The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 42


”Adora ?” he whispers again close to my lips, not touching me, more like he was teasing me,…tempting me with those lips of his. I swallow; i open and close my mouth again. I was going to damn it all to hell, but hell..
I lick my lips, biting it.. biting my lower lip as i fight within to answer a simply NO or Yes.
How hard was it to answer a two lettered word in two places. Okay…just one two lettered word.
It should be a NO. A big capital No.
But, my body was saying Yes ! yes!, even my lips was speaking a language without even speaking. I bite my lips again..
”Don’t do that, you are taking away the choice from you and giving it to me when you bite your lips like that, makes me want to…” he sighs raising up his hands and brushing my lips slighting with his thumb.. he leans even closer, his nose touching mine, his eyes close, i swallow again.
Kiss me already Brian, have mercy and kiss me. Haba!!
But he pulls back slightly, just slightly.. ”You have to answer, i won’t be the only one wanting this kiss”
”So you want to kiss me again?”
He smiles ”i am not like you Adora, and i am not ashamed to say it, yes, though i don’t have the slightest idea what the hell is going on here, i do want to kiss you again and again and i made two moves, two kisses, ..give me a little joy…if you want my would have to tell me you do and you would have to kiss me , on your own,..even if it’s once.. ”
”Because, i would feel better knowing this Kissing-feeling is mutual”
”There is nothing like Kissing-feeling” i say
”And you are stalling, Yes or No?”
”Y-” i began
**Knock knock knock **
”Miss Adora?” someone tries to open the door, but we were there, standing there so it couldn’t open..
”Miss Adora?”
***Knock knock knock***
I smile, saved by the knock
I push him away and open the door, ”Yes?”
”Mr Emeka is waiting!”
”Yes yes, we are coming, thank you” I close the door, adjust my close, fix my expression and then i open the door and begin to walk away, i knew he would have to follow behind me.
I didn’t have to answer no damn Yes or No!!
I smile.
As i walked before him, i added a little gait in my walks. For what, i have no idea but it felt…exhilarating.
As soon as the knock came in, he knew he wasn’t getting an answer from her. But it was a good thing, why? Well because she was finding it hard to answer, so it meant one of two things.
She liked the kiss but didn’t know how to answer straight forward.
She didn’t like the kiss but saying No would mean she wouldn’t get another one.
He scratches his head. Or maybe he was wrong, she hated it and she was going to report him.
Nah!! or Yay?! He frowns as she opens the door and leaves.. He watches her as she moves infront of him, there was something different about the way she was walking today, a swing to her waist, and her steps were lighter.
He smiles.
Was that for him?
Wait!! Was that for him?
Just maybe, just maybe he can persuade an answer with a ‘Y’ from her. She may not like the kiss, which he doubts, but she liked the attention and she wanted him to watch her walk.
She had a nice ass..
He smiles broadly.
”Hey handsome?”‘ Tombra calls his attention stepping infront of him, he frowns looking ahead of him
She turns his face to her ”Brian darling, how are you? You came and you didn’t even come to say hey, why is that, i missed you” she reaches for his jacket and pulls him to her as she hugs him. He looks ahead to see that Adora had stopped and turned to knock on Emeka’s door, her eyes darts to him, there was something in her eyes as she looks away. Was that jealousy, anger..
He frowns pulling away from Tombra ”hey Tombra, just had stuffs to good?”
”No!! I guess it’s Miss Adora that is making you suffer, i don’t like her very much ” He stares down at her , a few hours or days ago, he would have fanned this fire but not today, not in this nearest future, it actually made his frown deepen ”She is a nice person Tombra, once you get to know her, she is actually soft and sweet” his eyes darts to her, she looks away.
”Soft and Sweet? Have you tasted her to know how she tastes Brian?” Tombra furrows her brows
Brian shakes his head, okay, he was talking to Tombra and thinking of their kiss, damnit ”No i mean, she isn’t as bad as you think, if you would excuse me, i have a meeting with the Emeka” He sidesteps her
”Has she gotten you into trouble again? “she stops him
”That is my department Tombra and i am afraid i closed shop a few hours ago, you should too. See you later”‘
He leaves her staring after him.
Tomiwa comes by passing Brian and smiling at him, she comes to stand by her friend..
