The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 23


He lifts the bag from the car and gives it to me as i alight, i take it turning away, i hear him murmuring, i ignore him.
I get into the house, locking my door behind me. I strip entering into the room, by the time i have gotten to stand infront of the mirror, i was down to my bra and panties.. i am looking at my chest.. i could see a faint burn to my chest..nothing an oil balm can’t clear, in a day or two, it would be gone.
I take off my panties and stare at my bottom, i could see his flat palm imprinted on my bottom as though someone had painted his palm on my fair bottom or marked me.
“’Damn you Brian’’ if i didn’t know better or wasn’t aware of how this happened and if someone was to see me naked right now they would assume i had a ‘’Chirstain Grey ‘’ sex moments with my lover, they would think that we were having it so good that spanking was a new high for dessert.
But they wouldn’t realise that this wasn’t a chirstian grey moment from the fifty shades of grey, this wasn’t a lover’s pat, this wasn’t even remotely sexual…this was an abuse, a violation, all shades of wrong.
This..was Brian’s hands on his boss’s butt an- and-and..‘’Argh!!!!’’ i fling my bra on the floor.

I have never had a single mark on my body, never…only one night and i have a faint burn on my chest and the palm of that he-goat on my bum bum and to think i was even pitying him and not wanting the police to go arrest him by trying to clear the misunderstanding.
But it’s too late, what will be would be. A night in the cell wouldn’t hurt’, a small punishment for this- VIOLATION.
Sighing, i pick up my things and throw it in the washing machine, then i get into the shower and let the cool water wash my body as i wash off.
I come out, slipping into a nightwear, climbing my bed, it takes a while before i sleep. Then i close my eyes and fall asleep.

The conference scene is replaying itself, but it is different; when he slams me to the wall, we are staring at each other, but his looks is different, when he lifts me and places me on the table and spanks my bottom, it didn’t hurt like it did, instead it sends some electrifying sensations up my thighs.. tickling me. I don’t sob out in pain, i moan.

He turns me around as i am still on the table, and i am staring up at him, then he goes down, his head disappearing from my view..
I feel his head between my thighs, and then i felt something else, wet, warm..and slightering up my inner core. i close my eyes, curl my toes , hold the table tight, ache my lower body up to his face..biting my lips i moan out his name..
I wake up with a start..
“’Jesus!! What in the world!!’’ i sit up from my bed, reaching for the clock. It’s 6:30am. It’s morning already.

But i am frowning, what the hell was that, what the actual hell was that?

I feel my neck when i notice heat radiating from my body, i was running a fever. That explains it, mum used to say when you begin to have weird dreams that don’t make sense, you were coming down with malaria..
I open my draw to find that i still had malaria drugs i didn’t finish, i check the expering date to see that it was still good. I rush a bath, grab bread from the fridge and a drink.. i eat it.
I take the pills as soon as i hear Wilson horning for me,
“’Good morning madam”’ Wilson greets me opening the door for me, i nod and enter the car.

It is a quite ride to the office, i alight to meet John . it was evident he was waiting for someone and i believe it was for me.
He rushes down to me, taking the bag away from Wilson who eyes him, “’ i can carry madam’s bag Oga john”’ he shifts the bag out of John’s reach
“’i have hands”’ John reaches for it

“’No, i can carry it for her Oga Wilson, leave am, i no know why you dey near madam too much these days”’
‘’Are you mad, let go of the bag now’’ John nears him
I turn to see them bickering “’What is it?’’
‘’Nothing”’ John pulls the bag away from Wilson, comes up to meet me “’Nothing at all, would you want me to tell the secretary to get you anything?’’
I am holding my head “’No, i am fine just want to sit for a minute”’
Nodding to a few greetings and rewarded with a smile from the company secretary, i enter my office, John quickly drops my bag and pulls out a chair for me, he seems too happy.
‘’why are you exceptionally happy John, is there something i am missing?’’
‘’No ma, it is a good and wonderful day ma’ám, nothing else”’
‘’Okay, is there any progress on what we worked on yesterday, and is Mr Emeka around?’’
‘’yes there is, significant progress. And he just came in, why?’’
‘’i needed him to give me go head for the files i submitted to him yesterday”’
‘’oh okay, but he hasn’t settled in yet”’
‘’okay. Please let me know when he does, and John, you might have to assist me a little bit, Mr Emeka has put me on another and that…damnit!!!’’ I say getting up
‘’what is it Miss Adora?”’
I forgot all about the incident of yesterday, the station, the police coming here, no, this wasn’t good..this wasn’t good at all.
The client wants his designs for his house done, and his house built, if Brian is arrested, then there wouldn’t be designs, no constructions , no live-feed, no public feedback…which means…no extra money for the company, which means the client would be highly displeased and disappointed , which means this would get back to the Boss of the boss..which means it would be bad bad BAD!!…and when they call to find out why…It would be told to him that i got his staff arrested for raped.

