Natasha Reloaded Episode 24



“There’s no need for conclusion” Elvis said digging his hands that are protected with gloves beneath the skin of Ben where he drew out a piece of paper”

On the paper was boldly written
“Call this number, if you want to see Natasha and her uncle survive. 080544*****

“And now we have got bigger problems to handle” Elvis said angrily.
Froshberry stood up and paced around his office. He was sure that the Five squad team must have found the dead body of Ben but he didn’t know why they haven’t called yet.

“Is it that they don’t care about Natasha?” He thought “no, impossible. They must care about her, they must”

*telephone rings*
Froshberry quickly took the receiver of the telephone and waited before speaking.

“Hello” came a broad voice from the receiver.

Elvis had an encrypted sim card with him but he made sure that he was on the road, driving randomly with his team when brought out the paper he found earlier.

“Keep driving while I put this call through?” He said to Ken.

“Yes boss” Ken who was on the wheels replied.

Elvis took a deep breath, then he typed the number and touched the call column. The number went through and was picked but no voice came through, he decided to be the first to talk.

“Hello” He said and paused for a while.

Froshberry flashed a look across to his workers that were around him. They quickly understood him and began tracking the call.

“Flex Empire” froshberry said and waited.

“I have seen the dead body. Tell me, name your price for Natasha?”

Froshberry cleared his throat before speaking “nothing. The president will like to speak with you one on one before the release of Natasha, what do you say?”

“Fine by me. When will he be ready because I will like to talk to him via this line”

“No don’t worry” Froshberry quickly protested “he will call you, I guess this line is yours”

“Yea it’s mine till when the call is over”

“OK call me back by 7”

The call was ended and froshberry walked towards his guys with a smile on his face.

“Tell me, did you track the call?”

“The line was encrypted as usual but those apps you saw, the ones that was created by Natasha made it easy for us to track the call” a young girl wearing glasses replied.

“So?” Froshberry asked impatiently.

“They seem to be on a moving car. They weren’t in one position. The first reading shows 120 km from the point we dropped Ben. The second was 145 km and the third 179 km”

“Hmm, just as I expected but nonetheless, we will soon smash them” froshberry said with a wicked grin.

Ken, Sam, Lucy and Evans were surprised at the calmness of their boss. They had expected Elvis to shout and curse anyone he was talking to but the reverse was the case.

“So? What did they say?” They all asked in uniform.

“They are trying to set up a meeting between us and Donflex. They have Natasha and her uncle with them”

“I think this is a trap” Lucy said.

“Yes of course but we don’t have a choice. It’s either we sit back and watch them kill Natasha or we danced to their tone” Elvis said again, this time he was throwing the sim card he used in calling them.

“This is bad” Evans murmured.

“So now what?” Sam asked.

“We head to a mortuary to drop Ben, then we drive to base” Elvis replied.

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Time check, 6:30pm
Froshberry, professor Johnbull and Donflex was seated in the president’s chamber having a serious discussion.

“It’s 6:30, they will soon call” froshberry said to Donflex.

“The plan is very simple. I will fix a meeting with them. They will think they are coming to save Natasha but didn’t know they are walking into their own trap” Donflex said and gave a wide grin.

“When will this meeting be fixed?” Professor Johnbull asked.

“Today is Friday. I am less busy on Sunday, so Sunday will be nice” Donflex answered him.

“Five more minutes” Froshberry muttered before looking up “but I think Sunday is too near, why don’t we leave it till on Wednesday?”

“I can’t” Donflex quickly spoke out “I have a tight schedule next week and am not willing to postpone this meeting. Moreover I want them to be captured and kept in the place they truly belong”

“That means we are gonna get our guys warmed up” Froshberry said.

“Sunday is gonna be bloody” professor Johnbull said and just then the telephone they had with them began to ring.

“Hello, Flex Empire” froshberry said picking the call.

“Give this phone to Mr President” the same broad voice froshberry recognized spoke out again. He looked his watch and was amazed, 7 o clock on the dot.

“This call is for you sir” Froshberry said in low tones giving the receiver to Donflex.

“Hello” Donflex said collecting the receiver from him.

“Hi Mr President”

“Before speaking can I know your name?” Donflex asked.

“It’s not important. I think you have somebody with you I want”

“But you should at least tell me your name. Remember, you are running an organization against the president and the country. You can be sued you know”

“Forget about the name Mr President. You have killed Ben, my agent and now you’re with a Natasha, tell me what you want”

“I want nothing much but to see you before releasing Natasha. You can’t be running a secret organization aimed at killing me and you expect me to do nothing.”

“Wait Mr President, how do I know this is not a trap”

“I swear you have my words. It will be peaceful and nothing else”

“So, when and where?”

“When, Sunday. Where, I will text the location to you soon.”

“Alright Mr President. Am waiting for your SMS, bye for now” and the call was ended.

Donflex breathed down as he dropped the receiver. He gave a wicked smile.

“Where should we place the location?” He asked.

“Don’t worry sir, we are gonna look for a place where we will be able to hide our guys so that catching them won’t be any problem to us” Professor Johnbull said.

“Very good, I can’t just wait till on Sunday.” Donflex said still smiling.

“I think this Sunday is gonna be bloody”Froshberry said.

“You can say that again” Prof replied him.

Base, Five Squad team.
Elvis dropped the phone, took out his sim card and broke it into pieces.

“The meeting will take place on Sunday” He said to everyone including his staffs.

“Sir, I think this is a trap” Ken blurted out.

“Yes it is. But we are gonna take them by surprise. Team Alpha and Team bravo, get ready. Sam, Ken, Evans and Lucy get ready. on Sunday, we capture the president” Elvis said cracking his knuckles all together.