The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 29


Ok this wasn’t in the plan, it wasn’t at all. Brian is thinking as he holds her, Adora, the fiery hot-tempered witch who had since contact has made his life seemingly unbearable for the past couple of days, infact since she strolled into his father’s company and started spitting fire to the driver Wilson she mistook for him.
He should have known she was nothing but trouble, ..well he sensed that alright . And he had thought he would be able to handle her type easily. He was on a mission to not let his father win, that was the reason all this started. It didn’t make sense that his father, high and mighty, rich son of a gun, well a beautiful son of a gun because his grandmother was a beauty, it explains his own good looks too. But that is by the way.
He had been pissed and furious and since he couldn’t fight his father with words, he decided to do it in actions. His father forced him back into the country by threatening to freeze his accounts, he obliges coming back to Nigeria.

He further degrades him by making him a PA, which he felt like breaking something when he heard it. He didn’t like it, he was furious and pissed, he obliged still, he came. But he and God knows that he was not going to take it all sitting, he had a plan, make things difficult for people here who would try to make him bend to his father’s wishes, one in particular Mr. Emeka. And he was doing a good job making Emeka wish he could strangle him. He laughs inwardly seeing Emeka’s face every time he refuses to take orders.
But that too is by the way.
He was talking about his mission to twart his father’s wishes, he was going to do absolutely nothing here…he was not –not even in his dreams going to work as a PA, he refuses to accept such degrading position with dignity, he rejected it with an air of royal ass-ness.
God forbid!!
Him, Brian Andrews, son of a highborn, only child of Kenekan Andrews, beautiful amongst men, finest body amongst others and built like a Greek God to take a position fit for servants?
His father must have been smoking lagos weed when he thought of that, why he didn’t think to make him the president of his company in Port Harcourt beats him, or better still gave him Emeka’s position.
But No!! PA, Brian my son will be!
And he, he obliged still. He pretended still to take the position but he had every intention to do NOTHING and he succeeded. It was laughable to see Emeka and few of his father’s other spies Ikena keeping taps on him and reporting to his father, it was a cat and mouse chase… DO THIS BRIAN, DO THAT BRIAN OR I SWEAR I WILL YADIYADI-YAH THAT TO YOU.
And he was calling his father’s bluff by remaining to do nothing other than to make Emeka complain about him, make staffs do his job by sending it to them, do what the hell he wanted and no matter how much they reported him to Emeka, the fool could do nothing to him. He couldn’t fire him..much less punish him.
See, everything was going okay until this witch showed up.
Lording it over him like he was what? Some boy scared of her, he wasn’t John who was practically begging to lick her toes stained with vanilla ice-cream…he was Brian and he took no orders from a lady, much less one who was this witch.
Yes, he had a plan, he was on a mission but…everything went wrong.
His father wasn’t bluffing, his father did do it. Now, he was reduced to less than a servant, begging Mr Emeka for money to eat, got into debt-trouble at the club and having to clean vomit from the floor and praying the ladies don’t squash his balls trying to touch him, or rape him in the bathroom…that would be traumatising.
And more, the whole issue with the company’s-profile-tarnish-ish..all because of her, after that stunt she pulled at the club, then the issue with the police..and now stucked in this project fiasco..having Emeka to have the upper hand in the first time in his life over him…
Surely, this world was coming to an end. This was not the plan…his life was quite fine being out of the country, everything was great, awesome, money, beautiful women and great sex, the life of luxury and be able to walk into every damn place and be greeted with a nod and called sir and have them wanting to do favours for you just because your name was BRIAN ANDREWS, SON OF JONATHAN KENEKAN ANDREWS, MINISTER, COMMISIONAR,OIL BLOCK OWNER,INTERNATIONAL BODY REP,A RICH MUDAFXXKER amongst the top 20 in the country.
Phew!!! Here, now, because of this wide-eyed beautiful witch, and whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy the hell is she gaddamned beautiful upclose , on his body…what the actual hell!!.
