The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 24


“’Well figure it out. In the main time, you would be reprimanded for your lies, your first pay would be cut by 50% “’
“’50%’?’’ my eyes opens
“’Yes , the boss has told me that if anyone does anything to jeopardize the company i should treat accordingly..this would have earned you a sack letter, this is an office not to settle personal dispute and whatever you both are doing is causing it to be brought to the work place and if you can’’t work together…one of you would have to leave’’
‘’and i guess he isn’t an option and i am yet to know why?’’
‘’Out of my hands“’
Right .

‘’i need you to go to the station and clear this mess Adora, today and i need you both to work on the housing project before the Boss calls. I am keeping this away from him because trust me, he wouldn’t be having this quiet conversation with you…you would have been on your way back to lagos’’
‘’And another thing, before you go flying to the police again for anything, make sure you run it by me first, i do not like surprises, and do let him know that he is getting a free pass from me today, mention it to him that it is because of me his immunity isn’t in the toilet by now”’
‘’what does that mean?’’
‘’he would know, you are dismissed”’
“’Okay sir”’
Brian is sitting in a cell on a bench, it’s been a couple of hours or more, he couldn’t tell. He is angry, hungry…and then he is something else..
By evening he is sure that no one was coming for him, the officers are rude and insultive, they tell him he would be here for a long time, they don’t give him access to call…but even if they did, he wouldn’t call his father, Emeka was right, he needed to deal with this mess. He is pacing the small cell. It smells of urine and decayed faeces, there is a small pocket of water there and a hole in the ground where there used a paper to write “’Shit and pour water”’ he gags as he sees flies gathering the hole. He wonders how many people have bent to shit through that hole.
God! he can’t stay here, even the devil had better accommodation .
He would go mad, he would.
But he didn’t rape her, he didn’t, this was unfair, it didn’t make any sense. Okay he shoudn’t have manhandled her, or poured her hot tea or spanked her..but he didn’t rape the witch..
Oh she would pay for this, if he comes out. But he can’t stay here, he can’t breath..he would fall sick and die..

‘’GET ME OUT OF HERE PLEASE, I AM INNOCENT!!’’ he screams banging on the door, but every police person that answers him tells him to get comfortable..
It’s dark when the door is opened and an officer puts in his head..’’ you have a visitor”’ he says
Brian sits up immediately, he must have fallen asleep. He walks out of the small room, passes some other cells were some inmates looked half alife, skinny..barely able to function. This is how he would end up when he is forgotten by everyone here even by his family?’
He would make a deal with the devil just so he doesn’t remain here, and guess what?
As soon as he steps into the room he was ushered into, he sees her, the devil’s sister, ADORA
“’have you come to gloat?’’
I didn’t reply that question “’Here is the deal, the charges has been dropped against you”’
“”You finally told the truth”’
‘’I didn’t lie, it’s not my fault they deduced the “Rape”” part themselves’’
“And you thought it convenient to let them ride on it, clap for your win, you win’’
‘’i think you deserve to be here for while do you think so too Brian ?’’
He is frowning at me
I continue “’Right now, i am the only one who can get you out of here, unless you have family or friends you can call for and begin to explain why you are behind bars..i wonder what they would think’’’ i am tapping my jaw
He is quiet “’You know it’s a lie”’
‘’No, i know you manhandled me and violate me, well in a way, that is what i will tell them and you can get a couple of weeks still. You burned my chest, that is domestic violence punishable by law, you hit me, punishable by law”’
‘’you slapped me, punishable by law”’ he counters me
‘’i can say because you burned me first”’
‘’it’s a lie’
‘’Well, it will fly in court, face it, it’s my words against yours and the downside is that, you did all these things, you are a man and i am a femal,. You harass me in different ways, when i am trying to do my job and otherwise…Brian, you will serve time or highest do community’s your fault, for being such an arrogant dick..and to think you are a common PA , you have got guts’’
‘’Insult me, go ahead.. you have no idea who the hell i am”’
“’I don’t care, i don’t like you Brian”’
“’I don’t like you either, atleast the feeling is mutual”
“’Good, i will drop it all only on one condition?’’
“’Which is?’’
‘’you let me do my job, you stay the hell out of my place and we work together for his client’s house and design and when that is stay the hell away for me’’
‘’as long as you do the same, we are good”’

