The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 35


He sighs , argh…you are making it so damn difficult to be this Brian Adora, he closes his eyes and opens it , speaking honestly “’That Brian had a lot of bad mojos, understandable bad mojos, it’s personal so i will deal with it, trying to deal with it so i locked him up in the toilet and had a good talk with him, so he promises to behave as long as others behave too. So, can we start all over , please.? I will go first, My name is Brian, and i am your PA. Can i please take you to the office so we can begin this journey of Boss and PA..Miss Adora!!’’
I think my mouth literally hit the floor, and the hot retort in my mouth refuses to roll out, as though all of a sudden my brain shuts down, i am not able to think and even my head and tongue and maybe my body was giving this dude a standing ovation..
He is staring at me, waiting.
Yep, i am speechless, this wasn’t happening..this…
‘’Say something , please!!’’
I blink a couple of times, i open my mouth but nothing comes out, he smiles
‘’That bad huh, i know i have that effect on women!!’’ he smiles broadly this time, and i think this was the first time i have really seen the way his eyes sparkles when the smile reaches his eyes.
He had beautiful eyes.
I blink.
‘’Come on, this is awkward!!’’
I collect myself and thin my lips , i won’t give in like that, what if it was a ploy to get me to lose my guard, break down my walls so that he goes back to being the Brian who is an obnoxious annoying brat who is all shades of irritably annoying and the one i hate and wish i never met who has caused me all this trouble.
But what if he was being honest, what if this was getting to him too, maybe Mr Emeka was coming down on his too and he was tired of the problems…
Or what if this as a game to unhand me from my position..
What if he really wants to start over and work..
What if’-
‘’Miss Adora?’’ he calls me
Damn!!! He is evening putting the ‘’Miss ‘’ to my name without being asked, nor forced, and it did feel good. It did.
But it was suspicious.
Even uncomfortable. I had wanted him to respect me, my person and my office since the first day we stood face to face and had fought him for his lack of respect and all that and we ended up at logger heads, like cats and dogs..
That right now he wanting to do that is….strange. it feels great thought but strange.
Was this for real? Should i give him the benefit of the doubt or i shouldn’t.
What to do?
I bite my lower lips staring at him
She bites her lower lips as he stares at her, he followed the movement of her red painted lips and sees her white teeth as it curves her lover lips and nips it.
He quickly stares away, but he stares back immediately.
Her lips was full, generously full.. that red colour makes it even dangerously inviting. And then biting of the lower lips, doesn’t she know it’s a tempting thing to him when a woman does that.
It would make him grave to taste those lips and see if it’s as soft as her teeth makes it to be, and see if he can kiss out those red away from the lips and leave it naked, soft, wet naked full lips and maybe drink from it as see if it’s as sweet as it looks, taste as good as it looks…
She keeps biting those lips..
‘’Stop..”’ he breaths, he folds his hands by his side so he isn’t tempted to raise his hands to touch her face while looking at her lips drawing him in and separate it with his fingers and replace them with his own lips, bite them slightly with his own teeth, send pleasure down to her body, the way it sends pleasure down to him when a lover sexily nibs his lips while kissing…
What the hell was happening to him, why the hell is she still doing it?
‘’Stop!!’’ he repeats closing his eyes, taking a step forward..raising his hands to her face and then dropping it immediately
“’Stop what?’’ i frown wondering why he suddenly stepped closer
‘’Erm.. i mean, Stop thinking about it”’ he clears his throat, Good, she wasn’t biting her lips anymore
‘’Look Brian if this-“’
‘’It isn’t “’
‘’What if..because i promise you i will make your life horrible if this is a game, we are here to work and i am here to do my job and i swear if this is a ploy to get me fired or some stupid game to-‘’’
His finger was to my lips before i could stop him ,’’ It isn’t, i promise, so please stop talking..i beg you”’ he says , but his index finger doesn’t drop from my lips,
I am speechless, i tense, our eyes meet..i hold my breath.
His eyes goes to my lips, mine follows his eyes, now i stare at his..
‘’i am sorry”’ he steps back, ‘’I didn’t mean to …was just trying to stop you..from talking i didn’t mean..your ..erm…touch your apologies Miss Adora”’ he says stepping away
The breath i had been holding suddenly releases, dear God that was intense.
What the hell was that just now?
I blink twice, trying to remember how we got to this very point.
I frown looking at him, ..what has suddenly happened to Brian, me Miss Adora to him? Even my name sounds awkward even to my ears when he calls me like that.
Be cautious Adora.. be very cautious, this is a snake, a cunning one, maybe this game of his is just to break down her guard and then bite her and infect her with his venom.
