The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 41


”What is that sir?” Emeka frowns
”Did he sexually harass the lady, what’s her name, Chime, Adora Chime?”
”Er?” he pauses, if he says yes, kenekan would go hard on Brian, maybe pull him out if he is convincing enough , but what if he calls her to ask, or Brian, and she says yes, Brian says no. Well,Adora said he didn’t but, no one knows that but him really. ”That’s what she accused him off, but i do not know, he said he didn’t, they had a fight and one thing led to another, she reported to the police, they came here, he was dragged out of the office like a criminal, put in a cell, i had to go down there myself to calm the situation-”
”Get me a direct line to speak to my son and Adora, now!!”
No, no no no!
”No Sir, you don’t need to, i just told you that it has been addressed, it’s been over a couple of days and i had to put him in order, that is why he is doing the project with Miss Adora and you see the ratings, it is great”
”I don’t understand you Emeka, one minute you are throwing the boy under the bus and i want to thrash this whole sexual harassment thing once and for all and find out what the hell happened because my son is alot of things but not a sexual harasser. He has alot of women at his beck and call for God’s sake but like you said, we may not know our children as much as we want so i want to find out if what you say is true and that you get them in your office for me with a direct line, now you are persuading me not to do it, why? Ofcourse i see the ratings, it is great, the client is happy about the positive reviews his designs are getting from his online fan, its more business for us, more money and it’s because my son knows what he is doing. So i don’t get, why did you tell me now, if you have put my son in order?”
”I …i just thought you should know Sir, and that-”
”Look Mr Emeka, get them here within the next minute, i do not like what i am hearing and i will not look the other way if my son has been stupid enough to become an animal” the line cuts
He was hoping keneken gets so angry he would ask them to terminate Brian’s training here, book him a flight to go see him first and another out of the country, that has always been what he did when him and Brian are at loggerheads about something, he sends his son away and Brian is too happy to leave.
He usually made all the arrangements, he was closest to Kenkena amongst his employees, one of the few he complained to about his son,. The reason why he sent him here instead to his other companies in the country, was because he thought Emeka would put a better eye on Brian and would have a better hold on him. Brian doesn’t want eyes on him nor hands to hold him, a child who doesn’t have sense wouldn’t understand the reason why his parents tells him to pray before eating, but for Brian, he doesn’t want to be the one who prevents him from entering trouble, not anymore, not when it might stop him from stepping into president the next year, and what that means is that he gets to own a few shares in the company. Kenekan was a generous man, he always ensured that those who worked for him were generously compensated, well taken care of and that they grow. No man in his right senses would allow his staff ascend to president willingly, but Keneken wasn’t a normal man, he had so many companies scattered around and only one child and only him,. He can’t be everywhere at the same time, neither can Brian, but Brian, Brian…was useless, didn’t want to learn nothing, didn’t want to serve as a PA for a year, didn’t want to respect authority, practically insulted him, had no regard for him, having issues with his co-worker, he was useless.
It’s now the same Brian he wants to make president, of the company he has been working for for years?.
Tah!! Keneken must be joking.
But what should he do?
Wait! why is he even thinking what he should do? Adora and Brian are always at loggerheads, she was willing to stay in the lie to make sure he remains in cell, well, he didn’t have to use any influence to go get him out, or go to the cell to do nothing. But Kenekan doesn’t have to know that.
But he did tell her to drop the charges, if he had known this was what would have been, that kenekan was going to tell him the real reason why he sent Brian here was to make him head, he would have let the boy sleep there, leaked the arrest to the press, Brian would have been flown out of the country over night to lessen the dent to his image, for business man like Kenkena, good image was everything, even if it means to keep his son out of the limelight when he errs. He will..
So what should he do? He would allow Brian to act up, cause trouble, allow him do what the heck he wants, the more trouble he causes , the more leverage he has over him, the more dirts Brian accumulates here, the less choice.
