The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 22


*****LAST NIGHT*****
John held me close to him as he helped me out of the conference room, down the stairs and out of the company leading down to the car park..
I see Wilson, nodding off at the stairwheel and a can of beer still in his hands.. even in sleep, it knew it’s own.
“’Careful ma’am”’ John says as he lead me to the car.
I am still slightly shaken, shaken from the fact that Brian, my PA Brian had held me and spanked my bottom, once , twice, more than twice.. he had poured me hot tea, i still felt the faint hotness from my camisole that had clinged to my bosom, i hoped to God that it didn’t leave any scar on my delicate soft breast.
“’Wilson, guy get up. Look at you snoring like a mad man, get up”’ John hits the door, Wilson is startled out of his slumber as he jumps up, the beer almost leaves his hands but i guess when it came to beer, even the average man was a super hero because i had figured that its entire contents would spill into the car and then i would be, in fact, alcohol generally and me was like oil and water, we never mix and the smell nauseates me..
But he caught it, quick reflexes, steadying it before a drop could fall, he grabs it, puts it at the floor of the car and bends to open the door for us, his eyes suddenly clearing as he sees us, then his brows knots into a frown as he sees me.
“’Hain, wetin do madam wei you dey carry am ehen Oga John?”’
“’Just open the car well so she enters and stop asking plenty questions Wilson”’ he says turning to me “’Are you okay Ma?’’ staring at my wet face,
I nod my head.
Wilson comes down from the car, coming to open the door wide and John helps me in, i wince when my bottom touches the leather seat of the car..Oh God Brian, you will pay for this, you will.
I bend resting my weight on my side..resting my head on the car eat and closing my eyes, but all i see is the scene in the conference room as he held my both hands, slamming my back to the wall..
Well, not like green-hawk-want-to-kill-you slam, more like.. placing my back to the wall rather not-so-gentlemanly….and that hard surface wasn’t gently to my skin either.

Infact..everything he did in there was wrong and wrong, all shades of wrong and he would have to pay for it.
That was harassment, insubordination, invasion of privacy, sexual harassment, i mean he grabbed my butt with his flat palms as he spanked me..surely there is a law against that right? What if my chest had been burned…what if?
Yes…John was right, i have to report him to the police, maybe they can teach him a little bit of sense.
“Wilson, take us to the nearest police station please”’ John tells him as he shuts the door, going to sit in the passenger side as Wilson’s frown deepens, he is going to the driver side and slipping in, he throws me a glance and then goes back to staring at John
‘’Oga John i no understand”’
“’Are you daft, take us to the nearest Police station”’
“’Weitin una one go do dey na, na house we i dey carry madam go”’ he continues in pidgin dailect
“’We are going there to sleep because police station is now our house.., are you mad??? Why are you asking me things instead of driving, take us to the station and leave the rest nonsense questions for another day.

Fast- fast drive!!”’ John snaps
“Madam-?’’ Wilson turns to me again
“’Do what he says Wilson”’ i tell him turning away and staring out of the window He sighs, “’Okay madam, seat belt Oga John”’ he tells John and puts the car on drive and begins to pull away.
We reach there within 30 minutes, and i was surprised to see the station not exactly deserted, a few loitered around with their rifles tucked under their arm, and most often than not they held cigarette in their other hand as they took a drag and spoke to one another, not sparing me much as a glance as we alighted from the car.
We enter the reception area of the station, or would i say a small room with a table dividing the visitors from the criminals they kept behind the table while some police officers were drilling them or just mild torturing them, some others teased them..even telling them they were lucky to be out here and not in the cell where they wouldn’t be able to survive the night.
“’Good evening officers, please my name is John , please is there an officer in charge that i can lay complains to, -We can lay complains to?’’ he asks no one in particular as we stood there staring at their faces, most of them rested on me..taking me all in, some appreciative stares, others curious and others i wish i could slap them from ogling at me opening, i drag my jacket tighter over my body.
“’What kind of complain?”’
That got their attention..
“”Who was raped and by who?”’
That question alone got reality to slap me in the face.
Okay, maybe i shouldn’t have come to the police station, he didn’t rape me, he ..well..harassed me kind-off, physically manhandled me and violated me by spanking me, but that wasn’t rape.

I wasn’t thinking straight..
If they arrest him on that, he would go to jail for a long time, assuming i can prove that i was raped , i would need to be examined by the doctor, a number of tests would be done and etc.
Maybe we should leave, i may be angry with him..and want to repay tit for that..
But i never lie or intentionally want to ruin someone’s life like that, well yes he did make a dent in my image..