Exactly is his venom anyways..
Deep sigh.
Benefit of the doubt right? Fine,
‘’You aren’t dumb, i said fine”’ i say
‘’okay, if we are going to do this, it means no name calling”’
‘’But you call me witch!!’’ i point out
‘’well….witch suits you!’’ he smirks with a smile that reaches his eyes
‘’Argh!! You-‘’
But he was laughing, ‘’See, name calling incites an emotion, so no name calling, deal?’’
Seeing his point, “’Deal!’’
He stretches out his hands to me “’Hi, i am Brian, your PA, project partner and whatever”’
I eye his hands , reluctantly i slide my hands into his “’Adora, your Boss !’’
He smiles “’Great, now, can i please take you to the office Miss Adora, and the journey may be long and i can’t promise i won’t slip up and be the annoying obnoxious Brian but i can try to be better, we are here to do a job right. So we will’’
‘’And i won’t relent to call you out when you do!!’’ i withdraw my hand when he lingers,
I walk past him, Ikena comes out of the car and opens the door “’Good morning ma’am!”’ he greets
‘’Morning Ikena, and ..did something happen to him last night, or this dude is some sort of an imposter, i am used to ..the other Brian i want to smash his head through the wall, this Brian? I don’t know whether to be happy he is different or build more walls up so he doesn’t catch me unawares and do something i may want to kill him for“’ i lower my voice
Ikena smiles throwing Brian a look “’You want my advice, take this Brian, he might not be the person you know but if he is willing to toss the other self that you hate, you and me both, i think we should key in on that and if you ever want to kill him, i may provide the body bag”’ he winks
I laugh ‘’’For a driver you have a good sense of humour and a good command of English, i am tempted to ask you who you are, you dress too neat for a driver, all the company drivers are ..well neat but you, there is something about you’’
‘’maybe, because i went to school, got a decree, and a lousy driver job for an equally annoying passenger, ‘’’he winks at me
I shake my head ‘’Funny guy”’
‘’what are you both laughing about?’’ Brian is behind us
‘’You Sir!!’’ Ikena says stepping away, i slip into the car
‘’Very funny Ikena ‘’ he goes to the other side and slips in, i adjust to the other side, sceptical about this new change i wasn’t sure would last.
We drive silently for a few minutes, i am waiting for him to burst into laughter and tell me i have just been played and show me why i hate him, but he is quiet, too quiet.
‘’i know i am handsome, but you keep staring at me is making me uncomfortable. I promise…i aint playing you”’
Was he reading my mind?’’
‘’i didn’t say anything,”’ i turn away
‘’But you are thinking it””
‘’Doesn’t matter’’’i reply “’Infact it does matter, why, why now.? Why do you want to turn a new leaf right now after making my life unbearable for this past few weeks eh, causing me to be punished for things you started hmm..why?’’
He sighs “’ I am sorry about that, and i will tell you all that is over, i will talk to Emeka if you like to clear it all, from now on, no more troubles from me“’
‘’I don’t believe you”’
‘’You just have to wait and see then”’ he smiles at me and then turns away
‘’why what?’’
‘’Why did you decide to change your annoying streak?’’ i let it roll off my tongue, i wasn’t apologetic
He turns to face me ‘’ Maybe one day i will tell you all about it”’
‘’Right!’’ i turn away looking at the back of Ikena’s head, but he doesn’t look away.
“’You are staring at me, why?
He turns away without saying anything .
‘’And yes you are!’’ he states, his voice was low, his look serious as he stares away, i throw him a look
‘’Yes i am what?’’
‘’Pretty..!!’’ he doesn’t look at me,
My phone rings which stops me from uttering anything, maybe i wouldn’t have been able to utter anything because my throat closed and my mouth went dry.
“’Hello?’’ i hear the voice from the phone as i place it to my ear “’Hello?’ Miss Adora hello?’’
I blink a couple of times before the voice registers, it was John.
I see his handsome features squeeze as he turns away,
‘’Ma’am, i just got to your place and the securities is not allowing me to enter saying that you just left, please speak to them so they let me in so i can come pick you, i guess it was the whole about last night that they are sceptical and-“’
‘’John, john..i am so sorry, i just left!!’’
“’You just left? When? How?..but you don’t know your way and-“’
‘’No John erm..’’ i throw him a look, i don’t have to lie, i am not doing anything sneaky am i..erm..
‘’i had a ride”’
‘’from who?’’ his voice tone causes me to frown
‘’Ikena ‘’ i say
Brian throws me a look, i notice Ikena throws me one to from the mirror
‘’who…you mean?’’
