Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 20


“That’s the cause of our problems” Lisa said as an answer to his question.

“the cause to what problem?”

“He’s among the guys that have been meddling into our affairs” Lex explained clearly.

“Then what happened, who killed him” The professor asked and froshberry ran inside the lab coincidentally.

Lisa was made to explain everything that happened while Prof and Froshberry sat down hearing everything.

“So, what are we going to do? Should we tell Donflex?” Lisa asked.

“No” Prof protested “I think we should let Donflex be out of these. Let’s handle this by ourselves and prove to him that we are capable enough”

“I agree with Prof” lex said out loud.

“So, what should we do now. Froshberry say something” Lisa said.

Froshberry stood up and paced around a bit. He stopped, eyes opened widely and shouted “ah-ha, I know what we are gonna do”

“And what is it” they all chorused.

“First, I need a pen and a little piece of paper”

lex sat down his room with about thirteen empty bottles of pure alcoholic drink in front of him. He still had seven more bottles that were closed.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. He was to lure Natasha into an open trap. He tried to stop the plan but couldn’t do much. He felt his heart shattered into many pieces.

The one girl he truly loved was about to be killed, and his hand will be involved in her death. He couldn’t say no. He was created a Made Man not to love but always obey orders from his superiors. He was already a puppet in the hands of his master and there was nothing he could do about it.

Lex picked his phone and dialled Natasha’s number. It was picked at the third ring.

“Hello” Natasha’s voice came out from the other side.

“He..he..hello Natasha” lex stammered.

“Lex are you alright.” Lex kept quiet, he couldn’t answer her.

“Lex, are you alright?”

“Natasha” Lex managed to say again in a drunk state.

Natasha could hear the change in his voice and guessed he was either drunk or depressed.

“Lex, if there’s any problem please you can tell me”

“Na…Natasha am sorry. Please forgive me” lex said as tears came down from his eyes.

“Are you at home?”


“Don’t worry Lex, am coming over.” Natasha ended the call. Lex could feel his hand vibrate as he typed the words he won’t forget in a very long time.

“She’s on her way”

“Excuse me boss, you have a text message. Excuse me boss, you have a……”
Froshberry ended the message alert tone as he clicked on the message.

“Nice work lex” he said after reading the text message. He quickly deleted it before looking up, “alright, lex had done his part. It’s high time we fall in”

“Oh yeahh, can’t wait to break her neck. She’ll sure pay” Lisa said they walked out of Leo’s house which happened to be close to lex’s house.

“You said what?” Alex asked quickly.

“I said I can’t wait to break her neck”

“Wait” Froshberry called before they could enter the car before them. “I need her alive, so guys don’t harm her. Especially you Lisa”

“Common Froshberry, can’t you take a simple joke again” Lisa said as they all entered inside the car before them and zoomed off.

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Lucy walked into the underground building smiling and greeting the staffs. Often times she did stop to scold the ones that are lazy or the one she finds gossiping.

She got to a door that was always locked up. There was a little device with number pad on it kept by the wall. The door leads to a little hall which no staffs were allowed to go in except the field or super agents.

She dialled the six digit code and a green light emitted from the device before the door slowly gave way for her to enter. As soon as she entered, the door slowly closed back on it’s own.

In the hallway was six offices. One for each field agents. The last one which was used by their boss Elvis had now been occupied by Natasha and their boss had to find a new place.

“Ken” she said in between whispers as she found the door of his office slightly opened. She walked towards his office and peeped inside before she entered.

“Hi Lucy” Ken greeted her as he turned back briefly before he continued what he was doing with his cell phone.

“What’s up? You seemed to be pretty busy!”

“It’s Ben”

“What happened to Ben?”

“He was supposed to report to the office on his duty last night and also sign by 6am this morning”


“He hadn’t come here and take a good look at the time. The workers all confirmed that they haven’t seen him this morning”

“Hmm” Lucy said thinking for a while “that’s bad, like really bad. You know the boss hate late coming, he loves punctuality”


“Why don’t you try his number?”

“Have done so for the past one hour but it isn’t connecting. I just hope he is alright”

“Yes he must be. Since he was on duty last night with Natasha, why don’t we call Natasha, she might know his whereabouts?”

“That is a nice plan Lucy. You call Natasha while I keep on trying Ben, who knows you might be right”

“Hi hi captain” Lucy said bringing out her phone.

“what could be wrong with Lex?” Natasha asked herself again and again that she had lost count. She knew she didn’t love him but all these days, she had developed a special liking for lex. He was a cool and easy going guy and his friendship with her mattered a lot to her.

She had a strong feeling not to go over to his house but she couldn’t stop herself, not after he had save her life and did many things for her. She felt she was kinda repaying him for his good deeds. Her uncle wasn’t at home, he had left for work as early as usual, that was his normal routine.

She brought out her favourite red knee length gown which she wore. As usual, she looked charming and perfect. she took a pair of high heeled shoes which she put on with her little purse as she hurried away.

After locking the door and placing the key under the doormat, she headed to the main street to take a cab.

Just then, her phone rang and she looked at the caller, it was Lucy.

“Hey babe good morning”

“Good morning Natasha,how was your night?” Lucy greeted from the other end.

“Splendid and yours?”

“Cool babe, please I called to ask something from you?”

“And what is that?”

“It’s about Ben” Lucy said and paused “we have been looking for him because he was supposed to report to the office this morning but he didn’t do so which is typical of him. Please do you know his whereabouts?”

“No, I haven’t seen him today”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes and if I see him I will contact you”

“Okay Natasha, bye!!” Lucy said and ended the call.

Raphael waited for her to finish making her call. Then he quickly sent a text message before driving his disguised cab towards Natasha who was busy waving.

Natasha was happy she quickly saw a cab which was rare these days. She quickly hopped in and told the man her destination.

The driver seemed strange to her. He didn’t say anything, not even the price or the bus stop she will stop. He just kept driving straight ahead.