He grabs his phone and begins to dial,
Even if he gets them here, they would be fighting and bickering at each other wanting to be heard, accusing each other of this and that, probably insult each other. Yes!! He would get them here, it would make his job easier for him, once Keneken hears them trying to tear each other’s throats, and he would have no choice than to send Brian parking back to the states. Yes!!
His PA was asking him some questions , he snaps frowning.
”Yes, yes..yes i saw the files” He spoke into his phone ” tell Adora and Brian i need to see them urgently,. Yes, right now. Good. Thank you”
He sits back and relaxes.
John was stalling; whatever he was telling me was passing through one ear and going out the other. For some reason he was taking longer to walk me through all the strategies they have come up with. I should be paying attention but i am not, i am wondering what was going through his mind, i was really curious to know, i really was. Brian was bent over concentrating on the documents he held.
Brian tries not to pay attention to them as he busied himself going over the documents he placed on his crossed legs,..John was pissing him off, not the fact that he spoke to him rudely and he felt like punching the guy’s face in…No!!
It was the fact that he was standing close to her, close to her.
He squeezes his fist and releases it. A few hours or days ago he didn’t really care about anything really, about what his father would say or do, but due to some series of events he realised that he really needs to sit up, be mature, be responsible. He was too laid back, enjoying the free goodies being his father’s son, but if the past couple of days had taught him anything, it was…he can’t continue being stupid, continue allowing people hold it over his head that because he is Jonathan Kenekan’s son, he can do shit..and his father just showed him that despite the fact that he is his son, there are some things he won’t allow him keep doing…and SHIT, was one of them.
Then ofcourse, being irresponsible.
So because he was sick and tired of that bullshit rope over his neck, he decided , no more.!
He was going to do him from now on, he won’t keep being the Brian that they know, for him, he would be better for him. But then, he didn’t plan this, this sudden hate turn to likeness for the witch, no!.
One minute he hates her and the next, he wants to kiss her, to actually kissing her, twice. Two amazing kisses he swears he would have gone for the third had it not being this John the dog who came to ruin it, twice.
And now, John is there, acting all intelligent talking about shits he could close his eyes and in his dreams to talk about, it was a work over for him.
He shakes his head, staring at her, for a second, their eyes meet..
He saw the blush rising in her cheeks as she tries to shake it off, he smiles..
Maybe, just maybe this kiss affected her as much as it affected him, just maybe, she is thinking about what he is thinking about , and what he is thinking is that..
John the dog has to leave!.
He sighs..
‘What is it? ”
He raises his head to look as both of them stare at him, one with eyes of curiosity and the other a sneer squinted look, he didn’t care about the latter but the one with the beautiful eyes.
”Nothing, go ahead don’t let me disturb please ” he says
John looks away first, she lingers, and her eyes linger on his, he felt pulled in.
How come he never realised how beautiful her eyes were, or why he never kissed her sooner.
He rubs his chest mentally as it nearly catches in his chest, just a kiss and he wants her lips again.
What has this witch done to him..
How the hell did this likeness seep through his hate for her, how come, most importantly why?
Why her?
Okay, she was pretty. No scratch that, she was beautiful, soulful eyes, generous lips, smooth skin, soft bosom, yes, when she landed on his body as they tumbled over his chair, he felt how soft it was, not on purpose but…chest to breast was a good feeler, and when he spanked her because she was incredibly annoying, her tush was …if he has to really visualise the spanking, it was soft to his palms, too soft, something one can hold on to and caress and kiss and ..
Dear Lord Brian,
Focus on the files.
He squints his eyes staring at the words of the documents.. as he reads without speaking.
”The designing tools applicable for the project A thesis for client…………and the way her lips tasted, like sweet honey, like..sweetened sugar, he could kiss her for hours and not get tired!!’
He closed the files and gets up..
He walks to the window…
How the hell did this happen Brian, how, why…why her?.
