The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 40


Okay, what the hell is going on in here? One minute he is holding her in an uncomfortable way, the next he is standing cosy behind her like what. He swears it something wasn’t right with this picture. He swears it, something wasn’t right here.
He has no idea what was happening but what was happening here smelt like shit up to the high heavens.
Blowing her eyes? Blowing her eyes?
What the hell! Since when have these those become paddy enough for her to allow this scum of the earth blow speck from her eyes..
Like since when, since when??
Holding her like that as if, as if…as if…
John frowns deeply..
Now he leaves briefly to go get her water because she was choking from what he believes was Brian’s stupid presence and what does he come to find? Him behind her as she sits on her chair and showing her what? What? Couldn’t he do it from the chair opposite her with a large table separating them? He doesn’t get this.
A few hours ago these were bickering like cat and dog, trying to bite their heads off, literally want to kill each other. He is even surprised that they have gone two straight days in Brian’s house without one of them coming out in a body bag with body parts chopped into unrecognisable pieces..
And about the house that Brian stays in? Well, hopefully Tony would get info on who the hell he is.

Back to the scene, these two hated each other as long as he was concerned; infact as long as the whole office if not the universe is concerned. Now, he goes to pick her up from her home? Why? Oh he gets it, to spite him right? Same reason he took her home last night wasn’t it. Oh Brain, the thing i have planned for you, you would have no idea it is coming and when it does come i would be the one dancing when they make you a potato marsh mellow. But until then, this picture, this picture..John squeezes the glass of water, if he were any stronger it would have shattered, his frown was so deep his eyes turned into slits, he nearly sneered at Brian,
”John!!” i raise up my head to look at him, i see the anger in his eyes, and for a second i felt he was going to fling the glass at us, well, at Brian not me.
”Yes Miss Adora!” his eyes didn’t waver
”why are you standing at the door and staring like that, what is wrong with you?”
”i am just trying to understand why that bastard is standing behind you and you haven’t smacked him with something as ugly as him” he spat
Brian shakes his head; i swear i could feel him about to say something.
Don’t push a guy who is trying to change John.
I sigh,
‘John!! If you weren’t blind by whatever you are blind with you can see that i and Brian was and is actually working , which means that he can actually get up to show me anything he desires or would you rather i get up to show him instead, who is the Boss around here, me , him or you?”
”But Miss Adora, he was bending as though–”
”As though what?” i snapped
God please, hope he didn’t see the second kiss..
”Nothing !!” he says
”Good, because i have no idea what you were going to say and as of this moment you are getting on my nerves, it’s still quite morning and i have alot of work to do, so does Brian and so does you. So if you will kindly leave my door you can come in, and let me know how far you have gone with what i asked you and the team to do. I told you, i don’t want any more fights, not on my behalf nor on you both personal reasons, i don’t care. This is an office and if Mr Emeka calls me and gives me anymore queries and adds to my punishments because of some male eccentric egos displays, you both wouldn’t like me one bit, i promise “‘ I hope i was convincing enough, Brian is looking at me, i clear my throat.. John was sneering at Brian, what was wrong with him, he wants to fight, here?
”Sorry Ma’am, but with due respect to you Ma’am, you don’t expect me to be friendly-dilly with the asshole do you? You have seen what he has done to me, look at my face, having to lie to people, he was obviously aware i was coming to pick you up, someone just told me he called the office to find out if i was here, can’t you see he is trying to get me into your bad books?”
”No John, really i don’t see and yes, i apologise on his behalf yesterday’s incidence, i apologise on mine for today, but if he has decided to take his PA’s duties responsively i and you will have nothing to say about it. By right, he is supposed to follow the driver to pick and drop me if i require it, PA’s are supposed to be at the beck and call of their Boss’s so if i say jump, he is supposed to say how high and i do not see why you are shouting fowl. I get you both don’t like each other, i get it, and i understand it’s as a result of all of us starting on a wrong foot but i will state this clearly for both of you to hear it, i will not tolerate any display of animal behaviour because its only animals that will choose to act abnormally in a working environment so if you both can please shove it anywhere else aside my ass, and in my presence, it would be fine”
”Hey! but i wasn’t doing anything this time”‘ Brian says chuckling at the terms i used
”I know..”
