The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 44


”Where is Miss Adora?” John comes back into the conference room to find only Tombra and Tomiwa there, the others have left.
”we aren’t her keepers John, she must have gone to her office, the meeting is over, she left some things here for you to preside over while she handles other projects, there are here”‘ Tombra points to the files, John ignores them ”And besides, how come you left and didn’t come back giving us more work to do here taking yours hmm? From going to give Mr Emeka, to sing to you disappearing. Why?
John ignores the files on the desk, and her question,

”I am just coming from her office, i stopped by to drop them off but she isn’t there, do you know where she is, no one saw her leaving the premises”
”Like i said, we aren’t her keepers, maybe they didn’t see her leave”
”Who are you looking for?” Peter comes back into the conference room bearing two juice cups and a tray of muffins
”Miss Adora, have you see her?”
”Yes, i saw her going towards Brian’s office”
”Brian’s office?” they all turn to him in surprise.
”yeah!”‘ he bites his lips ”I did think it was strange, why was she going in there and all’, but she went ”
”Hmmm…” Tomiwa claps her hands
”Shei i told you, something is fishy with those two, since today” Tombra nudges her
”My own i am just wondering why she has to go there, she is Miss Adora, if she wants to see him for anything work related, shouldn’t she just call the office, or call the secretary to do it, but no, she leaves her office walking to go find him, why?”
”If you ask me Tomiwa eeh no good? Even when i hugged him today, he quickly pulls away from me and was looking at her, and when he went to her as though she was angry , i don’t know”
”Oh, do you, do you think they are dating?”
”Stop saying rubbish, how can you think of that nonsense eh? Miss Adora is too polished to ever date that he-goat, he is not her type and she is too sensible to try” John spat pointing to Tomiwa who frowns
”hhmm, because you know who her type is eh John?” she claps towards his face
”Yes and it’s not him!”‘
”Then who is it, you?”
”I will not indulge you in stupid talks”
”We didn’t beg you to talk, we were on our own and you coming here to cry that your madam boss is missing and you obviously seemed more displeased than us hearing she is in Brian’s office, we know why we aren’t pleased if something were to be happening between them because we girls got eyes on Brian, he is hot, fine, sexy like that, but what’s your deal, abi you like the man too?” Tombra laughs as she and Tomiwa shakes hands laughing.
”Don’t be stupid Tombra!”
”Hey don’t call her stupid” Peter challenges his friend,
”Then tell your girl to know how to talk to me, all this disrespect soon it would be all be over when i am standing at the top and you all would have to call me Mr John, soon just soon”’
”Tah!!! Who is his girlfriend, me? Peter’s girlfriend, can he have a girl like me? I am made for men like Brian not four-eyed weakling like Peter and who the hell do you think you are to insult me eh John, me, call you Sir, Mr? You must be joking , abeg swerve jor”‘ she gets up , goes to the door and pushes past him, Tomiwa gets up following her friend
”You should tell your friend to have respect for those who are older than her, she doesn’t-” John stops her, she hits his hands off.
”Eh eh John!! You own sef too much, biko leave me alone, go and tell her yourself, what are you feeling like eh? Mtchewww!!” she sighs walking away
”Guy, why you insult her, look you are my friend but i won’t tolerate you insulting the girl i like”‘
”The girl who is practically waiting to swing her legs open for Brian? Please, leave the bitch, like all of them they have no sense ”
”And you do?”
”What’s that supposed to mean?” John turns to him angrily.
”It means that, you are angry that the girls are fanning over Brian, and yet you are doing the same damn thing”
”What? Are you mad do i look like a gay person?”
”No!! You are fanning over Miss Adora, that is why you are more upset about Brian”
”Well that is not any of your business Peter”
”Nope it is not, but Tombra is my business so don’t insult her again ”
”Anyone who doesn’t have respect for others doesn’t deserve respect and if she comes at me with her lose mouth again i would go twice hard”
Peter shakes his head