But for the life of him, the idea was as exciting as it is frightening. She was his Boss , he was her PA, regardless of the fact that he was technically her boss, well a Boss’s son was the Boss of all.
But she doesn’t know that.
She was his boss, and Boss’s aren’t supposed to be having kissing sessions with their staffs, let alone those who are below them,. Infact, any relationship within the working environment is strictly prohibited and highly frowned unpon, and is advised against unless you both were married, engaged prior before working there.
Who ever made up those rules were an ass. So if one likes another in the same working environment you can’t get with the person just because?
Bleh!! Well, it doesn’t matter anyways, not as though he is going to date her or that they are going to date. Okay he likes her but still it doesn’t mean that it would lead to a relationship. She doesn’t even like him. Okay, well…she kissed him back, if you didn’t atleast like someone a tiny-itty bit you wouldn’t kiss the person now would you?
Or maybe, just maybe this is a shock to her too, he sees those questions in her big beautiful eyes, he has alot too to ask. But who would be asking and who would be answering, what if she asked him questions he has no answers to or she doesn’t have one too eh? What would happen?
He rubs his head, maybe he should stop thinking about it, it was making his head hurt.
All he knows is that he kissed the witch, twice, and he hella-liked it, and if he was being honest, he wouldn’t mind kissing her a whole lot more. Thinking about the consequences can come later.
Maybe, maybe when they leave here back to his house, maybe when they are alone they can make sense of this…kiss.
He turns to face them, wasn’t this John delaying unnecessarily for no reason at all, why was he keep explaining to her over and over again as though she didn’t hear and understand him the first ten times.
He clears his throat ”Em..Miss Adora, it’s past mid day, we need to finish up here so we can start going to my place..the house design and all” Brian looks at his watch.
He swears she looked relief for the save ”Yes yes Brian, i almost forgot, John, i already told you the corrections i need you all to make here for group D and A, please do that, and we would meet in the conference room in a few minutes so i see the team okay? I have to finish up here with Brian and you know we have other work to attend to, so…let’s see later, thank you John”‘
”I can wait Ma’am, “‘ he says straightening up and firing Brian a hot look.
”Where? while i am discussing with him?”
”But he didn’t go while we were working on the documentations and analysing projects”
”Because i was seated here before you waltzed in John..really there isn’t time for this.” Brian leans on the wall
”’If you had proper training you would have excused us” John fires at him
”John, please take your leave, this would not do. Thank you” Now i was pissed, i leaned back staring at him.
He closes his files and walks to the door, he throws one last look at Brian before shutting the door behind him with a thud.
”Okay, i do not know what the hell that was about neither do i care but i think whatever got you both like that should stop, for real. If you really want to turn a new leaf i think you should extend the branches to John as well”
He chuckles ”John’s ego is too large, he would snap the branch without thinking, you were here, i offered him my hand but he literally spat on it, what to do? He insulted him, challenged me, he shouldn’t keep doing that, i may be trying to be better but i won’t sit and allow him pour dirts into my eyes because i chose to smile ”
”Well, whatever he does, don’t indulge, because right now you don’t know who is hoping for you to slip and slip hard”
”who is hoping i do that?”
Should i tell him what Emeka said? Or maybe it wasn’t what i was thinking.
”Well, i was with Mr Emeka and he said-”
The phone ringing disrupts my conversation, i pick it up ”Yes please, goodmorning, what? Right now? Okay. He is here, he too? Okay, tell him we would be there ” i drop the phone getting up
”Mr Emeka needs to see us right away”
”What for?” Brian frowns
”I don’t know”‘ i say moving round my desk and passing him, he gets up and holds my hand , i stop and turn, i was frowning, well, i needed to do something with my face.
”Why are you frowning ?” he pulls me closer, searching my eyes, i never for once thought i would ever let him hold my hand without wanting to slap him, where did the hate for this man go…why was my heart beating fast..?
