The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 26


Mr Emeka is listening to John with anger..anger because of Brian’s stupid behaviour, people are now seeing the lopeholes, staffs are beginning to see that he also cannot control Brian and beginning to question his competence…this was making him angry.
He wishes he could drag Brian by his shirt and slap him hard the way he did to his son a few years ago when he began to think he was old enough to talk to him, his father that way, that straightened his son up. Same age with Brian, he never lost sight of obedience and became responsible from then on out.. But to think that Brain, having all that he would ever want and yet refusing to choose the path his father wants him to go through just because he wants to show that he can do bad all by himself was sad..
But at the same time, it was making him look incompetent, like he cannot do nothing, how would the staffs respect could anyone respect him when he tells Brian to be quiet but Brian questions him the way he questions Adora…?
He has said he wasn’t going to report to Brian’s father about yesterday’s incidence because for once he was giving the boy a chance to take responsibility without having his father force it down his throat, now…he has changed his mind, he would tell his father…
Maybe they would take the car and the rented apartment.. he has known Jonathan for a while, he had worked for him for years..
When he finally makes up his mind to do something, he went all the way and all this would push Jonathan..
There would be no saving this spoilt Brian..
But for now, he has to take the situation under control, or he would call his father immediately..
As for Adora, she brought this on herself, today she did, if she had just not given John the impression..whether she did or not, she should have cleared the air and this wouldn’t have gotten to this station and all this wouldn’t have happened…
She is as hot tempered as he is arrogant. What a combustible mix, a tendency for both of them to constantly explode on their faces, and it has been obviously evident right from the moment they saw each other, and to think Jonathan wants them to work together for the housing project!!?

God help that poor project..and the client! He fears for what the end product might be.
But this bantering back and front between them has to stop , Brian was stubborn, a trait he knew so well..he wouldn’t back down unless he gets what he wants..and for now, he wants an hard was an apology

If it wasn’t because of his arrogant self and annoying traits, an apology is well deserved..but Adora should have cleared it up instead of letting it escalate!!
Mr Emeka sighs “You can have your apology when you both step into my office”‘ he says
Brian was shaking his head “‘Public humiliation, public apology” he folds his arms as a spoilt child would do, i hear a faint “‘Yes” in agreements coming from a few people.
I boil ”i will not apologise to you, not till hell freezes over”
”Miss Adora?”
I turn to face him, why was he calling my name, he should be getting him shoved under the table or something for disrespecting me
”i believe an apology wouldn’t hurt”‘ he says
My mouth hits the floor , another gasp fills the room.
“‘Sir?” i repeat, i didn’t get that
He sighs again “‘It was a misunderstanding and miscommunication, which wasn’t your fault but escalated nonetheless, that’s fine, just so you show to everyone that unlike Brian, you are a high upbringing lady that apologises for their wrongs, superior or not””
”But sir, you hear how he speaks and undermines me infront of-”
”An apology, this is my ask, not his, but that on his would be dealt with i assure you””
Brian scoffs, but he is smiling broadly..
”Come on baby!!, it ain’t too late to apologise”‘ i read Brian’s lips as he sings quietly, my eyes threw daggers at him
”I cannot believe this is actually happening?” John says throwing his hands up in the air and turning away and turning again to look at us, one hand on his waist and the other holding his head
“”Me neither!!” Peter echoes shaking his head
”Let her just apologise and we go Abba! It’s already past normal time for meeting”‘ Temi says from the corner folding her hands and unfolding, dancing on her legs..clearly irritated.
Í take a deep breath , this…isn’t happening, this really asn’t happening.
”Shut up!!” i tell him
He dusts his shoulders as though removing my words like dirts, his eyes sparkles
”i am sorry for the miscommunication and misunderstanding at the station that warranted you a few hours in cell..”‘
”And?” he asks
I stare at Mr Emeka, shaking my head.
“‘And?” he asks again ”that is not all”‘
Mr Emeka nods when i stare at him , then back at Brian.
Damn you Brain , Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!!!! I kick him mentally a thousand times.
“”And for the public humiliation and embarrassments you received, that is all. You are not getting an apology from me on anything else” i stare at him, he stares right back at me.
“‘Fine, i can take that, for now…and if i want to press charges that would be-”
”You are not pressing no charges because if you do, so does she, defaming of character surely cannot overstep domestic violence or sexual harassment as John puts it and let’s face it, you overstepped your boundaries, violated your superior by spanking her, and pouring her tea… those are offences Brian, and she has a right to overreact” Mr Emeka states factly
”Fine. Well… ”Brian shrugs
”Well, you also have an apology to make Brian..and you will do that now” Mr Emeka steps closer to him
”WAIT WHAT? “‘ Brian turns to him, this wasn’t part of his plan, only the witch gets to apologise, what the hell!!! Brian’s smile fades.