”And you wonder why no one likes you John, you are just as bad as you make him to be and the only wrong i see Brian doing is the fact that he sees right through you and that all the girls love him and most guys want to be his friend , nothing more”
”so you are on his side now?”
”I am on my side, and right now, i don’t even understand your anger anymore, maybe when you are done getting mad for whatever reasons you know where to find me”
”I don’t need you Peter, i don’t need any of you, soon, all of you who are trying to put me down would be begging me for favours, all of you talking who are talking anyhow to me, insulting me, would soon be begging me to click my shoes when i get there you all wait”
”Get where, high over your ass so you don’t perceive the stink, right!!” peter shakes his head, he turns and leaves.
”Don’t worry, soon, soon! You all would come begging me when i get to be manager, and i will show you all hell, make you wipe my ass if i want nonsense!!”
He grabs the other files from the table Tombra had pointed out to him and leaves, he goes back to his desk, turning his chair to see when she actually comes out.. What the hell were they doing in there?.
”Are you okay?” i ask Brian, he stares at me, looking for a minute before he drops his eyes,
”Yes, i am”
”Look, i am sorry, it’s my fault if i hadn’t gone to the police all this wouldn’t have happened, i am sorry..for the way Mr Emeka sounded and what the Boss said, i should have warned you earlier, Mr Emeka had a talk with me concerning you earlier, he wanted to know all your slips and that i should let him know when you—”
Brian shakes his head ”It doesn’t matter , it doesn’t and it is not your fault, not anyone’s its mine, mine alone, i was the jerk from the beginning, i never wanted to learn but lead, but it’s not your fault ” he looks away looking at his hand
”but still, i-”
”Come here!”
”Come here, please ” he turns fully to me
I am hesitant..
He shakes his head ”don’t worry, i don’t plan on kissing you” he reassures me, I frown, not like that was why i came here for, but…it was still disappointing to hear him say that. I leave the door and stand beside him”
”I know you are maybe upset about today but it doesn’t give you a right to command me anyway you want-”
”Please ”
”Okay!” i step closer, between his legs where he wanted me to stand,.
I felt remote controlled..
What the hell Adora!
”Why did you come, come to look for me?’
”To tell you we have to do, work, remember that?”
”Why did you really come Adora?”
”Because i wanted to make sure you were okay, no one would be after what almost happened in there and i just came to find out..check on you”‘
”You could have called?”
”why are you asking me 21 questions Brian because –”
”Thank you!”‘ Why does he keep doing that?.
”Why do you keep doing that?” i frown down at him
”Doing what?” his eyes were innocent, i didn’t miss the tug of smile curling at his lips
”That! You begin with some words that would incite my anger in me and you quench it with ”Please” and ”Thank you” and-and-”
”So the magic words with you are ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you?”
”No i didn’t say that but—”
”It works?” he winks
I didn’t understand him, he looked sad and ..angry and..sad and here he was joking with me.
‘Why am i standing right here Brian?”
He stands up, i move back.
His eyes changes, it seemed hurt, and i felt that need to protect him, but from who?
”You know, no one has actually done what you did for me in there before, it wasn’t necessary though, but, no one has actually stood up for me, defending me, taking the blame for something i did even when i was a ass, but you did, and i don’t know why you did it, like, i would have understood if you have played right into what Emeka wanted you to play into”
”Played into..i don’t understand what you mean”
”I mean, that..” He couldn’t explain what he actually means without her asking so many questions he isn’t at liberty to answer ” I just mean that it was nice, surprising but nice, and i really didn’t deserve that but you did speak up, regardless that changed my fa- erm, changed Boss’s mind so thank you, for that. But please i beg you, don’t any more, i can handle myself, i can handle anyone, but , don’t put yourself in the crossfire because of me”
”I didn’t do it because of you”
”Then who did you do it for?”
”i did it for others who would need someone to stand up for them but who have no one, i did it because i believe one good turn deserves another”
”What you just said makes no sense but okay”
”are you saying that i make no sense Brian, because that is you insulting me and—”
His fingers were placed over my lips, ”Didn’t mean that as insult, i am sorry”
”Stop doing that” i hit his hands off stepping back again.
He laughs ”Doing what?” he comes forward, i hit the wall with my back,
”Brian?” i warn
”Don’t worry, i told you, i won’t, not anymore anyways” he smiles ”It’s just nice to see you squirm, and truly, funny enough, you coming here made me feel slightly better. So thank you”
”Wow!! Two thank-yous in a three minutes, the world is definitely coming to an end.”
”Not yet at least, ” he steps away grabbing his jacket, ”Shall we?” he goes to the door and opening it.
Mentally stilling my chest i walk out of the door as he follows me behind.
”Miss Adora, Miss Adora?” it was John coming towards me as i step out of Brian’s office, i turn
”John, what happened to you, i sent you and then you disappear, did Mr Emeka approve the funds?”
”Yes, i dropped them on your desk and i saw what you left for Tombra to give me, ”
”Okay” i turn to see Brian leaving me and heading out, i look back to see John watching me
”What John?”
”Nothing, it’s just that, i wasn’t so happy with you Madam today, you screamed at me because of him, why?”
I raise an eyebrow ”I think it’s inappropriate to ask me a question with such tone but regardless, you were being rude to someone who wasn’t even rude to you, haven’t you heard never to bring a man down when he poses no threat to you?”
”and yet, we are told to shoot first and ask questions later”
”This isn’t a battlefield John”
”When it comes to Brian and me, the battle line was drawn, but madam, i mean you no harm, no disrespect and i apologise for my behaviour this morning but i was deeply wounded by what happened yesterday, and i was just angry seeing him in your office and i would have felt better if you were shouting your head off at him, i would protect you, but all i see is him using his charms on you, his pretentious charm and it saddens me that you don’t see it, that Brian, Brian is a wolf and-
”And who made you a good judge of character John?”
He thins his lips ”Look Miss Adora, i am just trying to look at for you”
”Thank you for your concern John but it isn’t necessary, like i said, if a man is willing to change, let him, why are you hell bent on this argument ”
He sighs , if only she would listen to him

