The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 21


‘’ A friend of mine needs a design for his new house, and i would need you to put Brian on it’’Jonathan says over the phone
‘’But sir, you know how your son is, i can’t put him to work, only today it was hectic talking to him and making him sit in the conference room to help the others, i even threatened him with his salary, you would think that he would have a litle sense to be responsible but instead his arrogance is off the roof, i don’t know what to do with the boy’’ Mr Emeka says rubbing his temple.
Jonathan sighs ‘’it’s my fault, i spoilt him too much, but it might be too late but atleast i am trying, if Brian refuses to learn and be responsible, i wont lift his freeze on his account, when he is begging for food on the streets and begins to learn how to work and respect people and he would begin to earn for food. I am not bothered, hardship never killed anybody, i refuse to leave my wealth for a boy who is too old yet acts like a child, i refuse it. Put him as the design person Emeka. Despite his mis-behavior, he is a good designer, and i know he would do a perfect job, he just has to get his head out of his arse and get to work.’’
‘’’i will try sir’’
‘’Not try, make sure he gets to work and make sure that work out as beautiful as his face, he has a good hand Emeka, it just pains me that he doesn’t use it up to it’s potential. By the way, i see the company is looking better, i see the charts, this Adora woman, she knows her oninons’’
‘’Yes sir, she has been working tirelessly to make an impact, she and her team is doing a good job, i only hope Brian isnt causing her problems again’’
‘’what is it with those two? it can’t just be because i made him her PA is it, because i don’t understand it. It is getting out of hand, but i have told her that if it does happen again, she would be fired and this time, i may have to drop another bomb on Brian, i don’t know yet but i can come up with something. Put him to work, give me good feedbacks,. My friend wants construction to begin as soon as‘’
‘’very well sir’’
‘’And Miss Adora, since she is the social media manager, she has to run points on this, seeing the design as it begins from start to finish, gives glimpses to the public and when construction starts she gives an insight, hands-on insight from the construction, how work is done and when our fittings progress, you know how exciting it is when it feels like you can see into the mind of a designer and the construction…you know all these things, but i want something like that,so i don’t care how and what their differences are, they have to put it aside and work together,is that clear?’
‘’A definite yes sir’’
‘’Have a good day’’
‘’thank you sir, my regards to madame’’
‘’Will do’’
As soon as Jonathan cuts the call, Emeka dials Betty’s and tells her to summon them for him.
It’s a few minutes when Adora comes in as he hears the knock on his door ’’’Sir, you needed me?’’
‘’Yes! Where is he?’’
Brian doesn’t knock but enters the office, a rolled paper in his hands ’’’what?’’
Emeka looks at him with irritation on his face ‘’ You both have a job to do and you both would do it together. A client needs a design for his new house, a very homely comfortable one, he doesn’t want some design we have done before else we have lots of designs he could pick from our design catalogue, he wants something fresh, a bit modern and traditional. Pool , court and in-house things for the kids, studio and all, here are the details of things he wants in his house and he needs a designer who would take his ideas and make it into a beautiful home, you Brian, would be the designer, and you Miss Adora would run points, do all that you do…you would be working with him every step of the way, you would be feeding the clients with progress reports, just incase he wants changes, then for the public eye you would be giving them a first time insight view of what the mind of a designer is, how they work and think, and how their designs transforms from paper to structure’’
‘’Like a live journey, thought-to-block? I did that for a fashion company a few months back’’
‘’We, we saw that, it was great, something like that but something more…indepth, he would have to share his thoughts and everything with you, like a daily memo…and it would also be out on the company’s activity log, like a map or an inspiration to others….give it a theme, i don’t know..but you do know what i mean?’’
‘’Yes sir i do. But, do i have to work with him?’’
Brian snorts again ‘’First off, don’t you think you need to ask my opinion first before you give me a job i didn’t ask for, secondly, would you even think i would want her in my face and everything i have to work and thirdly…are you being serious, do i look like i want how i work be in the public view?’’
‘’One, i don’t need your opinion, two, i don’t care and three…you have no choice’’ Emeka draws out some files from the fax machine “This is what the client sent to me, go through it, work starts immediately…
‘’Sir, isn’t there any other designer i can work with? i mean surely there are far better and responsible ones who are willing to do what they know how to do’’
’’No designer here can do half of what i can do and i can do better even in my sleep’’
‘’i really don’t care’’ i tell him “’Isn’t there sir?’’
‘’oh there are a lot more great designers and tech savvy people Adora, sadly and unfortunately, they want him to do it, believe me if i had a choice, he wouldn’t be even my last pick‘’ Mr Emeka smiles
Oh, my day keeps getting bad.
‘’’Very well sir ‘’ i nod, but just incase you find his dead body somewhere, its’ not my fault . i sigh
‘’Here is what we worked on sir and a few ideas we came up with, please go through them and give us the approval to go ahead’’ i give him the files
‘’very well, good job’’
‘’You have the right to dismiss me like that you know, i can decide not to do it, and there is nothing you can do ‘’ Brian leans on Mr Emeka’s desk, i leave them stepping out of the office i meet Betty
“’You need anything more Ma’ám, i am closing”’
“’Erm..i wouldn’t mind a hot choco and a few snacks while i round up”
“’Coming right up,”’ she smiles at me stepping away
I hear Mr Emeka’s voice before i step away from the door heading back to the conference room
‘’Then decide not to do it Brian, you have your mouth and i also have my actions, and my actions are bigger than your mouth, you are dismissed Brian’’
‘’Keep gloating, it is only for a while.