”Oh Tomtom, that man that man, all shades of delicious goodness, if only i can have him to myself only for a night”
”I only need him for a few hours to blow his mind, he would never taste anything again, ” she smiles , then frowns ” Is it just me or Brian seems abit different today?”
”Different? You mean hotter, finer, sexier as the day passes, yes”‘ Tomiwa chuckles
”No i mean different-different, he was all about biting Miss Adora’s head off, even not ever loosing an opportunity to tell me how he hates her and stuff, today, today he defends her, and he actually said she is soft and sweet?”
”Like orange?” Tomiwa laughs, then she stares at Tombra ”what, he might be speaking in metaphors”
”Maybe, but..see the way he is walking to her, standing there…as though” she trails off
”As though what?” she follows her eyes.. they see him saying something to Adora, she says something and frowns, knocking again at Emeka’s door.
”I don’t know, something is different about him today that is all”
”’Well, i don’t see it, all i see is the days i am counting till when i can ambush him somewhere , won’t be wearing panties that day” she laughs and turns as someone comes to stand beside them ”Tomtom, your boyfriend” then she walks away as Tombra turns to stare at the four eyed fellow
”Hey sweetheart, how are you?”
”It’s Tombra Peter, Tombra not sweetheart. ” then she walks away going back to her cubicle
Peter sighs; he looks to see who they were looking at, he frowns and turns away going to John’s table.
”One minute you are kissing me and demanding i give you permission to kiss me, the next you are getting all feeling-dilly with a girl infront of me”
He smiles ”There is nothing like feely-dilly and are you jealous?”‘ he whispers as he stands beside me waiting for Emeka to answer.
”Whatever and no i am not, i am just wondering how typical a guy you were!” yes, i didn’t like it. He didn’t have to kiss me and then hug another girl in my presence.
Hey cool it Adora!! He isn’t your boyfriend, two kisses doesn’t give you a right to be territorial.
But hell!! He just kissed me and was tempting me to kiss him again or rather tempting me to give him the go ahead so i kiss him and he goes hugging a girl who looks like she could bend it over and burst it open for him if he tells her here and now..
”Hey, if you give me an answer here and now, no girl would come five feet close to me” he says
”Are you mocking me?”
”No, i am, being serious, and i really don’t have to tell you this but i haven’t kissed any girl in the office, infact whole company except you since i came”
”Doesn’t mean you haven’t kissed a girl”
”Doesn’t mean you don’t have a boyfriend!”‘ he throws back
”Are you asking me if i have a boyfriend or you are stating it, what are you insinuating that i am cheating on my boyfriend?”
”No beautiful, i want to know if the coast is clear”
”So you can do what?”
”Not feel guilty if i kiss you again, but..after you give me an answer that is”
”I am not going to give you an answer Brian!!”
I knock again on Emeka’s door.
”we will see about that!” he says
”Come in!!” Emeka’s voice was heard behind the closed door.
”Finally!!”‘ i breathe opening the door and stepping inside, he follows us.
”Take a seat please” Emeka says as i greet him, Brian says nothing to him..
”Sir, you wanted to see us?”
”Yes!! I have no idea how the news reached the Boss but it has, and he is quite Livid!”
”What news?”
”The police case, the sexual harassment filing, you and Brian.”‘
Brian seats up ”what do you mean, who told him?” I shoot him a look, there was some slight fright in them, haven’t seen him like this.
”You told him didn’t you, you told him after you promised you wouldn’t’!! ” Brian raises his voice
”I didn’t have to tell him anything, someone must have told him, he calls me today and is angry and wants to talk to you both, i am afraid he might go hard on you both, after all you both weren’t’ mature to handle your differences thus putting the company in a bad limelight, what if it had gotten to the press, do you know what damage it would have causes, to this company, to the boss, to you”‘ he looks at Brian, then with an afterthought ”’And to you too Adora?”
”But i don’t understand Sir, that case was dropped a while ago, who brings it up again and goes to tell the Boss about it, what will he do? ”’
”take any action necessary i believe”
”Oh dear!!” was i going to lose my job. But it has been resolved, i pulled the case, and i told Emeka the truth, why didn’t he tell the boss that it was just a misunderstanding. Would he fire me, worse would be fire Brian now. Emeka used to say firing Brian was out of his hands, but…it wasn’t out of the Boss’s hands. Oh!! What have i done, i look at Brian, he is angry.