Then it is me smiling now….
“”Yes Brian, you do and because she is a higher person, more coordinated and organised and chooses to put her title and position aside to apologise, you will do the same for the whatever you did…and just so you both know, you both would be serving a punishment for this”
We both stare at him
‘WHY?? He started it all, he did all this, why do i have to be punished?”‘ i wanted to know
“‘Because this is past nine, you both brought your personal problems into the office, disrupted our meeting and caused a ruckus..that is punishable and your penalties would be discussed later,….”‘
I am tight lipped…
Brian is staring at Emeka, really, what else would you want to do to me? He shakes his head “”Whatever”‘
”Fine whatever, i am “‘ he coughs “-ry ” he completes
My eyebrow is raised at him.. “‘ what the hell was that? That wasn’t an apology”‘
“‘i am So-“‘ he coughs it again ”’–ry”‘
I look at Mr Emeka “‘Really sir, you see what he is doing?”
”Jezz relax,why so serious? I do apologise for…whatever i did in the conference room”‘
I frown ”And?” i ask,. Surely he must be stupid to think that is all he needs to apologise for.
He chuckles, for the first time it reaches his eyes as he stares at me and shakes his head “‘Tushe!!”‘ he states
“‘What?”‘ i raise another eyebrow
”Nothing! oh yes, also for …the internet thingie..and ..yeah everything else”‘
”’That is not an apology”‘
”that is all that you will get” we are back to staring at each other face to face
”Alright, back to work everyone, back to work..this is a company, show is over…everyone out”
As everyone files out, Mr Emeka points to us both
“‘Both of you stay!!”‘ he says
I catch John’s angry eyes directed at Brian, Brian sees it too.. he laughs..
“‘Buy puppy, master would stay with me now”‘ he chuckles
John made as though he wanted to hit him, Peter steps right in time nudging him away
”Forget the dude John, he isn’t worth it”‘
”You get luck, i swear Brian, you get ,luck”‘ John says stepping away
“‘No bro….you should be counting your stars my fist didn’t kiss your face

“” Brian chuckles, as though he was enjoying it, watching them leave, then he turns to Mr Emeka
Breath Adora, just Breath…
”first off, this..whatever just happened here, i never ever want to see it again if both would be out of here before the end of the day i promise you”
”You can’t fire me!!” Brian states with confidence..i turn to him, such audacity, such authority..
Who the hell was this dude..??
“”Oh, right now Brian, you have no idea what authority i am capable off. This your stunts right now surely will give me the pass to act upon my freewill…you want to try it?”
Brian frowns,. Was he bluffing?
He stays quiet, he would live to fight another day.
Mr Emeka continues when Brian says nothing more, he nods ”Again, this.. all this, you both shouldn’t repeat this nonsense ever again..that display of arrogance , undermining of my own authority.. and whatnot would not be tolerated. Instead of me to allow you both to turn this company into some circus party you will leave and there is nothing that can prevent that and i wouldn’t care about your good records with the company…is that clear?”
”Yes sir, i apologise sir” i say
Brian doesn’t answer “‘Can i go now, i really to do”‘ he says stepping away before Mr Emeka could finish
“‘Not quite yet. Miss Adora ,your salary would be cut effective this month for the next two months, a 50% cut, you can only get your basic allowances only when you both complete your project which means the more you both fight over stupid little things, the more further away your basic salary is, and other freebees… the company car would be pulled from you for the next four weeks so which means you have to look for a way to transport yourself to the office,i don’t care how. Plus no access to the gym and other faculties in the company aside your office, the design area and your work profiles unless i say so, and remember, you start that project soon with him, anymore squabbles…the more i increase your punishments and restrictions”
”And him?” i didn’t like what was happening one bit…this was unfair, i wasn’t hearing his own punishments and restrictions.
“‘he…he is hanging by a thread already, but trust that he would be dealt with, you are excused Adora”
I nod stepping away reluctantly, throwing Brian a spiteful glance and leaving the room
Brian turns to Emeka…”‘What ,me by a thread? What a laugh!! By the way, i expected more than a cut of her salary and restrictions…i sat in a bloody cell..and why the hell are you asking me to stay?”
”Oh, nothing. I just need you to listen while i have a talk with your father”‘
”what does that mean?”
He smiles taking out his phone and is dialling..watching Brian’s expression
”You are calling my father, why?”
“Patience!! ” Emeka says
As soon as the dial goes through, he puts it on speaker “‘Emeka?” Jonathan’s voice comes through
”Hello Sir, Good afternoon Sir, how are you?”
”Fine, very well, how is the family and the company in Ph? I hope no more problems, especially with my son? By the way, tell what’s her name, the social Media manager..she did a good job, the company outlook is looking way better, critics are down..our flags are bag up, quite beautiful..atleast we came back up smiling so it’s a great thing..hopefully my son wouldn’t be silly to do something as crazy as that again….”
