Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 4


Jack: the COPS are here.
He said to Jummybabe. They didn’t know how the cops knew that they were attacking Mr Patrick’s house but in one way or the other, someone must have alerted them.
Jummybabe: close the doors quickly. She said to Kelvin and jack who ran immediately and closed the doors shut. She made a quick call to Idris.
Jummybabe: *speaking to the device* hello, agent Idris we need your help.
Idris: *answering her* Jummybabe, this mission is assign to the three of you, it is your test so am not expected to be of help to you guys.
Jummybabe: i know but the cops are here and we have not yet gotten to passcode to the lock where the diamond is being kept.
Idris: you are on your own, remember, I don’t accept failure in this team. He said and ended the call.
Jummybabe: I hate this guy. By now, the Cops have blocked all entrance in and out of the house. They have called for backup since they knew that the assassins must still be in the house.
About eleven policemen tried to gain access into the house but they couldn’t because all doors are locked.
Cop 1: the doors are locked.
Cop 2: bring in the grenade.
He shouted and a ball of grenade was passed over to him. He took the grenade, removed the pin and threw it against the door.
Kelvin, Jack and jummybabe were busy trying to hack into the lock with their various hacking device when they heard a loud bang.
Jack: hurry, they’ll be here in no time.
Jummybabe wasn’t bothered as she kept on doing what she was doing..
>>> {Passcode incorrect— system Encrypted}
The last alphabet wasn’t displaying and the cops were trying to break the door to the room they are..
Jummybabe thought for a while.
Jummybabe: what could be the last alphabet be? She thought to herself and smiled, she quickly typed the passcode B___A___N___G, that was the name of the group that was owned by Mr Patrick.
“<>>>Running passcode<<>>”
_;<<___Passcode correct___>>
showed from the device with a green light and the lock got open instantly.
Jummybabe smiled as the locked got opened instantly, she took the diamond, brought out her pistol and aimed it at Mr Patrick’s head, he has seen her face so he stand a threat to her and the SHADOWS.
Just then, the COPS broke into the room with their pistols in their hands ready to shoot whatever that gets in their way. When they entered, they were surprised to see the room empty, Mr Patrick was found lying on the ground with several bullet
wounds. Two in his hands and one at his forehead.
Cop 1: be at alert, the killers are here.
He said to the rest of the COPS. Unknown to them, Jummybabe, kelvin and Jack have silently got out from the room through the
window at the balcony.
The cops who were incharge of guiding the balcony did not see them because after they heard the sound of the gunshot, their gaze was fixed directly to the door with their weapons ready to shot whoever that tries to escape. The trio quietly climbed the roof of the house. They bent down and moved slowly so as not to be detected. When they got to the edge of the roof, they dived straight across the fence and landed at the other roof that was very close to Mr Patrick’s house.
The cops have searched everywhere in the room but the assassins couldn’t be found. They saw the lock opened and knew that the assassins must have taken something from there.
A cop spotted three figures, a girl and two boys high on a roof sneaking away.
Cop 4: *shouting* I have spotted them! they are escaping!!!!!!!!!!! I repeat they are escaping!!!!!!!!!!!
He shouted and the rest of the cops came to the window to confirm what he saw. Without wasting time, a sergeant in the team quickly informed the other cops outside the compound to secure neighbourhood.
Some other cops were chosen to chase them instantly while the cops inside the room, the one that spotted them early opened fire. They started shooting at the escaping figures but the trio were wise enough as they rolled over and came down from the
roof about five blocks away from Mr Patrick’s house, like the trained SHADOW AGENTS they are, they disappeared into the thin air.
Later that day, the police tried all possible best to fish out the assassins or at least trace them but all was to no avail, the assassins have escaped.