out of his country with his wife”
He faces a group of five , ”Okay, his name is Mr Dickson, he is around, so he would tell you what he wants and you can tell him what he can offer, whoever fits the profile would have to go to his company once or twice a week to help with the training, ofcourse you would be paid for it, but you have to do a good job , you are representing our company so don’t flop”
”yes sir” they chorused.
There was a knock on his door

”Come in please”
Ruth ushers him into his office and leaves

”Goodmorning Mr Dickson, please, sit, i took the liberty to get five of my best tech and software engineers, they can help you achieve what you want, anyone really”
”oh good good, so..” he takes a seat as they greet him ”yes goodmorning, okay, i run an IT company, and we usually have this thing we call Project X , where other IT company’s come together and produce something , anything really, but it is sort of a competition as well as it helps to build young upcoming engineers as yourself up. Now, my tech guy, who is very good is out of town and i have been looking for someone to replace him, even though temporary till we get this done, he would be paid but he has to know what he is doing. You see , we have only four weeks and i have about 20 interest without an instructor and we have a project to build, so… i need someone who is fit to do the job, you get paid every week, about 50 thousand, i know its little but in a month you get about 200 thousand which it’s great and if we win, a price gift is accorded to the tech guy of course and your name in our brochure and all that, a recognition and you may also become our consultant if need be and we can also direct people to you, so it’s a win win”
”i can do it” one of the guys says
”not i can do it, i have to be sure, maybe you all can come by the office tomorrow and see them what we are all about and who we are up against, its just software geek, its coding and all the rest, building from scratch, the best minds would be there, the best IT companies in the country would be there so we need someone who can pull this off with the interns”
”we can do it” they chorus nodding their head
”Okay, maybe Mr Emeka, you direct them to me tomorrow and i would let you know who gets it”
”that would be fine sir”
”okay, good day”‘
He leaves
”Tomorrow then, you are dismissed ”
”You want anything?” Brian stretches as he gets up
I yawn ”Just water!”
”Okay, get it on my way back, ”
”Don’t miss me though”
”you wish” i smile as he disappears out the door.
”Sir, Sir?” Boma rushes to him
”yes” Mr Dickson stops
”I was wondering, when you said project X, what exactly does it entail?”
”i told you already, its coding and software building and engineering, every IT company registered for the competition is expected to build something and present it, the most unique gets it, it’s just being better at your field. Plus, all IT companies are looking for what to be better, last year we build the inbuilt voice computer, we got third place, this year, we are looking for first, so whoever gets the job had better bring his A-game, the world would be watching too”
Brian steps out of Adora’s office to see them talking, he walks past them to get water from the dispenser, he met them still there talking when he got back
”So are we going to generate new codes by ourselves or we work with already laid out ones, like a template ”
”Originality is the other of the day, and you must know your codes, you would be the one generating it, the interns are engineers but still, they need direction and focus, that is what the person would do, help them channel their innate ability to create a project X worthy of a win”
Project X, IT companies, competitions, inbuilt voice computer…sounds familiar..
Yes! New generations X! It is being done every year, he always never missed it when he was out of state, he watched the programme and even voted for some winners.
He pauses ” I am sorry Sir, goodmorning, did you say Project X as in New generation X, a coming together of great minds?”
The man looks at him and frowns ”Know about it?”
”for two years running, never missed it, it is an interesting project”
”Yes, we came third place last year, if you watched it you would have seen my company, Alkeda IT”
Brian nods, that name was familiar ”you said inbuilt voice computer?”
”Yes, that, sadly we weren’t good enough”
”yes i remember, it think it was an awesome project but only one defect”
”how so?”
”Brian, as you can see we were talking” Boma says
Brain is apologetic ”i am sorry Boma..”
”No no, let him, what defect do you think we had?” Dickson raises his hand
”Well, it’s not enough to have a computer who speaks out words typed on it, it would have been great if it was sensor related”
Boma frowns ”How so?”
”Well, like a doll with batteries, you press it and a sound comes out , a sound you customised within, which is great but it becomes boring and monotonous, but with a sensor inbuilt,”
”How you mean?” Dickson asks
”like for instance, a computer that can tell you your temperature, your emotion level and whether you are sick or not, all by using sensors, with your inbuilt speech of course, like if someone is sick and is typing, it can tell him or her to take a rest and to check their health status because with the sensor it can sense that he or she isn’t healthy, or if one in angry, it can also ascertain, just sensors, there would be specific codes written for that embedded into the speech as well, and on the mother board it would be written as well, it’s just rewriting the programming, create an app for it, the html would be edited, just sensory logs imbedded into what you already have , and of course, it would be like what you want but only better”
”how do you know coding and stuff?” Boma is surprised
”took few classes?” Brian shrugs
”And you aren’t working here as one, what do you mean a few classes?” Layefa seemed interested
”Software engineering and coding schematics kinda classes”
”so you know your onions?”
”I try!! But i am a designer, architecture, i run designs for the company when i am not PA-ing!!”
Dickson Layefa is impressed ”Maybe you are in the wrong department er..?”
”Sorry my manners sir, my name is Brian Andrews ” Brian says
”that’s okay, i am Dickson Layefa, i would like you to be part of the team coming to my company tomorrow, here is my card, you never know how useful, you can be” he hands Brian his card, Brian is looking at it ”Thank you sir but… i don’t think i would be useful to anybody..well not to you, you have great minds here like Boma, he is tech lead here and software manager amongst other things”
Boma beams ”He is right sir”‘
”Yes, still, you never know what a little knowledge added can generate into, i will tell Mr Emeka to allow you with the team, if not for anything, you can just take a look, it doesn’t hurt, maybe rub minds with a few other people. Who knows, gentlemen, have a good day” he says nodding and leaving.
Brian stars at the card and after the man, he shakes his head, Boma nudges him