God was unfair, making annoying, pain-in-the-ass -people fine. Even her body feels soft and lush ontop of him and beneath his hands..
Even her lips above his looked kissable, soft and..
And those eyes..those eyes, was it no..grey..golden-grey..
And lashes!! Oh them long lashes, just like his own, he has pretty long lashes, one of his mum’s friends mistook him for a girl one time he was four years old.
And, damn..her soft twin towers pressed against his firm chest was….incredibly unsettling,
And for a brief moment, his brain was shutting down, no ..not shutting down, rebooting with different codes..
Different resetting code A1 D2 O3 R9 A5
I 7
A1 D2 O3 R9 A5
But why the hell was he even still staring at her lips???
I have been held by a man before ..a man i liked before so this shouldn’t bother me, i don’t like Brian, God forbid. Then why was my throat closing and my heart beating fast. There was nothing sexual about this, Nothing!!. I was falling, reaching for help i grab him pulling him down with me, instead of allowing me land with my back which must have broken something, he lands with his back protecting me from the hard floor. I should tell him thank you but i wouldn’t, it was his fault i was falling anyways, if he hadn’t stolen my food and ran finishing it, i wouldn’t have messed up his work, drawings and designs and collapsed his madeup studio.. and we wouldn’t be here, on the floor and he holding me tighter than a rubber band to a hair, or like i am his..
Like yuck!!!
My hands are on his chest… which is chiselled,’s a feel-good-beneath-the-hands-chest. Those kind of chest you don’t mind resting your head on and fall asleep at night, muscle and yet fleshy where it needs to be,.. those kind of chests that your hands doesn’t mind caressing, and lips don’t mind kissing.. those kind of chest that you…want your eyes to see…
I shake my head, what the hell ..i should get up. I should.
But his broad hand on my waist was painfully distracting, he wasn’t touching me inappropriately but still, his hand seemed large enough to cup one of my bottom cheeks if he touches them, such large hands could take another soft area of my body and…

But most distracting is his abdomen area, below it.. he wasn’t hard thank goodnesss because…i would slap the living day light out of him if he dares have a thought of me like that and he reacts..i will break his head with that flower vase close to the dining..
But i couldn’t help but wonder, what it would feel like to erm…
Brain is the gutter. Yuck!!!!
Our faces are a few inches apart, lips hovering over lips, eyes over eyes and his breath touches my face as mine touches his, we breath in and out…
And for a weird reason my eyes goes again to his lips, firm, kissable.
Oh wait!!!
This was his plan right, get me to his house so he can seduce me since we are logger heads at the office, but here he feels he can use his charm and this this…this is just low..
He really has another think coming if he thinks it would work..Ha!! you have failed Brian, you have.
You are nothing but an errand boy with a great body and a pretty face..which doesn’t move me, doesn’t.
Errand boy!!!
I should get up, i should…but why the hell does my eyes keeps going back to his lips????
We are staring at each other, unmoving.. a full two minutes pass..
Then a phone rings, it takes a few seconds before we realise it..but we don’t move.
“’Ph-‘’ i began
“’—one’’ he completed
‘’You ..are..holding me..let me go”’ i tell him
‘’Oh!! were.. clumsy falling all over the place, pulling me down with you, if i didn’t safe you you would have had your neck broken and blood all over the place and i would be paraded as a murderer..”” he says
‘’You are silly!! It’s your fault!!
‘’Mine?? !!’’
‘’Yes!! Taking what doesn’t belong to you..yes your fault!!’’
‘’I am sure you were just a greedy child when you were younger, it’s all showing as an adult..shame..shame shame!!!’’
