The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 25


There was a certain silence that fell in the room as soon as Brian said what he said, there was a smile on his face which reaches his eyes, they twinkle, that mischievous twinkle when you know you are been not naughty, – bad, you are being bad and you know it as well as others.
“‘i would like to say ..KISS MY ASS MISS ADO-RAT CHIMNEY, GAME ON!!” those words repeated itself as my mouth drops to the ground, the mug i held with hot coffee nearly sips on my fine pressed white shirt, ..
“”how dare you?” it was Mr Emeka’s voice “‘How dare you Brian, do you have any idea that you have crossed all line and insulting your superior right infront of your colleagues, what arrant nonsense is this, and to think i asked Miss Adora to drop the charges and-”
”oh it was you, and she came striding like a boss to the rescue and infact..charges? What charges? The ones she lied about?” Brian stares at Emeka
”how come this mongrel isn’t sleeping in cell after harassing madam, how come he isn’t rotting in a cell for sexual harassment, for rape, how…i cannot believe this, Miss Adora?” he turns to me in disbelief “‘Are you aware that he has been released, did he bribe his way out of the station, i knew it, those corrupt police officers letting a criminal, a dangerous criminal like him off the loose, you will go back there, we cannot have a rapist working with us, before you rape all our girls-”
“‘I don’t mind him raping me though”‘ Tomiwa says under her breath, Tombra nudges her as they snicker
“‘Me two, who wouldn’t want that fine ass man to take you to heaven and back, i mean, Miss Adora must have enjoyed it na, see body, see rack..i am sure the dude is parking, all tall, fresh boy…biko Brian i am available for the taking, tell me day and time, i will come ready”‘
”Wet and ready abi?” Tomiwa laughs
”i swear..all night ,all day, two ways to Sundays i am ready” Tombra says under her breath, both of them share a silent laugh as they whisper ”Glad he is back though, i kept thinking about how boring this office will be when he is no longer here plus, i for one didn’t believe it though- the allegation against him”‘
”Me neither”‘
Brian’s voice tops theirs ”hey Dog, sit down, your master hasn’t asked you to speak yet”‘ Brian flaps his hand as he would to down a dog ” hey bingo, shhhh humans are talking”‘ he points to his lips
”it’s your father that is a dog!!”‘ John bursts out
”Don’t! you really don’t want to go down that road”‘ Brian’s jaw flexes as he closes his fist, his father could be annoying and well…really annoying at the moment freezing up his accounts but it doesn’t mean some random john-dog gets to talk about him that way “‘Bring my father into this and i will make sure your children’s children won’t be able to recognise your face nor your wife your testicles”‘
Another gasp in the room.
”You are mad Brian, you hear ? you are mad!!!” John charges
”Calm down John, this is a work premises…Brian have you no respect for me here, must you show your arrogance here right now too..disrespecting me?” Emeka says stepping close to him
”Not that i really care about that but..nope, my issue right now is neither with you Emeka, no that jellyfish –dog barking like an..what’s the worst name for a dog..”Nkita”! my bone of contention is with that wit- erm …Adora, who lied, who framed me and she knew she was lying that is why she had to come and drop the charges, yes or yes?” he is looking at me, so was everyone else except John and Emeka.
”You will not talk to me that way, you should be grateful that i didn’t allow you sleep in cell, and here you come out to insult me?” i compose myself
He laughs

“‘Insult? No. I just made a statement, that you should kiss my ass, that is hardly an insult Miss Adora”‘ he calls my name mockingly
”it is to me and everyone else who hears that fool!! ”John spat “‘Apologise!!” he points to Brian
Brian laughs again ”oh right, that was the condition you gave me too in that very small room Adora isn’t it, well, aren’t you the sneaky little witch”‘ he turns from John to me
Another gasp , this one from me.
I step forward, a fixed smile on my face ”maybe you wouldn’t mind returning there”‘
”oh, ofcourse i don’t want to, it’s an eyesore, it’s creepy, it’s disgusting, it’s everything wrong and i wouldn’t want that for my enemy..but maybe for you because witches like you deserve that place but..what do i know, i am an innocent person accused of doing something i didn’t do…”‘ he says rather innocently, the coy bastard!