But even if i agree to do this..job, i don’t have to work with her’’
“when you are done talking, you can get out and get to work”
‘’i don’t even want to have you close to my shadow Brian, your presence nauseates me..arrogant dick’’ i shake my head heading back to the conference room leaving them to their conversation,back in the room i angrily stack up files and arranging them,.
Not intending to go home immediately i decide to go through the company’s charts again.
He opens the door, banging it shut ‘’let us get this straight, i don’t like to see your face either, so this is what is going to happen okay, i do my work, you stay clear of me, when i am done, i give you the blueprints and you do whatever you want to do, when construction starts you can go off and be whatever you want, but as long as i am in that site making sure my work turns to gold, do not come near my face’’ he says leaning close to me.
I ignore him and continue typing away on the laptop…
‘’Are you listening to me?’’
‘’Actually at the moment, if you want to say something intelligent you can start by having a sensible conversation but if you can’t , please there is the door, we have nothing to talk about, you do your job and i do mine, that is all. If you think i would love to see your face for any reason you are sadly mistaken, whatever negative vibes you carry, i really don’t need it Brian, if you would get out of my face.. i was working‘’
He slams the computer shot almost slapping my fingers with it…if i didn’t snap them away, the brush to my fingers would have been worse, wincing in slight pain i stand up holding my fingers, looking up at him i slap him square on the face
‘’’Are you out of your mind!!!’’ i flare standing up
I see his eyes flash a dark red, and his hands go to his face, ..
‘’Get out , Get the hell out!!’’ i point at the door
He steps forward to me, i brace myself ’’Get the hell out of my face Brian’’
He picks the hot choco Betty just brought for me, and without blinking he pours the entire hot contents on me,..
I gasp and scream jumping back as the hotness kissed my chest, caressing my breast and dripping , making a sad map on my white shirt and printed skirt..
I quickly flapped my chest, bending into a curved C to get the hot burn from my body…thankful i wore a camisole inside..the hotness hopefully wouldn’t scar my skin…
I look up at him. Then i saw red…
“’How dare you Brian Andrews”’ i scream in shock
“’Next time you don’t hit a man, witch!!”’ he spat.
In anger, i rush him screaming and hitting him..
He grabs my both hands, wrapping them behind me and slams me to the wall..
“”Stop it, you are crazy!! Crazy feisty witch!!!! ‘’
‘’you are the devil Brian Andrews, the devil’’ i spat
I struggle “”Let me go, let me go!!
‘’No!! Calm the fxxk down’’
“’I will scream, let me go, let me go!!’’
“’Stop fighting me, i am restraining myself, if you hit me one more time i won’t-”’
“’Let me go, i am your boss let me go”’

