Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 12


Flex Empire
Donflex was sitting in his office, professor johnbull and Froshberry were sitting before him.

“tomorrow is the opening day of Benin airport and you know our plan for Mr Charles Thomas. ” Donflex said looking keenly at them.

“yes, we kill the minister of aviation affairs.” Froshberry answered.

“Correct. How is my Made men?”

“They are all fine and healthy but I think there’s a little problem” professor Johnbullsaid.

“What is it?”

“They were recently attacked by another team. I guess they are some underground agents or spies that are after us”

“Didn’t the made men defeat them?” Donflex asked.

“Actually the reversed was the case. They attacked lex and Lisa and would have taken them captives if not for the quick intervention of the other guys”

“You mean they almost got Lisa and Lex?”

“Yes but fear not boss. I am trying to devise a plan and with time, I believe we will capture this guys.”

“You better do that quickly. I don’t want to believe there is someone out there stronger than the made men. And you Froshberry, any problems?”

Froshberry wanted to tell Donflex about the constant hacking into their system by the so called Baby N but kicked against it. He didn’t want to be seen as the second best in the
country and had made up his to apprehend Baby N.

“No sir. The IT department is doing fine”

“Very good. I know you’re simply the best, keep up the good work. You two can go for now”

“Alright sir” they said and left.

Next day.
Natasha was dressed in a red gown that stopped few inches above her knee level. She wore red heels and took a red purse to match. She looked herself in her standing mirror and blushed. She looked too good, with big hips, so big that boys can kill each other just to be with her.

“Hmm, seems someone is going for a date?” Her uncle said as he suddenly stepped in.

“No uncle, it’s not a date. Just hang out with friends”

“Hmm, am finally glad you have made friends. Just make sure you stay out of trouble right?”

“Yes uncle” Natasha said and left.

The whole staffs kept looking at Natasha with mouth agape, she was looking too stunning and beautiful.

“Welcome Natasha” Elvis greeted “we can now proceed with the journey”

“You look beautiful sweetie” Lucy said with a wink while Natasha blushed.

“How many of us are going over there?” Natasha managed to ask.

“The six of you. I will remain here at base with the other workers” Elvis replied.

“One more thing, the opening of the airport is few hours from now. How are we gonna get there on time. It can take more than six hours from port harcourt to Benin via road.”

“Don’t worry yourself Natasha. Follow me” Elvis said and led the way.

They climbed the roof top and Natasha was amazed to see a helicopter parked there. They are going to Benin via copter.

“I love this” she murmured under her breath.

It was Natasha’s first time to travel by a helicopter and she was amazed at how fast it can go. Their flight to Benin took at most forty five minutes.

They landed the copter far from the airport that was about to get opened. They walked to a restaurant where they sat down and ordered drinks.

“The airport will be opened soon. Natasha, hack into their server again, let’s see their attacking strategy” Ken commanded.

Natasha brought out a flash drive from her pocket and inserted it into her laptop. The flash drive contained two softwares, one she created for hacking and the other to cover her tracks. With the second software, froshberry wouldn’t know if she’s in their server or it will delay the time an alarm will go off.

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“Done” Natasha said “they are sending the made men”

“Hmm, was expecting that” Evans said.

“Is there something more to it?”Ben asked.

“Yes” Natasha replied. “Four Made men will stay at the roof top of four buildings. The four buildings are few meters away from the airport, they are situated North, East, West and South. Each Made men is possessing an automatic x9q sniper”

“Ouch, that’s bad” Lucy said.

“There’s even more to it” Natasha said “the leader Leo will be disguised in the airport. Should in case anything gets wrong, he will finish the mission ASAP”

“Hmm, their plan seems perfect what are we going to do now?” Sam asked.

“Natasha will stay here with the computer to monitor our move while the five of us storm inside and stopped them” Ken said.

“NO” Natasha protested “Ben will stay here with the computer to monitor our move while I enter inside the airport to distract Lex”

“What??” They shouted.

“Yes, I have met Lex before. Two or three days before you fought him. I met him on the street you fought him, well he saved me from the hands of thugs”

“Yes” Sam shouted “maybe that was why he kept walking through that same street for two days”

“He was looking for you” Ken said smiling.

“Yes and now he’s gonna meet me. I hope he is ready for our encounter”

“Natasha is right” Lucy said. “She will make the perfect distraction for him”

“So Ben will stay here with the computer and monitor our move as we go in” Natasha said.

“Brilliant”Ben said smiling too. He brought out a little bag. It contained gadgets and masks. Each agent took a mask except Natasha, she didn’t need it.

“Take this bug” Ben said giving her a chip.

“Plant it on his body and he won’t receive any message, signal or transmission that will be sent to him. This bug you see is very small but powerful”

“Thanks” Natasha said collecting the bug.

Each agents took a pin from the bag and kept in their pocket.

“What’s that pin for?” Natasha asked.

“When things get rusty, insert it on your enemy’s skin and he is temporary paralyzed” Lucy said with a smirk.

Ken brought out another bag, it contained guns, all the guns were silencers, with knives.

“Why silent guns?” Natasha asked stupidly.

They all looked at themselves before answering “we want minimum noise”

When everyone was through picking guns and knives, except for Natasha. They took a small earphone each for communication before they all stood up and walked to their target point.

Ben quickly took the laptop, hacked into the surveillance cameras and started watching everywhere in the airport.

He looked around the restaurant, still no customers so there was no cause for alarm.

“Donflex, you will be shocked today” Ben murmured under his breath.