The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 39


He didn’t want to watch the movie, he must have watched it a hundred times, he lied, it wasn’t just his mother and all the girls he knew that had watched it, he loved the movie.
He has never fallen inlove before, he had had his own share of women and liked a few more than the others, but love?’
He used to tell his friends then that love? Love was for the weak, he wasn’t against it but it maybe wasn’t for him and that just maybe love was over rated how everyone who claimed that they were inlove had spoke about how their world changed and became better with the one they love in it and how their hearts stopped and how bla bla bla happened .
He had laughed it off, because if one can be inlove and loose all sense of reasoning and being weak and unable to breath and think and stuffs, then it was stupid, love was stupid and since he loved to use his head, he wouldn’t want to be stupid and he hasn’t ever found that girl who would stop his heart and cause him to lose focus and concentration and his head.
Maybe that girl doesn’t exists,
Maybe she didn’t exists.
So someone should please explain to him how the hell he prefers to look at Adora, stare at her, watch her as she watches the movie and he not watch a movie he apparently loves too.
Someone should explain to him why the desire to kiss her became stronger this very minute especially when she stares at him, catching him staring at her..
Someone should explain to him why the hell he cannot focus on anything other than her lips and why he was reaching out, reaching out to touch her face
I felt his hands on my face before i could make sense of anything happening, my voice seizes when i want to ask him what he is about doing..
He caresses ,my face with his hands.
I should stop him, i should shout at him..
But…i stop thinking.
In the movie, the couples are enjoying a moment, in reality..just a few spaces apart Brian is touching my face and i swear the electricity bolts that shoots through my body makes me weak to think..Maybe because i don’t want to think, thinking might…ruin whatever this was and for the life of me..
I didn’t know whatever this was or why it was happening or why i wasn’t on my feet and slapping his hands, i would some other guy..some other guy i hated.
I hated Brian,
Or don’t i anymore.
His finger brushes my lips slightly, i shiver ..God!! What the hell is happening? We lock eyes, it’s silent except the sounds the lips are making on the screen..That sound, this atmosphere, the way he was staring at me, touching my face, caressing my lips with his finger and this moment.. was not right to think straight.
No one would, not me.
Going breathless staring at him so when his eyes goes to my lips.. i almost moaned..
I see him leaning, closer, closer..even closer..We are few breaths apart when the door opens and we jump apart. Ikena pauses at the door, staring at us both then at the screen and then back to us..”I am sorry did i interrupt anything ?”
”No!” we say in unison, maybe too fast..
”okay”‘ Ikena stretches “‘ I would be outside ma’am , sir when you are ready”‘
”I am ready!!’i jump up wanting to be far away from whatever this was as possible.. i grab my bag and brush past him, Brian stands up slowly, walking to the door..
”Did i ruin a moment Sir, ?”
Brian sighs “‘if i tell you i haven’t been this confused in my life would i make sense to you?”
”Good!!” he says walking out.
Ikena stares at the Tv, it was the notebook showing, he smiles , he most have definitely ruined a moment , “‘Sorry Sir! Next time, i would wait outside!!” he shuts the door locking it as he falls insteps behind Brain
”Shut up Ikena, you know nothing !!
“‘If you believe so, !!” Ikena smiles.
We don’t say anything to each other, when he was about to alight he stares at me..”‘Goodnight, !!
”Goodnight !!” i reply, but we avoid each other’s eyes
Atleast i am unable to sleep, replaying the scene over and over and over again. It is just me or…Brian was going to kiss me? Did it happen, was i going to let it..was i actually enjoying his hands to my cheeks..Was i?
Argh!! I turn on the bed, willing my mind to shut up and not think about it…It didn’t happen, it was my mind, it didn’t happened. I try to sleep, it takes a long time .
Brian doesn’t sleep either when he got home early in the morning, throughout the night he lost concentration a few times replaying the scene. Had Gesto threaten to hit his face when he missed an order, had Vicky scream his name a few times when he didn’t hear her, almost slipping on the floor not seeing the spilled drink.
