Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 9


Lex stood up from his bed smiling. It was hard to see him smile but he had a lot of reason to smile.
It had been two days since he saw God’s most beautiful art work, an angel in human form, epitome of beauty and a sight to behold. She looked so beautiful, composed and lovely.
He never knew what made him pass through that path that day but he believed it was destiny. Maybe God wanted him to come and be her knight in shining armor.
As the Leader of the MADE MEN, he didn’t even need to fight. All he did was to shout and the thugs ran away.
He remembered the girl said “you!!!” It seems she knew him somewhere.
“D–n it, who don’t know me in this part of Nigeria” he said to himself. This strange girl had made him loosed his sense of reasoning. And again, he found himself walking along the same street, hoping to see her.
His mysterious lady had ran away from him. She didn’t tell him her name or anything. She just stood up and ran away, like a frightened dove.
“Lex, what is wrong with you” Lisa asked from behind. She had been studying him and found out that he had been looking for something here for the past two days.
“Lisa, what are you doing here?”
“You haven’t answered my question Lex. And why were you smiling. Like since yesterday you have been smiling. What’s wrong with you?”
“Lisa, is it a crime to smile in Nigeria?”
“No but you hardly smile. I will be d–n not to break her neck on first sight”
“Lisa, what do you mean?”
Lisa smiled, she jumped down from the roof she was standing on and landed on the ground.
“If the so called thing that is making you to smile turns out to be a girl, then I will f×ck her so hard”
“Shut up Lisa. I have the right to be with any girl I love”
“Yes but that was before.”
“What do you mean”
“You are mine Lex, you are mine and you will forever be mine”
“No Lisa, I am not yours. Go and date Alex, or Leo or Froshberry, but stay away from me”
“No Lex, I won’t”
“Stay away. Remember I am the leader here, so back off”
“You might be the leader but I can still f×ck you hard in a fight”
“What is wrong with you Lisa, you were the silent one amongst us, what happened to you?”
“Love changed me Lex, love did”
“Too bad you fell in love with the wrong person”
Their discussion was slowly becoming a fight and people began to ran away from them.
“It seems they are quarrelling with each other” Ken, the leader of the FIVE SQUAD TEAM said.
He was holding a pair of binoculars and stood on a very high building. Lucy, the sniper among the team was with him.
“Yes, I can see them” she said looking at them with the magnifying lens at the top of her sniper.
“I can take them down”
“Go ahead”

“F×ck you” Lisa said and pushed Lex away in anger, at that time, a bullet flew pass him almost hitting his head.
“Lay down” Lex said as he rolled towards a recycle bin.
“Someone is attacking us, d–n” Lisa spat out.
“S–t, I missed” Lucy spoke out.
“What? How’s that possible?”
“The girl pushed Lex a second after I released the trigger”
Ken watched them through his binoculars again.
“It seems they are confuse on who is attacking them, try shooting them again”
“I will but this time, I can’t make a head shot. They are still hiding behind the recycle bin”
“It seems a sniper is at us” Lex said.
“Who told you that?” Lisa argued.
“Judging from the sound and speed of the bullet.”
“Any silent revolver in the hands of a pro can do that. Am going in” Lisa said and stood up.
“Lisa!!!” Lex shouted. He couldn’t just leave her all alone. He knew she will get hurt.
“Arghh” Lisa shouted, a bullet just entered her left arm.
Lex ran towards her, he dived and pushed her back to her hiding spot but a bullet, meant to end Lisa’s life got into his leg.
“You are too stubborn Lisa. If you wanna get killed, then go out there now!!” Lex shouted.
“I am sorry. You’re right. A sniper is after us. Thanks for saving my life”
“Just stay down” lex said as he tore a piece of cloth and tied it around her injured arm, he then did same to his injured leg and they stayed back.
“Nice shot Lucy” ken said smiling.
“Lisa would have been dead, well she ought to be grateful to Lex.”
“Wear your mask, we are moving in”
“They won’t come out, they will call for back up. It’s better we finish them off now that they are weak.”
“Alright boss. We got this”
“We have to call for back up” Lisa said trying to get her phone from her pocket.
Bullets sprayed across their head.
“Are you with your gun?” Lex asked Lisa as he brought out his short gun.
“Yes” Lisa said bringing out a shining pistol.
“Let’s dance”
Ken and Lucy stopped shooting, they began to walk towards Lex and Lisa. Lex and Lisa used this opportunity to fire back at ken and Lucy.
Ken quickly rolled to a nearby car while lucy did a side flip and hid herself at the edge of a building.
More bullets sprayed. Soon the fight became a battle of bullets between the two teams.
The street was now deserted as every sane citizen ran to their houses. The gun battle was severe and none of the two teams wanted to give up.
Soon, their bullets got finished and they ceased, to catch their breath.
Ken and Lucy weren’t done. They came out from their hiding places smiling. Ken folded his fist and Lucy did same.
Lisa and Lex came out. They looked at their attackers, a guy and a lady who wore masks.
“Who are you?” Lex shouted.
“And who’s the b—h beside you?” Lisa asked half smiling.
“We are your downfall.” Ken answered.
“And the downfall of Donflex” Lucy added.
“If there’s anyone that is falling, it’s you” Lisa said.
“Time for speech is over, let’s dance” Lex said gritting his teeth.