Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 10


Ken rushed towards Lex. He gave Lex a knee to head, raised him up and threw him hard against a concrete wall.
Lex was already weak, he has lost enough blood from his leg already. He groaned at the impact of his back against the wall. He never knew or expected that Ken would be very strong.
Lisa charged towards Lucy. Lucy smiled, she did a front flip and gave Lisa a spinning kick at her injured arm.
“Arghhh!!!” Lisa groaned.
Lucy jumped on her neck, used her legs to hold Lisa’s neck passed in between Lisa’s leg. This stunt made Lisa to fall down face flat to the ground.
Without wasting time, she held Lisa’s hand and twisted it in between her legs in a submission maneuver.
Lisa was already weak from her arm injury so she couldn’t do much but to receive pains beyond human bearing.
Ken raised Lex up and threw him to the ground for the second time with brute force. Lex fell down and did a Chinese get up immediately.
“Though guy enh” Lex said panting “now my turn”
“Ha ha ha, you can’t do anything to me Lex. You simply can’t.”
“Let’s see about that.”
Ken charged towards lex but Lex rolled over very swiftly. Before Ken could turn around, Lex delivered a spear to him.
Ken fell down, he pushed lex away from his body and held his stomach. He felt great pains at that moment.
Ken used all his power to deliver a blow to Lex but Lex dodged him. He tried kicking lex but Lex held his leg in mid air and swept the other leg that gave him support on the ground.
“Ouch does it hurt, falling like a woman” lex mocked Ken as he held him by his legs and delivered a submission maneuver to him.
Lisa couldn’t bear it anymore, she managed to break free from Lucy and they both stood up at the same time.
“Who’s the b—h now?” Lucy said to Lisa.
“Time will tell” Lisa said as she charged forward towards Lucy. She gave Lucy a direct knee to head with a high lift that surprised even Lucy who was caught unaware.
Lucy tried to stand up with her nose oozing with blood but a back flip kick got her sprawling to the ground.
Lisa smiled, she held Lucy by hair and drew it with force making Lucy to scream in pains.
“I told you time will tell”
Ken knew he was in a bad position. He used his right arm to hit lex injured leg.
Lex immediately let go of him, he tried to stand up but Ken gave him a big boot with his powerful leg. Lex was blinded temporarily.
Ken used this to his advantage, he brought out a needle from his pocket and injected lex, the substance immediately made him weak.
Lisa was still dragging Lucy’s hair when she felt a sharp object at the back of her neck, she fell down unconscious.
“Thanks partner” Lucy said to Ken.
“You are welcome, just be careful next time”
“I definitely will”
“Wow, now we have got them. The leader of the Made men and his assistance” Ken said breathing hard.
“Yes, they are really powerful you know. They almost got us, and they are with injuries”
“Well it’s a good thing we have them”
Lex and Lisa were paralyzed and helpless. The substance injected into their bodies was very strong.
Ken and Lucy wanted to take their bodies to their base but then………
Arrows flew past them, the other Made Men are here and Raphael kept on shooting at them.
“D–n, this is too bad” ken said.
“Yes, we can’t fight all the three made men, and we can’t carry this two and manage to escape on time too”
“common Lisa, I advice we leave here ASAP” ken said and within two minutes, they had found their way out of there through buildings close by.
“I will go after them” Alex said as he wanted to chase them.
“No, can’t you see what they did to Lex and Lisa, I advice you stay behind or risk visiting your creator” Leo said.
“Common, Leo is right Alex. Let’s get this two to base. They need immediate check up and we also need to know who those guys are. They don’t appeared to be ordinary agents. They are super and stronger agents just like we are and we don’t know how many they are in numbers. Common let’s take this two to base” Raphael said and they took the unconscious Lex and Lisa to their base.
“D–n it, we almost had them but the rest of the made men did interfere and stopped us” ken said to his boss Elvis.
“Did any combat take place between you two against them?” Ben the computer genius asked.
“Yes, but we did shoot them first so they were already weak before we started fighting them” Lucy said.
“Wow, this is almost unbelievable. These shows that the made men are weak and with good strategy, we can bring them down” Sam the co-leader chipped in.
“You are right Sam” Elvis their boss said after listening to everyone. “Ken and Lucy, you did a very great job. I must say am glad even though we didn’t have them in our net. This shows that you are very courageous and brave. Nice one. Ben, what’s up with the Job I gave you?”
“Which Job did you give him to do?” Ken asked.
“While you and Lucy were away. I told him to try and hack into the server of Flex empire”
“Wow that’s good. So have you done it?” Ken asked.
“No I haven’t. I tried my best but I guess it wasn’t good enough. Their server is encrypted with softwares that are specially designed from China and all my softwares here can’t hack them. Both the ones I created and the ones we imported” Ben said looking very tired.
There was disappointment on the faces of everyone.
“But” he said and they all looked up “someone have been hacking into their system for the past one week”
“Do you know who the person is? Is the person from Nigeria? Ken asked.
“The person is from Nigerian but I don’t know who the person is?”
“Alright, this gives us a new mission. We are gonna commence operation search for the mysterious person immediately” Elvis shouted.
“Yes sir” they all shouted.
Flex empire.
The five made men were all sitting down with professor johnbull with them.
Lex and Lisa had been revived. They were lying down with some bandages on their wounds.
“So we now have new enemies. But did you see their faces?” Professor Johnbull asked.
“No, they wore masks and were very careful. Their fighting skills is great. They almost got us you know” Lex answered.
“Hmm, for now we have got to be very careful. It’s a good thing Alex and the rest came in time to rescue you guys. Whoever those guys are, I have this feeling we are going to meet them very soon” professor johnbull said.
“And when we do, it’s game over” the made men shouted.


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