The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 18


Alighting from the car, Brian doesn’t take off his shades, his eyes are red from lack of sleep, and he wasn’t in the mood for small talk either.

So he passes the staffs on the way not saying anything to them or replying their greetings, he just wants to get to his office and then sleep.
No!! That wouldn’t help. He was hungry.

He goes to Mr Emeka’s office..
He doesn’t knock but badges in..Mr Emeka was on the phone, ..he is standing there, and staring at him, Emeka is done and stares back at him.
“’You look like shit, why are you in my office Brian, did you lose something, like your money maybe?”’ Emeka is laughing Brian gives a side smile

“”Yes actually, i guess this makes you happy?”’
“”Oh it does Brian, oh it does, but you didn’t answer my question, why are you here Brain, i don’t deal patiently with stray dogs”’

‘’Funny thing, you were once a stray dog Mr Emeka, my dad help you be a nice little puppy now you are feeling like a bulldog’’
“”Bulldogs give the nastiest scars. If you have nothing important to say, leave my office, people like me actually do have work”’
Brian scratches his jaw, his tummy grumbles again “” Look, i know we don’t see eye to eye so,…whatever!! i am hungry and i wonder if you could order me something?’’
It’s official, Brian Andrews has officially hit rock buttom. RIP SELF. Brian sighs.
Mr Emeka stares at him, then he bursts into laugher, he laughs’ so hard his tummy began to hurt
“’I am sorry what did you say? i didn’t hear you clearly, the almighty Mr Brian Andrews is hungry and is asking me , no scratch that, begging me for food. Me, a mere worker for his father. I never thought i will see the day …Brian Andrews has fallen, the big rock has fallen”” Emeka roars in laughter
It’s a definite, this pigged-faced Mr Emeka is a bother to that witch Adora!
Brian’s face is like granite. His stomach growls again. Damn you father !! see how you are making me humiliate myself.
“”Look, i wouldn’t have come to you if it isn’t serious, last night i was …i was in a situation i couldn’t get out from, i owe a lot of money, worked my ass out and i haven’t got any sleep, i ain’t asking you to pay …no wait, how much is supposed to be my salary? if you could give me mine up front i can offset my bills and –‘’
“’Nope!! Your salary should be…..20k a month”’
”’You have to be fxxkig kidding me!!’’ Brian’s eyes shoots open
“”I am! i am!!”” Emeka roars again with laughter
“”It’s a hundred and twenty thousand, same as staffs for your level, above yours like your boss for instance gets a two-fifty””
“’That witch earns higher than me? this is ridiculous, i insist you triple mine”’

“’you are in no position to give me orders Brian,. You get paid 31st of this month same as everyone else”’
“”That is 23 days away””
“’Good! you aren’t entirely stupid “’! Emeka is smiling
Brian leans forward “”Look, i am in a situation an-“
“’I don’t care Brian, i don’t. Your mess, your business. If there is nothing else leave please, you have a pile of work on your desk, i suggest you get to it, our rules states that if you don’t do your job, you don’t get paid for that day and that means we keep deducting your pay. So for the past one week you have done nothing….your salary has been shortened by twenty thousand”’

“’You can’t do that””
“’Oh Brian Andrews, i can…i have…now, you will treat me with respect, treat others with respect . i have your balls in my hands Brian…you have to work in egg shells around me. I did tell you that you no longer have immunity right? best thing your father has done for me….so you mess with me, i punish you for it.
Get out of my office and get to work. I need your reports every day on my table before the close of work. If i hear one more complain from Miss Adora from you. You will regret it. Is that clear Brain?’’
Brian is staring at him
“’Is that clear’’
“’sir, sir to you””
“You have to be kidding me“’
“”No Brian, your father gave me the go ahead, so no”’