”What, you know? What the actual fxxk Miss Adora!!” John thunders, i and Brian turn to look at him sharply
”Get out John!!!” i point at the door
He realizes his mistake
”I am sor-”
”Out!! When you learn how to talk to your superior, then you come back here, i don’t believe you, amongst the people i met you were the most warm and friendly and i considered you a good person..but i swear i do not understand you both’s grievances against each other ,,My God!! I understand Brian, he was an asshole, but with you, i don’t know what happened.”
Brian turns to me,
”He still is” John spat
Brian gets up laughing…”I am really trying here John but i swear you don’t want to push me”
”Brian, please” i look towards him
”Look, the only reason why i haven’t smashed this glass on your head is because of Miss Adora, but guy, you…i swear when i am done with you, you will hear John Efegor and run, i swear it. “‘
Brian turns and walks towards him ”For a little man you talk too much, you are lucky i am trying to grow a new leaf, else we both would be having a different conversation by now”
”Oh yeah! like what, this time i am ready for you, ” John comes closer
OH!! This wasn’t happening.
If Brian gives in, Emeka would definitely have something to hold him with and get him, whatever he wants to get him for. But right this moment, for my own selfish reason, especially after that amazing wonderful kiss, there was no way i was going to just let him go like that without explaining why he kissed me..i mean..
I am way over my head, it was just, a kiss, a one time, okay two time kiss. Doesn’t mean anything. But he said he liked me, he liked me a whole lot.
Oh come off it Adora, he is your PA, like errand boy in your office.
Nothing good would come out of it. I chide myself.. But hmmmm, the errand boy can kiss, dear lord.
Focus Adora, those two would spill blood and Emeka would have your head for it and as well Brian’s.
Why..why do they hate each other so?
I mean, i know why i hate him, No, scratch that, hated him.
Dear lord!!
”If you both won’t step back from each other, i would ask nicely that you both leave my office, i have more important things to do than to watch two grown ass men acting like children for something i have no idea of and even if you tell me why, i am sure it wouldn’t even make sense to you”
Brian steps away, comes back and takes a seat. Really, this wasn’t the Brian i was used to. This one was calm, too calm.
He sighs deeply, throwing one last look at Brian before he drops the glass of water on the table next to me, he comes around the table, picking up the file he dropped on my table before leaving, he pushes Brian’s own away making sure Brian watch him do it, then he places his before me, then he bends, the same way Brian was leaning towards me earlier to point out ..what was he trying to point out to me right before the second kiss.
I shake my head…
God!! I only remember the kiss, was something wrong with me?.
John clears his throat and i turn to find his face close to mine, i back away immediately and frown, i see Brian’s eyes, he didn’t like it.. he clenches and unclenches his fist, all too suddenly i am able to read his expression, before he could speak, as though he was going to tell John to step away from me.
”Stand straight John, you can show me what you want to show me without having to breathe down my neck, ”
”But he was just standing the same way just now and you weren’t complaining”
Brian laughs ”Well, ..” he trails off
”John!! Are you here to show me the project or you are here to analysis how i work with Brian, was he breathing down my throat, was his face close to mine, are you out of your mind eh?” John is frowning. He swears, that fool’s face was so close it felt as though, as though…No!!.. whatever was happening here wasn’t normal, he was acting all nice and calm as though he isn’t tempted to smash his head and Miss Adora, she is defending him, since when,. Since fxxking when?’
No!! Something was definitely up with these two and whatever it is, he would find out. Maybe, maybe Brian is trying to win her over, yes!! That is what he is doing, trying to get her to like him, act like the good guy, make her see why he is a better person to work with her, after making her life hell since she came now he wants to act like a good guy and make him look like the bad guy infront of Miss Adora? Brian you lie. You heard her, she liked me, she said i was the most friendly person and that means she likes me, whatever you are trying to do, it won’t work. You won’t come here and make my working environment hell, steal all of the staff’s attention and have all the girls flocking towards you because of your pretty boy face, and now, the only woman i believe is my dream woman you want to sneak your way and act all nice when we all know you are nothing but a scum, an obnoxious spoilt scum i am sure your parents are ashamed of you…but that’s fine.
Pretend!, i know better, Adora might not see but i see the evil within you, you want to pretend so that she would think you have changed. A new leaf? A new leaf my natural black ass.
”i told you to stand up, aren’t you listening to me?” i snap pushing him away as he refused to shift, what was wrong with him.