And when he was alone, he replays the scene again. He was really going to kiss her, and if Ikena handn’t come…God knows what would have happened after that kiss.
He sighs..
Now it was worse, this feeling, he doesn’t understand it, now all he is thinking about is kissing Adora.
He looks at his hands, and smiles.
“‘Cupid! What the hell did you do to me?”
He was infront of my house the next day, we went to the office together, john greets me at the door as he sees me, and ignores him.
”I have the reports you asked for Ma’am, i just have to finish it up and bring it to you”
”Thank you John “‘ he walks away, i feel his anger, i sigh turning away, i meet Brian’s eyes , i look away as we separate, i go into my office.
I knew he would be coming to me soon, for work.
Okay Adora, Focus, last night almost kiss was in your mind.
He wouldn’t think to kiss his Boss, i am his Boss, He my PA.
It was all in my mind, watching a mushy movie, with a mushy scene…
All in my head.
I shake it off.
I hear the knock, i grab a file, put on my serious face “‘come in”‘ i say frowning.
He enters and closes the door “‘I picked this from Department D while coming, its looking great. ”
”Oh yeah? “‘ I flip through them “‘Yes it is.”‘
He takes a seat “‘Do we apply the tools now, i am sure when Emeka sees this he would approve for the next project, two heads they say is better than one”‘ he tells me “‘See how much we covered!!”
”Yes, indeed, if you hadn’t been a jerk from the start..”‘
He looks at me
”No name calling, i am sorry”‘ i tell him, it was joke delivered poorly..
”I deserve that, no harm taken”‘
We stare at each other.
”Aboút last night ?” he began, searching my eyes
My heart catches in my chest.
”what about last night?” i ask him
He pauses
Right this moment, it was undeniable..
He liked her, he did.
He had been thinking about the almost-kiss all through last night it almost drove him mad..
And if he doesn’t quench that thirst, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate and that’s a fact.
And if he didn’t tell her… tell her..
”What Brian?”
He gets up turning away, backing her, then he comes back, not sitting but going round the table, to her, bending to her level..taking her hands..
Fxxk it!!
A man never lost his balls for trying. And if whatever he is feeling is legit, he needs to try.
What’s the worst that could happen?
Rejection, a slap?
He will live.
But if he doesn’t tell her or kiss her…
His brains were going to be fried with thoughts of her, never has a woman affected him so- in a short time, never.
Stranger was the fact that it happened so unexpectedly without warning, bluring the lines of hate to like..who knows what is in the other side of the divide.
”what if-“‘ he trails off
”What if what, why are you close to me..go sit down Brian”
He shakes his head..”‘What if?” he stares at her, blowing out air… he continuous.
”What if i told you i liked you Adora, would you think that is a joke or me lying ?” Brian says staring at her, what if i told you that ever since i met you, i felt like screaming you to shut up and yet right now i don’t feel like screaming at you, i actually- i feel like kissing you.
what if i tell you Adora that you are crazy and temperamental, feisty, mad, witchy and all things bad , that was the way i saw you and reacted to you…but now what if i tell you that-maybe when i met you i thought you are crazy and insane and feisty yet right now..right now?i want to tell you that..i want that, i want to- to tell you that you are my crazy and insane and feisty and all things bad..and i like you a whole lot, i don’t know how or when it happened but that is the truth right now.
i like you Adora, i know it’s crazy but..Argh and i want to kiss you right now, and i don’t care if you say you hate me, all i care about is the catch in my chest that happens every time i see you since this started in my head and i can’t explain it..but i can try to understand it..i want to kiss you Adora so damn much this moment, so you can slap me if you want, just- do it after i kiss you” he says with a smile, but it’s his eyes i am staring at
”You are crazy”‘ she says in disbelief, this wasn’t all in her head..
