Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 13


Everybody was at their station looking around for their prey. In no time, the ceremony will commence.

Just then, Mr Charles Thomas was seen coming out from a black BMW that parked few meters away from the airport. His guards also came down and started to escort him.

“Target is approaching, everyone should be on the look out” Natasha said into her earpiece, it was wireless and was meant for communication.

“Copy that”
“Copy that”

Were the words that kept on ringing in her ears.

Just then, Natasha saw him. Dressed in a cool suit, looking so handsome was Lex. He didn’t see her because he was trying to make his way pass the crowd.

“I have sighted Lex. The rest should be in their various positions. I am moving in” Natasha said once more.

Lex was trying his best to get a suitable spot. He held two twin silver silencer in his inner pocket of his suit. His job was if the sniper failed to carry out their primary assignment, he will finish the minister off.

Just then, someone bumped into him from behind. He turned angrily at the person but instantly froze.


“You, hmm this world is really a small place, what are you doing here?” Natasha asked.

“Erm… Erm to witness the opening of the airport what about you?”

“Same, here is too noisy, can we go to a quiet place and talk?” Natasha asked.

Lex hesitated, he looked at Natasha again. Too beautiful for a human, the fact she was wearing red set him up on fire, he love red colour.

He thought for awhile, they didn’t even need him. He was sure that Lisa or Raphael can take down the minister in one clean shot. His job was to make sure everything goes on well if they miss their shot. Since he isn’t needed, he could hang out. Moreover the voice transmitter in his ears can be used to send messages across to him.

“Alright let’s go” he said and Natasha smiled. She was sure Lex didn’t know he had a bug blocking his voice transmitter on his collar. She planted the bug when she collided with him.

All made men where in place getting ready to shoot. Their initial plan was that Lisa will snipe him. But if his direction is not towards her, another sniper could take him down.

Lisa watched the minister through her sniping lens. She didn’t see Lex where he was supposed to be. She shrugged, maybe he is just hiding.

She wanted to release the trigger when she heard a noise at her back. She was on a very high building, about eight storey building.

Not wanting to take risks, she decided to check who it was. As she got close to the entrance, Ken gave her a kick to her face.

She didn’t see it coming and fell backwards. Ken came out from his hiding place. He had deliberately made the noise to drag her
away from her position.

She could remember him, as the guy that had attacked her and lex. He was still wearing the same mask. She knew she couldn’t win him in a fight but she won’t just give up, the guy must lose an arm or his leg or maybe both.

She wanted to get up but again, the same weak feeling she felt some weeks ago was coming back to her. She checked her forehead and saw a little pin there, ken had attached the pin to his booth and strike her.

She knew at this point she couldn’t do anything. So before she passed out, she pressed a little button on her watch to inform Lex that she’s in trouble.

“Target one, clear!” Ken said leaving the building.


“Copy that” Ben said smiling. He received the message Lisa sent to Lex and since Natasha has planted the bug on his body, the message couldn’t get to him.

Raphael waited for quite a long time and he didn’t see Lisa shooting the target. He became furious, the ceremony was coming to an end.

He adjusted the lens on his sniper and was about to pull the trigger when someone tapped him softly, he turned and a Sam delivered a heavy blow across his face.

Raphael fell down, after four seconds, he placed his hands on the ground above his head, raised his legs up and jumped to his feet acrobatically.

He studied Sam for some time, Sam was wearing a mask and his body was well built. He knew that Sam could be the guy that attacked Lex and Lisa some days ago, he pressed a button on his digital wristwatch before rushing towards Sam.

Sam saw him coming and waited till he was close enough, then he gave him a direct kick to his face. Unknown to Sam, Raphael was smart and knew that Sam would do such, so
he stopped before Sam could reach him and caught his leg with his left hand.

Using his right hand, he delivered a blow to his stomach and Sam staggered backwards. Raphael wasn’t through, he ran towards Sam and gave him a drop kick.

Sam lost his balance, he was about to fall down from the eight storey building when he caught an iron.

Raphael walked to him smiling, he raised his boot and was about to crush his hands so that he was going to fall, Sam saw these, he quick jumped up and gave Raphael a head butt.

Raphael staggered backwards and Sam got his position but he didn’t wait for Raphael to recover, he gave Raphael a back flip kick and Rapheal fell down, then he quickly removed the pin from and open in his b—-t pocket and paralyzed him.

“target two,clear. Code green”

“Copy that” Ben said, he received the message Raphael tried to send across to Lex and quickly terminated it.

Leo waited for sometime, he stood up thinking that Lisa had already shot the target but he was still surprise she didn’t send any message across to him.

As he turned back, he saw Evans and quickly sensed that there was trouble in the air, especially seeing him in mask.

He dashed at Evans, delivered a heavy punch at him and gave him a quick knee to head. Evans staggered backwards, Leo came again, delivered a punch to Evans but Evans ducked and nodded him right across his stomach.

Leo shifted backwards, he rushed at Evans again but received an uppercut to his jaw.

Leo was surprised, he held his jaw and looked at Evans. Something told him everything wasn’t right. He ran towards the edge of the building, did a double front flip and jumped off the building.

Evans rushed towards the edge of the building, looked everywhere but didn’t see Leo, it seems Leo had disappeared into the thin air.

“Target three, not clear, I repeat not clear. Code red” Evans said to his wireless earphone.

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“Copy that” Ben said. Just then a message pop up from his laptop. It reads.

“Target four clear” it means that Lucy had taken out Alex, Ben was all smiles.

“Alright, all targets are clear except for one, target three. All underground agents should retire to the airport and watch everything. Make sure the minister is safe” Ben said to a rod like speaker. He was sure his message
have been delivered. He quickly maximize the software that allowed him have access to all surveillance cameras at the airport.

“common little boy, where are you hiding?” Ben murmured under is breath.
To be continued