” i wouldn’t be so bothered if he wasn’t a complete ass from the beginning and was nice to everyone and friendly and didn’t try to insult and humiliate you a couple of times, try to ruin your public image and handle you wrongly,. ”
”If all this is because of the way i was treated and you care, thank you, but i don’t think there is nothing to worry about again”
”Because he said so, because he said he has turned a new leaf?”
”Yes, because of that and i give people the benefit of the doubt and i do not throw them under the bus for a mistake or two”
”But Madam,-
”No buts John,” i stop him shaking my head ” and just because i am free and friendly towards you and consider you as a good person doesn’t mean you should misuse the privileges you have with me, bond enough to insult a co-worker in my presence and telling him he would suffer when you are ready. It sounds like a threat, is that what it is?”
”No Ma’am, ofcourse not, i just said it in anger, you won’t blame me, i hate him, with good reasons, you hated him with good reason as well and today everything has changed,”
”Change is the only constant thing John, if you aren’t changing to be better person as the days go by, then there is something wrong, if you have nothing else to say to me, i need you to fax those signed by Mr Emeka to me , and i will send it to the accounts departments to approve it. See you tomorrow John” I begin to walk away
”will he take you home too?”
I turn

”what the hell is wrong with you John, you don’t sound like someone who works under me but as my boyfriend, are out of you mind? What’s that tone for?”
”I just want to make sure he isn’t pretending with you Ma, what if he leaves you stranded today knowing i am not coming to pick you and-”
”That is not your concern, thank you John, ” i leave him staring after me.
”Hello Ikena, how are you today?” i slip into the car as he opens it for me
”Very well Ma’am, how did your morning go?”
”Very eventful. ” i turn to Brian
”What were you both talking about that kept you?”
”Now you too, why does everyone suddenly sound like a jealous boyfriend?” i flare up
He frowns at first,
”John , you, what is this? How did i suddenly get sandwiched into whatever you both got going on”
Now his face relaxes

”Maybe the dude likes me, i see the way he looks at me, you never can tell,. He is probably into guys, i am positive” he rubs his jaw
I shake my head smiling against my better judgement

”Atleast it would explain his jealously ”
”See, i told you i was hot!!”

I laugh.
We get to his house, Ikena leaves.
”We have limited time today, maybe less than four hours so we can’t do much, we better get to it”‘ i tell him dropping my bag and setting up the camera..
It take a few minutes to set up, he takes off his jacket, sets up his table, and takes his seat,
I nod brushing my hair back with my hands and go infront of the camera ‘
”’Good afternoon, My name is Adora Chime, and here with me is your favourite designer, Brian Andrews as he walks us through and takes us on a journey, as he brings to fruition a dream by a client, welcome to another day, and let’s get this rolling ..” i move away from the camera and take it to face him
His eyes didn’t light up as usual but he smiles nevertheless, ”hello, i am Brian chukwuemeka Andrews, welcome ”
I didn’t know he had a middle name.
I zoom the camera on his face as he began to talk into the camera before bending his head over his drawing table and places his pencilled hand to it..
He continues to draw..
While i cover, i video him and answer questions from live audiences and replied to twists..
I watch him..
I notice him change, from the sad-angry-man something this morning, to the joking man, and then to this man who relaxes into his comfort zone, doing what he knows how to do, there was a certain peace around him. A certain peace that calms his features, he smiles when someone throws him a question, he calmly answers another who seemed lost, and when the client came online and asked that he makes changes to the foyer due to the exterior he was hoping to get, Brian didn’t object, he carefully told him why what he wanted wouldn’t be possible because of the design of the house but never the less he would do as he pleases but that it was important to be safe than gaining for excessive things that wasn’t healthy in the house especially with children about, The client seemed please, this time his wife has joined him.

Brain excuses himself and go gets his computer which he brings back to his desk, he opens it and places it on his desk.
”Can i use your phone please,?” Brian asks me
‘Where is yours?”
”correctly holidaying in the Bahamas, can you please give me your phone, the one here can’t snap a toothpick even if it’s to safe me”‘
I grab my phone and hand it to him, he goes to the app store and downloads scanner sensor which he uses to capture and sensor the design on his table and then sends it to his computer, then he begins to speak..
”I am going to create a dormy house with this design here which isn’t done yet but it would give you an insight of what you would see at the end of the day”
”And, how long would that take?”
” a few minutes, an inbuilt app would only take the information i give it and with the already half designs here it would make a ghost like structure of the house, in a way, like a negative”
”oh okay”
Brian has the compute faced to the camera as i zoom him to see what he is doing.
”What, aren’t those codes, are you coding?”
” Yes i am”
”I thought you were a designer, i didn’t know you did coding as well, that’s some tech shit there, i can tell, those codes aren’t picked off from the web, i am a soft ware designer myself”
”Nice!!” Brain smiles ”I took a few classes”
”A few, seems like you took more than a few classes bro..and Whoa!! Which app is that?”
”That is an amateur app i coded, the one they have in the app store is great, for dormy houses and ghost displays but i needed something more with extra features so i twigged it abit, wrote down some codes and made an amateur, which i am using to give this design colours and the feel of a home, so the client can see it, how his house would look like assuming on site and finished ” As he continuous to talk, i shake my head in wonderment,
Okay, a designer and a tech personal,. Who would have seen that coming?
Brian and surprises today.