”i know, i swear i know, and you are beautiful, and i called you a witch a thousand times ..maybe you are, you casted a spell on me and all i want to do is to kiss you and make sense of it.. but regardless, you are my beautiful crazy witch and if i don’t kiss you right now i may literally go crazy”‘
”Please!” he leans in, closing the distance,
”Brian ” she breaths..
”I can’t think about nothing else since last night till now thinking about those inviting red painted lips, too generous..too…full, too yours “‘ his nose brushes hers
His heart was beating, thud thud thud in his chest
He raises his hands and touches her face as he did last night, brushing her lips with his fingers..caressing her soft cheeks, she licks her lips and bites it.,
Damn it Adora, you make it difficult to hold back when you do that..
God help him, he was going to kiss her and phone call would stop this, none.
He could sense she was nervous, he was too…but he wouldn’t be able to think straight until he kisses her, so he closes the space between their faces, taking his time, savouring the anticipation of what she would taste like and how her lips would feel attached and locked with his.
Closing his eyes, he leans forward, as soon as he does so, their lips met.
No!! This wasn’t all in my wasn’t.
Don’t think Adora, don’t ..just feel.
I say to myself as his lips touches mine. We kiss, he caresses my lips with his and urges my mouth open to taste me, savouring and drinking…we kissed.
It suddenly shatters something within me and all my resolves breaks down.
I raise my hand, i hold on to him..pulling him closer to me..he pulls me towards him too.
We stand, leaning close to each other, kissing, just kissing..
My walls fall away, those ones made of brick? I feel it fall away.
So did his as they clutch to each other savouring each other’s lips and not coming up for air until the door bursts open.
John walks in, shocked to his bones.
”what the actual fxxk!!”he exclaims
”What the hell is going on here?” John who had just walked into my office exclaims after his initial outburst.
”Erm..” i trail off, Brian still had me in his arms..
John’s face contorts into a frown , he steps forward ”let go off her you asshole!!”
”Stop it John, he is just helping me..erm with something in my eyes”‘ i say pushing away from him, did he see us kissing, did he catch us before we pulled our lips away, please tell me he didn’t , it would be bad.
”And he was holding you like that?”
”i couldn’t see, it was erm.. a big speck”‘ i lie rubbing my eyes ”Eh thank you Brian, i think it’s gone now!!”
Brain nods ”You are welcome, “‘ he lets go off me, returning back to his sit..
John stares at him suspiciously ”’ Was he harassing you madam, you can tell me, that look in his eyes isn’t friendly, because i will make sure-“‘
”John i told you, he was helping me to blow my eyes, so if you would stop and concentrate on me i would appreciate it”‘ i tell him trying to steady my beating heart, breathe in, breathe out.
Oh my God!! Brian and i just kissed, really kissed.
Does it make me a horribly person to say it was an amazing kiss.
But , this is wrong, it is, he is my PA, i am his Boss, it was inappropriate..but i liked the kiss, i liked it very much.
I touch my heart, calm down Adora, calm down.
“‘Is something wrong, are you okay Madam, he hurt you didn’t he?” John rushes to me dropping the file and bending towards me, he holds my hands
I see Brain turn to him sharply…”‘Don”t do that!!”
”Do what? Are you mad, what did you do to her eh?” he leaves my hand and tries to grab Brian’s shirt, now Brian is on his feet as he hits his hands..
“‘Don’t push it John, please, for your own sake, don’t!!” he warns him
I get up..
I was okay, i was just calming myself from an amazing kiss…
Breathe in, breathe out.
Adora, this is officially…unreal. yes.
“‘Stop please,..John John…don’t incite him, Brian please!!”
Brian stares at me, he takes a seat. John turns to me..”‘Are you okay, your chest hurts!!”
”Nope , i am, just had a shortage of breath there, perfectly expected after such…erm…erm ” Kiss. Wow!!
I throw him a look, i see him hide a smile.
“‘Should i get you water, or something? Yes water, i will be back, “‘ John dashes out of the room
Our eyes lock, bolts of electricity hit out bodies, our lips curve upwards.