”i accused you wrongly? I did no such thing”
”Yes you did”‘
”Brian, you may be excused out of this room and wait for me in my office why i deal with you..and i know you know what i mean”‘ Emeka’s voice gets to him
Brian ignores him too “‘Right!”‘ he turns back to me “‘Really, one tiny little detail is missing, if i did rape you like you claimed i did, quick question, how big am i? Like you know in that area, did i ram into you really hard to get your legs quaking or i was soft and gently that had you moaning and calling out my name in pleasure and begging me not to stop?”
I am speechless, i blink, how dare he say such a thing…” i suppose to know that? ”
i stutter as the staffs murmur, a few snickers, John is boiling and cursing, Peter is telling him to calm down, Mr Emeka is trying to get Brian’s attention
”why wouldn’t you? Didn’t your boy toy tell the officers that you felt weak and could barely walk or sit, so that means i took you from the back right? I must be really big? another question…did you get to see my sexy tattoo below my navel, i mean it is really hard to miss, it’s right there, once i took down my pants…you must have seen the glaring name of ADORA CHIME”
Another gasps ” You do not have my name on you….below your abdomen”‘ i state
”No? maybe it was on my big boy’s head then…which says ”i don’t screw witches” Brian’s eyes flashes
”You raped her, shut up you raped her!!”‘ John is shouting ”i can’t believe this, Mr Emeka, please can’t we have the security remove him, i mean he isn’t even listening to you, like .. who the hell does he think he is eh?”’
”i didn’t rape you Adora, and it is sad that because you want to get back at me because of that stupid stunt of the internet post i did which was as a result of what you did first, so you lie …i mean don’t you have any conscience ?”
”i didn’t lie and that post nearly ruined all that i have worked on my profile all these years , you act like an obnoxious brat”‘
”i think defaming is like your high, it turns you on right? The other time it was me being gay and following old women..i mean look at me…i got alot of girls chasing after me, wanting me and you think i would do guys who look like-like your boy dog john there?” he scoffs ” or some granny? my body is Greek-god worthy..only those worthy gets to have this , but i guess because you lack goodies like me you steep low to defaming of character…i never touched you”‘
”Yes you did, you violated me!!”‘ i scream
”By spanking your tush? you were being annoying, and you slapped me!!”
”And you almost took away my fingers by snapping it shut while i was typing with the laptop, it was a reflex action slapping you”‘
”And it was a reflex action pouring you that coffee!!” We are standing face to face, voices raised at each other
”Hot coffee that scarred me you fool!!”’ i retort
”’Well, you are a witch, cast a damn spell to remove the scar, maybe we should start calling you Scar-Witch!!”
”Really, and your stupid annoying hand prints on my butt when you spanked me more than three times, i should cast a spell to take your disgusting prints off my ass like a blank hand on my fair bottom like a freaking eyesore…you think that it’s a joke…you did that, you ruined my cloths, you spanked me..VIOLATED me with that, no one has dared to ever touch me that way and you think and you think you shouldn’t be punished for that?” i am stunned
”But that is the only thing i did..spank you and not rape you!!” he shouts back
”YES!!, THAT WAS THE ONLY THINGS YOU DID BUT STILL, YOU LEFT ME IN A SHAKEND AND WORST STATE EVER…EVER IN MY LIFE!!!” i screamed back jabbing him hard with my fingers to his chest, my nose flaring, my anger showing.
But something was strange.. he was smiling at me, like really really smiling at me, that twinkle in his eyes were back.
Then i notice something too..the room was quiet, as another gasp ensured round the room..
Mr Emeka’s face was .straight, John’s expression was that of shock, realization and then expressionness, his frown returns…the occupants of the room were murmuring..
”i did tell you i didn’t believe that story of him raping her “‘ someone whispers
”Congratulations MISS ADO-RAT CHIMNEY, you just added another skill to your portfolio..LIAR, and CHARACTER DEFAMER,i hope you feel mighty proud of your achievements” Brian was smiling, yes. Mission accomplished.
He had the idea while he was coming to work..he kept thinking about what to do as he got back from working tirelessly at the club..
