Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 23


“Oh my God Natasha where have……” He couldn’t complete his statement because as soon as he opened the door, a hard blow to the face knocked him out and sent him to the floor.

“Time for a family reunion” a thick voice behind the mask said, who could it be.

“Now we have everything under our power. We have gotten Natasha and her Uncle and we are a step ahead of the Five Squad team. What’s the next plan” Donflex asked with a smile on his face.

“Easy” professor Johnbull began, “The next step is total annihilation. We bring down Natasha, her uncle and the useless team standing against us”

“How” Donflex asked.

“I have got the perfect plan” Froshberry said.

“Wow, that’s my froshberry. Always filled with ideas. Go on and tell me what you have got”

“We will first of all drop the dead body of Ben in a place where they could find his body. I have already planted some tracking bugs that will give us the location of where they will carry him to”

“Hmm, brilliant, go on”

“While on that, we will send a message across to them that their remaining field agents should come out unharmed and meet us or else they will also receive the dead bodies of Natasha and her uncle.”

“What will be the basis of the meeting?” Donflex asked.

“We will tell them we want to hand over Natasha to them but they should meet us and discuss it with us one by one”

“So? Are we gonna turn Natasha in?”

Froshberry breathed in, he knew the president just asked the dumbest question in the universe but who was he to raise a complain.

“No” he finally said “but we will capture them alive and storm their base. I believe in no time we will have them all captured and eliminated”

“Very good. What a pity, Natasha’s father was a foolish man and it was his foolishness that killed him. Too bad his daughter is also taking the same route he took which led to his death” Donflex said as he brought out his cheque book and started writing cheques for both of them.

“Water splashes”
Natasha jolted as she came back to earth. She had been unconscious since she was captured and Froshberry had began to fear that she was probably dead.

It took a while for Natasha to remember everything that happened before she passed out. She looked up and saw the smiling faces of Froshberry and professor Johnbull.

“Welcome back Natasha. Tell me, are you hungry?” Froshberry asked and got no reply from Natasha.

“Common baby girl, don’t you want to eat anything?” He said mockingly.

“Pray I don’t get out of here alive”

Froshberry was shocked, what did she mean by that. He looked at professor Johnbull who was by his side and was quiet the whole while.

“And what will happen if you come out of here alive?” Professor Johnbull asked.

“That’s a stupid question asked by a stupid professor. The answer is very obvious, I’d kill each and everyone of you one by one”

“You are as brave as your father” professor Johnbull began, “and also, you’re as foolish as him too. There’s no one that can bring down Donflex. All who have tried before did fail, so are you”

Professor johnbull said and turned around as he walk out of the little room.

Froshberry didn’t move, he remained standing, admiring the courage of Natasha. Soon, he turned around and began to walk out of the room too.

He stopped and looked back, he thought he heard something. Since he wasn’t quiet sure, he walked away to attend to more important business.

Elvis was seated on his chair attending to some paper work when the telephone on his desk started ringing.

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“Hello” he said as he picked up the receiver.

“Hello Good day boss”

“Please can you identify yourself?” Elvis asked impatiently.

“Agent Josh from team Alpha”

“OK, is there any problem?”

“No sir, erm I mean yes sir”

“Say something and stop wasting my time”

“Well, my team and I just found out Ben while we were on patrol”

“You did what?”

“We found Ben sir”

“Wow, that is very good. How is he and where did you guys found him. you know what, just give him the phone”

“I can’t sir, am afraid he is dead”

“What!!!” Elvis screamed in horror.

“Yes sir, he is dead sir” agent
Josh replied.

“Where exactly did you find him?”

“We found his dead body lying beside a thick bush. The place was lonely as people don’t usually pass through it”

“OK, now what are you guys doing?”

“Nothing sir, should we bring him to base?”

“No don’t try that. I am coming over there right away.” Elvis said pressing his laptop.

“Do you know the exact location? I mean we are inside a bush, no buildings or any…”

“Don’t worry agent Josh, I will be there” Elvis said ending the call after he was through tracking it with his laptop. He stood up and stormed out of his office.

Lucy, Ken and Evans were discussing in the parking lot when they saw their Boss Elvis walking hastily to his car.

“Good day boss, I hope all is well?” Ken was the first to ask.

“Ben has been found, dead”

“Yipee” Lucy shouted but closed her mouth with her palms in shock after hearing his last word “did you…did you just say dead?”

“Yes, Ben is dead” Elvis said with an angry tone “Team Alpha just found him dead, close to a very big bush.”

“Am going over there with you” Ken said.

“No, we are going over there with you” Lucy said, she didn’t give room for arguments as she quickly called Sam to meet them at the Base.

Elvis wanted to take at least two and leave two at the base but no one wanted to stay at the base, not after hearing the tragic news that befell their friend Ben.

The drive took up to thirty minutes but Elvis was still able to locate the place. When he got there, agent Josh and his team mates were sitting inside their patrol car because of the intense sun at that time.

“Good day sir” Agent Josh and his fellow team mate all saluted their Boss Elvis.

“Good day, where is he?”

“Follow me Sir” Agent Josh said leading the way as they all walked to where the dead body of Ben was covered and kept.

As soon as they opened the body, Lucy couldn’t help it as she started crying. Ken who was beside her held her and started consoling her.

Sam and Evans were filled with rage. Elvis studied the body and looked up.

“Hmm, the oldest trick in the book. They had bugged his body”

“Who might have done this?” Lucy asked with clench fist.

“Who else? It must me Donflex and his made men” Evans said.

“we are not yet sure for now Evans, let’s not rush into conclusion” Ken replied Evans.

“There’s no need of conclusion” Elvis said digging his hands that are protected with gloves beneath the skin of Ben where he drew out a piece of paper.

On the paper was boldly written
“Call this number, if you want to see Natasha and her uncle survive. 080544*****

“And now we have got bigger problems to handle” Elvis said angrily.