”Since when do you know stuffs like that, i thought you just draw and be arrogant”
Brian smiles ”Since school, and arrogant is long dead, this is the new Brian, ” he smiles at Boma and walks away .
Boma stares after Brian ”Strange fellow, who would think he was some sort of geek too” he shakes his head walking away as well.
”But Mr Dickson, Brian is a common PA” he listens ”Well, yes he is a designer but he doesn’t know Jack about coding and softwares and others, he is just an obnoxious brat seeking attention” Emeka rubs his temple, shaking his head ”how he knows what he told you,.er? Must have read it up somewhere who knows, doesn’t mean he can tell one thing from the other. Sir he runs errands in the office, the five men you saw are our best in the company and you can pick from either of them when they come tomorrow and–”
He seats down ”ofcourse not Mr Dickson, you are one of our biggest client and know what, fine, i will send him tomorrow with them, that is no problem sir. Okay, thank you”
Emeka flings his phone, it hits the chair and bounces,
”You just keep trying to rear your head in everything thing now Brian don’t you..!!!” he grits his teeth
”Not to worry, you will go, and just like you and what you are good at, you will mess up. Coding, software engineering, Brian? Since when? Fool !! Go on there and fool yourself, trying to do something you have no idea on, nonsense!!” Emeka boils.
”i thought you weren’t coming back” i say parking up
”Just got sidetracked, meet the MD of one of the leading IT companies in the city, apparently he is looking for a standing tech guy for project X”
I frown ”What is project X?”
”It’s a coming together of great minds, software engineers, coders and stuff, they come together in this competition held once a year called New Generation X, and they are tasked in inventing something from scratch, build an automobile that is unique and different, er.. a flying robot or anything, his company did the talking computer last year, i overheard him talking to Boma and i chipped in, he thinks i have something to offer other than my big mouth,” he laughs ” he invited me over though, i guess Emeka is sending a team of tech guys down to his..” he says plopping on the chair
”it sounds nice”
”it is, but, doesn’t mean i know shit”
”But whatever you said got him interested enough to want you there”
”well, it was just a few classes of codes in school and i was bored before i took it…and yes..i did learn a few things doesn’t mean people like Boma and the rest isn’t suitable enough for him”
I walk round the desk ”Underestimating yourself are you?”
”Nope, just staying on my lane”
”Hmm, so you won’t go?”
”Er” he scratches his head ”maybe, maybe not, till then. Are we set to go?”
He jumps up and opens the door for me ”after you!!”.
”Day two, she doesn’t give a shit about you”‘ Peter stands behind him as he watches them leave the office
”Get lost peter” John says frowning as they exit the building
”Sure whatever, we used to be friends, now i hardly know who you are, what is your deal with this Brian anyways, i hate the dude too but your hate seems to run deep, because of what, he challenges you, is that it? Doesn’t make sense, i mean the girl i like is liking him but hey, doesn’t mean i stare down at him as though he is the devil”
”i said get lost Peter” John hisses
”’Fine, whatever !!”’Peter leaves him to gnash his teeth and walks away
”Soon Brian, soon” John says turning away and going to his desk
”John? My office, now!!” Emeka steps out and beckons to him
John rushes to him and shuts the door ”Yes sir?”
”Tomorrow i would need you to accompany a team of people to an IT company that specializes in software engineering and codes, i need you to shadow Brian and i want to know everything he would be told and asked to do okay?”’
John frowns ”Okay Sir, why is he going to an IT company, he doesn’t know nothing about those, he is a designer and a PA”
”Well, that is what i am surprised about”
”i told you there is something fishy about that Brian”
”Just shadow him and let me know, then i would know the next course of action to take ”’
”Okay Sir”‘.
Brian was acting all professional, not making eye contact, not even stealing kisses, it was work work work.
It worries me,. Was it because i told him i was a virgin, but he asked me out, he asked me to be his girlfriend still and i accepted, so..
Don’t i deserve a little distraction at least?
I pack up the camera and arrange my bag. It was about 7pm already, he had disappeared into his room again.
Maybe i shouldn’t have given in, what was i even thinking?.
No! I wasn’t even thinking that was the problem, i was blinded by fine man, kisses, and touches and nice words and attention.
A girl’s weakness.
I sigh
”You are doing that thing again”
I turn sharply to find him staring at me, i am startled

