The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 36


Damilolo was escorted into the premises, the securities who see her coming open the entrance and lets her in
“’Welcome Ma’am!’’ they greet as she makes her way down the hall passing staffs and nodding to a few greeting.
She had never been one for the spotlight but being married to a rich and influential man like Kenekan Andrews, there are things you cannot avoid, one of them being the special recognition you get when you walk into a place much less your husband’s multibillionaire oil company in Lagos amongst others.
They treat her like royalty, call her ma’am with a bow, and the securities that follow her is enough to send out for a small war, and she is but one woman, but her husband wouldn’t hear of it
‘’You are Lolo, wife of one of the richest man in Nigeria and in Africa, Jonathan Kenekan Andrews, ofcourse you get to be treated like royalty and i do not expect anything less’’ he had told her when she complained “’You are getting the world my darling, here on earth and maybe in heaven if i get a chance to speak to God and discuss some arrangements for my lolo”’ he laughs kissing her,
She shakes her head , marry a poor man, problem, marry a rich one …phew!! more problem, she smiles, Kenekan.. he takes care of his own, oh he would be shocked to hear when she tells him about Brian.
‘’is my husband in a meeting?’’
‘’Yes ma, let me go tell him-“’ his PA stands up as she walks in
‘’No it is fine Chile, i will wait!!’’
‘’but Ma, Mr Andrews always says we should let him know if you come and we shouldn’t ‘’
Lolo tells her securities to leave her alone, she wonders if they were paid to stand so close to her even when she is safe inside her husband’s company… she really can do fine by herself.
‘’Chile, if my husband is having a meeting that is fine, i can wait, i know it is important so i will not barge in and wave my legal right over him, let him have his meeting, i will wait in the VIP area”’
“Okay ma, can i have them send you anything ma?’’
‘’yes please, the usual, thank you Chile, and nice work on the project your team worked on, saw it in the news”’
Chile smiles ‘’Thank you ma, let me get them for you”’
Lolo climbs the stairs and goes into the room, taking a seat she crosses her legs and picks up a magazine, after here she would stop by her shops, address her managers and plan her trip for the Dubai set up .
It’s another forty minutes before the men who he had been having a closed door meeting with get up
‘’Thank you so much Mr Andrews, this should cover it all, the projects would be finalized, and we would start working with the china companies as soon as”’
“’Yes, and the auditing ?’’ he wanted to know
‘’It would be carried out immediately, apparently there was some lopehole in the finances dated back two years ago, but since the one responsibly as been relief, we won’t be having that problem of finance shortages anymore, we are glad that you are reconsidering on a new agreement’’
‘’it would be profitable for both companies Mr Lu”’ Kenekan tells him ‘’I will have my accountant continue with the release and the oil drilling to commence, the government has approved it and we have had a talk with the communities affected’’
‘’Yes, a total cleanup for the areas affected is already underway since last week, we are hoping for a positive result ‘’ another man says
‘’And the payoff, that is on your Mr Lu, have you spoken to your people,?’’ Mr Andrews asks him
‘’Yes, they are sending people down there as we speak, they would meet with their chiefs and middlemen and those communities directly affected would be duly compensated, the new area is void of life and those who are being evacuated for the drilling are set up in other areas far from it, where they wouldn’t have the same problem as we did”’
‘’We hope so too, it’s my name on the line Mr Lu, and i do not like bad publicity especially when someone was trying to play a fast one and cause me to take the fall for it, i am glad we were able to fish him out and terminate his job thus averted it, however..though the damage has been done and proactive measures are put in place to rectifying it, that is why i am reconsidering’’