”Oh i have a good idea who spilled don’t we Emeka?” Brian throws him dagger for eyes
”You will not talk to me that way Brian?”
”No!! How about a person who doesn’t keep to their word, what do you gain from this, get him to punish me, add more punishments to what i am already going through? To think i am here trying to be better, you all bunch of pigs makes it hard”
”’Brian Andrews!!!” Emeka thunders
I stare at Brian, this was the old Brian, the one i didn’t like at all, i stare at him and back at Emeka…
Why did it feel like they were saying something more than what they were saying, there was an underlying to this.
”I know you were the one who told him, hope you are happy you scored a jackpot, what would he take, the car, Ikena? My balls? Because there is nothing else. Oh no, the name, he can take his name A-”
”Brian!!” Emeka calls his name ”don’t be a fool!!” Brian shakes his head, remembering that Adora was seated next to him, he was pissed. He was trying to be better, going to be better. But he can’t keep having shits like this thrown at his face.
Fine, he messed up, he shouldn’t have been rude and annoying to the witch, the mistakes he made with her he regrets it. He was going to be better, do better, ..and ofcourse he was even going to talk to Emeka later today and tell him to lift her punishments or call his father to make Emeka do it, atleast for her. But with this, His father would be mad at him, so mad he can take away the car, maybe the house and leave him to fend for himself.
He was already without means,.
Before now he would swear his father wouldn’t look the other way when it comes to him but because of his stubbornness, and his childishness, he brought this on himself if he had only listened and obeyed.
He has DECIDED TO CHANGE, BE BETTER!! And Emeka goes to ruin the little joy he has today.
No one has a direct line to his father in his company except Emeka, and ofcourse him. Whoever wants to speak to the Boss has to pass through Emeka or go through major protocol and the message must be important, ..
And it wasn’t in the news, it couldn’t have been in the news, no one knew who he was in the cell other than a nobody in an office who was accused of sexual harassment and whereas the accuser dropped the charges.
He didn’t do it.
And it happened so fast that no one in the office could get the full jist till after. So what is he saying?
He could swear his left balls that Emeka told his father, but why.
He should have told him that day it happened, but he didn’t, instead he used it as a leverage to get him to work on the project with Adora.
And he was doing it, and he would do it gladly now because, well..Adora, she.., him, kiss, now.
Why did he tell his father now, why? What is he trying to achieve? It didn’t make sense. Emeka was playing a dirty game, and he didn’t like it one bit. If his father takes his car or anything else he would be done for, how does he get to work, pay day was still two weeks out, his debt was two weeks out to be paid in full.
Hell, he hasn’t had a decent meal today..
”You told him i know you did!!’ Brian spat
”i think you should be thinking about how you are going to cope with the consequences of your actions Brian, regardless” he smiles
”But Sir, i told you that he didn’t do it, it was a misunderstanding, you could have told the Boss that” i turn to Emeka.
Brian stares at me ”You told him that?”
”Yes i did ”
”Okay, so, why didn’t you tell him that Emeka, but no, you chose to have selective amnesia when he called didn’t he?”
Emeka smiles, get angry all you want Brat, your father would do the thrashing out.
”She might be saying that just to defend you after you threatened her, afterall you hate her, and she is trying to tolerate your obnoxious incompetence and disregard for authority , isn’t that right Adora?” Emeka turns to me.
”But Sir, i do not understand why this now?”
”Isn’t that right?”
I open my mouth and close it.
What was he trying to do, Brian shakes his head. The phone rings
”Looking here, he calls” he smiles ”Yes Sir, i have them here”
”Okay Emeka, Brian?”
I stare at him
”Brian?” the deep voice calls out again over the phone..
Something was wrong with this picture..
”Emeka, isn’t he there?”
”He is Sir, but as usual, you know how he is?”
”Is the lady there?”
”Yes Sir, she can hear you!!”
”Good afternoon Sir!!”
”Adora, i have one question, were you sexually harassed by Brian?”
Brian is quiet, too quiet.
”No Sir!!”
”Then why did you accuse him and have him arrested?”
”It was a misunderstanding Sir?”
”A misunderstanding that allowed you to bring police into the company’s residence? Handcuff him and lock him up in a cell until i stepped in to have him released?” Emeka asks her
I frown looking at him ”But Mr Emeka, we did speak about this and i went to drop the charges and released him”‘
”After i spoke to you to drop it!!”
