If you’ve never collided with the devil then you’re walking with him. If you’ve never experienced any difficulty on your success journey, you’re probably heading nowhere.
On your way to success you will find many bumps and hurdles, but your ability to navigate through is of essence. What is a success without the story? All will make your story worth it.
Do not look down on yourself because people fail to see your potential.
Keep looking forward, remain consistent and let your success story speak for you!
Make a decision to stop caring about what people think about you or your ideas, be it your family or Friends. There are people who will always see the odds against your vision. Distance yourself from them. Purpose flourishes in positive interactions and connections.
Once you catch it, keep running with it.
Everything is an opportunity, don’t waste it!
The money, time, network, skill you have are all opportunities to move to the next level.
Maximize all of them!
For example, if you are doing national service, you have a lot of time, maximize it.
If you have a millionaire father, you have a lot of money and networks, maximize it.
If you travel regularly, you see a lot of opportunities for trade, maximize it!
Great people are born out of great thinkers and visioners. Your ability to manifest your thoughts into reality births greatness. Greatness is achieved when you are able to see every shortcoming as a stepping stone.
A man’s greatness is not hinged on things around him but that which is inside him.