The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 27


I sigh turning, i need to put the arrogant fool out of my life ”Going through the reports, we are out of danger, loss of clients and our charts are looking good, i would like to see the team to thank them..maybe ask Mr Emeka to bless you all with some increased incentive..”‘ i say smiling at my computer.. atleast i wouldn’t be getting a call from the Boss of boss to sack me but maybe to tell me i did a good job despite it not being my fault.
Then i frown..because of that fool…my salary gets to be cut by fifty percent, no official car for a the hell am going to cope, i do not even know my way around Port Harcourt yet..what the actual hell was i going to do?
“‘what is it Ma? Can i help you with anything?”
“‘Do they run Uber services in Port Harcourt?”
”Yes they do”‘
‘Okay great, do you have their services number, i need it” then i remember something ”Damnit!!”
”it’s bad enough that i get my salary cut, paying for Uber services would run me down even more..damnit!! i cannot afford to be wasting money until i get back my 10 percent salary. Are there cheaper taxi services i can get to get home and to work on a daily, atleast for a month?”
”Public transport services is cheaper..””
” You never entered public transports in lagos??”‘
My expression gave him the answer “‘How much cheaper?”
“‘It depends…50-150 per bus top depending on your area, and your area runs private cabs…soo…..i am calculating it”‘ he thinks for a moment, murmuring to himself and calling out stops and buses ”’technically going and coming to work should be about 2k daily…about 200 naira breaking into 100 bucks takes you from here to the nearest two bus stops, from there you cannot see a public transport to your house because it’s a residential estate, for companies and all…so they cannot even get to the junction, they will drop you a far distance away due to security and stuff, you can only get a private approved cab into your estate and they take nothing less than 800 bucks.. that cab services you can take their number to pick you from the house to the junction out of the estate and then from there you shuttle public transport to the office…”‘
”they can’t come all the way here for a cheaper price, “‘
”Nope, they are cheaper than Ubers’s like a thousand naira less…”
I began to think about my life..Damnit!!
John looks at my worried face “‘Don’t worry ma’ám, i will show you the way till you get used to it. But just so you know, i think Mr Emeka was being unfair to do this to you..he should be punishing him alone, i wouldn’t be surprised if that dick gets to go unpunished”‘
Sadly, i wouldn’t be too. Mr Emeka’s words rings in my ears “‘I can’t fire him, it is out of my hands”. i shake my head..
”I am really sorry ma’ám, if there is anything you need me to do..i will, just call me and i will be here for you, anything at all. For starters, i will follow you home till you get used to the roads, atleast it’s for a month, after that you get back your everything, and look on the bright side, you get to see places and know Ph, it is really a cool place…i can show you exciting places” he smiles at me
”i guess….that is a consolation”
”it is…and ma’ám-”’
We turn to the door as it opens to usher the devil’s spawn himself
”what the hell do you want now? Cause more trouble?” John says stepping towards him
Brian stares at him ”First, move, secondly..move, thirdly…i won’t be repeating myself in another minute”
John doesn’t “”Maybe we can go at it, right here right now, i may get a suspension or a querry but i would be glad you bleed”‘
Brian steps closer with a smile on his face, daring him to take a punch
”John!!”‘ i call out “”John!!!”‘
He turns to me “‘Yes Ma’am?”
I shake my head telling him no, then i look at the He-goat “‘The door was closed, you could atleast knock, you do have manners don’t you since you lack other things?”
”Oh, i didn’t realise that boy wonder was massaging the temple of Virginia city..but hey, my mistake, i will do that next time”‘ he smiles
John nudges him towards the wall hard, Brian pushes him back with his fist raised probably to smash John’s face in as i quickly step away from my desk, running to their middle and pushing them apart “‘You will not fight in my office, i have had it for a day i have.. what the hell do you want Brian, why are you here?”
”We have a project, and the sooner i get that down, the sooner i don’t have to punch this dude’s face and i don’t have to tolerate your presence either…and even as much as i hate this, i have to work with you so…would you be so kind to tell little doggy here to calm the fuxxk down or i can do that for him…my punch is a clam stimulator..shutdown happens in a second, works like magic.”‘
”You think you can take me down?” John chests out
Brian laughs staring as John pumps his chest at him “‘Paperlight chest baby…paperlight.. sit the hell down boy!” this gets John riled up
”I have some other work to be done”‘ i push John who seems to want to get closer to Brain trying to nudge me away, Brian on the other hand stands his i am sandwiched between two men who is bent on possibly throwing punches at each other or bashing up themselves in a fist i place my both hands on both of them, steadying myself not to fall as they charge at each other..i keep pushing them apart as they shout and charge at each other.. both my hands are flattened on either chest of the men..
