Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 1


I hugged my pillow as more and more tears flowed freely from my eyes. At this point in time, I wish I could just die. I wish my life will just come to an abrupt end. Oh God, why me.
My uncle woke me up.
Uncle: natasha, wake up.
Me: good morning uncle.
Uncle: look at the time naw, why are are you still sleeping.
Me: nothing uncle.
I said as I stood up and tried walking to our door, I haven’t take more than three steps when I fell down.
30 minutes later.
I woke up once again, in my room with my uncle, looking at me with pity in his eyes.
Uncle: Natasha, are you sure everything is ok?
Me: yes sir.
Uncle: *felt my temperature* but your temperature is very high.
Me: just have a slight headache that’s all.
Uncle: you know what, I am taking you to the hospital right now.
Me: common uncle, I said I am ok.
Uncle: no you are not, get up lets go…
Donflex sat in his new office smiling. He could remember vividly well when he was a little boy. His number one wish has always been “I WILL BECOME THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA SOMEDAY”
just then, professor Johnbull entered inside his office.
Professor Johnbull: Good day Mr president.
Donflex: professor Johnbull. What’s up with you.
Professor Johnbull: am fine thank you.
Donflex: so what brought you to my office?
Professor Johnbull: it’s about the river issue?
Donflex: which river issue are you talking about?
Professor Johnbull: the River that separates us from Ghana. The river that is rightfully ours by history.
Donflex: oh, I heard that the people of Ghana are fighting for the same river.
Professor Johnbull: exactly. This is because the river is filled with natural mineral resources.
Donflex: you mean crude oil?
Professor Johnbull: yes. Now Imagine what all those deposits of crude oil will do to our country? Just think about it. Nigeria is gonna be rich above all other African countries.
Donflex: hmm, lovely.
Professor johnbull: yes, but the people of Ghana are desperately fighting for the river. They believed that the river is theirs. They have constructed some oil rigs around it. As I am speaking to you, they don’t allow us to come near the river. It is being guarded day and night.
Donflex: why will they be doing so?
Professor Johnbull: they strongly believe that the river belongs to them.
Donflex: hmm, we are going to discuss this issue later. For now you should go lemme think things through.
Professor Johnbull: ok boss.
Donflex: *pressed a button* please come to my office right now.
5 minutes later.
Dressed in an Italian suit and shoe to match, froshberry walked inside with a smile on his face.
Froshberry: good morning your excellency.
Donflex: good morning Froshberry. I want to ask you something.
Froshberry: ok sir, anything.
Donflex: please take a sit.
Froshberry: *sitting down* thank you…
Donflex: the river that separates us from Ghana, the one filled with lots of deposit of crude oil, you do know it right?
Froshberry: yes sir.
Donflex: very good. If Nigeria and Ghana were to stand before another country, let’s say America in a debate of who rightfully owns the river, who do you think will win?
Froshberry: hmm, nice one.
Froshberry: truth is, from the natural point of view, the river is located in their land. that is, it is more closer to Ghana than Nigeria. If you view the landscape from a satellite above or a chopper, you will observe that the River is owned by Ghana and all the deposits in it should be theirs.
Donflex: good.
Froshberry: and if you are judging from history? We were the first people to locate the river. We discovered that crude oil is in the river and we started mining it. When the people of Ghana saw that the River was theirs, they chased us and banned us from reaching the river.
Donflex: very good. That’s all I want to hear for now. You can go…
Froshberry: thank you sir.
Donflex: the people of Ghana aren’t doing the right thing. If we were the first people to find out the river, even though the river is in their land, we should be entitled to a little benefit from the river. Instead what happened, they chased us away and banned us from reaching the river. I know what to do, I am going to have a meeting with their president lemme see what he is going to say to me.
Here, Donflex was seen in a heated discussion with the president of Ghana.
Donflex: what you guys did was totally wrong.
President (GH): what do you mean by that?
Donflex: so you guys have the guts to ban us, we that were the first to discover the river. You guys banned us away from it, isn’t that very greedy.
President (GH): to hell with you and your greediness whatever. Ghana as you know is a very small country and that river is our main source of income. Nigeria is the biggest country in Africa with many oil wells. If we were to share the little resources we have with you guys, how did you want us to survive?
Donflex: d–n you, d–n your country and d–n your survival!!
President (GH): *annoyed* hey!!! You can’t come into my country and insult us. Can you even call yourself a president? Did your people voted you? You took power by force and here you are ranting, saying rubbish. As for your information, the power is not in my hand to decide if we are to share the river with you or not.
Donflex: don’t tell me that crap. You are the president so your say is final.
President (GH): that’s were you go wrong. Very very wrong. Am not like you that boast and behave like a god. Here powers are shared amongst me and my ministers. So if you want something from us, you ask others in charge before asking me.
Donflex: believe me, you better make us a beneficiary of that river or else…
President (GH): you have over stayed your welcome. Good bye.
Donflex: are you sending me out of your country.
President (GH): you better leave before I call my guards on you.
Donflex: d–n! You gonna regret this, believe me you will.
The whole crew was complete except for captain Val’s who travelled out of the states earlier.
Idris looked at all the agents, ranging from Jummybabe, Jack, Kelvin, Farouk, Yvonne, Jay-x, konami, Robidon, Et and Ken.
They were having their training test.
Idris: Konami come and stand besides me.
Konami came and stood besides him.
Idris: I am sharing the nine of you into three groups. Group A, B and C. Each will be given a mission to accomplish and by the end of the day, the group that failed with be severely punish. Am I understood?
All: yes Agent Idris.
Idris: good. Jummybabe, Jack and Kelvin. You guys are group A. Go in and prepare the weapons you will use. Meet me later for your mission briefing.
Group A: yes Agent Idris.
Idris: Yvonne, Jay-x and Robidon, you guys are Group B. Go in and prepare yourselves.
Group B: yes sir.
Idris: farouk, Et and Jack, you guys are group c. Follow them and prepare yourselves too.
Group C: yes sir.
Idris: very good. Me and Konami will be here, watching you guys. You better not fail.
What happened next?
Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of NATASHA [reloaded]
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