“’Argh!!! And you are a thief!! Let me go…your body is starting to make me crawl!”’ i squeeze my face showing disgust and irritation
‘’yes get off!! Yours is making me want to “’ hold you tight and see what’s hidden treasure you have hidden in your temple “” God no NO!!!”” he shakes his head
‘’What??’’ i frown down at him
‘’Get off !! Shuuu!! Witch!!’’ he nudges me off him
‘’Careful, don’t push me, i am fragile not some stiff doll you obviously are used to, Tah!!”’ i slap his hands off my waist ‘’ I can get off don’t help me”’ i push myself off his body standing up, i move away from him adjusting my top i turn away as he sits and then gets off from the ground arranging his shirt, eyeing me, then he turns around , his frown returning “’Óne, who is going to clean up this mess and two….i am still pissed at what you did”’
I say off my shoulders ‘’One, your house Or a house you are camping out like a refuge and two…and i am still pissed about my food too, So there. ‘’
I pick my phone as it rings again ignoring was John.
‘’Hello John?’’ i say frowning at my cloths rumpled by the he-goat. I try to straighten it with my hands
‘’Ha!! Ma’ám, i am just told that you are not in the office, and you haven’t gone home but with that arrogant fool..why madam?’’
I sigh “’ it’s work related, Mr Emeka put both of us on a project, that project the devil was talking about when he barged into my remember he mentioned something like that?’’
‘’Oh, that day i wanted to break his face?’’
I smile, not that i was on his side, but Brian looks like someone who would break John’s face instead. But i don’t say it.
‘’Hmmm’’ i reply
‘’And why can’t it be done at the office Ma’ám, don’t tell me he had his way again…?’’
‘’Well, sadly that’s the case, so for the next couple of days or so, before we go to the construction site, we need to work from his place…and…strangely…his house doesn’t reflect the kind of person he is” i frown lowering my voice, i hear his sighing and muttering to himself as he picks up a chair and trying to set back his studio, i smile..yes!! you do that all by yourself, punishment for you arrogant behaviour.
“’What do you mean Ma’ám?’’
‘’Heh!! Never mind“’ i shrug
‘’hmm if you say so..but Ma’am, how would you go home?You remember i offered to take you home by showing you the routes atleast for the next couple of days so you can get used to it so you can be able to do that yourself, so how would you go home?’’
Damnit !! that is true, since Brian has refused his own official driver to help in that regard, i was screwed.
‘’i don’t know!!’’ i bite my lip
There was silence at the other end ‘’okay, why don’t you call me when you are done and then i will come get you and help you get home”’
‘’Wouldn’t that be double transport for you John?”’
He laughs “”I do not mind madam, i wouldn’t allow my madam be stranded all because of some junky who doesn’t know his elders from playmates. Just call me madam,…i will be there faster than superman”’
I laugh, relieved !!
‘’Okay John and John, thank you’!!
‘’Anytime Miss Adora, Anytime”’
I cut the call. Dropping my phone i go back to resetting the camera..

Brian is staring at her as she makes the call, wondering who she is laughing and talking with..he didn’t care really. The witch!!
Now he has to arrange his messed up house..wait, he doesn’t have to do that, the house service would come do it …but that is true, he just realised for the past two-three days, no more house service.
Strange!! Did his father stop them too?’’
Does it mean that his father wants him to do his laundry and sweep and clean his house too? It was unfair ..unfair! how does he mop this mess she made with the ice cubes when she poured it on his body? The water had melted and soaking up the place.. His broken madeup studio, his designs on the floor and the spilled juice too.
And the witch didn’t even apologise, oh he was going to get her back, she would apologise whether she likes it or not..but first…She is going to help him clean up. Then he turns when he hears her say that dog’s name “”John’’
He scoffs, John?? So he was the one making her laugh., she is telling him thank you..and she is laughing?
Of all people it’s the Nkita dog she is warming up to? Not that he cares but…she has no taste, none!.
He rolls his eyes, frowning as his designs drips from juice ..he cocks his head from side to side to see the extent of the damage, he screws his face swearing under his breath.. he uses his finger to touch it shyly.. he would have to sun it outside, hoping the liquid doesn’t wash off anything, he takes them outside to dry.