John’s chest ..was more flesh..and Brian’s..was chiselled, firm,
In another circumstances…i would have said his chest was really nice to touch, and wonder what the rest of his body would feel like…
I shake my head, get thee behind me satan!!
“‘Sorry love”‘ Brian says mockingly “‘But Emeka needs us to start Asap, and from what i see…you are free, the internet buzz is down…if you were a nice person i would have told you great job for dousing the fire..but you aren’ are a witch and witches don’t deserve praises”
”i don’t need one from you especially when it’s your fault..” i back John and face the arrogant fool
John was pushing behind my both hands are on Brian’s chest, he looks down..then he smiles
“‘If i didn’t know better i would say you are feeling me up Miss Adora, you like what you touch? but be careful, a little lower would touch my sensitive spot.. those damn nipples gets a man high too”‘ he winks
I drop my hands as soon as he flexes his chest, i felt them flex twice,..i blush red.
“Stop it John!!” i throw at him. Why the hell was he pumping his chest behind me and pushing me ..if i step away..i wouldn’t want to know what would happen and who would happen to who…
”if i leave here, i would blame it on you when Emeka comes querrying..”‘ Brian was happy to add

Dear lord, how do you save me from this ? I ask myself
”Miss Adora, please step away so i can show this guy who is who”‘ John pokes Brian from the side , jabbing him , quick reflexes causes Brian to hit his hands a way, causing John to wince in pain.
That was it, another fuzz and Mr Emeka would have my job.
”John, please, can you leave us alone””
”But madam??”
”Master has commanded, run boy..chap chap!!” Brian uses his fingers to make a running man..
With eyes shooting daggers..John stares at me and then back at Brian, i don’t step away from Brian.. he fakes Brian with a punch, Brian doesn’t blink..i do.
“JOHN!!” i exclaim
“it’s because of Miss Adora you are saved day our time will come”‘ John tells Brian says, adjusting his shirt and going away, shutting the door rather slowly until he does, i turn to stare at Brian
”let me make this clear…as long a you do your job you and i don’t have to have issues..which means-” but he cuts me off
”No..which means…i work the way i work so you have to keep up with me. And if i have to do any design…i like working in peace and quiet and no distractions,..which means..i need a work site..away from the office..because i cannot have people breathing down my neck..that is how i work..which includes you but since i cannot get rid off you so you need to pay attention. If you are there and need to do what you need to do…be as quiet as a mouse and transparent as a white shadow….i do not want a camera in my face, put it far away, don’t make stupid interviews unless it’s very necessary or i do it when i need to and well everything else you will get to know and adjust to. And work starts now”‘
”you do not tell me when it starts ..i tell you when it starts”‘
”fine when do we start….Adora”‘
My eyes turns to slits “‘Miss Adora to you, and it starts ,when i say it does..and …when i check that i do not have pending work”‘
He steps away from me, turns my computer to him “‘What the hell do you think you are doing ?” i say going to stop him “”You have no right “‘ but he is typing and checking
”Too late, and you do not have pending works next week which is Monday, two days from now..they have been faxed to john…i copied and sent to him, good thing about organised techs right?…one click and you send all our work to another…i do that alot since working here, and oh don’t worry, John is eager to lick your toes…do you know that he is hanging around you like a dog on heat?” jhe laughs
“‘What nonsense is that?”‘
A knock distracts us and the door opens ” i just got your mail Ma’m, “‘ John steps in and eyeing Brian.
”I didn’t-” i began
“‘Yes she did, and we are still talking, do you mind? SHUUU! Bad dog”
”i wasn’t talking to you monkey”‘ John snaps, he turns to me “‘if you want me to attend to some things i can do that Ma’ám”‘ he smiles at me, why didn’t they give me him for a PA right from the start, we would have worked well together
”You see…i told you Adora, Dog on heat”‘ Brian says smiling
”I erm..”’ i stutter
”I am not the one delaying with the project now but you”‘ the fool continues..i close my eyes and will him to shut the hell up!
”Ma’ám, you did send me those mails yes?”
One ,two , three.. the sooner i am done with the project, maybe my life would get back on track.