Which..wouldn’t be why he would be angry with me, but the fact that the client doesn’t get this project done. And i wasn’t ready to get another call from the Boss of the boss. I am not ready to lose my job.
This is bad…bad bad bad!!
I am pacing
“’What is i s Miss Adora?’’ a worried look crosses his face.
“’Brian cannot be arrested”
He frowns “’Why the hell not Ma’ám, after what he did to you, why the hell not?”’
‘’’Because –‘’

We both turn to the door when we hear voices rising..

“’What is that noise?’’ fear grips me
John listens for a minute, then his face brightens into a smile “’they are dragging the filth out of the building “’ he claps in excitement as both of us rush out to see a few police men, Mr Emeka following them and someone handcuffed is being pulled out of his office, a few staffs are already muttering, asking what the problems is and trying to prevent the police officers from leaving. We move forward, breaking through the crowd to find Brian, hands cuffed behind his back, shouting at the officers, asking them to uncuff him, calling Mr Emeka to tell them to do so else he would be sorry, asking the officers if they knew who he was…

John is laughing beside me..Peter had come to join him
“’Dude, why are the police here , do you know, what did he do?’’ John was also known as the gossip in the office, they all came to him for the latest jist, but John is busy enjoying the scene to give out any information
“’Dude, later, i don’t want to miss any moment of this, wait’’ he brushes him aside as he follows behind me as i make my way to them.

‘’uncuff me right this minute damnit!! I haven’t done anything wrong, damnit”’ Brian pushs the officer by nudging him to the side, but the officer tightens his hold on him as he grabs Brian, slamming him to the wall to steady him
“’The more you resist arrest, the more things would be filed against you young man, relax and follow us to the station”’
‘’Í know my rights, i have my rights and you have no right to walk in here and arrest me for something i didn’t do…”’
‘’something you did sir, you can drop your statements at the station, then you can explain yourself’’
It was the officer that we spoke to last night, and the others who were there also
‘’i didn’t do nothing , Emeka , tell them, tell them to let go of me, or this would fall on know this, tell them to let go off me”’ he says
‘’For a criminal you still have mouth to talk abi, move jor..move before i use my stick on you’’ they pull him out of the office , passing the other offices and out to the lobby area, staffs had gathered already..
‘’i am not criminal damnit, stop pushing me, i will have your jobs, i swear it, you don’t know who i am , you have no idea who my fa-‘’
‘’Brian go to the station with them and stop fighting it and embarrassing yourself, when you get there you can explain yourself and clear this mess’’
“’me, follow them to the station like a common criminal? Why, what have i done, being accused of what i didn’t do? Why should i follow them so they can change it for me right? Think i don’t know how they work…tell them to uncuff me if not i will have your job as well”’ Brian screams at Emeka
‘’someone who is being arrested, he is still there forming arrogant’’’someone murmurs
“’But what did he do na?”’ it is Tomiwa asking
‘’i dont’t know oh, they came this morning asking for him, betty went to call Mr Emeka when they said they came with an arrest warrant for Brian, we don’t know what he is being arrested for though, next thing Mr Emeka takes them to his office and this is what we are seeing, what did he do na??’’ Tombra appears behind her whispering
“’Maybe John will know, he knows all that is happening’’ someone says from the other corner
‘’where is he sef?’’
‘’Look at him there, beside Miss Adora there, him and Peter, why does Miss Adora look as though she is fearing for Brian?’’ another person points across the room
“’MOVE!”’ the officer drags Brian by his trousers
‘’í am not going anywhere, where is the person who went to accuse me of this, ask her, ask her if i did anything of that sort..ask her, where is she..where is she?’’ Brian is struggling with them..he wasn’t going nowhere for something he didn’t do..
‘’Brian, you did, she had already written a statement in the station, and they have proof, go kindly with them, this is a working environment and you are making a scene’’ Emeka says, he wouldn’t want customers or clients to come in here and see the commotion, good thing that is was still quite early
‘’what nonsense statement is that?’’ Brian stands his ground, the officers are trying to calm themselves, they would have hurled him over their shoulders or dragged him like a thief..but this was a working environment, they were trying to be careful too.
‘’Oga move”’
‘’i am not going anywhere, let her come and tell me to my face”’

John pushes past me..”’You are not ashamed of yourself, instead of you to be pleading your case you are here shouting and claiming, okay explain to us what you were still doing back at the conference room yesterday and how come when you were leaving you were running out..explain to us why miss Adora was crying in the office, explain to us what happened to her cloths and how she could barely walk..why she was shaking and all..explain to us. Yet you are claiming you didn’t do anything…you are high on a new form of crack, officers, carry him away, he is arrogant and he is a bad bad person, “’
‘’oh, i would have known she would have sent her loyal lap dog to do her bidding, why don’t you shut up john on what you don’t know and call that witch to come and explain why she is lying, me? Sexually harassed her and violated her? Is she high?’’
‘’Rape!! You raped her!!’’ John spat

