The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 38


‘’No Ma’am, you were there, you saw the way he attacked me, look”’ he pokes Brain’s shoulders, ‘The only reason i am not reporting you to Mr Emeka right now is because Ma’am stopped me, if not your ass would have been penalised by now for starts”’
Brian who had been keeping quiet suddenly drops the files and stares at him, i see anger flash in his eyes, that old Brian, the one that doesn’t back down from a challenge, then he was gone, this one was calm, collected, the smile doesn’t quiet reach his eyes “’Hello John, how about we start all over, i would try to call you John and not Dog, hell, we may even try to work together and be civil instead off all these, for your face and your lip, though it gives you a pretty look i would apologise, not because i like you, no far from it, i would like the devil before i like you but because i have decided to make peace with my demons, i suggest you do so too, but since i have made peace with myself and my situation, i have chosen to make the most out of it, that is something personal that doesn’t concern you, as for what concerns you, i have also chosen to set aside our differences and co-exist, we are here to work so let us do so, and for the present and past…if i have truly offended you in anyway, i am sorry, if you have offended me and i reacted…i am not so sorry but i will apologise for yesterday..and for your outburst today, no worries, i do not take it to heart so..”’ Brian stands up and stretches out his hands ‘’let’s start all over, maybe one day we can have a drink and laugh over this as we discuss football, politics, work..maybe women, or men..depends on your preferences i don’t judge, but i would listen and all this would be a silly bad joke, yes? name is Brian, PA to Miss Adora…and you are?’’
John eyes him

‘’What is this some Joke, do you think i am stupid you want to mock me, are you stupid, who the hell do you think you are..are you mad?’’ he slaps Brian’s hands away
‘’Hey John relax, if the man is apologising i think you should accept, he seems genuine enough and he did apologize to m-‘’
‘’No Ma’am, he is a snake, a cunning snake that i will expose for his deviousness, who the hell does he think he is? One fucktard maybe, one minute he tells me he would beat me to a pulp and he actually attacks me, you are a witness, the next he is saying he is starting all over and wants to make peace, who the hell is he fooling? Don’t let him fool you Ma’am, i know his type, i know all their types and i will show you just how pretentious they are”’
He quickly moves to Brian and grabs him by the collar pushing Brian up..he pushes Brian to the wall and slamming his back to it, Brian winces in pain as his back makes contact with the wall.
Don’t react Brain, he tells himself, don’t. New leaf, new leaf.
“’You think you are some sort of god don’t you, toiling with people’s emotions huh?’’ he squeezes Brian’s collar
I jump up and go to John , pulling him away but he doesn’t let go ‘’John, let go off him right this minute, what is the matter with you, i will not tolerate this , not in my office, not anywhere else”’
‘’No madam, see his face, the face of someone who lies and pretends, i think he is some illegal cunt, don’t you think so? Feeling fly with his pretty face, mocking me, mocking me..who the hell do you think you are?’’ he grabs him tighter, John is looking at him, he should punch him, why isn’t he reacting, he would have stopped him by now, what’s happen to it, did someone caution him, did Mr Emeka get to him, did Adora..No!! he was pretending to not want any trouble, who is he trying to impress, Adora, for what, to get her for himself? Is that why? No wonder he dropped her at her house yesterday, picked her up this morning, acting like a good person, even calling himself her PA and calling her Miss Adora, oh i see right through you fool, its not going to work… all this act, i will show her what you are, a snake, a cunning snake, and whatever you are hiding..i will bring to let you maggot.. Me John would destroy the nobody you are, i swear to you.
‘’Let him go!!’’ i yell at John
I was afraid, afraid of what Brian might do, i see him clench and unclench his fist, i see his eyes, as though fighting within himself, now John was pushing it, he was crossing the line
‘’You fool why don’t you say anything, do you know your place now huh, do you?’’
‘’Let go off me John, i don’t think you would want me to repeat that”’
Fuck new leaf!! He is getting me angry..
‘’oh, see there madam, see, the fucktard is showing!!’’
I pull John away with a force i didn’t know i had, i was not letting it happen.
For what it’s worth, Brian has proven he really wants to be away from all this, John was overstepping, and right now… it seems as though Mr Emeka wants more juice on him..and for some strange reason, i didn’t want Brian to slip and if i don’t stop this, he wouldn’t be wrong to punch John, he was inciting it and for once, i wouldn’t be sorry for John, he would deserve it..