But this? This is ..a tad too much for revenge isn’t it?
But what about my dignity, my respect…my violation.
Arrogant dixk!!!
“’It’s my madame, Miss Adora Chime”’ Johns word’s cuts me from my reverie, ‘’it was my madame that was raped by her PA’’ he says
“’What?’’ the police officers who were standing by gather around “’Raped, by her PA?”’
“’Yes, a common office errand boy who acts like he owns the place”’’John offers disgustingly
“’What, he raped his madame? Where, her house..where?”” they wanted to know
‘’Erm..erm…no it’s not like that, actually is was no-“’ i began
‘’In our conference office , today. We all were there having a meeting a few hours earlier and everyone left for home, me- i had come back to pick up something that i forgot only to see him rushing leaving the company, like a thief”’ John says
“’Yes now, he is a thief, a common criminal”” One of the police officers says looking me up and down
“’Wait, is a misunderstanding, i wasn’t ra-“’ i try to talk, no…i hate him but defaming of character is another thing, maybe i should just explain to them what he did exactly, surely he should be punished for that.
“’Yes, a criminal that should be arrested. I got into the conference room to see her shaking and crying on the floor, if you see her eh? Dear lord i was scared, see her cloths, he..i don’t know what he did. My madam that is always prim and proper, classy and all dressed, look at her..see her cloths is ruined, see her makeup..she has been crying, and she was wincing in pain when i helped her up and put her in the car, just imagine. He had raped her and ran out of the office like a common criminal… i quickly had to get her here to report the culprit.

Please, who can take up this case?”’
‘’hmmm?’’ a bigger man steps forward, taking my look all in, i felt uncomfortable with his stares, i fold my hands oh we shouldn’t have come, i shouldn’t have let him bring me here, this was no matter for the police. I should have dealt with Brian on my own, i hope it doesn’t reflect badly on the company else it would be my neck on the line. But something has to be done about that fool, but i wasn’t sure this was the right thing.
“’John, i think we should go “’
“”Go? Go ma’ám, no nah, you can’t let that jerk get away with what he has done to you madam, if he can do this to you, you that is his boss and he had no fear, he would do the same to other female staffs in the office, and the sad part is that they are all falling for him totally unaware about his devious character……..Miss Adora, you have to report him, don’t worry i know you are traumatized and scared, i would do the talking and would be here for you, but he wouldn’t be let off the hook at all”’
“’Madame, please you have to give your statement, this is a serious matter. I know how this works, raped victims usually get scared to talk because of fear of what the offender must have threatened them with, the stigmatization and what not so they feel they should rather not talk and suffer the pain of silence than to squeal, but don’t worry madam, the police system is able to handle your case and bring the offender to book with immediate alacrity..all we need from you is just give us the necessary information and write down your statement, and then we are good to go’’
‘’No, this is a mistake..John , let us go?’’ i say grabbing his arm
“’She is scared, that man must have done terribly things to her, when you say man , describe him, most men na boys oh?’’
‘’’Man, he is a full blown man, chest and all…see how she is shaking”’ John held my hand “’Please ma’am. Please don’t let him go free, he deserves to be punished for whatever he had done to you in that office, violating you like that, look at you, you were crying and you want to let it go? He deserves to be brought to book… doesn’t he?’’
Yes, i want to punish him back for what he did to me, i want to give him back tit for tat, for the hot tea, the slam to the wall, the spanking, my name damaging, the internet post, everything ..yes , i want to punish him..i am nodding my head as i am thinking
“’Good!!’’ he turns from me “’Officer, we are ready to take her statement, she is traumatized but i would do the writing”’
“’Wait what_?’’ i shoot my eyes open, realising too late that he had taken my nods for continuing…but it was too late.
They had shoved a paper into John’s hands and a woman is taking me away to another room to sit down even as i protest, she gives me water, and asks if i would like to have a another shirt to wear, it wasn’t new and wasn’t exactly clean, but it was cleaner than the white stained shirt i had on.
I thought about the infested place i saw her pull the cloth out from and i wondered if it belonged to a prison inmate of some sort, i shake my head and didn’t bother to drink the water. Health was wealth. I was sensitive like that.
“”Please, i want to leave, can you please help me get John, the person i came with, this is a misunderstanding, i wasn’t raped…i was..Violated but i wasn’t raped’’
But she is looking at me sadly “’ what’s the difference? Look, same thing my niece said a few years ago, it wasn’t until last year when she turned twenty did she finally tell us, he was family, he was my husband’s relative, he who was older than her with twenty-five long years had been molesting her since she was nine years old and by the time she turned eleven, he had been raping her. One time we suspecting she was pregnant and when we asked her, she pointed at him, ofcourse he denied and we thought that she was just a wayward brat, her mother kicked her out after series of beating and realising that she indeed was pregnant, out the house she was kicked with her bastard. she gave birth to the kid alright, it was after years of being away did she come with the child, ofcourse years of maturity and by then, we missed our little girl, the fool was old now, got a bad leg and a broken arm..he sees her and bursts into tears, asking for forgiveness and stuff…

