The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 45


John was seated in the conference room watching the live feed of Brian ..
”Oh, so the fool knows some tech business, doesn’t matter none. Doesn’t ” he sighs turning off the screen Tv and leaves, it was already past closing time.
He dials as soon as he enters a taxi ”Tony, i have been waiting on info about that dude all day, nothing?”
”Sorry chairman, nothing yet, hopefully in a few days”
”I don’t understand, how can you not find information about one person?”
”You can’t, especially if that person wanted it to be so for reasons best known to them, and from what you say , i am starting to believe that he is some illegal dude, or maybe a criminal, going to hide where you walk, because how can a ordinary guy like him not have a record. No internet imprint, anytime i punch in his name, it bounces off, like a fire wall blocking anyone trying to penetrate ”
”You are a hacker, that is why i called you, so hack the firewall, i need to know who this guy is and what he is hiding.”
”’Sure man”
”And, i need you to organise a few boys for me, i need them to crash a live party fee, can you do that?”’
”Sure, yes, i want to hit him back, left and centre, that is how we squash a roach”
”No whahala!!”
”Can you arrange them tonight so i see and tell them what i need them to do?”
”Nah Man, i got plans tonight, taking my girl to go clubbing today, it’s her birthday, maybe tomorrow”
”No sweat, enjoy. Tomorrow then and you better have something on that goat for me”‘
The line cuts.
John grabs his things and heads home
”My name is Adora Chime, and this is Brian Andrews signing out. Goodnight, see you tomorrow as we get closer to completion, thank you”
I switch of the camera, dropping my tab in my bag as i sat, my legs hurt. I take out my show and bend my feet with my hand. Brian switches off his over head light and then turns to look at me.
”You okay?”
”Yes!!” i nod wearing back my shoes and checking the time ”Will Ikena be able to drop me off or i –”
”He will , i already told him to do that from now on, pick and drop you off atleast till your restriction is lifted.”
Was i supposed to say thank you? Well it was his fault i was without a personal car and a few percentage off my salary was cut.
”You don’t have to say thank you, i am at fault for your inconveniences and i hope to make it up to you anyway i can”
”Mind reader now?”
”Nope!” he gets up walking to me ”Your eyes tells it all, plus, i am responsible so, one plus one equals one”
”In which world?”
”Mine!” he sits down beside me and grabs my leg
”What are you doing?” i pull my leg away
”Hey relax, your feet hurts right?”
”So, i can help you massage it abit, before Ikena shows up, he should be here soon” he looks at his time before grabbing my leg again, i make to pull it away but he hold on tight pulling away my shoes and holding my feet.
His hands were warm..
”If you stop being stiff you would relax, i have magic hands ”
”Oh really, need go off my legs, touch the under, i am tickles ” i laugh pulling it as he rubs the under of my feet.
”Oh…so you have a spot, nice. Hey, stop fighting and relax, okay i won’t touch the under of your feet, i promise, see..okay relax see my hands, see…touching your toes..okay?”
He places his hands on my toes. .”Just relax”
I sigh trying to relax… ”Don’t tickle me” i point at him
” I won’t, just relax” he begins to rub my feet, one at a time, ” but i have to touch the under of your feet, i know a massage technique that would release all the stress on the leg..and i would do it slowly okay, tentatively, just try not to laugh, i will be gentle ”
I scoff ”You don’t have any gentle bone in your body, you don’t look gentle, so you can’t be gently”
”Oh!” his eyes sparkles ”I can be gentle, you have no idea” he says rubbing my legs going to my feets, twisting my toes and touching the under of my legs, slowly, i try to suppress the giggle rising up..
”relax, close your eyes, you are paying attention to it and knowing someone is touching your hand that is why you are feeling ticklish”
”I would still fell ticklish even if i close my eyes”
”Still, it wouldn’t be as epileptic as this, you jerking every second i touch your feet, just close your eyes..okay, and let my hands work”’ he shows me his fingers
I laugh ”fine magic fingers, show me what you got” i lay back, closing my eyes as he rubs my feet , massaging it, everytime i pull away he pulls my feet back, everytime i feel the laughter rising as i squirm, he stops…and then continues until i couldn’t stay still anymore
”No Sir, it haff do oh!!”