But Brian wouldn’t slip up today, not on my account.
I don’t even know why i care or why i am bothered, maybe late i can ask myself that but for now… he wasn’t slipping up.
“’Get out John!!’’ he looks not believing his ears
‘’What madam, you see him-‘’
‘’Out!! You came in here and see we were actually working, you disregard my authority to stop all this and right now, he isn’t the one inciting you, he offered an apology which you threw back at his face and refused a hand of reconciliation, you are the one who have him against the wall and weren’t you surprised that he didn’t resist or react, you know he can beat you down, if last night is any indication, he is strong and fit like that, and if he isn’t doing so now it’s because he is choosing to be the better and mature man, so you do the same, if you know you can’t come here and have a conversation like a normal person while we are working, in my presence, please leave while we get back to work..i have so many things to deal with right now i do not want to be standing in Mr Emeka’s office explaining over you too not today, not ever, leave, go to department D and handle situations there, address the team and spearhead it while i am away and give me feedback ..’’
‘’But Madam, you are giving the fool!!’’ he sidesteps Me and hits his chest, Brian manages to hit his hands away
‘’ Argh!! You are pushing it John..really..!’’ Brian breaths stepping away, his finger is digging into his palm..’’ calm the fxxk down Brian, he isn’t worth it, inner peace, new leaf…forget the fool. You are here to make something off yourself, ..he don’t matter, but i swear if he hits me again i will not be responsible for my reflexes.
John stares at me, then at him ‘’We aren’t done here, not even close, “’ he storms out in anger and shuts my door with a back, i blink turning away to Brian, he is seated, his eyes closes, his hands clenching and unclenching, i see the veins to his neck and then his fist..
That’s anger, he really was controlling himself.
I stare at him, he would have just punched him, i would, John was a hug ass this morning, Brian apologised, waved the white flag even if he didn’t have to.
Now!! i wasn’t liking John that much, he bluntly refused to listen to me.
I stare at Brian again, maybe ..he was being genuine..maybe, he really has changed,.
I see him differently but i don’t know why. So without thinking, i go to him beside him, i bend, watching him..
His eyes closed, such beautiful long lashes for a guy, his fist clenching and unclenching, i put my hand over his, stopping it. He opens his eyes to stare at me, i see the anger, it’s there, maybe one second more John would have been lying down face down in pains, it must have taken a lot for him to control himself..What changed Brain, he seems, different…
‘’You okay? ‘’
He is looking at me, then at my hand over his hand, then back at me.
I swear i didn’t know why i did it, now i can’t drop my hands, there is something about his eyes and the way he was staring at me now.
It was different, the anger is gone, it’s replaced with something else,..
‘’I think…i am now”’ he stares at my hand again over his,
I follow his eyes, ‘’Sorry i didn’t-“’ i take my hand away as though something burnt me,
What the hell Adora..
I made to get up but he grabs my hand, placing it back..’’it felt better there, ‘’ he says staring at me
My throat closes
He smiles, it reaches his eyes ..he has such a handsome face when he smiles and it reaches his eyes..We stare at each other, locked.
He was angry, a little minute more he would have gotten John for being stupid, so he sat down, trying to cool off, folding and unfolding his fist, when he was angry..he likes to zone out, close his eyes and let it simmer down..
A few minutes he would have been okay, but he kept seeing the dog’s face.
Maybe he should keep aside the new leaf and go treat his mess-up, even for a minute, then he would offer his apologies, …
Just calm down Brian,..
He clenched and unclenches his fist..
Until he felt that warmth, over his hand…that warmth clasping his fist, like lightening bolts it shoots through his body from his hand to his chest, to his head and back to his hand..
That warm feeling spreading through his body, lingering at his left side beneath his chest.. he opens his eyes and he is staring into her eyes.
He suddenly felt better, the anger was gone.. he was left with a feeling he can’t truly comprehend.
What was happening to him, his chest closes, he rubs it mentally.
He wanted to tell her something, maybe about her eyes, her face, even her lips. Ánd when she removed her hands .. He missed that warmth, so he takes her hand back…and replaces it.
He swears, there was something strange going on here…
Something really really strange, and he can’t take his eyes off her.
Was Ikena right, does he like the witch? But that’s impossible, it can’t be. He hates her, he does..
He doe-
He doesn’t ! not anymore..
Damnit!!! He likes her
Unbelievable !!when in this universe did this happen? How did his hate turn to like?
