Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 15


Lex was dumbfounded and couldn’t speak.
“gimme a minute please” He said and ran inside his room. He took his phone and quickly dialled Froshberry’s number.

“hello frosh, I need your help?”

“Lex! What’s the problem?” Froshberry replied.

“well there’s this girl I met some weeks ago and well things didn’t turn out well when first met. But some days ago, we met again and did some proper introduction and I kinda told her about Flex empire and…and….she did like to erm….”

“she wants a job here?” Froshberry asked.

“wait, How did you know?”

“common Lex am not a little boy. Bring her over here tomorrow. Bye” Froshberry said ending the call.

“yes!!!!!” Lex shouted.

Natasha and Lex walked into the building. Lex had agreed to help Natasha out. Natasha had insisted that she come and meet him the next day with her credentials before heading to Flex empire but Lex was determined to take her there, so he changed into something nice and they drove off.

“Wow, this place is really huge” Natasha said. Truly the place was very big. She needed to be very smart in other to carry out her spy Job effectively.

Just then, Natasha saw Donflex walking into an office with professor Johnbull and the ever clever computer geek Froshberry. She felt irritated at the sight of Donflex, she felt like killing him that instant as she looked at the path he took with bad eyes. It was a good thing they didn’t see her.

“Hey Natasha, anything wrong?” Lex asked Natasha as she had been squeezing his hand. She held his hand immediately she saw Donflex but wasn’t aware of her actions.

“Sorry” Natasha apologized “I was carried away with some bad memories”

“Bad memories? About what?”

“Never mind. You said we are gonna meet froshberry right?”


“But he is with Donflex right now”

“Then we wait” Lex said as he took Natasha to an elevator that was about to move upwards.

Froshberry entered his office. They were devising a new plan on how to capture the agents that were spoiling their plans.

“Hi” Lex greeted Froshberry. Froshberry paused for awhile before looking at Lex. He was surprise, Lex came early. He had told lex to come the next day. He looked behind lex and saw a very cute looking girl by his side.

“Don’t tell me you are inviting me to your wedding?” Froshberry said with a naughty smile.

“Ah not so. She is the girl I told you about who’s in search for a job here, since she studied computer engineering and software programming, I think you can secure a job for her in the IT department”

“Oh, what’s your name?” Froshberry asked.

“My name is Natasha”

“Natasha, beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Don’t worry, come here tomorrow with your credentials, then we can sort things out. For now, I have other things to attend to”

“Thank you sir, I will be here tomorrow” Natasha said as she gave way for Froshberry to pass before she came out of the office with lex.

“What do you think? Is he gonna give me the job?” Natasha asked.

“Yes am sure he will. I think I should show you more places here. I can even set a meeting between you and Don flex.”

“No” Natasha said too quickly “erm, am tired and I need rest”

“alright I will be driving you home” lex said and they took a corridor leading to the left but just then, they bumped into professor Johnbull.

“Sorry sir” lex and Natasha greeted him.

“It’s nothing lex, and who is this beautiful angel right here?” Professor Johnbull asked.

“I am Natasha” Natasha said stretching fort her hand. Professor Johnbull stared at Natasha closely, her face looked familiar.

He tried recalling where or when he saw her but couldn’t. If he hadn’t meet her, he was sure he had come in contact with someone that resembles her.

“I am professor johnbull” Johnbull said as he took her hand in his.

“Have you met her before?” Lex asked professor Johnbull.

“Maybe and maybe not but her face does ring a bell. Anyway, bye” he said and walked away.

“Don’t mind him, he is so creepy” lex said leading Natasha away.

“I still have a bad feeling about this, I shouldn’t have used my name there” Natasha said to Elvis and the five underground agents.

“Yes, I support Natasha in this. Didn’t you see the way professor Johnbull kept staring at her” Ben said.

“Yes I know but we can’t use another name. The name written on your credentials and all your certificate is Natasha, so we can’t change your name” Elvis said.

“But we can easily forge a new CV, I can do that” Natasha said.

“Even I too” Ben added.

“No, this case is different. They don’t just employ anybody they see. They will do some underground check up. They will also send some people to the school you graduated from with your pictures. There, they will
gather much information about you and if it didn’t match your CV, or your name happens to be different, they are sending you to jail. That is after you survive a bullet in your chest. But as long as you don’t have any previous or bad past record with any of them, including their staffs, you’re free to work with them. Nothing will happen to you”

“Hmm, that’s why the workers they are very loyal but wait, did you have any previous bad records with them?” Lucy asked.

“No” Natasha lied. “I am clean with them” she said for fear of Elvis cancelling the mission when he gets to know that Donflex killed her parents.

“alright and don’t worry Natasha, we got you covered” Elvis said with a smile.

××× {running analysis} ×××
×××{access granted}×××

Natasha smiled, she just hacked into one of the famous African stories site,

She was going to deactivate the account of an Admin. The so called Admin had had the guts to insult her and threatening to deactivate her account simply because she commented on the wrong thread.
××{Are you sure you want to deactivate this account. Note, account can’t be brought back once deactivated successfully}××

She quickly clicked on the continue button.

×××{ please wait……}×××
×××{ Account deactivated}×××

“That will teach him a lesson” she said as she left her laptop and headed to the bathroom.

Few minutes later, Natasha was well dressed. She came out and greeted her uncle before leaving to Flex empire.

froshberry was amazed. Natasha seemed to know everything about computers. She developed two security camera softwares in his front.

She was also good at tracking, locating and squeezing out any information through the satellite revolving outside the earth.

“In as much as I hated it, I have to give you credit, you are a little bit better than me when it comes to softwares programing”

Natasha just smiled. She knew he knew she was better than him, far better in all aspect of a computer.

“So have I gotten the job?”

“Can’t say for now, but I will get back to you” froshberry said even though it was obvious he will employ her, even if he have to sack his best worker to do so.

“Alright sir, have got to go” Natasha said, she stood up and shook hands with him before she walked out of the office.

Immediately Natasha got out. Froshberry took his phone and typed…

“Agent S, get me all details about this girl. I am forwarding all information you need. Her pics and everything. I want you to dig into her life, her educational background and found out if she have any previous record with any of our staffs.”

Froshberry sat down thinking when his message had been delivered.

“This girl is very smart. Something ain’t right somewhere. Hmm, NATASHA!”
To be continued