“”Yes, have one or two of the team members to help you with it, daily reports on my table and i will do the finishing touches and go live with them,thank you John”‘
”Anything for you Ma’ám”‘ he says smiling at me, then with a frown he beats the hell out of Brian and closes the door
”I swear…that should be weary of him…stalker and everything bad alert…you shouldn’t have him so close to you know..”‘
”what do you care, he is a good person, kind and caring..and does his job”‘
”i do not care.. and right, like that is all? The dude is pining for you”
“‘And know that because?”
”i am Zeus!!” he raises his fist then laughs, he has been laughing all too suddenly today, i find it strangely uncomfortable “‘Well i am a guy durh, we know these things, same way we know witches “‘he raises an eyebrow
”i wish i were one, your balls would have being on fire by now, then you would busted into flames like the devil you are”
He throws his head back and laughs hard ”Tushe Adora, Tushe!!” he smiles ”You do like balls don’t you, second time you mentioning it since knowing you…bad naughty witchy…”‘
”You disgust me , nauseate me too” i fume
”Good, that mean you wouldn’t get attracted to me and fall….i must warn you, ladies who come close to me and work with me always do”‘
”Not in your wildest despicable dreams”‘
”Aye!! Not in mine, maybe in yours. Keep your hormones to yourself..that is all i ask..i don’t like you and you don’t like me but we have to work on this stupid project and the sooner we finish it up..the better, one less day away from you is peace and joy to me..” he finishes
I fold my hands. “‘You have no idea how glad i will be”‘
”so..” he says
”so..?”‘ i repeat
He is silent for a while, he is staring at me and i am staring at him too..we regard each other coldly for a brief second..each to his own thoughts..
”Work is at my place”‘ he drops it, my mouth drops open
”I will not under no circumstances be under the same roof with you alone at your place, we work in the office, there is my office, and the conference room-“‘
”i do not work with distractions and the office is crawling with them…and i will not go to yours because i do not want to see girly things scattered around”
”i am neater than all the females you know”
He scoffs “‘ofcourse you would say so, doesn’t mean it is true…my space is bigger, i can move around and do some work..and i can build a miniature design workspace studio so i draw and build and i can do that at mine i am sure you wouldn’t want your place in a supposed disarray, and when the site work begins….we move to the site…but i will not work here nor yours”‘
”i won’t work at yours”
”You will”‘
”i won’t’
”You will, you can’t make me”‘

”i won’t, someone else will”
”who?” I frown
He is smiling.
We are standing infront of Emeka with Brian rubbing his temple.. he is arguing as i am countering him
“‘Enough!! Jesus, can’t you both agree on something?”
”why can’t we work here?” i turn to Mr Emeka
”because i am, the designer and i know how best i work and i get to decide…and i know i work better and my designs come out perfect when i have peace and quiet and no distractions and that would be at my home or some secluded place….with my board and tools and my…hands..gifted hands” he flexes them
”Well that is bullshit!!”
Emeka stares at him, Brian was right..a creator would know how best he works and under what conditions, for now..he would have to let him have his way…sort off.
”Actually…it is true, how best do you work Adora?” he asks me
”how is that relevant Sir?”
”Answer! i mean when you need to develop contents and all that best do you work?”‘
I sigh “‘ music on, research documents before hand perused…mostly at night when the world is asleep”
”See!!” Brain states
My frown deepens
“‘so, since he is the one doing the would have to work the way he does…”‘
”But sir?”
”i am sorry, when the major work is done you can decide to do what you want..for now…no arguments…i have a headache already from you too”‘
”I win again today, Brian 100..Adora- nil. ” he laughs
”You get the supplies you need from the supply department. So that means that you schedule days you meet to work so that it doesn’t affect your work here too. You both can leave”‘ he dismisses us. Brian’s face is a hug heap of smiles, i wanted to wipe it with a slap..but because Emeka, because of my job, because of the Boss the boss, i swallow my anger, and i walk out. He follows behind me as we head to the supplies department, passing staffs and hearing some muttering… i close my eyes and open them, with my head up and shoulders raised i walk pass as i heard some comments..they made me cringe, they made me angry..i wish i could scream at them…Brian was at fault here not me..him him HIM!!! I wouldn’t have had to insinuate nothing, and yet no one is bashing him, no one.
So much for women rights!!!
Damn you Brain, you have people talking bad about me now..damn you damn you DAMN YOU!!
”We leave in an hour”‘ he throws at me before disappearing further down the hall, Tomiwa stands up from her desk and rushing to him, Tombra follows.. they are all smiles hugging him , they say something to him and he throws his head back and laughs heartedly
Dear Lord…help me through it all…help me not to kill this man before the month runs out, Amen.
