Falstaff House Changed To Jubilee House


Wait! Despite the positive mindset behind this, it’s unnecessary in my opinion. It’s too late – “FLAGSTAFF” house has already gained international recognition.

Nonetheless, I’m appeased somewhat. 50 years after independence (Ghana @50), our presidency remained the Christiansburg castle which hither to, housed slaves. A government in power, goes as far as India to find money to erect a presidential palace on a land that used to hold the Accra Zoo, GBC club house and a tiny structure called “Flagstaff house” which housed the colonial military commander years back. Why?

In commemoration of our 50 years of independence, the government names the newly built structure, JUBILEE HOUSE. That’s fair cuz it is said that he who pays the piper, calls for the music.
Besides, remember the term flagstaff is not peculiar to Ghana. It is found in most of the British colonies too.
So the government that constructed the structure sought to de-associate the structure marking our 50th independence day anniversary from the people we had attained independence from! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, the government loses power in 2008. Another party takes over, triggers an executive instrument and changes the original name from JUBILEE HOUSE to FLAGSTAFF HOUSE. Now the building that the piper payer in his own wisdom chose to de-associate from colonial roots, was back to be colonially affiliated.
Their reason? It’s a colonial symbol.

The structure is marking 50 years of *independence*(taking back power from a dreadful colonial master). The term Jubilee (50) chosen to put the tangible artefact on an opposite level from structures that remind us of colonization eg forts, castles, and other buildings.
In simple language, a castle reminds us of colonization and slavery.
Jubilee house is there to remind us of 50 years after decolonization.
And they thought and still think that’s not symbolic enough?

Anyway, you can’t hate me for telling you the truth! Lolx.

Ernest Adu