By then, we are just staring at him, a man whom we respected and all. See, we felt stupid and all that, he really had being doing all that she, my niece accused him off and told us, but because we were too blind to see and well..didn’t believe her, she stopped talking, she suffered it all..and when she got pregnant, we wanted to blame her, and we did…but we were wrong, we should have listened, pressured her to talk even when we doubted… but anyhow, we thank God she is okay, everything is forgiven..he died soon after, a gruesome death ..i guess karma wasn’t ready to forgive. But that is that, i see you, a beautiful young woman, you look independent and can hold your own, that is fine, but this rape thing is a big issue and if i wasn’t able to safe my niece because i wasn’t paying attention to her silence and only protecting her from the evil outside and forgetting to protect her from the evil clothed in familiar disguise, at least i can be able to help another out now that the truth is glaring, so madam, why am i telling you this? It’s so that you can realise that its for your own good that we want to help so that this person who has done this terrible thing wouldn’t be able to do it to relax, they are taking your statement, we can go and arrest him this night or in the morning, you don’t have to say are evidence enough of what went down. Do you want us to take you to the hospital or you and your colleague can find your way there..?’
“”I don’t need to go to the hospital, i don’t think i was hurt so bad”’ i absentmindedly touch my chest..
“’Well, go to the chemist and tell them to give you postinor2 , if he spilled in it can wash your system from any unwanted load, and let’s pray he didn’t carry any disease..that one na you and doctor go sit down talk”’
“’What, i just told you that i wasn’t rap-‘’
‘’Officer Ma, we are done, she can leave, her colleague says he doesn’t know where he lives but that he would be in the office in the morning, that is where we would go and arrest him”’ Someone puts his head into the office to speak with the chubby lady whose lips seems too big for her lips and i kept wondering if her talking didn’t affect her breathing pathway of her nose..
She looks at me, standing up “’You can go, and please, do what i say, we would arrest this rapist and he wouldn’t bother you again”’
“’But-‘’’i was ushered out of the room without completing my statement and back to the reception area when i see John handling the paper and then looking up at me, his eyes though he felt relief for doing something right.
I go to him “’What did you write in that statement, please get it back. This is a misunderstanding, it’s not what you think”’ i whisper
He is shaking his head’’ i wrote what i saw and what you affirmed to and madam, it is what i think and …you are evidence enough “

I shake my head, no he doesn’t get it..”’John i am not asking you i am telling you to –“
‘’Okay, in the morning, expect us in the company..madam, sorry eh, go to the hospital so they can flush your system incase him drop something, did he use a condom or he did o-show-free?’’
I don’t answer
‘’Please, my madam is still in a bad state to even answer that question, Miss Chime ,let us go, tomorrow morning sirs’’ he says waving to the officer
‘’John i say go back and take out my statement”’
But he is already ushering us out of the office and out the gate. It felt as though he wants him punished more than i do, like he was too happy to find something to use against him.
I remember also noticing money exchange hands .He is still leading me out of the station when i ask him ‘’did you give them money John?’’
He nods “’ These are police officers, it’s to propel them to take necessary actions, if not they would be dragging their feet, it’s something little, five thousand. Don’t worry madam, that money is small…as long as it is to put a criminal behind bars, i would spend more’’ he beckons to Wilson who has been pacing back and forth around the car
“’Start the car, come and take madam home’’ He says taking me to the car
“’John, you didn’t have to do that, plus you are not listening, i wasn’t raped, violated and spanked yes but not raped, this is taking it too far, we have to withdraw that statement’’ i say
He is looking at me, sadly, the same way the officer woman was, that same tone he says ‘’ i know, i have read something like this, the victims rather act like nothing than be faced with the knowledge of it all, it’s okay madam, i promise you are not alone, i am here, please. Let the cops do their job, after tomorrow you wouldn’t have to ever see that sly fox ever again…’’
‘’Madame, please don’t get mad at me, i am just trying to help and calm you, don’t worry by tomorrow you will feel better’’ he snaps his fingers at Wilson

“’Quick take madam home, don’t ask her questions so she doesn’t get more angrier okay…quickly take her home’’ he says opening the car for me and making sure i enter, i turn to say something more..
‘’Madame please, relax, by tomorrow it would be well’’ he pats my hands
“’Oga, you no dey come with us?’’

