Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 16


Two weeks later,
A tall dark guy with broad shoulders entered Flex Empire. He was wearing a tight fitted Italian suit with dark shades.

He walked straight to Froshberry’s office and sat down. It was easy for him to get access into the office because he had all passcodes to every offices in Flex empire. soon enough Froshberry entered his office and stared in shock. He really hated surprises.

“Agent S!!!” He called out.

“Hi froshberry!”

“Agent S, what brought you to my office?”

“I came to deliver the message you gave me. These are all the details about Natasha”

“Wow, thanks” Froshberry said and collected the files from Agent S. After a thorough reading, he found out that Natasha presented all her right documents to him. She didn’t held anyone back and all she told him was true.

“it seems she have gotten the job. All her data here matches the one she submitted in our office few weeks ago”

“Yes, but that is not all Froshberry”

“What do you mean?”

“I did a quick research on her parents and guess what I found?”

“What did you find?”

“Here read this” Agent S said giving Froshberry another set of documents.

Froshberry quickly read through it and then paused. He couldn’t believe it.

“She’s the daughter of….of…. Our late scientist, KEN”

Natasha felt a cold shiver ran down her spine. She accidentally let go of the glass cup she was holding and it broke into little pieces.

“Natasha!!!!” Her uncle screamed running into the kitchen. “What is the matter my dear?”

“Erm.. I don’t know uncle. It was just like something strange ran through me”

“It could be as a result of your imaginations. Go and sit in the sitting room let me clean this up”

“Don’t worry uncle, I can clean it up”

“No, go to the sitting room this instant”

“OK uncle” Natasha said and left for the sitting room. She was yet to sit down when her phone rang.

“Lex” she muttered, “hello Lex”

“Hi Natasha, how have you been doing?”

“Great lex, so what’s the reason you called?”

“Are you in a hurry to go out? I just wanna hear your voice that’s all”

“Hmm, alright. Now you are hearing my voice. Don’t tell me you missed me?”

“Yes Natasha, I really missed you”


“Why are you saying hmm?”

“I am saying hmm because I don’t know what else to say”

“Can we meet?”


“Common Natasha. I won’t hurt you, can we meet?”

“Alright where?”

“Don’t worry, I am gonna pick you up at home. Send me your address”

“No” Natasha said too quick before adding “I am erm.. erm don’t worry, I will meet you at your house”

“Wow, when?”

“Two hours from now”

“OK am expecting you Natasha, don’t fail me.”

“Yeah I won’t fail you cause I never fail. Byee!” She said and ended the call with a smile on her face.

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Froshberry ran into DonFlex office almost without knocking.
“Hey what’s wrong with you. Don’t tell me you have also lost your manners?”

“No sir but sir I think there’s something important you ought to see this instant”

“And what is that?”

Just then, they heard a knock on the door before professor Johnbull came inside. Prof Johnbull was actually with Donflex discussing their next line of action when he was send on an errand by Donflex.

“Good thing you are here too” Froshberry said happily.

“What’s going on?” Professor Johnbull asked.

His question wasn’t answered. Donflex collected the file and read through it, he squeezed his face in anger as he threw it away.

“Rubbish, what concerns me with your new recruit at the IT department?”

Professor Johnbull quietly bent down and picked all the files, without taking him up to fifteen minutes, he read through every details in the papers and was in great shock.

“My God, Scientist Ken!!?” He shouted looking baffled.

“Professor johnbull what the hell is going on here?” Donflex shouted.

“Can you remember one scientist Ken?” Prof Johnbull asked.

“Which one?”

“The one that assisted in making the made men, the one we killed for almost letting out our secret”

“Oh scientist Ken, I now remember. So?”

“His daughter came here last week looking for a job in the IT department” Froshberry said.

“Holy sh.It, why didn’t I see her?”

“You were busy sir” Professor Johnbull said.

“The girl’s name is Natasha” Froshberry added.

“D–n, I feel that the girl is behind our recent misfortunes” Donflex said.

“Yea I agree with you, I think it’s better we bring her down before she brings us down” Froshberry said.

“And I think I know the best way to do that” professor Johnbull said with a wicked grin.

“D–n, d–n I feel like killing that b—–d” Lisa said in an angry tone.

“Which b—–d?” Leo asked her. They were both sitting down in Alex’s house over a bottle of champagne.

“The so called is called Natasha” Lisa said angrily “I think Lex is in love with her”

“Wait” Alex said smiling “you mean that new girl that is driving Lex crazy”

“Yes of course, that’s the b—h am talking about”

“Well stay clear of her” Leo said sipping his juice little by little. “Lex truly love the girl and it’s not good to put asunder his love”

“But lex is mine” Lisa said angrily, hitting her fist on the table.

Just then her phone rang. It signifying she had a message. Then Alex and Leo’s phone both rang too.

She quickly read the message and then a wicked grin formed on her face.

“Thank you Froshberry” she muttered.