How the hell did cupid…you sly bastard!!
He likes her, damnit!! He likes the witch..And by God he is tempted to kiss her. Really really tempted to.
He raises up his hand to touch her face when her phone rings, her eyes blinks once, twice, the connection breaks. Damn, ruined by the phone.
For a second there i was lost in those eyes, why was i drawn to them all of a sudden, didn’t make sense..
His hand over mine over his, he staring at me, that way, that way suddenly..pulls me in.
For a moment i stopped thinking..
It was as if , as if he was going to-
My phone rings.
I blink once, and then twice…
Suddenly i frown, what was i doing close to him and holding his hand like this?
What the hell Adora?
I drop my hands, getting up i grab my phone..’’Hello?’’
It was a client..
‘’Yeah, i will just get back to this!’’ Brian says leaning back up and grabbing the files
It’s another hour when we leave ..
I was hungry, i would just have to order something when i get there having lost track of time.
It was a quiet ride, Ikean drops us off and leaves, telling Brian he would be back at the usual time for him.
I notice John wasn’t in the office when i left, for some reason i am bothered about his state of mine, not towards me but Brian, now it feels like he is a time bomb waiting to happen.
To happen to Brian.
I wonder if i should tell him about the conversation with Mr Emeka? Maybe, he shouldn’t allow himself slip up, if this new him was genuine, he should keep at it and don’t let anyone take a ride and feast on his recent past behaviour and gain from it.
Maybe i was thinking nonsense.
I sigh entering the house, he shuts the door “’I don’t have anything at home to offer to you and i don’t think beer is your thing”’ Today just gets getting weirder and weirder
‘’It’s not. Plus i don’t drink on an empty stomach if i wanted to”’
‘’okay!’’ he drops his bag and disappears behind a door, i set my bag down and went about setting the camera, done i walk to his work table, curious if lib through his old work..looking at them..
This was pretty impressive, to create something like this from the mind from the stroke of pencils and pen and being able to calculate it as though solving a maths problem…making magic with hands, Artists are a special kinds of gods they say..
Designers were hybrids of both.
And hybrids in movies are sexy, hot, handsome..extremely dangerous, but passionate lovers.
If going by Nicklaus Michealson is any indication..
Maybe Brian is a –
“’i had that done the first time i knew how to hold a pencil, i got into architecture and designing when i realized i loved it’’
He came up behind me..
I turn ‘’I was just taking a look…it’s impressive!’’’ i admit
‘’Yeah!! This “’ he points at the drawing, lifting it above the one beneath it ‘’this was.. done in my final year, it was a project, it became a present for my professor, he loved it”’ there was a sparkle in his eyes
‘’it looks great”’
‘’yeah i would have shown you the finished work but…my phone “’ he says remembering his Iphone was with Gesto..he sighs dropping it back into his pocket
‘’That’s fine, maybe some other time, . “’
He smiles turning to me.. “’Yeah maybe”’
I clear my throat ‘’Shall we begin?’’
‘’Sure, !’’ he takes a seat
‘’okay, erm…gimme a minute let me order food, i am starving !!’’
I grab my phone walking away to a seat as i pull out my work pad..
‘’Hi hello good afternoon, i would like to make an order..yes”’ i tell her what i want, i cast him a look..
He is arranging his table, his pencils are set on the table , but one in his left ear, another in his hand, his compass and rulers, he had put on the light..he is staring hard at the board… he touches pencil to pen..
I should go turn on the camera..
I sigh looking away, “’Make it two for each, yes, same address, thank you!!’’
Adora, you have gone crazy.
Okay!! I just don’t want him to steal my food and run again..i am avoiding that.
Yeah right Adora,
Shut up Conscience !!
I cut the call walking to him ‘’ready?’’
‘’Yes , when you are!’’
I turn on the camera, standing infront of it ‘’Goodevening everyone, this is Adora Chime and we are here again to observe how magic is done, please, to our favourite person ..Brian, please say hello to your audience and we shall begin!!’’ i move away
That smile again, the more it reaches his eyes the more handsome he becomes.
And i begin to notice so many things about Brian that causes my throat to close.. and that awkward look in the office today, touching my hand..
I stare at it, strange, i could still feel the warmth of his hand.
What is happening to me, why do i feel…different. why?
‘’Thank you!!’’ i pay the girl and close the door. I couldn’t cut while filming so i drop it , i was so hungry i could hardly concentrate..i stare at the time, it was past 6pm already.