Wilson wanted to know if his night was going to be longer or shorter, he needs to branch mama basira’s shop before she closes
“’No, from here i will take a direct car to my house”’
“’Good i mean okay sir”’ Wilson enters into the car and starts the engine, atleast this night his bed wouldn’t be cold.
John shuts the door and then smiles at me “’Tomorrow, you will not have to see him again, ever’’ then he pats the top of the car and tells Wilson to drive, he begins to pull away from the driveway..
“’I said i wasn’t raped”’ i repeated

But he had straightened up, stepping away from the car as Wilson drives away.

Sighing i rest back my head, … and take another deep breath closing my eyes, well, i didn’t want to go ahead with it, but it was out of my hands , they didn’t want to believe me.
But then again, Brian deserves what is coming to him, maybe i would let him sleep a night there then i would withdraw the case.
i close my eyes as Wilson drives me further away from the station.
John is left staring as the car pulls away, he is lost in thoughts.
Was Miss Chima, the no-nonsense woman scared of that fool Brian that she doesn’t want to let him be arrested for raping her? even claiming that she wasn’t raped, he saw her cloths, soaked with brown liquid.. her eyes running down with tears that had ruined her make-up causing her mascara to run down her face making her look worse for wear.
Then the way she seemed pained from sitting, he must have romped through her so hard that her ‘female area’ felt sore. And she wants to forgive him, claim that he didn’t rape her?

Hell no, Brian should be reported, arrested and thrown away from the company. He had dared to rape her, Miss Adora, the woman he had been fantasying about since he saw her the first day in her pjs..that body he had hoped that one day she would give him access to, yet Brian had had the audacity to take it by force!! Noo !!
Oh he couldn’t wait till tomorrow to see the that constant smile on Brian’s face wiped away..he couldn’t wait to see the shock, surprise and then embarrassment, he couldn’t wait to be standing at the door, with folded arms and a wide smile when they come for Brian tomorrow..he would be there first thing in the morning to usher them in..yes.. Brian has been a pain in the neck, arrogant, and annoying …all those fine boy-ness, all those worked-out body that makes all the girls swoon for him, all those fake designer cloths he wears to flaunt.. as if they don’t know is from Aba, china cloths, fake fake and fake , all that…i am better than the lot of you…all would be gone by tomorrow , and he John would be happiest staff there when it happens.

He can get back his fame as being the most efficient, the most amazing staff. Since Brian came, all he had done was make everyone want to be his friend and the fool does nothing other than flaunt his stupidity, insult authority and refuse duty.
How the hell was he still employed in the company, they say he is good ..what has he ever done to show that. They say he is effective and very talented, where is what he has done to showcase that? It was fishy..too fishy. Okay he is what, a sponsor’s son, or some high profiled son….but he can’t be above the law, but yet, he talks and refuses Mr Emeka’s orders without fear, pass his work to others and yet…. nothing.

It didn’t make sense, who the hell was Brian?…or it is simply that his trust fund was sponsoring the company so he acts anyhow.? Like those interns from last year who did cause alot of trouble but couldn’t be reprimanded till they rounded up and had to leave. But this Brian, his arrogancy was off the roof.
Well, whatever and whoever he is, he was not getting out of this mess.

To think he was a rapist? No, he must be punished, severely.
“’Nonsense and Brian” John mutters as he turns away from the fading car, he stops a cab and goes home, thinking of tomorrow and what it would bring.. he smiles.
He turns off the engine .
“’Madam, everything dey okay? Weitin you and Oga john go do for police station, una go report somebody or na you dey for trouble? Why your cloth dey like this? This morning when i drop you for office you be dey look fine-fine, your dress and everything dey kmakpe! i no understand why you dey like say person drag you commot from gutter”’
My eyes shoots up at him “’What the hell do you mean by that Wilson, do i look like dirt that someone had to drag me from the gutter eh?’’ i was already pissed, he really doesn’t want to be on my bad side
“’No madam, no vex, i just want to find out why you dey like this na madam, i no mean to disrespect you madam, i just dey worried…weitin happen to you madam?’’
I sigh “’Don’’t upset me and don’t ask me questions, give me my bag”’ i snap