That club? he needs to find away to stop them from making him do those jobs like cleaning up people’s pukes, telling customers to stop touching him indecently..having some gay guys throw themselves at him…maybe he would plead with their manager to allow him put on full trousers at least…and the worst was when he had to wash dishes..
Hay God!! Him.. Brian?…really…this world wasn’t his home. But he had to do it after Gesto came to stand behind him threatening to cut his balls with a pair of dirty scissors and stuff it into his mouth, then Vicky refused to give him a small meal for the night and later he kept thinking about how he was going to manage at home with just a fine house, car and no money…no nothing.
It had been a woman, who tipped him generously, but Gesto who appeared behind from no where, had seen it and had hijacked the money from him, and only gave him 500 naira from the two thousand naira extra the woman had tipped him after she slipped her card into his brief and brushed his boy..he had looked up, she wasn’t half bad, she wasn’t old, she looked poshed, so he had smiled and told her he would call her.. and he would have, but last night had been crazyly annoying amongst others, and sometime during the night he had lost the card, only remembering after it when it was too late, so he continued with his job..wiping tables, serving, cleaning pukes, praying someone doesn’t squeeze his balls and avoiding hungry sex starved ladies from cornering him in the toilet but he had pulled through, getting home he couldn’t sleep…he needed a way to pay back this witch ..she had threatened him at the station right? Making him sign a document to get him arrested to do community service and stay in cell for three months if he does any to her again and her condition of dropping the charges was if he apologised infront of everyone to her amongst other things..and he agreed.
He agreed until this morning..
If he apologised to her, she wins. She had won by sending him to stay hours in cell for something he didn’t do. Well, he wasn’t entirely innocent per-se…he touched her bottom.
Wait, did she say his hands was imprinted on her fair ass? like.. his flat palm with five fingers on her bottom?like…he marked another situation that would be considered a lover’s mark..,making the bottom get to know who is boss, who rides it, who owns it…who…who..wait! would she show him?
Stop it Brian, focus!!
He chides himself.
What was he thinking? Oh yes, okay.. yes, he knows if he apologises to her..she would have won entirely. And he didn’t want that, he was Brian, that witch doesn’t deserve to keep ruining his days…
So he decided to turn the tables around, don’t apologise, incite her, incite her more..and then throw a few banters., get her all riled up.
One or two things would happen, either Mr Emeka would step in one time and throw his fathér’s card on him and cause him to shut up and apologise to Adora which he didn’t want or..this Adora was spontaneous,. Those kind of people when you throw something at them they bounce back to defend themselves..and she was better…she spilled…and bingo!!!the truth was out….and it was even better, he had enough witnesses in the room to state that she confessed it..
Wasn’t he smart? Yes he really was smart!!
So yes, he was smiling, he should smile, now she would have to bow her head in shame, she would have to apologise to him, fully drop the charges, get those annoying police officers to tear up that document..and maybe if she apologises to him with her on her knees…he wouldn’t sue her for defamation of character..and for damages..
She wasn’t rich but…atleast, he was broke, a few thousands or hundreds can work..starting with her salary.
Yes! Let her stay without her salary for a month…
He was smiling at the her..
”hippy kai-hay baby, who is your boss now? i guess you owe me a formal apology miss Adora!!”
My eyes turn to slits…”‘What!!?”