”i am sorry Ma’am, i am sorry!” John’s apology seemed half baked.
I shake my head ”Go ahead”
”Okay, here is –”
He points at the files again flipping to others to show progress and analytic approach. As he talks, i keep stealing glances at Brian. And i was thinking about a third kiss. Our eyes meet for a second, i could feel a blush rising, i turn away quickly and clear my throat as i ask John a very irrelevant question, i see Brian smile.
Devil, you are a liar!!
What is this? I pinch myself; maybe it would bring me back from the euphoria of that amazing kiss and stop thinking about how i wish i could get the third.
Damilolo grabs her phone as soon as she enters the car sent for her, she dials his number , he picks on the second ring , she smiles ”Honey, i am on my way to the hotel”
”Hmm, i hope your flight wasn’t stressful?”
”No honey, not at all. How is work, how are you?”
”Well my dear, about to begin my meeting with some prospective investors””
”Oh wonderful. So i was thinking about something?”
”Hmmm, don’t think about it” She throws her head back and laughs ”Why not, you haven’t even heard me out and yet you say i shouldn’t think about it” she nods to the security detail attached to her, he was grabbing her bags from the car and directing her through the lobby while a few people parted for her, she was given the VIP section, the receptionist greeted her with a smile

”Nice to have you back Madam, your suite is ready for you, same room..we would have you settle in no time”
”Thank you Gloria!!”
”No, i was talking to the receptionist, so..i was saying how can you tell me to say something you don’t know what i want to say?”
”Because i know you, i tell you that alot Lolo, so don’t think it”
She sighs ”you are no fun Kenekan”
He laughs ”When you come back i can be all the fun you want but, allow the child, if what you say is true, allow him, don’t ruin his moment of becoming a man. I am actually quite pleased and can’t wait to see the results”
”But, his birthday is in two weeks and i was thinking we can allow him some luxuries”
”You are stubborn!!”
”Yes Lolo, sometimes it is necessary, a card or a phone call would be nice. Gone are those days he gets a few millions sent to him, a new car, a new house and God knows what, he can still have all of that, let the boy grow into the man he is to become and like you said, he is changing , so allow him, don’t entice him”
”Oh fine! but, i will go see him, and there is nothing you can say about that”
”You are stubborn Lolo!!”‘
”well, you rub off on me good, i can see my son can’t i? Or is he is restricted from his mother’s love too?”
”Oh no, God forbid i restrict him from his mother’s love Lolo, please, give him breasts milk to drink too, since he is a baby, but just so you know, i have measured your breast, anything happens to it you will have some explaining to do, they didn’t say only children are allowed the bosom of their mother, i am your husband, those boobs are mine, so Brian had better get him some boobs to rest on” he laughs
She shakes her head laughing too ”You are such a naughty man Kenekan, an old naughty man”
”Only for you my Lolo. Fine, go see your son when you return from your trip, send him my love, i know he won’t receive it, he is my son afterall, the stubbornness runs deep but…that’s okay”
”i can get him a tiny gift though?”
”as long as it’s not money, credit cards or codes to unfreeze his account or a gift large enough to fit into his carriage, yes you can”
”okay Jonathan Kenekan Andrews, just so you know, when all this is over and my baby comes out soaring you are going to throw him a large party to fit everyone and give him all that he was restricted from”
”Lolo, i will give him the world, all of mine is his anyways.. i just want him do better for him”
”He will”
”And he is a man , not baby, call me baby, i am your baby woman!!”
She laughs ”yes, you are my baby daddy!!! Old man!!”
She could hear him roaring in laughter ”I love you woman, let me know when you are all settled in”
”I will Kenekan, i love you too”
She cuts the call and enters the lift to her suite; she had shops to commission in Dubai and another shipments to send out to Nigeria.
She wonders about Brian, prays he is doing okay.
Prays he is doing better today..
”make you proud Brian, whatever you do, do it for you not for your father , not for me, but for you, only then will you achieve good success.” She says to herself, smiling, she already knew what she was going to get him for his birthday.

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He grabs his phone on the third ring, he wipes his mouth with the serviette ”Yes Sir, Good day sir, how are you today?”
”Very Well Emeka, how is everything, i was going through some reports and i saw that you have exceeded the quota, did you run it the appropriate department?”