”Yes but-”
”You see Sir?” he leans to the phone ”See what they do? Cause trouble up and down in the office. One minute she says he sexually harassed her and the next she says it’s a misunderstanding, but she was shaken that day am i not correct, she said he grabs her in a sensitive away and spanked her, she felt violated, surely he must have done something to her”
”what ever happened in that room was between us both and it didn’t warrant you to go tell my fa-” he sighs ”tell the Boss that”
What was he trying to say.. ?
I turn to Brian who is shaking his head, the smile on his face wasn’t an actual smile, it was too hard for a smile, it didn’t reach his eyes.
”What happened in that room Brian that had her running to the police, and i would advise that you answer me Brian, you do not want to test my patience ”
I felt the anger, i turn to Brian, the way he calls his name, sounded too personalized. As though he knows him more than just his employee.
”I think you should do what you want to do, i have nothing to say, Emeka had a mission, help him fulfil it will you, it doesn’t matter. Whatever happened in there i was wrong, that’s it. It was no fault of hers. if i hadn’t been the way i was, the way i normally am, that wouldn’t have happened, none of what has happened since i came wouldn’t have happened, it wouldn’t have also caused me to go to the cell even for a few hours and i am sorry i put your company in a wrong lime light, i am sorry for everything. it wasn’t my intention before, it wasn’t now, it wouldn’t be again. I have no strengths, i really need peace, all this dangling over my head isn’t worth it, keep it all. I am done!!”‘ he gets up
”’Sit back down Brian!!” it was Emeka
”Don’t please, i already know why you called me here Emeka, you win okay. And i already know what he would do, and i don’t blame him neither am i angry, it’s my fault, all of it, if i had listened, maybe i would have been worthy and proud off, not to be like a child and candy is being taken from his mouth. I won’t rebel, i won’t. I am tired, i can be better, and i will be better, with or without all this. Just do me a favour, don’t punish Adora for my mistakes, if i were better, she wouldn’t have had to be pushed to the wall. I am sorry Emeka, for whatever , and to you to Adora..but, i am done, you can take it all …no child dies from a little lesson right?” Brian says holding the door and turning the nobe.
I am speechless..
One minute there is this Brian who is arrogant and stubborn and annoying.
The next there is this Brian who all too suddenly is making my throat close and my heart beating fast within my chest because of a kiss or two.
And then there is this Brian, resigning to his fate, giving up, not fighting, even apologising, even scared or tired. What was going on here?
Why.. Why did it feel and sound as though..all he was saying has a deeper meaning other than the sexual harassment being reported to the Boss…Why did he feel as though he was giving up on a fight, something, something that he knew and understood and it looks as though Emeka understood it because he has a smile on his face, and the Boss, though i wasn’t seeing his face but he was quiet..too quiet and i wondered if the line had cut. And i fear, i fear that if he was listening he would do the most scary.. Ask Emeka to fire him,
And for the life of me, i didn’t want to let him go…Not the first Brian who i hate and..not the second Brian i got to meet and want to find out more about and ,..not the third Brian i want to hold and protect …from Emeka or whoever was enjoying his discomfort.
What was wrong with me.
”Sir?” i turn to the phone ”No it was my fault, i got him angry and i—i.. i poured the coffee on myself and i life okay, so please don’t punish him please”
Emeka is looking at me and frowning, what the hell is she doing, defending him, lying to defend him?
Since when ”What nonsense is this Adora?”
”No Sir, really it was just a mistake and i take full responsibility for it i-” i place a hand to my chest Brian cuts me off.
”Stop Adora Please, let it be. You don’t have to do that on my account, i take full responsibility of my actions,” he is shaking his head
”Now you take responsibility for your actions? When you came here you refused to respect authority, disrespected me at will, had no regard for your co-workers, even your boss you were at logger heads with, how many times did i plead with you to be level headed and you throw it back at my face, how many times did this lady here try to have a civil conversation with you without you trying to embarrass her and make her look as though she is beneath you, now you take responsibility of your actions? Is it when your face and name is splattered on every media outlet and news media before you will have sense? In one month, twice you have tarnished the company’s image, one with you pulling that stunt with Adora and this time with you in cell, would you rest until this company is considered a joke because Brian refuses to take a simple lesson what is wrong with you?”‘ he shouts