He laughs ” you mean it is okay?”
”’Yes, it haff do with ‘Haff” not ”have”. Just some pidgin slang ”i smile pulling my shoes to wear, he grabs it from me,
”Let me do that for you Miss, ” with my shoes back on, he dusts his hands ”Done” checking his time again he places my feet away from his thighs getting up, and disappears.
He returns wearing a white shirt and a jacket over blue jeans about fifteen minutes later, he smelt nice. Too nice, party i guess, clubbing, every day since we started coming here to work, he went out every night, the ladies should never be kept waiting i assume. For some reason that upsets me,’
”Is Ikena coming or not so i can start finding my way home?” i snap as i get up, picking my bag as i turn away,
”hey, what was that?”
”What was what?”
”That tone, what just happened, you just switched “‘ he wears his jacket looking at me, his frown looked more like a worried grease across his face
”Don’t ask me stupid questions Brian, if Ikena wouldn’t be here i best go home so i don’t stop you from your business of the night ” i begin to walk towards the door
”Whoa!! What’s the matter, where are you going to? You don’t even know where you are technically and you want to leave, its late, its dark, ikena will drop you home, he would be here soon” he grabs my hand
I pull my hand away ”Don’t grab me like that Brian, i am your Boss” i flare up
”Whoa okay, crazy person!!” he lifts both hands off stepping away
”i knew it, John was right, you were just a pretentious person, acting all remorseful, acting all you have changed and wants to grow a new leaf, but that was all an act, a blood act” i point at him
”What is your problem? One minute we are good, we are laughing and the next you are acting all crazy like some jealous crazy person, and i do not need to pretend for anything, not for you and most definitely not for john, not for him okay. And what the hell did John tell you, you seem to like that dude quite alot don’t you?”
”what are you insinuating Brian?” i boil in anger
”nothing other than the obvious, you seem to take his word more than mine; he pulls you to a corner and tells you trash and you swallow it like a pill and spewing it on my face. I don’t get you. I was just massaging your feet a second ago, and we were …okay, now you are flaring up and saying things that don’t make sense”
”Well i didn’t ask you to touch my feet!!”‘ i flare up again
”i did it because i wanted to, because they were hurting, that is what nice guys like me do!!” he flares up
”Oh don’t you shout on me Brian Andrews, i am your Boss!!” i jab at him
”And you think respect is forced. For shits sake i am trying hard here but you lot just make it damn hard, you, john, Emeka, my father!!! You all make it a damn hard, for once, today i just want to have peace and it was going great and even when my day almost turned ugly, you walked into my office and spoke to me and i felt better and i thought, just maybe, just maybe that kiss wasn’t just in my head and that i liked you a little more as the seconds ruled by, you think i asked you for answer just because i can’t have any other woman and i told you i liked you because i wanted to get into your pants? Wrong!. I told you i liked you because i actually did, i kissed you because i wanted to, and i asked for an answer because i wanted to make sure that just maybe, just maybe in this confused emotion you sort of like me too in a tiny little way,. One minute Adora, one minute we were great in the messed up situation but you go on and ruin it..with your crazy witch self. You all make it damn hard to turn a new leaf and remain so. Damnit!!! You know what? I don’t even what to kiss you anymore, i don’t even like you anymore, i don’t want an answer anymore okay. Since it’s okay for you to just up and switch and scream at me for no reason whatsoever, and i don’t have the right to react, so go ahead. Fling it at me, i am your ‘Boss’ Brian, sorry Miss Adora for been touchy, but i haven’t had a nice day, hell, i haven’t been having anything nice since i got here, but i am trying… trying to keep my head above water and i don’t need you to go join in the bandwagon.” He breaths angrily.