” stop doing that, sneaking up on me” i frown ”and what thing am i doing again?”
”Beating yourself up over nothing ” he comes to me and hugs me, removing a lock of hair from my face
”i wasn’t”
”liar!!” he teases ” whatever it is, talk about it, hhmm?”
”well it feels like you are avoiding me since our talk this morning”
”Why would you think that, of all things?”
”Because you haven’t come close since “‘
Brian shakes his head ”A few hours and she wants all of my attention” he pulls my cheeks ”I am sorry and no it’s not that. We have work to do and if i don’t focus on something, i would want to do more than kiss you so that’s why. But i am sorry if you think so..”
”okay, if you say so. So are you going to tell me what you do exactly at night at Metro Park?”
”well, i owed some debts, i need the extra money to pay off and then, i would soon help to fix up a thing or two. Just for the time being”
”And your salary at the company doesn’t cover it?” i frown
”we just started working there, pay day is two weeks ago and they were really impatient”
”Okay, ”
We hear Ikena knock on the door.
”So, can i take you to dinner or someplace, not fancy but okay, over the weekend or we could stay in, i come pick you up? i wish i knew how to cook would have made you dinner”
Well, wasn’t that nice.
”well, i can make dinner for us”‘
”no i wouldn’t want you to do that”
”I don’t mind, if you are paying a debt then you don’t have to spend more, it’s just stress”
She wants to cook for me, well isn’t that lovely.
”okay, deal, what do i get?”
”Nothing ” i chuckle ”i will bring it, weekend right?”
”Yes, weekend, come let’s get you home” We walk hand in hand outside, Ikena raises an eyebrow but says nothing.

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”See you tomorrow pretty person” he leans in to kiss, i stop him whispering
He chuckles ”He is as loyal as a dog, you don’t worry about him, fxxk opinions right?”
I shake my head , ”this is crazy, this , all of this”
”I know, but sometimes you have to close your eyes and jump, come here”
I lean closer and he meets me halfway, kissing me, for a few minutes before he groans in my mouth, whispering in my ears ”You drive me crazy woman, goodnight.” He kisses my cheeks and leaves
”Take mi’lady home Ikena, anything happens to her, i got a body bag for you”
I and Ikena laughs
”Don’t worry, she will be safe”
”Goodnight!!” i bend my head, he blows me a kiss and disappears as we drive away.
Reaching home, i had the most peaceful night, anticipating the weekend.
It’s a few hours later he runs into him again..
”Hey hey Brian right?” Tony nudges him he was holding his drinl
”Yes, Tony” he looks around ”the miss didn’t come?”
”No, not tonight. Can i have another round of beer on my table okay, good man”‘
Brian grabs his things and leaves ”okay, later Gesto, you too Telema”‘ he tells them exiting the club by 4am, passing the gate, walking down the lonely road for five minutes before a car drives past, stops and he enters as the car zooms off.
Tony who had been following him and keeping tabs on him all night pauses..
Well, Brian’s routine was the same every night according to the staffs and today was the same, he comes to work by 8pm, leaves by 4am every day, .
That is the information John needs, he would call him later in the morning and tell him. He flags a taxi and heads home.
I waited for him outside as the car drives in, this time a smile breaks out in my face as I slip into the car.
There was something beautiful about the way he looks so fresh and clean in the mornings. He didn’t talk, but he held my hand, it was nice.
By the time we got to the office, we separated , Emeka had wanted to see him concerning the Alkeda company.
When he got back from seeing Emeka, he come into my office, places a wet kiss on my lips and tells me he would see me soon, he was going out with the team.
And i missed him, i missed him.
I busied myself with other work in the company.
Brian climbed into the car with Boma and four other IT tech leads, just when they were about to leave, John appears from nowhere climbing in.
”What are you doing here?” Boma is surprised
”I am the supervisor for this ..whatever this is”‘
”Supervisor, who in his insane mind make you one?” the second guy asks obviously displeased.
”Who else, so you all better behave or you will be answering to Mr Emeka, and i will make sure you are not spared” he was staring at Brian who smiles shaking his head.
”So you all better be good, i would make you all stay in line, especially you Brian” John sneers at him.