Mr Lu nods “’We are glad, well Mr Andrews, we would take our leave now, we would keep intouch”’ they shake hands, he walks them to the door
Chile greets them as they exit his office and shows them to the elevator as they descend down.
Kenekan enters back into his office and takes a sit. The knock comes barely a few seconds later and Chile walks in..
‘’Yes Chile, what else do i have on my schedule? “’’
“’You have the Penial construction conference with the media team, a meeting with the Brooks by 2 and 4pm respectively, in between that, your lunch with congressman Tim Highlander is set at Echelon hotel to discuss the alliances and expansion of the Andrews bay, also..the commission for the new company is by 6m which would kick off the charity event immediately, your last fitting would be done before that, the designer is already on his way and he apologises for the inconvenience of last meeting change, and also…your wife is in the VIP room”’
He turns to her sharply, “’My wife Lolo? When did she come?’’
‘’Over an hour ago… i am so sorry Sir i told her i was coming to tell you but she insisted that i do not bother you with your meeting, please do not be upset with me sir i know how you don’t like to keep her waiting ‘’ Chile apologises
Kenekan sighs shaking his head, knowing Lolo, very typical, very…her , he gets up “’It’s okay Chile, next time whatever she says just let me know, i hate to have her wait for me, did you send something for her?’’
‘’Yes sir, okay sir, let me go tell her you are done with the meeting”’ she turns to leave
‘’No Chile, it’s fine, i will do that, here, take this files to the appropriate departments and get Mr Adamu to check in with me before he leaves for the China talks with Mr Lu, i told them i would send in one of my experts and i need one of my man on standby to give me daily feedbacks on activities, we do not want to be surprised again’’ he hands her some files
‘’Right away sir, “’
Kenekan enters the VIP room to find her reading a magazine; he enters through the other door connecting his office, so she doesn’t hear him come in.
He bends, smiling as he goes close to her ears, he reaches out and plucks out a rose from the banquet of flowers that beautify the room placed in a vase close to where she sat.
‘’A beautiful rose for an equally beautiful woman”’ he places his hands infront of her face, then turns to face her, his lips caressing her cheeks
Lolo smiles turning, face to face with her husband she takes the rose and sniffs it ‘’Smells nice, thank you darling”’ she kisses him as he lifts her to her feet and hugs her
‘’So sorry Lolo, my meeting took forever, you know you have a right to barge in and send them all away, you are my wife, i hate to keep you waiting”’
‘’Yes i know that, doesn’t mean i would, i do understand the importance of work and that i wouldn’t disrupt, but how did your meeting go, has the issue with the China company resolved especially with the communities affected by the oil spillage, i know you were pretty worried”’
He pulls her down with him, letting her sit on his legs, he tubs her hands ‘’Thankfully it has, good thing we acted quickly, i do not want people suffering on my account just because we want more oil and found in their community , the person who was stealing and at the same time not checking and allowing this damage happened as been relieved of his duties, and thankfully it wasn’t from my end, they are taking full responsibilities, cleanup is underway, payment to those directly affected would be compensated , talks with the chiefs are been affected, all would be well and they asked me to reconsider my position on actualizing the project to completion , i did, but i had to make them understand that despite the fact that my company and theirs would make billions of money from this, i will not let communities and families suffer, so ..this would not happen again, i rather lose all those money than have a child sick or a family starve.. but, all is well now, i made sure”’
She smiles “’You know why i like you? You care, most people wouldn’t, they are concerned about making money not about who falls by the way side while they are amassing wealth for themselves’’ she touches his cheeks
He laughs