We go back to filming, no cuts, no breaks, more audience feedback. Brian is working, he is talking to the camera with live audiences and a few designers who wanted to find out how he achieved what he did.
The client comes on, he speaks to Brian, i zoom in on Brian as he describes how the house would look and what would be done as per his desire, while he does that he creates..
I watch him while i video, sometimes i let the camera capture him in some moments, while i record and while i engage the audience…he is quiet, serious, busy.
By 7am i go infront of the camera to end the session for today…
Today was long but we achieved alot. See how not fighting can do alot of good.
I put my things into my bag, i watch him stand up and stretch, putting off the light overhead his work area, he leaves the area and walks to where i am, taking a seat far from me. Then he gets up and disappears , returning back with beer, he is drinking.
‘’I am sorry but i just called Ikena, he would be here soon, he would go drop you and then come back for me”’
Crap i almost forgot , food.
I grab it while i wait, i stare at him ‘’You are not going to steal my food are you?’’
He smiles “’No!! Not today atleast”’
Against my better judgement, i smile “’Good!! I haven’t seen you eaten all day too so…not because i care or anything ..i got you a pack!!’’ i beckon to the food on the table next to him. I grab it and stretch it out to him..
He is staring at me, a weird look on his face “’You don’t want it? i didn’t see you have been working all day and last i checked your tummy was singing..i just thought you might be hungry unless you are fasting.”’
‘’You didn’t have to, i wouldn’t have ran away with your food, i promise!!’’
‘’Okay!! Well, it’s already here!!’’ i shake the plate
He gets up walking to me and takes it ‘’Thank you Adora,.. now i have to buy you breakfast , or lunch, or dinner’’
‘’Í wasn’t asking for your repayment-‘’
‘’I am not replaying, it is a gesture, and i want to. ‘’
’’YES, it’s not a big big deal, its a harmless food, just as you gave me, i just want to return the gesture, please !’’
That word please always disarms me, when it comes from his lips
‘’Fine!! Can i eat now ?’’
He smiles “’Sure!!’’
We eat in silence, he answers his phone, its Ikena, ..
‘’What is it?’’
‘’just stuck in a little traffic, should be hear soon’’
Done eating, we sit in silence.
It is awkward, it’s too eight.
I keep checking my time ‘’If he won’t get here soon i should just start finding my way home, “’
‘’He will be here..and you don’t know your way home”’
‘’Yes i do, i think i can find it”’
‘’Well, i won’t let you scurry in the dark, Ikena would be here soon, he will take you home”’ he says getting up and leaving me He returns wearing a white shirt, jeans and a black jacket..Was every night some outing night..he dressed the same as he did last night, was he going clubbing? Was he a night guy too. I turn away and relax my back, he is seated opposite me, staring at me
‘’You want to watch something while you wait?’’
I shrug
He goes to his huge Tv and puts it on.
I wonder, who was his friend, where was his friend, what does his friend do..and how come he left Brian here alone in this huge house that looks like a five star hotel..
Maybe , i would ask him one day..
The chair i was in was facing the Tv, it was a three seater, i am staring at him back, my eyes suddenly drops to his butt.
Taut, firm, Brian has a good butt.
Whoa!! I sit up physically shaking my head..where the hell did that come from, Adora?
He turns just then coming to me with the remote “’Erm…i have some action, comedies, romance, sci-fi..a whole lot of movies in my harddrive..choose your pick”’ he hand it to me , i take it.
Scrolling through, i see the notebook, i smile, i loved that movie.
‘’You too huh?’’
I look up “’Me too what?’’
‘’My mother and all the girls i know loves that movie’’ he says seating down.
All the girls he knows huh!!
I frown..
‘’It’s a great love story, i am a sucker for love stories ’’i tell him.
‘’Well, love stories are clichés, actions and sci-fi on the other hand are thought provoking..’’’
‘’My love story, your thought provoking “’
He throws his hands on the air and leans back on the chair, i excitedly press the play and lean back as the movie began
Then it happen, that awkward moment when they kiss and makeup, the intensity, the passion..It was awkward, Brian was a arm stretch apart, ..
Should i forward it, it would look and feel more awkward.
Do i not forward it? It still would look and feel awkward as we both have to watch the love making scene..
Maybe i should close my eyes, now that is worse than the both.
I risk a glance at him and he was staring at me..
My heart catches in my chest.