”Yes Sir, we did, i have even spoken to the head lead, he said you were supposed to approve some funds for the Expi’noir project, but we haven’t gotten an approval mail for that”
”Hmmm, maybe it was sent and i haven’t seen it to approve, would ask my PA to sort that out.”
”Thank you Sir”
”other than that, how is everything else?”‘
How is everything else or how is your son? Emeka frowns, that obnoxious brat. How else, if not an obnoxious brat.
”Everything else is fine sir, very fine”
”And how is he doing?”
Ofcourse, the one whom you are grooming to take my position?
”Not so great sir, infact there was an issue with the Social Media Manager, i had to calm the situation if not it would have landed in a fire. ”
”What happened!!?”
”Sir, i didn’t want to tell you this but, Brian is too stubborn, too too stubborn.”‘
”What has he done this time?”
Maybe this would make his father pull him out.
He hasn’t worked in this company for years and risen to this position to have a small child who doesn’t know how to wipe his ass clean with toilet paper would come and take it from him. He wouldn’t have had a problem if he just wanted to train him, teach his responsibilities and send him away, maybe to take over responsibilities from anyone else in his other branch office scattered across the country, even that would still be pissy to him, but to have Brian start with this one was a blow.
Hasn’t he suffered enough with others to make this company grow? Now a child who is stubborn, stupid, has no regard and knows trash of how things works would just come and be his head, what for? Not if he has a say in it. Before, he was going to help the boy do what his father wants; now, he would help Brian do what he wanted.
That is, make his father get so fed up with his stubbornness and useless activities and problems here that he would have no choice than to pull him away, and bundle him out of the country back to where they scratch his balls. He wouldn’t do that here. Come in a year’s time, he is hoping they make him president. .Now, that position he had been targeting for years is suddenly threatened by Brian’s presence, especially after what Kenekan had told him, told him that Brian is set to take over all that belongs to him. Yes! Brian is his son, it’s his right. But he worked his ass off, at least if he became president, the only person he answers to is Kenekan, God forbid he answers to Brian, God forbid. So he would help Brian help his father kick him out.
”Emeka, what did Brian do this time?” Kenekan’s voice breaths into his thoughts.
”Brian got arrested Sir!!”
”Got arrested, for what?” he could hear anger in Kenekan’s voice
”For sexual harassment!!!”
”WHAT!! MY SON WAS ARRESTED FOR SEXUAL HARRASSMENT? Brian Andrews sexually harassed who?”
”The Social Media Manager , but it has been handled, i used my influence to get him out of prison!!”
”he was in cell?”
”Yes, for a few hours, it was a public embarrassment, if i hadn’t stepped in, the whole news and media houses would have carried it, it was in the office the police came for him, you can imagine, Good no one knew who he really was else, you know what it would have done to your image, the company’s and even Brian’s”
”I cannot believe this!!”
”Sir, i didn’t want to tell you sir but…”
”So why are you telling me now?”
Emeka was taken aback ”Er Sir?”
”Why are you telling me now, when did this happen, how come no one told me?”
”A few days now Sir”‘
”AND YOU ARE TELLING ME NOW EMEKA!!!” kenekan thunders angrily
”Sir, like i said, i didn’t want to upset you!!”
”Well you have, and quite frankly, i doubt my son would have sexually harassed a woman, he has so many woman at his beck and call that he would stoop so low to even try to harass a woman, he was trained better , he wouldn’t do such!”
”he was properly trained yet he has no respect for authority and abuses his superiors”?”
”Are you saying that i didn’t train my son well Emeka?”
”No sir, but i am saying that despite the efforts used in training children, they tend to exhibit bad behaviours and it isn’t the parents fault, you and i know that Brian is stubborn and has been making things difficult here for us, and he just does things just to make sure he gets pulled out from here and returned to his life of luxury, i believe it would be pointless exerting your energy on him, Brian would keep being Brian sir and since he came here one problem to the other, now this. If i hadn’t acted fast he would have began to spill in his anger who he is and he just have to give them one good information and the whole news would have carried it, do you know what it would have done to you? Brian is like a bomb ticking to explode, i suggest, no i plead with you Sir to send him back to the states, not all children would amount to what we want and-”
”No!! My son would amount to what i want or he would do better at amounting to what he wants, now, the question here is, did he do it?”