Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 3


Froshberry entered into Donflex’s office with a list in his hand.
Donflex: have you done what I asked you to do?
Froshberry: yes sir. These are the names of the ministers that were responsible for the act.
Donflex: good, how many are they.
Froshberry: five in number sir, they are are five in number.
Donflex: exactly. You can now drop the file and go.
Froshberry: ok sir. Also, each of the
ministers details is their. The place they live, number of guards that protect them and when best to assassinate them, that is time,
structure and techniques.
Donflex: you have made me proud once again. Here, take this. He wrote a cheque in millions and gave it to
froshberry catching him by surprise.
Froshberry: but sir, my monthly pay is very large and sufficient for me, all what I am doing is my job sir.
Donflex: and this is a little appreciation from me to you. Please don’t reject it.
Froshberry: ok sir. He hesitated before collecting the cheque.
Froshberry: thank you sir.
Donflex: don’t mention. Please call professor Johnbull for me on your way out.
Froshberry: ok sir, I will.
15 Minutes Later
Professor Johnbull and the five MADE MEN were in Donflex office. Donflex stood up and walked to them with an air of superiority.
Donflex: it’s been long I called you guys for a mission. I never wanted to do this but the people of Ghana have bitten more that they can chew. The river was first founded by us
even though it was located in their land. They have no right to take all the mineral deposit in it without giving us some. It hasn’t been long when I came back from a meeting with their president and I was
Prof Johnbull: what?
Donflex: yes, could you believe that they insulted me. The president told me to go and meet with his ministers, probably for another round of insults but their plans have failed because tonight, the five ministers shall be assassinated and the river will be ours, fully ours by force. Are you guys
ready for this mission?
MADE MEN: yes sir.
Donflex: since they are five in numbers, all of you are entitled to assassinate one each. I believe in you guys, you never fail.
The three guards that rushed inside smiled.
Guard 1: I knew she was an assassin.
They said and brought out their guns.
Jummybabe aimed at one of the guards and threw the knife at him. It pierced the neck of the unlucky guy and he fell down struggling for breath before he finally gave up the ghost.
They shot at her but she quickly rolled over to the edge of the bed where the bullets couldn’t touch her.
Mr Patrick: easy boys. You might hit me with that bullet.
Guard 1: hold fire. The two guards stop shooting their guns and Mr Patrick came out from the bed.
Jummybabe was now stranded because she have no gun or knife with her.

Mr Patrick: keep your guns guys. She made a big mistake by coming here wanting to kill me. I want you guys to kill her but not with guns, with bare fist. The two guards dropped their guns and started approaching towards her.
Guards: she is only but a woman.
Jummybabe: *** what a foolish idea*** she thought with a smile.
The three guards all dropped their weapons and were closing in on jummybabe. Jummybabe smiled and stood up with her hands raised up in the air as a sign of surrender.
Mr Patrick: hahaha, I knew you are not strong enough. Guards take her.
He said and the guards now approached her carelessly. She gave one a hard booth on his d–k and he fell down instantly. One wanted to give her a blow but she ducked. The second one gave her a kick and
she fell on the bed and groaned, she jumped up to her fit and with a spinning kick across the face, she took one of the guards out who fell down unconsciously. The remaining one who was standing tried to approach her but she gave him a blow at his abdomen and a rib or two was broken. With a knock out punch at the back of the head, she took out the other one that was holding his d–k tightly. Mr Patrick seeing that all his guards were taken down brought out revolver..
he shot three bullets at jummybabe but couldn’t get her because she made a frontflip just in time. However, one of the bullet got her right across her right arm because the distance between Mr Patrick was very close for her to have dodged all three bullets at a go. She was loosing so much blood from her right hand and Mr Patrick smiled to himself. He walked majestically towards her but was wise enough to keep a reasonable distance away from her. She tried touching her ears but received
the shock of her life, her little headphone that hung across her ears has fallen out.
Mr Patrick: hahaha, looking for these..
He said to her as he quickly smashed the headphone with his leg and gave out a short and wicked laugh.
Mr Patrick: who sent you, you better speak or risk the chance of loosing your life. He shouted at her but she didn’t reply him as she was still sprawling on the floor. Taking Mr Patrick by surprise, she jumped
up and gave him a head kick and Mr Patrick fell down. She tried attacking him again but the pain from her hand wouldn’t let her as she fell down again . Mr Patrick quickly got up again and took his gun. He wanted to shoot her when he felt something against the back of his head.
Jack: drop the gun or loose your life.
Mr Patrick was surprised. He couldn’t
recognise that voice. It was very obvious that the voice wasn’t that of his guards. The voice was strange so he quickly placed it that the voice belong to the accomplice of jummybabe.
Mr Patrick: but it is not possible. He said out loud as his mind drifted to all his guards outside his house. No assassin could have passed all his guards without getting killed, he didn’t even hear any gunshot. Could it be that he was betrayed by his men?
He thought.
Kelvin: hahahaha, don’t be lost in thought old man. All your guards are down. Another harsh baritone voice spoke out loud. His hands were now shaking as the gun almost fell down from his hand but he still didn’t believe them.
Mr Patrick: I don’t believe you, you two can’t silently take out all my guards. He said out loud and they only smiled to themselves.
Kelvin: move to the window and see things for yourself. Kelvin ordered and he moved to the window with great fear in his heart. He shifted the
curtains aside and true to their words, all his guards were lying down dead with blood all over his compound.
Mr Patrick: *kneeling down* please don’t kill me please!! He begged kneeling on the floor while the trio was smiling at the man. Jummybabe
who was now standing did all the talking.
Jummybabe: where is the stolen black
diamond? She asked him with a gun pointed at him,
jummybabe: all we need is the truth.
Mr Patrick: I don’t know what….
a bullet visited his right hand.
Jummybabe: time is what I don’t have so don’t waste the little I have, where’s the diamond..
Mr Patrick: I don’t kn…
A bullet visited his other hand.
Mr Patrick: arghhhhhh!!! check that locker over there… He shouted in pains and she moved to the locker but there was a passcode on it making
denying them the access to take the
diamond. She wanted to turn back and asked for the diamond but couldn’t, Mr Patrick has already passed out. She took jack’s device to put a call to Idris and asked for help when they heard a loud bang on the gate. Jack quickly ran to the window and hid himself after peeping through.
Jack: the COPS are here!