Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 18


Lisa kept on riding her power bike on a very high speed. She sped past many trees, houses, cars and motorists.

Sometimes the angry motorist do insult her reckless riding but she cared less, Natasha must die today.

She got close to Natasha’s house and parked her bike few meters away, then she wore her mask and walked towards the house.

The street was deserted by then so no one saw her or was there to stopped her. She got close to the gate, made sure she looked everywhere again before jumping inside.

Ben was on a roof two blocks away from Natasha’s house. This night was his turn to watch over her. The previous night was Lucy’s turn.

Their Boss Elvis do assign them to watch over her should in case any trouble comes unexpectedly. He was with a shotgun and a pair of powerful x-ray vision binoculars.

He watched Lisa for awhile thinking she was a normal house thief. He kept watching her till she got close to Natasha’s gate, looked around and jumped inside.

“S.hit” he said to himself as he hung the binoculars around his neck, wore his mask and ran on the roof of the building he was, jumping up and diving like a wild cat to the second building.

Lex searched everywhere for his phone. He knew he could be very careless but today’s own was extremely worst.

“Where the hell did I drop this d–n phone?” He shouted angrily raising his three sitter couch effortlessly.

He still couldn’t find it. He decided to have a cold vodka drink to clear his head. He walked to the kitchen, open the freezer and there was the phone he was looking for.

He smiled, then started laughing uncontrollably as he picked the phone and also the drink he came for.

He walked to the sitting room and sat down, keeping the phone beside him and was about to open his drink when a call came in. He then remembered he hadn’t even checked for missed calls or unread messages.

“Alex?” He said to himself swiping the icon to the green part of the screen.

“Hello Lex, thank God you just picked up. Where the f×ck did you keep your phone?” Alex shouted as Lex picked up.

“Sorry bro. The phone was in the freezer since morning” Lex apologized.

“And when you saw the phone you didn’t even bother to call me or reply my text message”

“Sorry Alex, I just saw the phone now and I was about to check for missed calls or messages before your call came in”

“Well” Alex said and breathed heavily “she ought to be dead by now”

“Wait!! Who?” Lex said with seriousness in his voice.


Lex could feel his blood boiling up at the mention of Natasha, he sprang up to his feet as the bottle fell down to the floor.

“How? When and…”

“Cool down bro. Didn’t you receive the message froshberry sent?”

“Which message?”

“The one ordering us to be ready, our next target is Natasha but we won’t take her out now. They are planning to devise a means to prove she is working with the guys that are attacking us. Unfortunately, Lisa is about to end her life right now”

Lex grew red with anger when he heard Alex. He checked his phone and truly the message was there. He became furious. Natasha must not die, even if he have to take out Lisa for Natasha’s life, he will gladly do so.


Lex was very angry. He squeezed the phone in his hand till it shattered and fell to the ground. Like a lightning bolt, he ran to his wardrobe and brought out a night costume which he normally used to execute some job at night.

It was a black fitted trouser, black T-shirt and black jacket which he wore on the T-shirt. He selected his pistol which he kept inside the jacket before taking a black mask in case he have to deal with anyone he doesn’t want to recognize his face, especially Natasha. He brought out his tablet phone which he used to track down before he ran to his parking lot and selected a power bike. He gently rolled it out of the compound before climbing on it and riding at a very a high speed.

Lisa surveyed the compound for any form of camera but surprisingly, she found no camera or any form of high tech kept behind.

“Oh my dear Natasha. So your geeky brain didn’t tell you to set up a camera or anything that’s gonna ring an alarm. Thanks dear, you just made my work very easy” she laughed wickedly as she continued walking towards the door.

She was now a few meters away from the door when Ben dived from the roof like a cat and landed in between her and the door.

She didn’t expect such. She looked at the heavily built guy in total black costume and black mask like her and smiled, she guessed the guy was among the agents that have been meddling into their affairs.

“Wow, I guess my job isn’t as easy as I thought. Lemme guess, you are among the jobless guys that have been nosing into our business right?”

“Go away you. You have no business here” Ben said looking directly into her eyes.

“Why don’t you just run away and pretend nothing happened. Then I kill Natasha and everything is settled, I mean you get to walk away with your life”

“If there’s anyone that is going to leave here dead, then that person is you, why don’t you walk away now that you have the chance”

Lisa smiled, “proving stubborn huh?” She said and brought out the gun in her pocket. She pointed the gun at him, then dropped it to the ground kicking it far away from her.

“Let’s see if you got the balls to fight” she said and folded her fist.

Ben quickly brought out his own gun and threw it far from him. Then he folded his fist and the two of them started moving in a circular pattern. Lisa was the first to strike, she tried giving Ben a blow at his face but Ben rolled over to his side and her hand swung in the air, then as fast as he could be, Ben tried giving her a kick to her stomach region but somehow, she expected he will do that and she threw a black flip making his leg swung in air too.

The both of them stood up and continued moving in their circular pattern. Then Ben ran in a zigzag pattern and gave her a blow across the cheeks, she didn’t see it coming and the blow sent her backwards.

Ben quickly gave her three more blows across the face and he did a black flip kick that sent her sprawling to the ground.

Lisa flipped to her feet acrobatically. She raised her mask a little in order to spit out the blood from her mouth before putting it back on. She knew that the guy she’s fighting might have seen her face before but she had to keep the mask on should incase they have any other surprises for her.

Ben launched an attack again, using his zigzag running pattern but when he got close, Lisa gave him a double spinning kick to his head and he was temporary stunned.

Then she moved a few meters away from him and ran towards him with full speed, when she got close to him, she projected herself like a spear in mid air and gave him a powerful dropkick which sent Ben flying backwards and landing heavily on the ground.

“What a man can do, a woman can do better” she said rushing him.

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Lex checked the tablet in his hand as he held the bike with the other hand. He had spotted Lisa but the green dot which hadn’t move for sometime showed that she was still in one position. He kept the tablet in his pocket and concentrated more on the road.

“I have a bad feeling something terrible is going on” He said as he raised the front wheel of the power bike and increased his speed.