He does, i slap him again and this time he raises up his arm after grabbing me to hit me,
“’Don’t you dare!!’’ i challenge him
“’You know what to do to children when they are naughty, oh you wait”’

he flings me over his shoulders in one swift move, my struggle and screaming doesn’t help, he places me on the table, holding me down with my front on the desk…and SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!!
On my tush!!
Shocks vibrates through my body…
‘’i will kill you Brian Andrews’’
“’’Shut it””
I am struggling but i can’t push him off..
His palm flat on my behind, it hurts so bad i screamed.. i get three more and he lets me go..
I have been violated, by my PA..
I roll off the table, burning with fuelled anger..
“’How dare you??’’ my eyes tearing up, my hands shaking
‘’how dare you!!’’ he repeats, his face granite
The tears roll out, never has a man hit me, not my father ever since i turned five, not my mother, ever since i turned 8.
Never has a man laid a hand on me, never , and today, today Brian did.

I grab hold of the chair, i was shaking, i was angry , i was mad and i was…i was..
He is looking at me with no remorse whatsoever ‘’that is what witches deserve. Now, as i said earlier, in order for there to be peace, stay away from me while i work, don’t breath down my neck, don’t question me and when i am done i will send the designs to you and in the construction site, be like a shadow,an invisible one and we can get out of this sane and complete,clear? Great! ‘’
With that he turns and leaves ..
For a full minute i am staring at the door, my mind is blank..i cannot believe what just happened, no, i cannot. This is not Adora, this not Adora Chime. No…this must be a dream, a bad joke, me, Brian Andrews, spanked me as he would a child? No…no..I am shaking, tears are rolling down my eyes. i am angry……i…i can’t breath.
I am choking for air when the door suddenly opens up and i see John, he looks at me one minute and the next he rushes to me, “’Miss Adora, what happened, what happened to you?What? why are you..who did this to you ,are you okay?’’ he pulls me up from when i have slipped to the ground, he helps me to the chair, ..he is touching my face making me focus on him..
“’Madame, what is wrong, please tell me, are you hurt? Who did this to you?’’
‘’Br—Bria—Brian he..he -he’’ i stutter as i blink out tears from my eyes, i touch my cloths, i point at the door and i try to demonstrate by pointing to the table and someone slapping my tush… but nothing intelligent comes out of my mouth.
‘’That bastard!! What did he do,i saw him leaving , i was already on my way home when i remembered i forgot something and came back, did he touch you, did he..did..rape you?’’ his voice drops, fear grips him
I shake my head, then a thought pops..
No, i think the devil appeared on my left shoulders, whispering in my ears.

i nod my head, i nod it so hard my neck would have snapped. My tears are running more now.
“’Jesus!’’he gathers me into his arms and rocks me gently “”I am so sorry ma’ám, i am, we should report him, he will be arrested, he surely would, whoever that is backing him can’t save him..we would go to the station and report him’’ he says pulling me up
“Good thing everyone has left, let me help you to the car, we can get to the station before dark”’
I hold on to him and get up,he grabs my bag and files and helps me out.
He meets Ikena outside, he checks his time, a few more minutes before 8pm.
He sighs
“’Get me home””
‘’you know you are supposed to be at the club in a few right?’’
‘’i said get me home first’’
‘’Very well”’
They drive in silence, his thoughts goes back to her.
Then he frowns, he shouldn’t have slammed her to the wall like that but she slapped him, more than once, but he shouldn’t have done that, he shouldn’t have poured her that hot choco or spanked her. That was bad, he was never like this but she brings out the worst in him. He is angry now, it’s her fault, her damn fault. He is thinking, wondering if he scarred her with that hot choco, her screams were that of pain, what if he injured her back.. or his palm showed on her tush..He smiles, atleast when she takes off her cloths, his palm inprints would be smiling at her butt, then he frowns again looking at his palm, he really shouldn’t have done that too.