We smile at each other, for the first time.
He gets up, he is coming round to me..
“‘Brian, what are you doing he is coming back in..Brian!!” i say looking at the door..
He places a file before me “‘I am not doing anything, i would love to kiss you again but…i am not doing nothing other than showing you, this!” he points to the file
I follow his hands “‘ okay!!”
”And this?” he turns my face as he leans down and he kisses me again
The door opens up..
” this and that, i think we are perfect!!” Brian shifts away quickly, one hand in his pocket, the other on the file
”Hmm yes, that and this…perfect!!” i hold my jaw and nod pointing at nothing in particular on the file opened before me.
John is holding a glass of water…
I swear i almost thought his veins would crush the glass in his hands as he stares at Brian.
”I just got info. The dude i want you to take care off? He would be at a club tonight, he goes there frequently, grab him as soon as he is coming out, make sure no one sees you, and do the needful.”‘
”When do you want it to happen?”
”Tonight! I hear he is in there till the early hours say 4/5am. Someone told me they saw the fxxker, gave me one funny jist that they saw him looking like a waiter, i don’t care what he is doing there. Listen, when you get him don’t make it quick, make it painful and bloody!!
”You know i do a damn mean job.. i would call you when it’s done”‘
”No sweat bro!!”
The line cuts, John leans back at his chair, he looks up to see the Adora’s door open and close. they were leaving the office soon, good.
Something strange was up with them, since this morning, the way she defended him, that body language. something was smelling and he didn’t like it.

But not to worry, the foul smell would be gotten rid off tonight, ..
He wouldn’t be able to wait to get the call of a job well done.
“Brian, you are nothing but an annoying fly and I will pluck your wings. Especially that one I see flapping to Miss Adora. Your father ” he mutters under his breath
Brain was held down,a gun to his head and a knife to his throat ..
They were three men,dressed in black..faces hidden.
“I know you want to know who sent us, sadly,that info is confidential..

What do you want to lose first boy..your balls or your eyes, me I am thinking of slicing your gullet but my friend behind you likes your hands..”
Brian spat, the cut to his mouth was bleeding

” How about we discuss this eveningly, drop your weapons, and I bet I can take three of you” The one who had napped him and punched him to the ground laughs..
“Would be nice to square up but nope. For a guy overpowered and beaten and no chances of escape,you do have a sharp mouth. ”
“Yeah!! Mama told me it would get me into trouble, but I wonder if your mother taught you not to jack up a stranger in the middle of the night,you never know what’s lurking in the dark”
He laughs “too much movies,sadly,this is reality ” he uses the edge of the gun to hit Brian.
Brian swears as the pain slices through his head, if he wasn’t held down on his knees with two guys holding his hands… this guy would have been long gone.
He would have fought them off,he already had two down before the third nibbled him. He could feel the blood sipping from the slice to his stomach.
“Last prayers? And oh… He says to tell you ..not to miss with the big guns. Say bye bye mudafxxker!! ” the guy Cocks the gun.
Brian stares at the gun..
Really. Was this how he was going to die..?
Well he wouldn’t die on his knees.
Then his eyes caught movement,he smiles
“Well, you forgot one tiny little detail.”
“What is that…?”
“This is reality..and somethings do lurk in the dark!”
They all turn when they hear the sound.
“Who is that?”
“I think the question should be…should you have missed with the wrong guy. I will count to three, and if you don’t drop your weapons by then I will not be responsible for what will be your condition”
“Who the fxxk are you? Come out and show your face if you want to die!!” He Cocks his gun, The other two holding Brian are on on alert .
It’s silent.
“I will kill him..I will kill him if you don’t show your face !!” He points the gun to Brian’s head.
“Wrong move bro!!” Brian says.
Ikena comes out of the shadows..
The first person to drop was the one holding the gun. Only one made it out still able to speak.. ..
“Who sent you?” Ikena’s leg was on his throat as he bleeds…”Speak. .!!”
“It’s’s. .”