Hopefully when it is stone dried…it still can be used. Then he comes back and resets his table. He disappears out of the room to return with a mop and a bucket..he stands infront of her
‘’Clean your mess, if that’s the least you can do after all that is””
I raise my head up, look at him from head to toe, the bucket and a mop, and i laugh, a hearty long laugh. Then i look away and continue to do what i was doing.
‘’only a witch would laugh like that!!’’
‘’Good!! Then i accept this witchy status you keep forcing on me and witches do not use mop and a bucket to clean a house that belongs to a total stranger that a goat in-form of a man is camping in and forming like he owns the place…clean your damn house so we can get to work …..”’ i roll my eyes
‘’oh yes, Witches likes broom don’t they?’’
I smile, He disappears and returns with a broom and a parker “’i do hope you know how to use this fancy broom, not the one with little sticks ,this is fancy, it would upgrade you to witch 002’’ he smirks
‘’Yeah!! About that…’’ i cork my head to the side ‘’witches like myself like you claim allow her servants clean…like her PA”’ i retort
He laughs “’Get up!!’’
‘’Don’t start”’ i warn him, no mood for his aggressiveness
‘’Get up!! I won’t allow my house to be in a mess just because your scrawny ass came here’’
‘’Look Brian, i know you are used to making people do your will but you forget that i am not people, i am Adora, and i am not just Adora, i am your Boss and you are my PA and the authority and audacity you speak to me is baffling ..who the hell do you think you are?’’
Oh!! he would want to shut that mouth up, and he will.
‘’Are you going to get up or not!! Unless you want your camera to pick up on this mess which i don’t mind at all, it isn’t my professional ethic that would be on the line ADOR-RAT!!, it’s yours. So if you don’t get up and help to clean this mess you made, i am just going to go back to my table..start with some other design and you aren’t going to get back your 100% salary, more restrictions for you within and outside the company and you don’t get your car allowances as well as your driver…me? Do you know what my punishment would be if i don’t get this project done and dusted before the clients comes coming? None! And you know what yours would be? A sack letter and a boot back to lagos, me? None!! ‘’He lies “’And if you think i am lying. Why don’t you call Mr Emeka and confirm, you don’t see my car being pulled away…i still get my free passes and authorization, my salary is intact and what more…i get to choose where i desire to work..doesn’t it surprise you miss high and mighty?’’’
Well it did surprise me and true, i never got to know whether he was punished or not, he might be lying. Mr Emeka did punish him too, and i wouldn’t be fired..he wouldn’t fire me. He might be lying.
‘’You think so?’’ he says
Wait was he reading minds now? I squint my eyes.
‘’you are wondering if i am lying or you want to call my bluff?’’he continues with a raised eyebrow
I think for a minute,Call Mr Emeka and get the shocker of my life that he is right or don’t call him?
I pick up my phone and i am punching in random numbers., maybe he was right, it was suspicious enough that he doesn’t get the reprimanding like everyone else…if today’s choice of working environment was any indication,
I put the phone to my ears ‘’Hello?’
Brian is looking at her, stupid. Why didn’t she believe him instead of trying to call that fool. Why didn’t she just take his word for it.
Don’t pick Emeka, don’t you dare pick.
If Emeka picks, he might not tell her anything but he would call him and threatened him about telling his father of the recent police incident…then there would be no telling the level of his father’s anger and disappointments,
He had had too much to lose already, he had one more thing he was holding two. The car and the house..and a little dignity.
He sighs
‘’You are really going to call him?’’
“’Ýes sir, goodevening ?’’ i ignore him
“’Yes, go ahead, ask him…do that, your loss. You are digging your own grave though…don’t say i didn’t warn you”’ he says eyeing her, has he really picked, he wonders.
“’Sir? Sir..tsk can you hear me sir? Sir…crap!!”’ I swear under my breath looking at the phone, “’Bad network i can’t hear him “’
I lie looking at the phone and redialling the random number that didn’t connect in the first place ‘’ Unavailable !!’’ i throw my hands up giving up “’You are lucky!! Network is unavailable else i would have asked him”’I lie threatening him
Brain is smiling as though he won a jackpot, see, even the Gods of the phone network is on his side.