Maybe tomorrow, he would apologise, it doesn’t mean he likes her, just that he went overboard. Maybe he should apologise, but he still hates her.
He sighs when Ikena pulls over, he gets into the house, not remembering where he threw the white shirt, he grabs another and then the a bow tie, and a black brief and goes back out..
“’To the club’’
Gesto was the first person he sees as he alights at Metro pack… the fool is beaming at him after checking the time, “”Oh, 8pm sharp, good son, Vicky is waiting for you at the back”” he says dismissing him
Brian didn’t bother responding, he enters, and goes to the kitchen, Vicky was there..
“’Hurry and change, we have lots of guests”” she says giving his a tray and some orders,-Frowning he changes , making sure his member is well packed, not obvious, and not bulging to draw attention, he goes outside, his first table were three large women who didn’t hide their admiration, while he was serving them, one grabs his tush, and smacks it…”’when do you get off honey? Mama would like to play, i would pay you good money for a night”’ she winks at him, Brian gags, her stench was blinding, he moves away from her
“”Not interested ma’ám, i am sworn to celibacy”’ he says moving quickly away.
His next table was a young man, with a beautiful woman, and he thought they were a perfect couple until the dude slips him a card, “”call me”” he whispered into his ears, Brian pulls back in shock..
“”Sorry, my mother is a priestess, and i sleep with only women’’ he says turning. And thinking his night doesn’t get any more weirder..
One of the large women suddenly felt the urge to retch out her entire insides after taking one too many..

He moved backwards, turning away to leave, that wasn’t his business, but he found Gesto behind him. Where did he come from just now?
“”Get a bucket, water and spong and clean that up now, we don’t want it chasing guests”’
‘’You have got to be kidding me?”’
Gesto flexes his shoulders and pumped his chest ‘’ Do that now or i will use your face to mop it”
“’You wouldn’t dare, i am not a cleaner, but a waiter, a stripper not puke-cleaner,i can’t..i—i won’t! That’s disgusting”’
Gesto drags him by the collar, pushing his face down, as the smell hits his nostrils, Brian felt like puking too…’’Are you going to clean it or not, before i drop your face in it”’
‘’Please don’t”
“’Yes or no!!’’
Brian is shaking his head…Gesto lowers him more, people are laughing, the lady in question belches.. ..
‘’okay, please let me up”’ Brian begs
He does so, “”Get him the supplies Vicky, i want that place sparkling so i can see my face”’ he slaps Brian’s head and walks away, Brain, turns around, his eyes meets Ikena, Ikena raises his glass and turns away.
Brian boils..
“’Here, clean it up, you have more orders, it’s going to be a long night”’

Vicky tells him handing him a bucket and other cleaning things.
Brian is staring at it, the floor filled with disgusting slimy smelling puke and back to the bucket, then he thinks of his life.Surely this world has come to an end.
The next day, Brian walks into the office, there is a police van outside, with his shades on and a sour mood he walks to his office and slams the door shot, in a few minutes, Mr Emeka opens his door, followed by two police men.
“”what the hell. Can’t you knock??’’Brain says turning, then he frowns “”What is this?’’
‘’Is this the Brian Andrews?’’
Mr Emeka nods ‘’that is him’’
“’Okay sir Brian Andrews, you are under arrest for sexual harassment and violation of Miss Adora Chime, whatever you say would be used against you in the court of law, turn around and give us your hands, you are allowed to call your lawyer once we reach the station ‘’
Shock vibrates through him..””What nonsense is this, don’t touch me”’ he hits their hands off, resisting arrest “’Let me go, i haven’t done anything, let me go damnit’’ he struggles but they turn him and slam him face down and handcuffs him..
Mr Emeka has a resting smile on his face, Brian’s eyes are bloodshot.
That witch, it was that Witch. Damn you Adora Chime, damn you!
Brian winces in pain as they pull him up and take him out.