”You are not deaf, you just confessed to the whole room that i , Brian infact didn’t rape you, i may have done other things like poured you tea and spanked your delicate tush but i DID NOT RAPE YOU which is what you accused me off , so you owe me an apology and you cannot deny it now because the entire room heard it”‘ then he turns to Emeka ”i wonder, isn’t there some sort of punishment for a staff or a superior who defames the character of a staff in this company? I am sure if i go through some stipulated documents with rules and regulations and code of conduct i should be able to see penalty and punishments for something related to this..i wonder” he taps his jaw…”what would her punishment be? I mean i was dragged out of here, handcuffed and humiliated, i was insulted and spoken to rudely, i was put in a darkened cell that smelled of decayed humans and cow dung, i literally puked mentally every minute …i had mosquitoes bite, i was scared that some inmate would break into my cell and RAPE my tush…i mean the thought of it almost made me mad…all because of someone.. who is standing here infront of me and everyone else acting all innocent ”’he holds his head and sniffs “‘ohhh my boss lied about me,i am traumatised!!” he turns to Emeka “‘ shouldn’t there be a penalty for this though??”‘
”You have done much worse, like you said, you have done other things worthy of slaps and blows and much worse from her and besides she didn’t lie”‘
”Shut up smiggle, i wasn’t talking to you”‘ Brian flings at John
”I won’t! you are here calling her a liar, she didn’t lie, she didn’t even say you raped her, i mean it was obvious you shook her up real good and you touching her even if it’s spanking alone and that is domestic violence punishable by law mr especially when she in no way gave you permission to do that, you still can be jailed with that”
”so can she!!”‘ Brian retorted ” You haven’t told me what her punishment will be Sir Emeka, i have to get to the station to lay a complain and write my own statement too then”‘ Brian states
I open my mouth and close it.. everyone’s eyes are on me, i meet MR Emeka’s eyes, his eyes probably conveying the message of ”but you lied Adora, it’s your mess, deal with it”
Deal with it Adora, fix it, i tell myself ”that won ‘t be necessary”‘ i state adjusting my shirt, trying not to lose my cool, i clear my throat’
”Oh? So why don’t you apologise.. we can start from there?”
”And you? do you think to apologise for your behaviour towards her since she came?” John shouts
”Hain!! Na only you dey talk here oh, taking panadol for another person’s headache ,tah!!” Temi throws in
”You be quiet!! What do you know?” Peter attacks her
”i know that there was a lie now the truth has come out….simple!”‘ she rolls her eyes
I stare at her, i didn’t think the girl liked me very much, everyone else was muttering..
”I told you…Brian can get any woman, he possibly couldn’t have raped her, i said it…maybe she wants it so she didn’t’ know how to say it, now see” i hear someone whispering
”Be quiet everyone, Brian and Adora, My office, NOW!!” Mr Emeka thunders
”No no no….whatever you want to say i think you can be able to say it here”‘
”You undermine my authority Brian?” Mr Emeka’s face is like granite
”Oh no, Godforbid i do that..but when i was been hurled away from here, i didn’t see you garnering for privacy..the whole staffs saw me being humiliated, my name damaged within these walls and that of the station and God knows who decided to upload it online… that the truth is out, you want us to go to private and talk…why? No, we would discuss it here , and you still haven’t told me what the punishment is for her?”‘
”What gives you this right to speak to your authorities this way, because if na jazz man….i will show you that say jazz pass jazz…”John hits his chest
”’Oh someone should tell that one to shut up”‘ Temi says from the corner of the room, a few staffs laugh and snicker, John throws her a dirty glare…
”Oh, i am sure you would want to know that wouldn’t you John but…no, i won’t disturb your big head with that information”’Brian is still talking and he looks back at me..”Apology first!!”‘
Me ? Apologise to Brain, me? After all that he has done?”
“‘You are not getting an apology from me”‘
”Yes i am””
”No!! You can take your expectations and shove it up your rectum “‘ i say turning to leave
”Mr Emeka?”‘ Brian taps his jaw with his index finger while he folds an arm across his chest ” i wonder what the Boss of the boss will say..i mean, for once..i wasn’t the one not doing anything for the interest of the company and trying to defame another person …i mean, do you think he would be angry with me this time, a common staff or with you for not able to put your workers in check”‘
“‘look at who is talking, a mere worker who refuses to be kept in check just because he is an eccentric dick!!” i fire at him as i turn back
”I am cute and handsome Miss Adora, add that to your list of things you say about me, i like facts!!”‘
”No you are cocky, sly and all things bad”‘
”Thank you for the compliment “‘ he smiles “‘i am still yet to hear ‘Brian, i am sorry for…bla bla bla”‘ he rolls his index finger in the air close to his temple
I felt like hurling something at him
”i won’t do that, i won’t! You were wrong in every sense of the word, WRONG!”‘
”Yet, i never landed your tush in a cell”
”ENOUGH OF THIS NOW!! MY OFFICE”‘ Mr Emeka is shouting
”Not until she apologises to me, i demand it damnit!!” Brian shouts back
”who the hell do you think you are to demand anything from”‘ i was lost of words pointing at him and jabing his chest again with my well manicured long nails, he grimaces
”You really want to know don’t you…well..maybe i should re-introduce myself, my name is Brian Andrews..So-”
”if you don’t stop this nonsense right this minute Brian, you will have a higher problem before the day runs out and the consequences would be dire, an instruction is an instruction and if you dare go against it ,there is no telling what will be done”‘
Brian stares at Emeka, cursing under his breath..