Brian’s face tightens
“‘Yes sir, they are well..well yes the company is great sir , and i will tell her but the issue is about your son..sir? Brain has been-“‘
“‘What has he done this time?” Brian grimaces as his father’s tone changes over the phone
”well sir, the thing is, yesterday he and Miss Adora had a bit of a …well the thing is that he slept in a ce-”
Brian drags the phone from him “‘Don’t you dare!!”‘ he cuts it
“‘why? You don’t want me to report you to father?”
The phone is ringing , Brian stares the device in his hands..
If Emeka tells him, his father might demand to know the reason and if not properly explained and the air cleared to state that he really didn’t do it, he might get pissed and being pissed means he would be furious and angry and then he would be disappointed and then probably disgusted and then he would act without having to hear his side of the story and that he just spanked and not rape or anything close to sexual harassment…and if his father acts ..all would be gone and right now, he had nothing to hold on to except the car, the bodyguard and the house he was staying in..if he takes it all..he would be officially fxxked!
”Give me my phone Brian”‘ Mr Emeka stretches his hands towards Brian
”what do you want? You don’t go telling my father nothing. What do you want to tell him hmm?”‘
”’Well…..something small really” he says taking a step away and perching on the desk ” Like peace and quiet, orderliness, cooperation and all that… plus respect, you know…good things. This project with you and Adora had better come out awesome, because i swear if i lose my job for any reason because the one who needs that design is a big client who is a friend to your father and if you both due to your childishness ruin it..and your father calls for my head….i will take you down with me i promise you. You want to be irresponsible and stuff..fine! Do it elsewhere, away from this company and away from my face and that of my staffs. you made me feel incompetent and inefficient, i was unable to talk and address my staffs. You Brian. This should not happen again. All this has to stop… i will tell your father…i will, and i will explain to him how difficult it is to even pretend to work with you…and despite you are his son,i am sure if his company is beginning to go under, he would cut you lose because it is apparent you don’t want all that he has worked hard for so he can take it all…while you wallow in your physical looks and whatnot.
All i want from you Brain, is for the first time in your life.. is to act like the man you are not the boy you used to be, you are in your late twenties yet…you misbehave? You are pitiful. What is wrong with you Brian, have you no sense of maturity? Look, the next time you undermine my authority infront of anyone, i will damn it all to hell and deal with you as i would my son”‘
Brian scoffs ” your threats don’t scare me in slightest, you want the project right? Done, but i can’t promise not to fling her out the window though, she is a feisty hot tempered witch!!”‘
”And you step on a dog’s tail and you think she won’t bite you? Grow up Brian, if i didn’t know better i would assume you like the lady””
”Like hell i do? What the hell do you have to think of such nonsense??”
”because that is how it begins..the fights and quarrels and before long the tolerance and who knows. But that is not my concern, my concern is the project at hand and that needs to start now..and that means…i do not even want to hear you both playing the cats and dogs game, i do not want to hear a banter or a squabble..infact whenever i pass the office where you both would be working….i want to hear silence so even if i drop a pin no sound, and when you both actually do should be civil, intelligent and work related discussions ..and a little thank you and respect would suffice from your head. Whether you like it or not..she is your boss , you are working under her, you are her PA and for the freaking duties and allow us peace of mind. You are one step away from making your father take everything off from you and i promise you i would be the happiest person but do us..all of us a favour and grow the hell up.”
The phone is still ringing, Brian stares at it, Mr Emeka does too but he continues ” You are a man but you act like a spoilt rotten child who doesn’t realise he is old enough to be someone’s grandfather..yes…my father was already a grandfather when he was your age, in the village. In the city..we are more…reserved and want to chase other things in our lives. Have you ever wondered what could happen if your father drops dead the hell are you going to manage all of his they say ‘Run his empire?”‘
“‘When i have people like you..why do i bother?” he smirks
”there is no hope for you..give me my phone Brian”
”i won’t let you call my father”‘
”i won’t let your childish behaviour continue to run wild and undermine my authority and put my head on the line. Jesus! 10 to 15 years olds should be doing what you are doing, not someone in his late 20s. I am ashamed of you on behalf of your father”‘
”keep your shame to yourself, what the hell do you want from me? I owe you nothing, you work for me”‘
”No, i work for your father, and Jonathan Andrews is the name and owner of this company,…not his spawn..not until he is no more and even if he isn’t, i would rather abandon ship and move on to something else instead of being stuck with you…then let’s see you make name for yourself when you have actually refused to learn jack and stand while he was begging you too…all this luxury,..all of it might last for a couple of years but you being you, irresponsible and immature would spend it on girls, parties, stupid gadgets and travels and keep draining and not investing..then it would be gone, your father’s empire would be run to the ground and you Brain would be left with your pretty face, good body and rack you claim with, your name and your oversized ego..and all that put together cannot be taken to the bank nor open doors for you to keep you alife and breathing with a decent meal for a day” Mr Emeka says ”HAND MY BACK MY DAMN PHONE!!”