Everyone gasps, me included. I step forward placing a hand on John’s shoulders
“’John, please let me handle this’’ i turn to Brian who is shooting fire through his eyes “’Officers, i think there have been a misunderstanding and i will clear it up, Brian didn’t ra-“
‘’yes the witch is out, from her coven, where is your broom? infact how dare you accuse me of rape? Sexual harassment and violation, is it how you lack attention so much you go so low to seek for it even if you are defaming someone’s character, what sort of witch are you? You lie, you are a snake and your are a bad person. The other day you lied about my person in the club, today- today?..oh you have gone too far. Did i touch you, did i sexually harass you? You are not even half my type, not even when i am high would i ever find you attractive, all witch and bad vibe that comes off wrong, yet you dare to claim i raped you? You can’t and will not be able to get me up even if you are butt naked infront of me, yet you lie that i raped you, violated you, harassed you sexually, what is wrong with are a horrible-horribly lying witch and you had better drop this charges because it is nothing but a bloody lie, like your personality….you are demented, infact you need to be arrested for defamation of character and person..officers you should arrest her, she is the one who is a criminal. What does your law say about that eh? Get these cuffs from me and arrest the lying defaming witch who obviously hadn’t had some for a long time and yet lies about it hoping that it could land her some dog-time with her lap dog there behind her smiling from ear to both are despicable’’ he spat to my face

I opened my mouth and closed it, the room is silent, everyone is waiting for me to respond or not… i could literally hear a pin drop, even the officers are staring at me..
I open my mouth to speak, what i wanted to say going at the corner of my mind and something else replaces it…”’Yes Brian sexually harassed me by placing your hands on my tush and grabbing it with your palms not once, not twice, not thrice, you poured me hot contents on my body..surely there is a law against violence against women especially when you held both my hands and slammed me to the wall..probably in the bid to do what i wonder, restraining both my hands, grabbing me over your shoulders and placing me on the table and ..and’’ i choked remembering it, the dream
Everyone gasps..
“’it’s okay Madame, i think the rest we know, Oga do you want to deny all these?’’ the police officer asks Brian who is shocked..
“’it was a mistake, well..i was talking to her and she was ignoring me and i poured her the tea out of anger, because she slapped me, yes she slapped me, it was a reflex action, and i didn’t slam-slam you to the wall and i held your hands because you were hitting me and slapping me like a crazy witch, and i was only trying to teach you a lessen when i spanked you and-‘’
“’Did you get that?’’ the officer turns to another who was recording the exchange via audio, the man nods
“’Good, he just confessed. Sir, you are under arrest with concrete evidence, move or now we would be forced to use force on you sir, you are not entitled to a lawyer, you will be facing the judge and a sentence would be passed”’ the officer grabs his trousers again, lifting him from the ground, and pushing him
‘’’Wait, wait, you can’t arrest me, you are getting it all wrong, it was a harmless misunderstanding between colleagues”’
“’She isn’t your colleague but your Boss you arrogant fool’’ Mr Emeka spits
I am standing there and looking at him, now he really deserves it. I was trying to salvage the situation but he went ahead to run his mouth, making me angry. Well i have no more pity for him, he should sleep in cell until God knows when. I don’t care. If the Boss finds out and fires me…well, i would take it in good faith that i wasn’t able to work with the fool and get the client’s house ready in time..
But there was no way i was not going to enjoy him being humiliated for once, for paying him back tit for tat, this wasn’t enough humiliation for him but it would do, for now.

Talk about payback .
‘’she is a witch! A witch i swear it, Adora, Adora tell the truth”’ Brian is looking at me and screaming
‘’You tell the truth, people like you deserve the darkest of cells and bad men as companions”’ John tells him .

Brian is staring at me “’Stop this nonsense, say the truth, this would destroy everything, i can’t go to jail for what i didn’t do. Mr Emeka, call my fa-‘’
‘’take him away please so we can get back to work”’ he tells the officers getting close to Brian, leaning close to him “’Only an immature child who still suckles at his mother’s breast keeps running to his parents for aid, you brought this on yourself, you alone, clean your own damn mess and stop trying to drag your father into this every second…do you think he would move a muscle, you just went from your lowered points to zero in his books. To find out that his son is a rapist, a sexual harasser, and you violated someone, you think he would run to your rescue? You disappoint him every second Brian. Go ahead, call your father, tell them who your father is, tell them you are the son of the owner of the company, go ahead, tell them you are the son of one of the richest elite family ..go ahead, tell them ,watch them sneer at you, watch them shake their heads and tell you how disgraceful you are of your parent’s name…hear your father’s displeasure, hear your mother sigh in pain and disappointments…they sent you back home to better yourself, to improve, to be better, to be responsible, to hold down your own, to build your name the way your father has, to show why you are your father’s son, but all you have succeeded in doing is showing what an arrogant spoilt brat you are…you have no shame, no remorse and no need of shame Brian, you really are a pain to your parents, go on, embarrass them the more, or do one thing for once, take responsibility of your mess, clean it up and sit the hell up damnit!! Disgrace!!’’ he leans away from him.
There was something in the way Brian looks at him,
‘’officers, please take him away, let him deal with his mess..please”’ he tells the officers stepping away, Brian is looking at me now, i turn away