“’Fine whatever sir’’ Brian gets up, kicking the chair..
He was done for. Done for.
Every second this was getting realer and realer like he was in a bad reality show.
But at the moment, he was he could eat a fat cow, no three cows hungry.
Sighing he turns “’Look, i don’t have any money, how will i survive till 23rd?’’
“’ Don’t know, don’t care”’ Emeka says crossing his legs
Brian nods turning away
“’There are a couple of minor jobs you can do around to make some money for a living Brian, push wheelbarrow, become a bricklayer, erm,…sweep the church, help mallam sell sweets,…you know’’ he roars in laughter again
“Yes, make fun of me, go ahead”
“”You brought this on you son”’
“’I am not your son, i am Brian Andrews”’
“’Yes! The spoilt brat!!’’ Mr Emeka adds, he dips his hands into his pocket and brings out a thousand naira note

“”Here, take this, i will deduct it from your salary, so you don’t say i never gave you anything”’ Emeka smiles placing the one thousand naira on the table “’Go ahead, take it , don’t be shy..i won’t tell anybody Brain Andrews, son of one of the richest men’s sons is begging me for money for food but, no one has to know, our secret…but come on, take it. It’s okay, go eat”’ Emeka winks
Brian turns, he should damn him and go..but pride, pride wouldn’t put food in his stomach.. He turns taking the money and leaving
“’A little thank you should suffice“’

“’it’s my father’s money!!”’ Brian says turning and leaving
Emeka’s laughter slaps his back as his leaves .
One thousand? what will one thousand buy? He goes to his office and slams the door. On his desk is a pile of files..

He ignores it and sits down… he squeezes the money in anger.
Suddenly his phone rings, when he realises that it isn’t his Iphone but the Nokia touchlight he nearly flings it, but then he sees the caller
“”Mum?’’ he speaks into the phone “”Please give me goodnews’’ ’he says
“’How are you, are you doing okay?”’
“’Okay mum? No, no don’t even joke like that mummy, i am not okay, i am traumatised, between last night and this morning at the office, it is hell, tell me that father has come around, please”’
“’No son, i just called to makes sure you are okay”’
“’Mum, look i am hungry and …i have only one thousand naira, what can one thousand buy…mummy don’t let your husband kill your only son, i will haunt him, my ghost will haunt him”’
His mother laughs “”Don’t be ridiculous, a little suffering won’t give you”’
“’Mother they say i have to work before i get paid, Mr Emeka insulted me and even Ikena doesn’t fear me. I was humiliated, stripped and nearly-“’
“’Yet you survived son, most people have gone through worse and they are still living. “
“’This is not you mum, father has poison you”’
He could hear his father’s rich laughter from the background…”’he is there, he is enjoying this?let me talk to him mother’’

“’Yes Brian tell me how do you feel being poor, you see the way you used to treat people? Do you feel great being on the other side of the divide eh? I got pictures of you you know, Ikena is a good photographer”’ he laughs, he could hear his mother laughing too
“”Not funny guys, father it is not funny. I am sorry please, i won’t be an asshole, i would do better i swear, just undo it please””
“’Even when Jesus asked God to let the cup pass over him, he had to understand that he still had to let his father’s will be done, take a leaf off Jesus’s book son, accept your fate. Until i see changes in you, genuine changes…one no dey get!!!”’ laughter again
Brian blinks
“’And you are asking what you will do with one thousand naira? Akara and bread, by coke, mamaput , its port Harcourt, you will find cheap food for 200 naira…you don’t need to form class okay, just sit under a shade and eat… next time you will value what you have and be responsible. Nonsense!!’’
The line dies
“”I am dead, i am dead !!’’
His desk phone rings “’hello?’’ he picks it up, it is Betty, the floor secretary

‘’Mr Emeka said your attention in the conference room, now!!’’

He wanted to tell her to tell him to go screw himself, but he decides against it.
He leaves his office, his tummy felt like the battle of the worms

He goes down the hall, and opens the conference room and enters..
I was leaning on the desk talking to my team when the fool Brian enters..