I blink speechless .
We stare at each other.
I open my mouth and then i close it, from everything he said, what hurts me the most was that he didn’t even want to kiss me again, didn’t want to have my answer again.
What did i do, i … i didn’t do anything, why did he get angry and say those things, what has his father got to do with anything? And i didn’t do anything. I just told him i wanted to go.
No Adora, you were jealous wondering where he was going to all dressed up. You were jealous, acting like a jealous girlfriend getting all territorial when you both aren’t even dating, you upset him. Now you apologise. I chide myself.
No !! He has no right to talk to me that way, i am his Boss,.
Well, his Boss who went out of line and who he is obviously pissed at bone head , .
Argh!! I am not apologising.
I frown.
We hear a car drive in and door opening and closing and then a knock.
Brain stares at her shaking his head , ”Whatever, Ikena is here, he will take you home!!”
There was hurt in his eyes, now my chest hurts. But no!! I won’t apologise, he needs to apologise to me. Me!
I turn opening the door and walk past Ikena who stares after me.
”Goodevening Ma’am!” he greets, i answer gruffly
He would call me and apologise to me, he has to. I keep walking to the car as i hear him walking behind me and locking his door. I enter the car and slam the door shut.
”what did you do to her this time Sir Brian, i thought all that was past”
”If i told you i have no idea what is up her ass tonight and that i didn’t do anything to her would you believe me? One minute its nice, i am feeling her okay, like, for real, ‘and” Ikena was smiling ”No fool i don’t mean feeling her feeling her, we weren’t doing anything remotely sexual, i was rubbing her feet, she was laughing and relaxing, i go change and then come back and next thing she is angry and when i ask her what’s up, she is flaring up, i don’t get it. And there was this back and forth banter that didn’t make sense. Today started great, now it’s sour, like a bitter taste in my mouth. And to think that she brightened up my day for a bit, it’s pissy. ”
”Don’t you think she is acting up because of something else, you said you were rubbing her feet and it was great then whatever moment you both had, and next thing you up and change and want to head out, its night, you are obviously not going to work and she sees you doing this for the past couple of days you both have been working here, maybe she just wanted you to spend a bit of time with her”
”Pfft please, if that was the case she has a lousy way of showing it but that wasn’t it, she was angry, angry as if i did something to her. But, hell, i can’t have John and Emeka throwing darts at me, my father somewhere wondering which stunt to pull on me again and then her, she…today the kiss” he thins his lips
”Oh…so there was a kiss, see, we are getting someone, you kiss her, you bring her home, after work you massage her and the next you are going out in the night dressed like that, one thought comes to mind, other chicks, you going to party to get other chicks after you kissed her, you see where i am going with this”
”So she is upset because i am going out and she thinks i am going to meet chicks?” Brian screws up his face
”well, do you have any other explanation for this? Girl was okay, you kiss girl, you mess up with her head, you talk to her nice, rub her feet, girl gets cosy, it’s only natural she might want to keep receiving the attention alone, now you are running off to God knows where looking dapper for a night job and you think she won’t get all jealousy? Come-on, for a girl who claims to be a lady’s man, you miss all the head lights”
Brian stares at the close car, he could see her outlined, frowning, her hands folded.
”we aren’t even dating , why would she get territorial and i am not going to have fun but to work, if only she knew the kind of work”
”then stop kissing girls, especially girls like her, and she doesn’t know that”
”But she was rude!!”
”From her face, you must have gone tit for tat”
Brian chuckles, ”More like an explosion!!”
”so apologise to her!!”
”Nope!! Maybe it’s for the best, maybe that kiss only complicated this, and i don’t need any more complications in my life. I need to focus and build myself up, i probably don’t need the distraction anyways.”
”So you won’t apologise to her?”
