Natasha Reloaded Episode 18


Jummybabe, Jay-x and Robidon flew back to Nigeria with their super speed jet. They took me straight to my uncle’s house and landed the jet a few meters away from his house.
We walked to my uncle’s house and knocked at the gate. After some minutes, my uncle opened the gate and was surprised to see me and the three SHADOW AGENTS.
Uncle: Natasha!
He called and hugged me with tears in his eyes.
Uncle: jummybabe, Robidon and Jay-x, thank you very much for bringing her safely home.
Jummybabe: it’s nothing.
Robidon: captain Val sends his greetings.
Uncle: no problem, let me get inside, I will call and chat with him later.
Jay-x: that would be very nice. I think it’s high time we go back to our base. We are still planning on how to rescue her parents.
Me: if I may ask, uncle, how did you know that we were attacked.
Uncle: captain Val has already told me everything when you guys were on your way here.
Jay-x: alright, good bye sir.
With that, they left while me and my uncle walked into his house.
Jummybabe: I really feel for her you know.
Robidon: yes, I just hope that the MADE MEN haven’t done anything bad to them.
Jay-x: I hope not, that’s why we should be swift with our plans of rescuing them.
Voice: stop right there!!!
They turned and saw three rough looking guys calling them. They all laughed, hissed and continued walking to where their jet was kept.
Voice: I said stop there b——s.
The voice spoke out again and the three guys started running towards the three SHADOWS.
jummybabe: this guys are too small. Why don’t you give me the honor of taking them out?
Robidon: alright, we will be in the jet waiting for you.
Jay-x: and remember, please don’t kill anyone.
Jummybabe: alright.
Robidon and Jay-x both left leaving jummybabe alone. She smiled and turned back. The third guy among the three guys that was already close to her tried to give her a kick.
She surprised the guy as she caught his leg in mid air with her both hands. She used her knee and gave him a kick at his manhood.
Thug 3: arghhhhhh!!!!!
He shouted as he fell down holding tight his manhood. The other two stopped running and brought out their knives.
Jummybabe: like seriously?
They charged towards her with their knives.
Jummybabe: maybe it’s time for a little stunt.
She charged towards the guys too. When she was close enough to them, she did a barrel row and passed them.
Thug 1: though lady.
Thug 2: yes but you can’t defeat both of us.
Jummybabe: action speaks louder than words.
Thug 3: arghh, please kill her. D–n, my d–k hurts.
Jummybabe: *giggle*
They threw their knives at her but she did a double backflip in time and the knives passed her. They came again, the first thug tried giving her blows but she blocked all.
The second one tried giving her different kicks but she dodged all. The first guy came with a blow again, she ducked, the second came with a kick and she quickly did a forward roll.
Guy 1: *breathing really hard* no, ha, ha, ha, she is too tough.
Guy 2: *breathing hard also* haaa, haa, haa, she can defeat us, haa, we better run for our dear lives.
They both said and dashed away leaving the injured one on the ground lying helplessly.
Guy 3: please don’t kill.
Jummybabe: I won’t by the way.
She said heading towards their jet but she stopped half way,
***Music sounds from the distance***
jummybabe: is that the sound of music?
Jummybabe: yes it is, time to rock, woo!!
She said and changed direction.
farouk was typing his computer when an email came in. He opened it and it was from his number one enemy, froshberry.
Farouk: mtcheew!
He hissed and opened it. firstly, he trusted his anti virus protection so froshberry can’t send a virus that will corrupt his system.
He clicked on it and a video came out.
Farouk: Jesus!! Captain!!!!!!!!!!!!
He shouted in shock and fear after watching the video.
What happened next?
What is the content of the video that froshberry sent to him?
Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of NATASHA [RELOADED]