Our eyes meet, anger begins to boil within me, i hold the desk to refrain from flinging something at him
“’What are you doing here? Are you lost?”’
He looks around, “’ obviously, ‘’ he says stepping in “”Where is Emeka?”’
“’it’s Mr Emeka to you Brian, you lack manners”” John says
“”Shut up smiggle i wasn’t asking you”’
“’He isn’t here” Tombra says
“’Well Betty says that my attention is needed here and he was the one who called, i come here and i see you all here….obviously i am lost””
“’Well that is the door, you are distracting me “’ i tell him folding my hands
‘’You do not speak to me Ado-rat”’
“’Are you out of your mind!! I am your boss, you see that thing you did, i will get you for this, get out of my face Brian, i do not need you to cause me any more problems, as you can see i don’t need you, not at all….i have capable hands here to help me clean up your mess”’
“’Your mess not mine, i didn’t have my titties and tush flashing to the public…you witch!!’’ he spat
I grab the mug of coffee ready to fling it at him when Mr Emeka walks in
“’Is there a problem here Miss Adora?’’
“”Yes, ask him to leave !!’’ i point to Brian
“’i really don’t want to be here either, why did you call me here?’’ Brian turns to Emeka.
“”because you won’t do stuffs like this and expect people to clean it up on their own, if you insulted the lady, kindly apologise to her right this minute Brian Andrews”” Mr Emeka says
“’I will do no such thing””
“’Yes you will””
“’Fxxk this”’ Brain says grabbing the door knob to walk out
“”You step out that door i believe you know the consequences Brian, no more immunity you realise, you wouldn’t be only coming to beg me for food but more, i wonder, have you used up that one thousand naira i gave you this morning? i kinda need it back”’ he says to Brian
“”he came to beg for food?’’ John chokes
“’one thousand? This dude be forming high and mighty?’’ Peter exclaims
Oh, a common church rat. I muse
“’You asshole, you said you weren’t going to tell anyone “’ Brian whispers

“’Slip of the tongue, would you

apologise to the lady or you want me to do more damage to your person Brain Andrews!!’’
Brian turns back to me, i fold my hands and i wait
Oh this is going to be very interesting ….and i would relish this moment
“”I can’t hear you”” i say
“”Sorry”’ he repeats
“Brian, be respectful atleast , she is your boss”’ John cautions, i smile at John.. he smiles back
Brain squeezes his fist…”’I am sorry Miss Adora Chime” he says
“’Good, now that it is cleared up, get to work and everyone play nice “’ Mr Emeka turns and leaves but he pauses close to Brain

“”whatever you are asked to do, make sure you do it, i mean every single thing …”’
“Miss Adora, he is all yours now, don’t worry he would be a good boy now”’ with that he leaves
I slap him across his face, he grabs my mug of coffee and pours it on my shirt..
We are staring eyeballs to eyeballs , i want to pinch his entire face and he wants to shut me up but because he can’t hit a woman he proceeds to ruin my work cloths..
“’How dare you Brian Andrews”’ i scream in shock as the hot steam burns my body as i jump
“’Next time you don’t hit a man, witch!!”’ he spat.
In anger, i rush him screaming and hitting him..
He grabs my both hands, wrapping them behind me and slams me to the wall..
“”Stop it, you are crazy!! Crazy feisty witch!!!! ‘’
‘’you are the devil Brian Andrews, the devil’’ i spat
I struggle “”Let me go, let me go!!
‘’No!! Calm the fxxk down’’
“’I will scream, let me go, let me go!!’’
“’Stop fighting me, i am restraining myself, if you hit me one more time i won’t-”’
“’Let me go, i am your boss let me go”’

He does, i slap him again and this time he raises up his arm after grabbing me to hit me,
“’Don’t you dare!!’’ i challenge him
“’You know what to do to children when they are naughty, you wait”’ he flings me over his shoulders in one swift move, my struggle and screaming doesn’t help, he places me on the table, holding me down with my front on the desk…and SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!!
On my tush!!
Shocks vibrates through my body…
‘’i will kill you Brian Andrews’’
“’’Shut it””
I am struggling but i can’t push him off..
His palm flat on my behind, it hurts so bad i screamed.. i get three more and he lets me go..
I have been violated, by my PA..

I roll off the table, burning with fuelled anger..
“’How dare you??’’ my eyes tearing up, my hands shaking
‘’how dare you!!’’ he repeats, his face granite



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