This time when they ask him to move, he does, as they leave the building, putting him in the van and they drive away.
“’Everyone get back to work, Miss Adora, in my office”’ Emeka says walking away, sighing i follow him, i feel eyes on me, i also see them gather John like flies
“’John, is it true, what happened, is what you said ..just now, is it true?’’ i hear someone asking him
‘’yes, i was there, i mean i came and saw miss Adora on the floor in tears yesterday and shaking, Jesus!!, she was calling Brian’s name and i saw him running out of the office and all…You need to see the way i went into action, i was the one who took her to the station, then hey Gawd, Miss Adora was just crying and shaking, it was me now, if i wasn’t here to help God knows what would have happened”’
“’Hey wonders shall never end. So he raped her true-true?’’ Peter rubs his jaw shaking his head
“’I don’t believe Brian would do something like that’’ Tomiwa says shaking her head, “’The dude is too fine for that, he can have any girl he wants’’
‘’so you are saying she is lying?’’ John stones at them
‘’i didn’t say so but…i don’t know”’
‘’’Didn’t you hear him admit to some things? Abi you were deaf or you were thinking with your breast ?’’

Peter throws at Tomiwa
“’Peter mind your mouth oh’’ she warns
“”you are seeing glaring evidence yet you are siding him, because he is a fine boy, is the devil so God tell you for bible? Was he not the prince of light..was he not beautiful…yet is it not because of him we all will go to hell fire if we don’t are here saying he is a fine boy, nonsense and fine boy. He raped his boss and he will pay for it”’
“’Abegi Peter, you and John are just jealous, he is innocent until proven innocent, can’t you see that he was saying he didn’t do it‘’
‘’when you catch thief, does he say he is the one?’’ Bola offers
‘’’whose side are you own sef?’’

Tombra challenges Bola
‘’Me? i am on no one’s side oh, we all should be on our job’s side because they are paying us to work not talk about rape and no rape…’’Bola says moving away
‘’we already know whose side John is on’’ Temi says sighing
John didn’t bother to indulge her..
‘’All i know is what i saw and that is what was reported to the officers, but i am glad he is out of here, now everybody head go come down, all these girls mopping around here as though they are on heat go calm down, Brian this and that…oh behold the Brian, the office rapist’’ he says sighing and moving away as the meeting breaks.
‘’i have just one question to ask you? Did he do it?’’ Mr Emeka asks me

“’Think carefully before you answer that question?’’
‘’He did it’’
‘’He raped you?’’
He raises an eyebrow
“’No sir”’
“’then why did you lie?’’
‘’ i didn’t sir, well not exactly, he did do the others…i guess everything else just blew out of proportion when John found me there and took me to the station, i admit i was angry at the time but when i wanted to correct spiralled out of control, even now…but look at him, no apology, nothing”’ i say justifying my stance for not speaking up
‘’this is bad Miss Adora, he will go to jail for that”’
‘’he can go to jail for the other things he did..”’
‘’but he didn’t rape you’’
‘’No” i sigh
‘’You lied’’
I am quiet
‘’you will be reprimanded for this you know that right?’’
I am quiet
‘’’i am aware of how difficult it is to work with him but you should have made sure to clear the air so that he would be punished for what he has done not what he didn’t do’’
‘’it’s apparent that he doesn’t get punished for all that he does, no matter what at anyone’s expense..”’ i say
‘’sorry sir”’
He sighs ..
He would have to call his Boss, Brian’s father, Brian is his son after all. But he would be highly disappointed. He wouldn’t mind to have Brian dealt with by his father..but..he would wait a day.
He wasn’t pitying him but…he would wait a day.
He was going soft.
“’Deal with it Adora‘’
‘’but he is rude and and..he spanked me, he violated me, it is wrong”’ my chicks turns red, when i remember the dream again
‘’how long do you want him kept there, you do know you can get him out?”’
‘’i don’t know. Maybe, if i drop the charges”’
‘’then drop it…or better yet, do it on your terms’’
‘’’what do you mean?’’
‘’you want to tame a lion, how would you do it?’’
I am staring at him