My frown deepens ”Nothing!”‘ i was trying to keep a straight face but i was failing, so frowning was better. I didn’t know what those kisses were but, i shouldn’t let my guards down like that even if i was dying to kiss him right now again.
”Is it because of the kiss, kisses rather ” he rolls his eyes, ”if i offended you i am sorry, i wouldn’t do it again!”
”No!!” it came out too fast, i clear my throat after thinning my lips ”It’s not about that!”‘
”Then what it is? Okay, so i should do it again, kiss you that’s it?” there was a mischievous glint in his eyes
”Mr Emeka is calling us, we shouldn’t keep him waiting” i avoid his uncomfortable question.
”You didn’t answer my question” he presses
I sigh ”You shouldn’t kiss your Boss Brian, it is prohibited and against the rules here, “‘
He chuckles ”yeah, i was thinking about that a second ago but still you didn’t answer the question, i shouldn’t kiss you again?” he pulls me closer by the hand, now he lets go holding my waist with both hands, the audacity…yet, i didn’t push him away, i should slap his hands and shout on him.
”I told you, i don’t care if you slap me, but do it after i kiss you, again, for the third time atleast..please”‘ he whispers
”Why? You hate me, i hate you” really, today felt unreal, nothing made sense, from this morning picked me up till now.
”Wrong! I did hate you, right now…i don’t know how that materialised into this-”
”What is this?” because i don’t know what this was…
”This?” he shakes his head ”is a kiss!”
”A kiss, nothing more right?” i step back frowning more, he frowns, he pulls me closer
”Do you want something more than a kiss?”
”I even can’t believe we are actually having this conversation, lets go Brian”‘
”Neither do i but here we are and we are having it, do you want something more than a kiss”
”I didn’t want a kiss in the first place”
”But such is life, it happened, or you didn’t like it?”‘
”No i didn’t !!” i snap
”Liar!!” he replies
”I didn’t Brian, and you shouldn’t do it again”‘
”or else what?””
”I see your ignorance is kicking in”‘ i push him and walk towards the door trying to open it, he shuts it back by placing his hand to the door. I am facing the door while he stands behind me, he didn’t touch me, but he was close enough , too close for comfort, i swallow.
”Why are you running away Adora?”
”Adora? Right, at least you aren’t calling me a witch and it’s Miss Adora to you”‘
”Well, witch!!” he spat
I turn to face him angrily, but he is smiling ”Meh! i know it would get you to turn to face me, ” he chuckles feeling proud of himself .
I should be angry, but hell i am not. What the hell was this ”Look Brian, Mr Emeka-”
He places his finger to my lips, and leans forward ”I know, i know…i just.”‘ He sighs ”I really can’t understand why i suddenly like you, i don’t know why, but i am, i do like you, right this minute i do, even if i can’t make sense of this but i do like you a whole lot more as the seconds rolls by…and i do not want to be disrespectful to you, not anymore, and i want to respect your office as my Boss, and i just need you to answer this for me and i promise i won’t ever try to do anything to you or with you ever again because this doesn’t make sense to me either. Do you want me to kiss you again, like we kissed earlier, do you want to kiss me Adora, did you like the kiss, if your answer is NO, i would be the gentleman, accept my rejection and continue to do my job as i promise i would from now on but ..if it is Yes, then..”
”Then what?”
”Then you would have to kiss me yourself, because my ego has been bruised” he winks
I opened my mouth and then closed it..he is staring at me, no, wrong, he was looking at my lips and i was breathing hard. He was too close, too close. How was i supposed to think? Or answer logically like this.
Adora, push him and slap him, that is what you should do to give him some manual reset.
But…all i want to do is kiss those lips of his and melt into him the way he held me earlier. Was i crazy, yes!! I was most definitely crazy.
”Waiting?” he says leaning closer
I open my mouth to answer, damn it all to hell Adora.