“’And here i thought you loved me’’ he feigns sadness “’And i gave my heart to you, can i have that back please?’’
She laughs

‘’Nah, you are too old and old fashioned, i love only me, i would give you your heart back but it is sadly buried within my chest, so unless you want to use your hands to pluck it out of my chest..”’
“’Oh, pluck? Is that a thing, i would love to”” he grabs her bosom
She laughs as he teases her, she holds his hands,

‘’Oh you are such a naughty man Jonathan Kenekan Andrews, ‘’ she laughs kissing him ‘’For an old man you have such dirty thoughts “’
‘’Only for you Lolo, my wonder woman.”’ They kiss
“’So tell me, how are the shops going? You set for your trip yet?’’’
‘’Good, fantastic evening, and yes, just want to have a few last minutes arrangements.”’
‘’Look at you..soon i would have to come meet you for managerial advice, in one year you have expanded, how do you do it? You work faster than anyone i know…you are amazing!’’
‘’You flatter me, hahaha stop touching me that way, we are in your working place, your PA might walk in any moment”’ she squirms in his arms as he nuzzles her neck
‘’Ha she wouldn’t dare knowing you are in here, she is wise not to disturb her boss and his Lolo,”’
They kiss again, she jumps from his body laughing ‘’with the way you are going, if only i was able to have anymore children, i am sure we would have had ten kids by now!!’’
He smiles sadly coming to her and wrapping her in his arms

“’ i know you wanted more children Lolo, but God knows best..we can adopt if you want, anything to make you happy’’
‘’I know Kenekan, God knows best’’ she turns to face him smiling “’Hey, we don’t need anymore, God has blessed us with one ..and he is enough”’
‘’Hmmm…’’ he says letting go off her ‘’The one who brings happiness and sadness too recently, what to do with him. I am tempted to call him and find out how he is but if i give in now i might not be able to resist helping him so i am refusing to, Ikena says he is alive, that is enough, i know what you are going to say which you always say, give him a chance , unfreeze his accounts, or send him money for upkeep or send the maids to take care of the house and cook for him, he needs money for this and that, he would starve ….he is your son, you have to have a heart and all…i know what you want to say Lolo and frankly, i love my son and you know that but you see what that love had caused, he is irresponsibly for a grown man, almost thirty, i am …disappointed off his behaviour, that whole stunt with the company, the issue with the social media manager , his constant roar with Mr Emeka, i hear everything Lolo, i get daily reports and it’s very sad to see he doesn’t care to listen, change or learn, and-‘’ he pauses when she doesn’t stop him
She is smiling and shaking her head as she comes to him ‘’What Lolo, why are you smiling, ?’’
‘’Oh nothing, just that i don’t think you might be disappointed for long’’
‘’Why is that?’’
‘’Oh, i spoke to him, and he sounded different “’
‘’When you say you spoke to him you mean you offered to send him money and typically he agreed, Lolo, you can’t keep giving him candy as though he is a baby, how does he learn, you are going against my instructions Lolo, don’t do that, don’t call him if you know you will, a few weeks now and he isn’t dead, he will have to learn to survive, Ikena would let us know if he is in a bad situation but he isn’t, i will not let my son drop dead, but as long as he can wake up and think, he would have to put his hands and mind and body to work not only to chase women”’
She laughs ‘’You know me well Kenekan”’
‘’I married you Lolo, i should know you well, and i do, so how much did you send him, half a million, more? You know he spends faster than he receives, maybe to throw a party,”’
She shakes her head