Like what the hell was the big deal, why the hell can’t he shove it in their faces that ..the Boss that they all his father, which means that technically he is their boss..which means that technically he could get their entire asses fired back to the dump they all came out from especially the witch’s ..rather soft behind..
Whoa!! Where the hell did that pop out from? Soft behind of the witch? What the actual hell Brian?.
He slaps himself mentally..
Yes!! Back to focus!
He could literally have all of them licking his shoes by the end of the day and crawling to his office for favours and whatnot…he should be king.
But that would have been a nice revelation if this witch has not gone and ruined it all..
Now? Emeka , for once was right!
Mentioning who he really is and how he is related to the Boss ordinarily should give him an air of superiority, but now? …well, his father has his accounts frozen, he was working in a freaking club to pay a debt he owed.. he had no money except the five hundred naira in his pocket..
And damnit!! He was hungry,
Today wasn’t the day to TELL-ALL! Another good day, when he has bent all of them to his will especially this pretty eyed witch..
Why the hell were witches always pretty even in movies? the way she was staring at him as though if she had a knife she could stab him multiple times for turning the tables around..
Oh..what a laugh!! Her expression when it dawn on her what he did was epic!! She didn’t see that coming and it gave him such joy..beautiful joy and it would have being orgasmistic if the witch just tucks her tail between her soft SOFT REALLY SOFT TUSH..
Shut up Brian!!!!
He shakes his head, the devil is a liar.!!!
If this witch does tucks her tail between her legs, comes down from her high Trojan horse and high mountain, removes shame and apologise infront of this nice and beautifully dressed people, then…he would have a nice smile-cum.
But no!! She is about to ruin the moment!!
But what the hell was that electrical feeling..those vibes, she really must hate him, well, that is fine, he hates her too so there!!
“‘Apologise and then we can proceed from there, maybe i might press my own charges with prove…who knows!!” Brian winks
”Why is he still here, let me go get security because the more i see him the more anger fills me, Sir..let me go”‘ John nudges Peter away, standing infront of Mr Emeka “‘This is disrespectful, having him talk to his superior sir, it leaves room for suspicion, i mean, the first and last time this happened was a few months ago, that Ejiro guy you remember him?.. he was rude and all that and one day before he could finish talking, you sir have signed off on his termination letter that he had to bow his head in shame and leaves, and here…this ..this uncultured human ” John points back at Brian “‘is busy talking anyhow to a superior and right infront of the staffs and sir you haven’t bundled him out nor have you asked that he turn in his resignation letter, really sir why the preferential treatment? why the segregation?..because we would love to know who is backing him that he gets to get away with being rude, uncultured, arrogant even Brat-ly ..infact he has no respect for fellow colleagues, authority and even the company he works for…fine, Miss Adora might have exaggerated but come on, any lady would have, he grabbed her and he spanked her i bet rather harshly that had her shaken, he poured her hot coffee and the only thing she did was slap him? She was even generous..if it were my sister or my woman, i would have made sure she did worse to him than just reporting him to the station and yes…i believe it was just a miscommunication between me , Miss Adora and the policemen but sir, you do see that whatever he has been doing right from the moment she and him began working here all summed up to this very moment..she wasn’t in the wrong, yes the offence was grave but let us face it..that in a way could be termed as sexual harassment, they are not lovers, neither are they friends or of mutual beneficial acquaintances he has no right to lay a hand on her….which he did, it is domestic violence plus sexual harassment minus rape, surely, he can do punishment for those under the law…, but sir, you cannot keep allowing him do this to his superior, even the way he talks to you shows he also doesn’t fear you and if that is the case sir…then we all are worried. “‘ John says