Brian does ”WHAT DO YOU WANT? I won’t promise to do it…but state it damnit!!”
“‘this is what will happen, daily feedbacks, reports and live feeds on my desk everyday as she is uploading it for public and clients look….and like i told her, anymore fights nor complain between you both or i hear or preserve it happened because of you both…your own salary would be gone too for the next three months already you have no money, to think you will have sense, maybe you would when you start begging on the streets, any more issues Brian..and i pray everything else goes away too when your father steps in. Now get to an overtime, wherever you both want to work and how you want to do it….house, office..water or land ,,how you both want to work it i don’t care..i need this project finished ASAP!!”‘ Mr Emeka turn away from him and leaves him, standing there
”whatever!! asshole” Brian throw at his back as the door closes. He is deeply frowning and thinking.
I was having a headache , John has been ranting angrily since he stepped into my office..
“‘i cannot believe” he was saying ”i mean can you imagine how he spoke to you…and -and”‘
”John..please, i am more upset than you are right now…i need some peace and quiet so i can try not to fling something at the door”‘ i say rubbing my temple
John stops pacing and faces me ” There is something about Brain, he wasn’t ever scared off Mr Emeka.. there is something definitely missing here”
“‘Yes. True “‘ i say getting up and working to the window ”but whatever it is got him raising up his shoulders like a dick he is”
”Can i ask you a question ma’ám?”
I don’t turn, i had a feeling i knew what he wanted to ask, i didn’t want to look at him
”Go ahead, it’s obviously has been eating you..go ahead”
”okay..why did you tell me or rather why didn’t you say anything when i insinuated that you were raped. I mean i asked you and you nodded your head..why?”
I sigh and shrug ”ofcourse it wasn’t my intent, i mean…what he did was bad enough and that moment maybe i wanted to pay him back, get the smug smile off his face, make him feel humiliated like i was..i mean no one dared to ever put me in that state and within two weeks he had made me angry, mad and then put his hands on me even if it’s to smack me …so i guess it felt only right that he got a bit of punishment, didn’t realise it would escalate like that” i am looking out the window still
”Well i understand you ma’ám, i don’t judge you, if it were my sister or my woman, he would have eaten my fists a couple of times by now”
I smile turning ” i know why i hate him, but why do you hate him John, you seem more concerned in him staying behind bars or get out more than i do..”
He hesitates before answering, scratching his jaw ” well, i don’t know, the guy is bloody annoying, excuse my French ma’ám but he is, like from that moment he walked through the doors he has been flinging wrong vibes here and there, i mean i worked hard to get to where i am…to build the kind of relationship and friendship with the staffs..i mean they respected me not because i am older or their superior which i am not, but they did, i was the Go-To-Guy for everything, i may not be extremely handsome but i pulled my weight, i was a rising somebody here but as soon as he came and he ruins it all..everything, majority of the staffs are flocking to him, guys and women..more of the ladies, they want to be like him, act like him and all that bulshit..and the most annoying is that he .. does nothing and yet still gets preferential treatment ..i mean, the way he speaks and addresses you is evident of his bad manners…even the way he talks down at everyone like he is some God, Mr Emeka couldn’t shut him up..very strange. The thing dey pay me reach my bone marrow Miss Adora “‘ he adds in pidgin dialect then continues
“‘And to think that Mr Emeka is quick to fire or reprimand people when they err.. but Brian,..i don’t know, even those elite children that came last year…well they had preferential treatments too, yes and did wonders too in their nastiness…but….i remember when it got out of hand and then the call came from the Boss of the boss to one of them, the dude straightened up and even apologised ..but Brian, i don’t know..Something is definitely up and he seems untouchable but why..who is he?”
“‘Like you said..maybe he is some elite son “‘
“‘Atleast the others sort of respected Mr Emeka, this one doesn’t…his head is strong””
”Oh well…” i shrug, the more i think about Brian the more my anger returns.. he must have won this battle but not the war. I had to call the station to pull the reports citing we have settled it…ofcourse they asked me if i was pressurized to do so and i told them No…and that he had promised not to do it again..
The lady officer, had spoken to me..telling me to call her if i wanted to talk, that she knows i am afraid of the rapist…but that i should call her..she would come to help me and put the rapist behind bars. I thanked her and told her that she shouldn’t worry.
Well…i did try to tell her that i wasn’t raped, she didn’t want to listen, even if i say it’s all a misunderstanding for the rape part, she wouldn’t believe still, trying to use me to free her conscience of her little niece right??