‘’And you work as my PA, as you are meant to’’
‘’fxxk no!!’’
‘’Those are my conditions’’
‘’ You said one condition, now you are say “’Conditions’’ , Women, they say one thing and mean another, confused lot , plus, you just said you don’t want to see my face’’
‘’i don’t, you only have to do the tasks i assign you to do…you don’t have to talk to me, we have emails and all , with that we can communicate, after the house become a ghost worker to me ..whatever you want. That is will answer when called, deliver on time and excetera..”
‘’i don’t have all day’’
‘’one more thing , you will apologise to me infront of everyone and try to be atleast respectful’’
‘’bullshit, you are overstepping’’
‘’then i hope you are making yourself comfortable”’
Silence, but he is throwing daggers at me
‘’ No, i wouldn’t do that, never and even if i am crazy to, why can’t i apologise here?’’
‘’because when you were humiliating me, you didn’t just do it in private but publicly, I want to watch your ego bruised and i want to enjoy seeing it drop to the floor it’’’
‘’You are a witch!!”’
‘’Glad you are perceptive and not entirely arrogant and dumb“’
He has a sly smile on his face, but it doesn’t reach his eyes, as though he is wishing the amount of evil things he could do to me..
‘’that is not an anwer”’
Wow!! That was an easy give-in, guess today i really win
‘’yes Good’’!! he replies
He would make a deal with the devil just to get out of here..but, he would device his plan to get her back.
‘’Great. “’ i say walking out of the room but i pause “’Oh, Mr Emeka says to tell you that you should know that it is because of him that your immunity isn’t in the toilet already, whatever that means’’
Brian is staring at me, his fine face turns to granite, i see him mutter under his breath, i walk away back to the reception.
“’officer, i am done with him, you can have him sign it now”’ i say thanking them and leaving
The officer walks into the room and hands Brain a paper and pen
‘’What is this for?’’
‘’to sign that if Miss Adora lays any complain against you again, she would re-file her reports and you will serve minimum time of three months before a trail would be set for you for a new hearing, without bail”’
Damn you Adora!!
“’Sign it, we don’t sleep in the station”’ the officer says
Sighing , Brian signs it.
He is set free, he comes out to meet the dark skies.. he was smelling like shit and he was hungry.
He quickly dips his hands into his pocket to realise that the 700 naira change from the 1000 naira change Mr Emeka had given to him was gone.
“’Thieves, they stole my money?’’ he says turning, but they were locking the gate. How was he going to get home? The phone rings in his pocket

Oh ofcoutrse, the phone was too old and too bad that they rather not take it too.
Choosy thiefs!!
“’fool , it is past 8 and you aren’t here, you don die be that. Run oh, because we would find you and break your legs”’
He wears his watch, it is 9pm.
Damnit !!
How was he to get there now, he doesn’t even know the way.
“’you hear me?’’ Gesto asks
“’i am stuck in traffic, i am coming…”’ Brian makes static sounds with his mouth “’I can’t hear you, bad network”’ and cuts the call.

Just then he turns to find a car stopping, he sees Ikena, his face breaks into a smile
‘’oh, boy am i glad to se you”’
‘’i wouldn’t say the same sir”’
‘’club please”’
‘’if i didn’t know better i would said you were eager to work?’’
‘’No, i am eager to pay my debts, plus i am hungry i believe i can ask to be fed, or beg.. so i can have strength to deal and pay people back for today…but i don’t want any more distractions, if i don’t go, they would come looking for me, and, i don’t want nothing getting back to father ..”’