‘’Now, Get up!!! Or i will go sit down, oh no better still…i will go take a bath, and then a good nap and i won’t get a query, not one in the morning but you will…make it a thousand queries with your name on it “’
I really wish i could wipe that smug smile off his face..
I eye him and then the broom.
‘’i ain’t doing this because –‘’
‘’Yeah yeah whatever!!’’ he dumps it on the floor and walks away
I pick the parker and throw it at him, it hits his head, he turns holding his head…
‘’it flew away from my hands mistakenly as i staggered..’’i shrug “’I guess my hands don’t like you too”” i grab the broom and begin to sweep.
Brian frowns rubbing his head… oh, he has the perfect comeback for her. But later, when she is done cleaning the house. He smiles painfully…”Yeah!! Sure”’ he grabs the mop and bucket..and began wiping the water and juice from the floor while she sweeps..
Atleast for what it’s worth, she becomes his maid for today.. so much for his Boss!! Oh the Irony!
He laughs, he throws his head and laughs some more..and some more.
I turn to look at him ‘’You are crazy i swear!! Whatever got you laughing like that”’
He doesn’t answer me but continues to laugh.
John has the phone to his jaw, thinking ‘’quick question John, is it just me or you are being overly nice to Miss Adora?’’
It is Peter who walks to John’s cubicle, John turns to face him
‘’Listening on my conversation now are we?’’
‘’Nope, just heard the last few words you said. So, you didn’t’ answer the question”’
‘’Well, should i be honest?’’
‘’Honesty is the spice of life”’
John smiles, beckoning him to sit, whispering ‘’well, she’s fine’’
‘’That is pretty obvious’’
‘’No i mean she’s fine FINE ..FURNEE HEHE!. that day when i found her in the conference..soaked top, she was crying and all, i had to help her up and hold her to myself…oh her body felt so soft close to mine, and her soaked top gave me heavenly bliss to them perky nipples. Ouuffff!!!’’ he exclaims licking his lips “’when she walks her bottom makes those clapping movemens that makes that song ‘’tap out’’ a reality. Oh the whole Cinderella look and shape and the African waist…tell me why i shouldn’t be overly nice to that beauty crafted especially by God. She…she is my dream woman, my future girlfriend and wife.”
Peter laughs shaking his head “’You are high John, for real. She is a boss in our media unit department, she is your boss too technically”’
‘’No!! Look , can you call her up right now and ask her how she is or ask her where she is?’’
‘’Can you go into her office and sit down and talk to her and laugh with her?’’
‘’No’’ Peter frowns
‘’Can you offer to show her round the streets of Port Harcourt and take her home””
‘’No but-‘’
‘’Can you talk down a man who is talking down at her?’’
‘’No..but that still doesn’t mean anything John’’
‘’Oh it does, it means that aside that she is fine and that she is my boss, i can talk and chill and ask how she is and not scared know why?’’
‘’Because my friend, she dey feel the boy”’ he laughs popping his collar, Peter shakes his head joining him ’’You? Miss Adora feel you?’biko park well jor!”’.
‘’You won’t believe, until we got our pictures on IG and doing Snapchat that na when you go believe’’
‘’You think that hot high class Miss Adora would look at a guy like you John and decide to have a romantic fling with you? Chei John, na who do you this thing eh? Look, that is impossible but i know what isn’t impossible or far- you dating one of the staffs”
‘’i don’t have interest for anyone here again, all this girls making shakara , now it’s worse since that fool came into the picture, even your romantic interest Tombra doesn’t even give you the time of the day…infact she never gave you before sef what am i even saying’’
‘’i was working on that before Brian spoilt my show, now all the girls be gathering him like bees to honey’’
‘’i swear’’
‘’look guy, forget about Miss Adora and just do your job, why don’t you give Temi a chance”’ Peter laughs