‘’Yes, from Brian and Ikena the driver, and we are almost at the office, i am sorry i forgot to tell you!’’ i say ‘’Slipped my mind, please just start heading back to the office and we would talk, so sorry John, my apologies “’
I watch Brian fisting and un-fisting, his frown deepening, but he is quiet, it felt as though he was struggling not to say anything. Why does this John annoy him so much. What was their deal.
‘’It’s fine Ma’am, i know he did it on purpose so he can, i know what that sly fox is up to and he shouldn’t worry, i will make sure i break his legs when i reach the office, does he think because of last night he can overpower me, oh i have a surprise for him Ma’am, don’t worry soon all his stupid behaviour towards you will stop, i promise you, imagine, the fool, no wonder Tombra was asking me where i was going to as soon as she answered a call, i am sure he was the one that called her…oh..i will-‘’
Okay, that was enough
“’John, we are at the office i will see you soon, okay bye”’ i cut the call
A long stretch of awkward silence
A very uncomfortable lone stretch of awkward silence
‘’You know if you want to say something you can instead of being quiet and fighting with your demons”’
He chuckles “’I actually don’t have anything to say, other than, when do we go for the designing back at me, i will work around your schedule and what other things would you want me to do for you, as your PA ofcourse before we go back to mine and continue the designing for the client’’
Okay this sounds too good to be true
‘’Erm, i would have to check!!’’
‘’Very well Miss Adora!!’’
Now, why does my name make me cringe when he calls it, i was used to the name calling, it was better, i was comfortable, this Miss Adora here, Miss Adora there..
Eeeeish!!! This new Brian is creepily uncomfortable,.
What the hell was wrong with me, shouldn’t i be happy, now i am …i don’t know. I frown.
“”Here we are Ma’am!!’’ Ikena drives to a stop as we alight
‘’I would let you know when we are ready’’! Brian turns to Ikena
‘’Thank you Ikena”’ i tell the driver and walk away
Ikena holds Brian’s hand before he could leave ‘”Quick question, what are you doing Sir?’’
‘’’What do you mean what am i doing?’’
‘’’This, pretending to be nice and all that jazz”’
‘’I am nice Ikena”’
‘’Not to me you are not, or to John, or to Mr Emeka and not to any other person per say“’
‘’I am nice to the ladies”’
‘’Doesn’t count, even the devil is nice to ladies and you are only nice because of what you get, doesn’t count’’
‘’You are my driver”’ Brian states
‘’Stroke bodyguard, stroke military man and black ops and whatnot, doesn’t mean you can’t be nice to me sir”’
‘’I don’t get it, are you jealous, is that it?’’ Brian tries not to laugh
‘’Very funny i am just trying to make sense Sir, one minute you both are at loggerheads and the next you are waving the white flag and wanting to start over even telling her she is pretty..pretty? Did you hit your head sir, someone laced your drink would loony drugs, or..what, you are pretending .. aren’t you?’’
Brian is shaking his head “’Nope, my head is fine, and i really don’t owe you any explanation or anything but i will tell you..i have grown a new leaf, not big bamboo plant leaf with the tall tree over head, but, a flower, small petal maybe one day it would become a shed that you can sit under and smoke a pipe and drink a beer hmm, and “’ he smiles shaking his head ‘’I am not lying, i am surprised even admitting it but she is pretty, she is feisty, yes, temperamental and stuff, witchy, but she is pretty.. was just saying the truth to her, doesn’t mean anything ‘’
Ikena stares at him “’I don’t know if you are lying or trying to throw me off your scent’’
‘’You are not a dog Ikena, you are annoying but not a dog, John is a dog”
‘’Aha!! There, you are back, i knew it was pretends”’
Brian shakes his head ‘’No, i am not pretending. I don’ t get this, i..”’ he runs his hand over his face “I mean i felt ..i don’t know, when he called her i just felt some certain anger and..”’
‘’You were jealous!!’’
‘’No i wasn’t, it was something else””
‘’Yes, Jealously, i see it, that look… there it is, John..John…John likes Adora and you simply don’t like it, you are jealous and that means you like her!!’’
“”You are annoying , you need to turn a new leaf Ikena, you are worse than me, i am going inside, i have turned a new leaf and you will not bring me down to your level. I am not listening…na na na na na na…i am not listening, i am not jealous , i am a new person and i will not indulge your nonsense, me jealous? Please, i am being civil, want to make something out of myself and prove my father wrong and anyone that i can’t be independent because i can..bye Ikena ..bye….’’ he closes his ears walking away
Ikena is laughing “’ Fool, he likes her”’ Ikena shakes his head as he enters and drives away