Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 14


Lex had been with Natasha in a restaurant a little far from the airport. He was having a nice time with Natasha. He was sure that the minister would have been dead by now since he hadn’t receive any message seeking for his help.
Natasha made sure she kept him busy all these while. They have talked about so many things and were getting acquitted pretty well when Natasha received a message from her earphone.

“Mission complete. You can now leave the target. I repeat you can now leave the target. Natasha quickly stood up smiling.

“I will be leaving now lex”

“Common Natasha. can’t you stay a minute longer”

“No lex, sorry but I really need to go now. It’s been fun chatting with you”

“Common Natasha, the pleasure is all mine”

Natasha stood up and gave Lex a tight hug, in doing so, she removed the chip she planted on his collar. Then smiling, she walked out of the restaurant with lex.

“Can I drop you off?” Lex quickly offered.

“No need of bothering yourself. I came here with a car and few friends.”

“Can I at least see your friends?”

“Maybe another time, I really got to go” Natasha said not giving him any chance to reply as she walked away.

“Nice job guys” Ben said with a wide grin “the minister just passed by in his car, I think we have done a great job.”

“Yeah, now let’s go my uncle will be d–n worried by now” Natasha said as they all parked their stuffs and headed to the helicopter. They entered inside and flew the helicopter back to port Harcourt.

The staffs on duty and Elvis were standing on the roof as the helicopter came down. Then they started applauding them shouting on top of their voices.

“Wow, you guys executed a really perfect job. Believe me when I say I am very proud of you” Elvis said hugging each and everyone.

Natasha’s joy knew no bounds, it was like winning a lottery and returning on a red carpet..They all walked into the main building. The staffs that welcomed them quickly went back to their various cabin.

“What do you want, we can get anything for you?” Chief Elvis said to Natasha.

“I really want to go home now. My uncle must be really worried by now”

“Alright, Lucy can drop you off. Thanks for your role you played in making this mission a success.”

“It’s really nothing. The pleasure is all mine. I am happy I took part in stopping the evil Flex’s plan”

“OK baby, let’s go” Lucy said leading the way. The staffs there were all hailing her as she left the building.

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“How did you do that?” Lucy asked as she was driving her 2015 BMW on a high speed. She love driving recklessly.

“How did I do what?” Natasha asked.

“Able to distract lex from his duty?”

“Oh that, perhaps you don’t know that apart from hacking, there’s a lot I can still do”

“You are probably right.” Lucy said parking the car in front of Natasha’s house. “You did a great job quite alright, see you soon”

“Bye” Natasha said and stepped out of the car. She hurriedly walked into her house.

“Uncle” Natasha called out on entering her house.

“My baby girl, how are you doing?”

“Great uncle”

“So how did your date go?”

“Common uncle, it wasn’t a date, I was just hanging out with friends”

“OK, and see this” her uncle said pointing to the television.

“What’s there?”

“You were wrong about the impending danger on the aviation minister. Everything went well and the man is fine.”

“Yes uncle. You’re absolutely right. It turns out that I was wrong” Natasha said as she walked to her room smiling. Only If he knew.


Donflex was very angry as he barged into his office. He sat down and took his telephone placed on the desk.

“Both of you should meet me in my office” he said and dropped the phone.

Professor johnbull and froshberry came inside his office few minutes later looking scared and terrified.

“What’s the meaning of all these?” He shouted but got no answer.

“Holy s–t, I thought the aviation minister supposed to be dead by now. Lo and behold, the same man is seen travelling to California this morning”

“Sir, the agents that attacked the Made men some weeks ago were solely responsible for the failure” Froshberry said meekly.

“Then find the god forsaken agents and take them out!!” Donflex shouted on top of his voice.

“Yes sir, we are currently on their lead. We will nail them in no time” professor Johnbull lied to save his head. Donflex didn’t say anything again. He just dismissed them and sat down fuming the anger.

Lex was in his huge mansion fantasizing on everything that happened the previous day. He wasn’t bothered at all that they failed the mission. All that was on his mind was NATASHA.

“Wow, she is very beautiful. Her touch of red and, d–n, Natasha”

Just then his doorbell rang and he didn’t make any effort to go and check it out. Well, he wasn’t expecting any visitor today so maybe the person behind the door was Lisa.

The door bell rang again. He reluctantly moved to the doorpost and on opening it, his jaw dropped in surprise.

The five underground agents were gathered behind a computer. Ben was the one that was busy operating the system. Their leader Elvis was standing behind them.

“Yes she is inside” Ben shouted.

“Very good” Elvis said. They planted a little camera at the front of the necklace Natasha wore.

“Make sure you screenshot all the areas and perimeters of the room. Also check to see if you can spot anything useful” Elvis said walking away.

Lex took Natasha inside and made her sat down on a couch. Natasha was deliberately looking all corners of the room, not because the room looked so beautiful but she wanted the camera on her neck to cover every aspect of the room.

“Natasha” lex said softly. Natasha looked up to him and smiled. He wasn’t wearing any cloth, just a pair of Jeans.

Lex was amazingly good in terms of body structure. He had strong and tight muscles, big bulging chest, erect n—–s and his abs was, wow, so tight and well fitted. Natasha wondered, lex could easily pass as a Superman or he should be the one used as Superman in the movie. Natasha was dying for his body, scent and everything masculine about him.

“Hmm hmm” lex cleared his throat as Natasha had wasted much time staring at his amazing body. For once in his life, he was thankful to God for his body structure. Lex moved to the kitchen and came back later with a tray containing water and champagne.

“Drink anyone you wish to drink” he said and sat down on a couch opposite the one Natasha sat down.

“Thank you very much”

“So Natasha, who gave you my address and why are you here”

Natasha waited a little bit, she squeezed her face then started crying all of a sudden, she would have messed up if not she had been rehearsing for quite some days.

“I need your help, my mum is dying of stroke and I don’t have money to help her. I know this is inappropriate, I met you recently and I am asking something from you.. Let me leave” she wanted to go but Lex quickly held her and made her sit down.

“Common Natasha, don’t think so. Just tell me what is it you want?”

“I want a job, at FLEX EMPIRE” Natasha said boldly taking Lex unaware.

To be continued