When i get to my office, without saying nothing i enter and shut the door hard, sinking into my chair and placing my head on my desk..banging it slowly…untill it began to hurt, i lean back rubbing it.
God, if i become a murderer, surely you will not punish me right? He deserves it…okay maybe a death is a tad too much..maybe a broken arm..leg..No!!? how about a bloated tummy…or lips, something hideous and painful.
Today, today wasn’t a good day for me, not in the longest shot.
It’s an hour later when i come out of my office, i see him when i get down to the supply department.
Brian is leaning in to talk to the department head, it’s a lady with an open teeth, she is all smiles as she attends to him, when it gets to me..she gives me a fixed smile. I do not bother to smile..
I told her what and what i needed and waited for her to package it, Brian tells her too…he told her to send his to the car. I didn’t know a PA had an official car. Wait, it didn’t make sense..why i get to lose my car and his remains, infact i didn’t get to ask Mr Emeka about his punishments…
I would have to-
”Shall we?” he nudges me out of my thoughts.. he seemed happy, happy to be having the upper hand and ruining my day today. I do not say anything as we step out to the car park, i had Betty bring down my bag and laptop..
I turn to see a black car pull up, this didn’t look like one of the official cars listed out to staffs.. this was more sophisticated …how the hell does a PA get this kind of car?
I turn to look at Brian who beckons to the staff carrying some cartoon to put it into the boot of the car..someone comes out of the driver’s side, he is wearing black shades and dressed casually..
”Good afternoon Miss, allow me?” he says opening the door for me. I raise an eyebrow. A sophisticated car, a polished driver… again..who the hell was Brain and how come he gets to get this treatment.. John was right, something didn’t add up..and that should explain his behaviour.
I eye Brian “‘Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite, last time i checked ” he gestures to the driver.. as he slips in from the other side
I reluctantly enter the car, once settled in out of curiosity ”are you a company driver ?” i had to ask,
”Yes and no” he answers
”what does that mean?”
”It means just that ” Brian cuts him off..”‘Home please..we have work..”‘
We drive in silence , for thirty minutes and we drive into an estate much like mine but more..residential, more securities and even..more security with rifles and coms and dark shades. We drive past two security posts, then into the estate, taking a bend and then pulling up beside a house or some hotel.
Ookay…..what the hell!!!
When we stop, the driver gets down and opens the door, he gives me his hands, i eye it suspiciously, he smiles at me…”I really won’t bite Ma’am” he says, i take it and come down, Brian is already at the door, opening it and going inside
”Ikena, help me with those will you?”
I notice this driver, ikena, frown stepping away from me, he goes to removing the things from the booth and taking them in, i follow him into the apartment and i am blown away..
”i am sorry..i do not understand, you stay here…live here?”
A common PA who lives in a place that looks like a five star hotel..who the hell is he? No wonder..some things finally makes sense, John really was right..he was an elite’s son
Brian laughs “‘ Don’t worry…it’s not mine, i am..erm” he pauses…wondering if he should say it or shouldn’t
“‘ Actually i am perching, for lack of a proper word. So it’s not mine neither am i renting it, i am a PA am i not? A mere PA..damnit!! how can i afford a place like this right? Because i can’t! I am staying here with a friend…he.. out of the country for a bit” he laughs..”‘ actually i am looking to get my own place soon, for now…perks of perching is that i get to enjoy this amazing house and all within until i leave here…”‘ he says half honestly
..when he gets back his accounts restored and has so much money, he really would buy his own place, no scratch that, He would build him a dream house…yes he will.
”if you do not need anything more..?” Ikena trails off
My tummy sings, i realised that i hadn’t had nothing to eat ”what is the address of this place so i can place an order, i am hungry”‘ i ask bringing out my phone. I notice Brian turn…i wonder why as he has a look on his face.
The driver brings out his jotter and writes it down and give it to me, there is a look on his face too..but his eyes has a glint, as though he was trying not to laugh
Í place an order for..rice, chicken, salad, juice. then an afterthought had me adding two pies. I didn’t know how long i would be here, and i didn’t want to get hungry inbetween.
“‘how do i get to Golf estate from here please?”
”Your driver would come pick you up Ma’ám”‘ Ikena states
‘No, unfortunately, i will be without that for a month due to some arrogant obnoxious fellow”‘ i state, Brian scoffs from somewhere in the house..
”i will take you home then”‘ he says, but the look he gave me made me feel as though he knew who i was talking about as his mouth curves into smile
”No you won’t, we have someplace to be ..after..remember? “‘ Brian comes to stand close to us
”it’s on the way..surely we can-“‘