‘’No sir, none”’
‘’Oh, you listened to me, good,!’’
‘’Actually, he refused it!’’ she seats down crossing her legs, a proud smile on her face
‘’He what?’’
‘’He refused it!!’’
‘’Brian refuses the money, out of spite i presume, don’t worry he would call for it”’
‘’Nope, he said he would prove to Mr Grumpy he can do it, even to himself, i think our boy is growing up, even if a little,”’ she smiles
Kenekan smiles “’ My Brian said that?’’
‘’Yes he did, see, just maybe, all would be okay!!’’
He nods his head ‘’Just maybe, it would be a good thing, if he is actually going to start making something out of himself even for a little, i would break the bank and allow him to all that he desires as far as his eyes can reach, this..this is good news, i should call, if i call him he might be stubborn to admit it to me, “’
‘’he got that from you, i don’t have any stubborn born in my body”’
‘’True, its one of our survival skills , the Andrew men..Lolo, do you know what this means right?’’
‘’Our baby would be a man!!”’
‘’Yes, our baby would be a man…”’
They smile at each other..
‘’Miss Adora, Mr Emeka wants to see you in his office right away?’’ i raise up my head as the secretary knocks on my door
‘’Okay, thank you!’’
I walk out of my office and head to his office, entering as he answers my knock\
‘’Good morning Sir!’’
‘’Morning, take a seat Adora, your day was it good yesterday, any problem with Brian?’’
‘’it was okay sir, erm….at first a little difficulty but all went well, atleast we didn’t kill each other, and plus i just saw the ratings this morning, it’s good”’
‘’yes it is, the client said he tuned in, he was impressed with the views and can’t wait to see the completion, it’s a gift for his wife for their 50th anniversary!!’’
‘’Oh wow, that’s lovely’’
‘’yes it is, actually i called you here for another matter but related”’
‘’Okay sir?’’
‘’I want to speak to you about Brian “’
‘’What about Brain?’’
‘’I know you don’t like him and i know working with him has been frustrating at best’’
‘’Well yes sir but-‘’
‘’That is why i want to make sure that he doesn’t succeed in making a mockery of us both and maybe the company, he nearly put your job at stake, and if not mine with his useless behaviour and causing trouble for the company, the Boss of the boss wasn’t too happy, so this is what would happen from here onward, if we can compile from now all that he does, it would be good to build a good case against him to be able to send him away”’
‘’I don’t know what you mean sir, send him away how?’’
‘’i know i told you him being fired and removed from being your PA is out of my hands but if we can bring a solid case against him from things he has done and is doing that is detrimental to you, me, staffs in the company or affects the company at a whole, it wouldn’t be overlooked, and he would be dealt accordingly.”’
‘’I see, but like you said, it is out of your hands, why the change sir, just curious!!’’
‘’leave that for me to worry about, you do see the way he disrespects me and all that, it isn’t good not for my person and not for my position and you know he doesn’t want to do his duties, even to get him to handle that project was huge, but it would change, the less we have him do nothing the better so he doesn’t ruin business for us with clients and if he messes the housing project, it would be bad, really bad because the client needs this, and i know Brian, ..Useless!!’’
I frown ‘’You speak as though you know him personally Mr Emeka, outside the office, outside all this”’
He looks me with an half-smile

“’No i don’t ‘’ he lies, “’look Adora, i know how difficult it is to work with someone as unbearable as Brian, and it would be a relief to get rid of them, it makes our work easier, no more incidence at conference room,..”’ he trails off “’The police station, and everything else, i know how embarrassing it has been for you’’
‘’It was!’’ i admit honestly
‘’See the reason why we can’t let it go on, and the only way that would happen is if we make sure he isn’t able to cause any more trouble for us and we don’t lose our jobs, so that means that right now, any mistake, any issue he causes, any little thing you let me know and i promise i take it up, and i would pursue it till he isn’t able to do anything other than walk out the door, i am also tired of obnoxious brats and those who have no respect for authority and who feel just by doing nothing and being someone they can usurp what another had always wished to have after all the work”’
I frown, he lost me there with his last words ‘’usurp Sir?’’
He looks at me again shaking his head “’I meant..that, i meant that Brian is incapable of doing his job and it is unfair that he gets to misbehave without even putting an effort to work and still getting paid for nothing ‘’
‘’Then why was he employed, ?’’
‘’to work exactly to work but he does not”’
I notice he seemed angry, really unusually angry, i am silent
‘’all i need from you is to report to me on a dial any slight slip from him, anything at all. I would also monitor, and the bad he slip up the better chance we have in a case against him, surely one who isn’t willing to change isn’t fit to be considered “’
I am thinking. the Brian i met this morning was different, though i was sceptical but, he seemed honest, too honest in fact and he promised to be better and less annoying.
A few days ago, hell, twenty-four hours ago i would have jumped at this offer to make sure he is being kicked out, but i made up my mind already on giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe i should still do that..
He did seem honest this morning when he said he was bent on doing his job, start all over, called me Miss Adora, apologised even.
He even said i was pretty.
Now, Mr Emeka who wouldn’t even listen to me about getting him fired saying he can’t do nothing right now wants me to report every slip up from Brian, to help remove him because we can’t stand him, because he is annoying, disrespectful, incapable to do nothing , problem causer, image ruin-er and what more, Tush spanker, all shades of wrong-wrong-wrong..!!