“’is sir trying to be responsible for once in his life?’’
‘’SHUT UP AND DRIVE”” I say slipping in… “’and if you say i smell like shit, i would hug you right now’’
He laughs, it was the first time i had heard him laugh, no, it was the first time i had made him laugh and for a strange moment, i was glad i wasn’t shouting his head off.
Those hours in that cell must have made me soft or rather done something to me.
Brian gets home by 4am from club-work, tired, he gets a few hours of sleep and by 8am he is outside waiting for Ikena
“’Mornimg Sir”’ Ikena eyes him suspiciously
‘’morning, don’t worry don’t fret, it’s me”’
‘’i will sir, you are ready and waiting for me, this is strange”’
Brian smiles, yes, because he is thinking for the better clapback for Miss Adora, but he would let her think she has won…then when she is well rested from her battle, he would lunch an attack she wouldn’t see coming, neither will Emeka.
“It’s not, i have turned a new leaf”’
‘’Right, it’s like saying the devil went back to ask God for Forgiveness,’’’
Brian smiles ..”’You never know Ikena , you never know’’
‘’it is ikechu-‘
‘’i like Ikena, don’t give my head stress. Ikena Ikena Ikena. That is what i will call you, stop fuzzing, to the office”’ he snaps
“’Aha, i knew the real Brian will show up”’ Ikena turns and puts the car on drive, Arrogant spoilt brat, Ikena mutters under his breath
‘’Thank you everyone “’ Mr Emeka rounds up the morning briefing ,”’Does anyone have anything to add?’’
Silence and shaking of heads
‘’No? Okay good, get to work everyone “”
Suddenly the door bursts open and Brian lets himself in, John is startled, same as Peter and everyone gasps..some seemed happy to see him, Tomiwa and Tombra for one..
‘’Yes please i do, sorry for the late entrance but i would love to say something “’ Brain says taking the attention of everyone
“’glad for you to join us Brian, how was your stay in the station?’’ Emeka smiles
Brian smiles stiffly..”’ i would like to say something to Miss Adora’’ he says

I am staring at him…Good, apologise to me publicly you fool,.
But there was a mischievous glint in his eyes as he looks at me..
‘’’i would like to say…kiss my ass Miss ADO-RAT CHIMENY.. GAME ON!!!”’
I gasp with my mouth dropping open and hitting the floor
***** A WEEK LATER*****
I slap him again, this time, just like last time, he wraps my hands behind me and nudges me to the wall, he was angry, but i was surprised to see him control himself not to slam me to the wall. But i was in the wrong now, but ego, but pride..
“’Apologise damnit”” he is pressing me to the wall as i try to pull away
“’No, i won’t, you can’t make me”’
‘’i can and i will, apologise?”’
“’Fine, i warned you..”’ he dips his hands into the bowl of ice, taking a handful and stares at me, my hands are locked behind me, i follow his movements and i am staring at him
“’What are you doing?’’
“’What are you doing?’’
“’What do you think, i am making you”’
I stare at him, making me apologise, how would he make me apologise with ice..what-
My eyes grows big
“’Brian, don’t you dare,’’ i struggle “’Brian don’t you dare”’
‘’oh i will, i really will”’ Anger as replaces the look in his eyes to something more mischevious and he is smiling, he is actually smiling.
He takes his free hands , holding me still with the other hand holding both my hands behind me pressed to the wall, takes the ices..and..****{some text missing} ( Ask ITCHY-FINGERS)

I am screaming as soon as i feel it !!!

But he is laughing, watching me squirm and jump and scream he is laughing, so hard that he lets go roaring in laughter.
Gaining a bit of self, i push him, he tumbles backwards hitting his head..

Silence, he isn’t moving.
“’oh dear Lord!!”’ i rush to him,

“’Brian, Brian??’’
I jump, he is back to laughing i grab the bowl of ice and empty it on his chest..
“’AHA!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT NOW?’’ and start to point and laugh as he begins to jump
“’Oh, now you are going to get it”’ he says dancing the cubes away..grabbing two and coming for me..
I Run.

(Find out what texts is missing in the next chapter )