Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 19


Ben felt several blows across his face. Lisa was sitting on his stomach as she was administrating blows to his face.

He used all his force to push his stomach upwards and lifted her away from his body. Lisa flew away from his stomach and landed heavily on the ground.

Ben tried standing up but he had a hard time doing so. Lisa smiled as she watched him. She reached for her socks and brought out a pair of long sharp knives.

Ben saw the reflection of the blades and was cautions. She was the first to attack him as she slashed her knives across his face but Ben was fast enough to evade her.

She launched two more attacks with her blade but Ben dodged her attacks before it gets to him.

“Are you scared chipmunk?” Lisa said in a mockery tone. She attacked him again with her knives and was able to stab him right across the stomach before he could escape her.

Ben groaned as the red liquid stained his clothes. He saw Lisa coming towards him again and at that time, he knew he was no match to her. Somehow, something emotional is making her stronger.

He can however call for help, if only he could get to a nightclub eight blocks from where he is, he was sure to find Sam. But the problem is how can he lure Lisa out and take her to the club in time to save his own life.

Lisa observed that Ben was slowly moving backwards. She observed as he was tactically moving towards the gate. A smile ran across her face, she had surely win the battle.

Then in a very swift move, as Ben got close to the gate, he climbed it and jumped to the other side.

“Oh no, you aren’t escaping from me” Lisa said angrily.

Ben was glad she decided to go after him, he was surely leading her to her death zone. As he jumped the gate, he waited and in not less than three seconds, Lisa had jumped the gate and was after him.

Ben wanted to run when a power bike screeched in front of him. Then lex came down from the bike and removed his mask.

Ben was shocked to see Lex. He turned back and Lisa was standing behind him smiling.

“Well, I ain’t going down without a fight” Ben said and folded his fist, he was ready to take on the both of them.

“I love that spirit” Lex said smiling ” common boy, show me your best moves”

Ben wanted to launch an attack against Lex but Lisa took her knife and threw it at him. Since Lisa was standing behind him, he didn’t see or expect it till the knife got stuck into his neck from the back.

Ben fell down, the pain was very sharp. He couldn’t breathe and do nothing as his life slowly passed away from him. Within a couple of minutes, he was lying down dead.

Lex looked at the corpse of Ben and shook his head pitifully for him. He then stared at Lisa angrily.

“Don’t gimme that look Lex” Lisa quickly said “I did warn him to either run away or die, and he decided to die”

“Not even that Lisa, I heard you are here because of Natasha”

“And so?”

“What are you truly doing here Lisa?”

“Well to end Natasha of course”

“You must be crazy Lisa. What did Natasha did to you that you hate her this much?”

“You lex, she stole you away from me?”

“F×ck you Lisa, I don’t belong to you. I don’t even love you, is it too hard to understand?”

“Yes Lex it is”

“Well, hope you haven’t done anything to her yet?”

“Oh yes, this dead chipmunk had been a barrier to me”

“Good, you dare not touch her”

“But Donflex will still kill her at the end, why are you then worried about her?” Lisa said smiling. All she wanted was for Natasha to die.

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The two kept quiet for a long time as they studied each other. Lex prayed in his mind for Lisa to let Natasha be. He knew that Donflex his boss is after her but yet, he didn’t want her dead.

“Alright, your girlfriend can live”

“You said what?” Lex said in surprise.

“I said she can live duh, because Donflex will still have her killed. So?”

“So what?”

“What are we gonna do with this dead guy?” Lisa asked as she spat on his body.

“I seriously don’t know and we can’t leave it here. It will cause a lot of commotion”

“And also prevent us from apprehending the other guys with him”

“So what did you suggest we do with him?” Lex asked again.

“Stop asking me the same question I asked you. Why don’t we call froshberry, he will know the way out” Lisa said.

“Alright have my phone” Lex handed his phone over to Lisa as she typed froshberry’s number and quickly dialled it.

“Hello” she said as he picked the call.

“Lex is that you?” Froshberry asked from the other end.

“No, this is Lisa. Am just making use of lex’s phone.”

“OK Lisa, what made you call me at this ungodly hour?”

“Froshberry, I just killed one of the guys”

“one of which guys?”

“The one that have been giving us trouble lately”

“D–n, how?”

“Well, I wanted to kill Natasha. So after coming to her house, the guy tried to stop me as usual but I killed him”

“Are you stupid?” Froshberry shouted from the other side “you wanted to kill Natasha. Even if you succeed don’t you know that you would have spoiled our plans. You would have made it impossible for us to apprehend the other agents fighting against us”

Lisa breathed down, “OK am sorry, so what do you say?”

“Bring the guy you just killed to professor Johnbull’s lab. I will be there in thirty minutes”

“Alright, bye” she said ending the call.

“So?” Lex asked.

“Nothing, just bring his body to the professor’s lab. Froshberry will be meeting us there”

“Are you with a car?”

“No, but we can still take him there. Common let’s go” she said as she lifted Ben on her shoulders.

“What’s wrong with this girl?” Froshberry asked himself as he wore his cloth quickly. He ran to his parking lot, entered his Benz and quickly drove out of his house as the gateman opened and closed the gate for him.

He brought out his phone and dialled the professor’s number with his left hand while he had his right hand on the wheels.

“Hello Prof”

“Froshberry” professor Johnbull said from the other side.

“Prof where are you?”

“Am in the lab right now”

“Wait, you mean you haven’t gone home?”

“No, am trying to make the antidote for the upgrade of the made men”

“Alright, meet you in your lab soon” he said and ended the call not giving the professor a chance to ask why.

“Crazy scientists” froshberry said stepping on the accelerator.

Lex and Lisa got to the floor where professor Johnbull’s lab was. They had no difficulty entering the EMPIRE because they had all pass codes to all the doors.

The door to professor johnbull’s lab gave way and they entered inside. They saw professor johnbull walking towards them and they quickly laid Ben on a table.

“My God, who’s this?” Professor johnbull said pointing to the dead body before him.