Natasha Reloaded Episode 17


Tears were coming out from my eyes. Soon, jummybabe came over and sat down with me.
Jummybabe: please my dear, please don’t cry.
Me: you won’t understand. Does that mean that my parents are going to be dead?
Jummybabe: shhh, no one said that they will be dead. We are going to save them.
Me: how?
Jummybabe: don’t worry, our captain will find a way. Hmm, I just wish konami and his hard dude friend was strong, they would have done a perfect job.
Me: *still crying*
captain Val: this place is not good for her. Robidon and jummybabe, please take her to her uncle in Nigeria. At least she will feel homely there.
Jummybabe: no problem sir, your wish is my number one command.
She said gleefully as she was visibly happy.
Captain Val: and don’t go around partying.
Jummybabe: d–n!!
Donflex was in his office. Before him was scientist ken and his wife. They were both tied with a rope. The MADE MEN have gone out.
Just then froshberry walked inside the office. He wasn’t smiling.
Froshberry: d–n, how could it be that the SHADOW AGENTS escaped from the MADE MEN.
Donflex: I should be the one asking you that, not vice versa.
Froshberry: Akuku, I just wish I could kill and let the vultures eat the dead meat of that god forsaken useless monkey.
Donflex: I don’t get you. What is Akuku?
Froshberry: Idris’s pet. A small but overly over intelligent monkey. I don’t know how but he shot the MADE MEN those electric bullets. He was also the one that called for backup at the base.
Donflex: but he didn’t flew the jet back to their base did he?
Froshberry: nay, that one is easy. Farouk and even I can do that. As long as you have access to the control panel of the jet, its ABC.
Donflex: don’t worry, today they might have escaped but we shall surely get them another day. For now you can go.
Froshberry: ok sir.
Donflex stood up and walked to where ken and his wife knelt down with a pistol in his hand.
Donflex: so ken, the SHADOW AGENTS were protecting you. They also save Natasha. That means you are somehow connected to them. If you want to live, you better say the truth. How did you come in contact with the SHADOWS?
Dad: I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t even know the SHADOWS.
Donflex: liar, big one. You knew them that was why they were guiding and looking over you all these while. I don’t wanna repeat myself so you better say the truth once and for all. Where is the base of the SHADOWS?
Dad: I don’t know I swear. I don’t know who are called the SHADOWS. what I do know is that some men in black clothes, black hoods and little black masks always come out of the dark to protect me from your MADE MEN. I didn’t call for their help in the first place. How can I even call for their help when I have no single iota of information about them.
Donflex: so they were just protecting you, is that what you mean?
Dad: yes.
Donflex: you are not ready to say the truth.
he shot at my mum.
Dad: nooooo, you are a b—–d!!
He shouted with tears in his eyes.
Donflex: don’t worry, you won’t miss her because you guys are going to hell together.
what happened next?
Donflex has really bitten more than he can chew but who is there to stop him?
All these and more in the next exciting and thrilling episode of NATASHA [RELOADED]
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