”No!! I didn’t do anything for once and if she was curious about my movement all she needs to do is ask, beside, i asked before i asked her, i asked her again for permission to give me the go ahead and she answered, i am not the jealous crazy person right now, she is. So no!! I won’t. I just want to go to work tonight, get home and sleep and tomorrow go to work. And i would do what i say i would do, do better for me. And we are going to have a professional working relationship, nothing more”
Ikena sighs

”Whatever you say Boss!!”’
”I say” Brian walks to the car, he enters, not saying a word he shuts the door.
Ikena enters and pulls away.
It was a quiet ride, too quiet,. By the time they got to Gra, Metro Park, Ikena enters into the premises and leaves the car running, Brian alights ”Have a good evening Miss Adora , Ikena, see you same time ”’
I don’t answer him. Who the hell does he think he is, not even apologising,? Whatever, John was right, he is just a pretentious asshole, trying to get into my head. Good think i kicked him out of there, how can you kiss me one minute, make me feel relax the next and then the next you are rushing to go out, maybe to go meet some girls right. So what am i, some office fling?
”Home Miss Adora?”
”yes please Ikena!!”
Brian closes the door and walks away. I have hoped he would appear at the side of my window and go ”MEHHHHHHHHH!!” but he didn’t.
As Ikena begin to pull away, i turn back to look at him, my chest closed. I turn away, angry. He didn’t even try to talk to me again,
I am sorry, i didn’t mean to.
I say to myself. My chest hurts, it does.
Gesto whisks him as he gets to the entrance, ”So you ran away the other day, i wasn’t going to do anything to you, you know?”
”didn’t know that” Brain raise up his hands so he scans him
”Well, just so you know, pull me up against the wall again, your hands would be the least thing you would be worried about” he smile as he allows Brian to pass.
”Yes Gesto, missed you too!” Brain throws over his shoulders, he meets Telema as he walks in looking for vicky
”She is in the kitchen, you have a whole lot of mess waiting on you so chap chap son!!” he nudges Brain.
A few hours later Brian is in his brief, and a bow tie and his white shirt serving guest when a guest who just walked in with his girlfriend beckoned to him.
”Yes ?” he steadies the empty glasses on the tail as a customer almost hit him.
”Ýes, i would like the house special for my lady here, today is her birthday?”
”Sure, what else?” he places the tray on the table, grabs his pad and pen and writes down as they make their order.
”okay, that would be all”‘
”Okay, ”
The man who was looking his way suddenly frowns ”You look familiar, have we met before?” he peers into Brain’s face
Brain raises his head up, he stares back at the stranger ”No, i don’t think so,, i would remember a face ”
”Hmm, are you sure, because i swear i must have seen your face before” he rubs his jaw
”You aren’t a reporter are you?”
”no why, i am a tech geek at an IT company”
Phew!! Brian breaths, if he was some reporter or in the media, all he has to do is splatter his face on one or two outlets and someone would identify him and tell his father, and he wouldn’t want no more bad news to tarnish their image .
”Oh nice” Brian nods ” All those coding and software programming, Java, httml etc must be fun’?”
The man smiles ”You know about those?”
”heh!! Just in passing”
”’You look and sound too polish to be here, how did you end up here?”
”Eh!! Such is life!!”
”I am Tony Emelu” The man stretches out his hands to Brian
”Brain, Brain Andrews”
Tony is looking at him, really looking at him.
”Okay, if you are done with the hot waiter can i get my order please? You can’t keep a birthday girl waiting”
”Sure Ma’am, going to get them right away” Brian leaves carrying his tray
”Hmmmhmmhumm, he is hot sexy hot, if i didn’t love you, i would ride that all day any day” she says licking her lips
Tony didn’t reply…”Hey, i just checked out a hot guy and you didn’t even flinch!!” she nudges him.
”I knew i knew that face from somewhere and his name just confirmed it”
”Who? Him? You know him how?”
”i have to make a call.” He leaves grabbing his phone and dialling ”Pick John ”! He says waiting as he steps outside.
”Hey John, it’s me, guess who i ran into today and what he was doing?”
”Your John Doe, and he is a fxxking waiter in Metro park!!!”